Ikimonogakari announces indefinite hiatus

Last year, Ikimonogakari celebrated its 10th major label anniversary. Who would have said they would be disbanding now?

Pop-rock band Ikimonogakari has announced they are going on an indefinite hiatus to follow separate paths with a “Grazing Declaration”, a heartwarming message from the members. Coupling the cattle-themed announcement, they have taken part in a last photo shoot in which they were dressed up as cows. It has not been revealed yet which solo activities each one of them is going to pursue, though it will be revealed in the future in their official site. Read the full comment just after the jump.

    We sincerely thank you for support Ikimonogatari.

    This is a sudden announcement but we have decided to put out a “Grazing Declaration”. We are going to be entering a period of grazing as each member has decided to pursue their own possibilities at their own face in order to refresh.

    As we reached our tenth year anniversary last year, we were able to do many things like release a best hits album and perform an anniversary live. It was a wonderful anniversary year for Ikimonogatari. We are really grateful once again that many of our fans were able to support us while we were reflecting on our paths.

    It was our 10th year anniversary since we made our debut as well as our 17th year anniversary of when we formed the band. Up until now, we walked on with a commitment to doing activities as a three-member group. In an opportunity during this tenth year anniversary, we crossed over the limitation of being a group when thinking about the next step.
    After each member spent their free time just as one likes, the band has decided to take on a new growth.

    At first, we didn’t know how to really convey this new stage. So, the whole team thought about it and we came up with expressing it as “grazing”.

    We thought that we may cause concern among our staff and, not to mention, our fans.

    From this moment, each member will proceed on their solo activities. However, as the “Grazing Declaration” says, our returning place will never change as we will always be Ikimonogari.

    We thought that this grazing period is a very important time for the sake of our growth towards our existence as being loved by our fans. The three of us will step forward on our new paths as we hope our fans will continue to watch over us warmly.

    The staff also wants everyone to see a new Ikimonogatari. They will proceed together while continually supporting the members.

    Please support Ikimonogatari from here on.

Translation of the “Grazing Declaration” by staff member aisasami


Were you a follower of the band? Is there a sadder way to start the year 2017? Leave us your opinions in the comments just below!

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    • Mr.Taxi™


    • kazumi

      I’m so shock. Yes, it’s a sad news to hear to start 2017. But iirc, ikimonogakari did a hiatus before for about 6 months and they did come back. I believe they will come back again. I’ll support them!!

      Btw, what’s wrong with 10 anniv? Bad luck?? I mean, ikimonogakari and KAT-TUN (sorry to mention them here *bow*) decided to go hiatus after their 10 anniv and they came out with different names for their hiatus. Ikiminogakari with “Grazing Declaration” and KAT-TUN with “Recharging Period” (lol)

      Whatever happen, I can’t wait to see both groups to come back again with a BANG!!

      • Kiang Sheryl

        If that’s the case, are we looking at inoo breaking away from hsj to build buildings next year? (10th anni this year)

    • sam

      i really like them ,their recent song Last Scene [your lie in april Live Action Theme Song] is good but their single sales are not doing well recently

    • Kina

      Their music wasn’t groundbreaking but I loved that they reminded me of 1990s pop rock and folk rock bands. Feel good J-pop.

    • MangoJoker

      Arigatou going to be my song of the day.

    • I really like them….glad it was put this way and a decision they all made together. “Grazing” makes it not hurt so bad, lol.

    • maguro part deux

      This is so cute.

      • Fuyuko

        the biifu right? not them on hiatus or disbanding… lol

        • maguro part deux

          Yes, the cow costumes. Only in Japan!

    • Ryusei

      it’s good timing to keep their legacy and stuff after the best album did really well and they always have the chance to come back and still be popular probably

      • Ikimonogatari

        They indeed released some “best” albums… Such a shame, I just started listening to them. I guess that’s how it is.

    • hasawa

      I loved some of their early songs (“HANABI” will always be my favorite) but they ended releasing only sloppy ballads so i kinda stopped keeping track of them. However i’m kinda sad to hear about their disbandement (?) as they seemed to be really authentic. Even when they gained fame they stayed true to their original colors (even if that mean making only boring ballads too i guess lol) and i really appreciated them for that.
      It’s sad to see such a successful&respectable band going on hiatus while so many other irrelevant ones keep on going for God only know what reasons…. *kuf kuf* UVERworld, Mihimaru GT, Capsule, Asian Kung-fu Generation…*kuf kuf*

      • mihimaru GT went on indefinite hiatus in 2013…

        • hasawa


    • Maya

      It is so sad to hear. Though I would have loved for them to promote more energetic songs they are still the best at ballads/ mid tempo songs: Orion, Nostalgia, Mudai, Tokyo…
      They are a cute group that seem to be genuine and it’s kind of refreshing. I’m looking forward to their comeback.

      • hasawa

        I definitively think their best songs were the most energetic ones (“BLUE BIRD” “HANABI” “Kimagure Romantic” “Kira Kira Train”….) It would be nice to see them back with a more refreshing sound!

        • Maya

          I agree with you.
          I’ve always watched their live concert and now I like listening to their energetic songs live rather than the cd recorded version. And I would listen to the cd recorded ballad. Maybe that is why those songs got stuck to me more.
          Hope this grazing period will benefit them.

    • japoelflaco

      This sucks, but I do understand why they did it. They were getting pretty repetitive the last three albums. Their live concerts were amazing and probably my favorite thing about them as well as the heart and love they used to make perform their songs. Truly a sad day.

    • tomoe


    • “Ikimonogakari announces indefinite hiatus
      Last year, Ikimonogakari celebrated its 10th major label anniversary. Who would have said they would be disbanding now?”
      Indefinite hiatus =/= disbanding.

    • Liokt

      Sad… But I kinda was watching this coming soon or later. I mean, I love them A LOT, I have some physical stuff from them (among albums and live DVD’s) and I must say that everything about it is awesome. They have an excellent staff since the very beginning (I mean, “SAKURA” is their major debut single and also one of their most successful song of all), but recently I must admit they lost some freshness, and it was getting worse since the release of “FUN! FUN! FUNFARE!” – which I love, but after it I found myself losing interest in them. Even this album shows more than in any before that they at times sound a bit uninspired and playing a little too much safe. “Last Scene” is a nice way to end things for now. It’s more of the same, I know, but it’s Ikimonogakari doing what they’re knowing for, so I’m satisfied (the “itoshisa wooooo” bridge can give me goosebumps if I’m in a sad mood). So, I’m sad because I’m a fan, but in the deep of my heart I know this is the best thing to do. I truly feel like their contribuition to the japanese music scene is already complete; there’s nothing more to do, and it hasn’t to be a bad thing. It’s a very nice contribuition, with a lot of masterpieces among huge tie-in songs, so why would I ask for more? I don’t want them to work poorly on a thing only because they have a name/reputation to hold. It’s enough, I’m pleased, best wishes and good luck for them.

    • avarus

      Yeah their music was getting kinda repetitive already, glad they’re taking a hiatus to come back with a greater sound later on

    • what? why on earth I found this out just now… come back soon ikimonogakari-sama