HKT48’s Rino Sashihara exposes rude SMAP fan on Twitter

On September 19th, HKT48’s Rino Sashihara was a guest on SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai’s show “UTAGE!”. However, that didn’t sit well with a few people.

One in particular was SMAP fan @richan22 on Twitter who tweeted to Sashihara, “@345_chan You’re disgusting. Whenever I see you on a show like UTAGE it makes me SO angry. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see you I get this really unpleasant feeling. Everyone says this. Please just leave the entertainment industry. Seriously, please go.

Sashihara saw this tweet herself and went to @richan22’s Twitter page and saw that her latest tweet was, “I’m going on a date tomorrow <3 Today I’m going on a date too <3 every day I go on a date <3 I wonder what we should eat? <3 I love you!!!!

So, Sashihara decided to retweet @richan22’s rude comment and add the following comment, “I’m jealous that you get to date every day.

richan22 sashihara rino

Sashihara currently has 431,000 followers on Twitter, it’s no surprise that after the retweet many of Sashihara’s fans started to retweet and send messages to @richan22. @richan22’s final tweet before deleting her Twitter account was, “Thanks to Sashihara, I’ve been retweeted countless times and it’s really annoying. Unbelievable. Isn’t her personality just awful? Seriously Sashihara, you make me sick. Do you enjoy blaming this all on me, a regular person (non-celebrity)?

This isn’t the first time Sashihara has put haters in their place. Do you think Sashihara was in the right by exposing her or should she have let @richan22 make her comments and move on?

(via: glabo & cyzowoman)

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    • Wow getting her fans to cyber bully her haters. She is so brave<3

      • Guest

        this pretty much. “expose” my black ass looool

      • Diaz

        Why the fuck would you fuck with someone if you’re not ready to handle the repercussions?

        • Gee idk why would you become a celebrity if you can’t deal with people not liking you

          • guest

            Sashii’s responding and standing up to hate tweets every other week is her way of “dealing” with people insulting her publicly. She’s not some street idol and she’s using her influence well. Oh you and telling idols to quit just bcoz.. Even ex street idol like Keekihime fought for her right to be an idol after getting harassed by one sleazy hater. She lost the fight but the people who read her story here are impressed of her spunk and the hater got exposed eventually.

            Its not just “not liking” honey. You’re making as though your friend rinrinchan was giving a fair criticism.

            I’m an Arashi fan but if I see any rude Arashi fans stupidly attacked celeb tweets like this rude smappie, I won’t mind shaming them too.

            • Wow cool but I didn’t even read your comment I’m over this post bye

            • another guest

              “She’s not some street idol and she’s using her influence well.”
              no, it doesn’t work this way. The bigger and more famous you get, the more careful you should be about how you use your influence and what you can make your fans do. A street idol can use these ways to fight back because they are the weaker side. But someone in sasshi’s position has to be more careful because she has the power to actually hurt this hater. Yes, the hater was on the wrong too, she was “trying” to bully the idol but in reality she couldn’t because she had no power, on the other hand, sasshi replied by actually bullying the girl through her fans. It wasn’t standing up to a bully, it was taking revenge on a weaker person

              • guest

                Sashii’s known to expose rude tweets every other week. She’s pretty aware of the consequences and she own it. That girl’s rude tweet is just the tip of the ice of the amount of vicious hate a female idol with a tweeter account have to face. She IS using her influence to expose the bullshit. More power to her.

              • zam(仮)

                Who said anything about bullying? You guys assumed the hater was bullied. The fans of idols know and understand very well that their actions can hurt their idol. They would not do anything that would tarnish Sashii’s image. All the fans did was retweet. As clearly pointed out by the hater. Nobody flamed her or anything.

          • Diaz

            She dealt with this person not liking her quite well actually. Why should she show mercy to people who won’t show it to her?

          • zam(仮)

            The issue here is not about dealing with dislikes. Its about being harassed by a hater. Any harrasement should be dealt with. Sasshi did the right thing.

      • toak

        Uh, bullies on twitter getting their accounts shut down is the least they deserve. Celebs get harrassed daily, hourly, all the time, and by exposing it I’m sure some people get a wake up call that real people sit on the other site of the hate. Many celebs have felt forced to stop all social media activities because the wall of hate is too much. Some have tried to kill themselves over it, because of some meaningless little thing netizens got pissed over. We know how some JP netizens act. Sasshi’s done this before, taken people who keep attacking her to task, and I think this more active unwillingness to sit back and take it is a great signal and a way of dealing with it that lets people know it’s not ok. To stand up against it instead of accepting that online harassment exists.

        • Uh no if she can’t handle people writing mean things about her then she should quit being an idol. People are allowed to have negative opinions about celebrities and indirectly encouraging your fans to bully these people to the point that they have to delete their personal twitter account is disgusting. Having a negative opinion doesn’t mean someone’s personal account deserves to be exposed to thousands of people to scrutinize. She needs to grow up bye

          • toak

            She can clearly handle it and this is one of the reasons why. If you don’t accept that young celebrities face immense amounts of pressure and that many have bowed to depression because of anonymous harassment like this then you haven’t been paying attention. This particular user is not the point. Is accounts spamming celebs with ‘you’re disgusting’ being closed ‘disgusting’ to you, really? Last time Sasshi did this someone said she needed to die and that she would soon, is it better to swallow this and be a submissive little idol like certain parts of society wants to? or to put the spotlight on it, make people realize what they’re doing and get a discussion going about it. Obviously you’re a subscriber to the misogynyst belief that these starlets be quiet little kittens without personality.

            • Yes I’m a misogynist. You caught me. :(
              You are basic as hell trying to analyze me over the internet with your dumbass assumptions and narrow minded views with the “oh she has a personality and isn’t submissive” like go back to tumblr no one cares sis she’s using her fans to harass people like a 5 year old. any boring loser that isn’t secure without having people to fight for them can do shit like that. Hiding behind a huge legion of fans is so independent omg what a great personality lolz. Get a clue

              • Guest

                Power to Sashii and her legion of fans.

              • toak

                The hater tweeted directly to her, she replied. How fucking sensitive can you be to complain about that. Abusive netizens in Japan (and Korea etc) have a massive power advantage because tabloid media reprint their petty complaints about every little thing with no right of reply for the people it concerns. Only way out is to reply head on.

          • ♠ Shimazaki Haruka ♠

            “Uh no if she can’t handle people writing mean things about her then she should quit being an idol.”

            lmao Girl. There’s a big difference with being a hater (every celebrity has some) and sending your hate directly to the said celebrity. You think she’d read tweets send to her (or letters or whatever) full of hate & just smile “it’s my job! It’s ok!” =_= Obviously if anyone attack her directly the least she can do is face them. if you still don’t get the difference, it’s like having some people hating you behind your back (you know there are, but you don’t know who & what they said, so you can live with it) and having people come to you and say hateful things right in your face. if you think a celebrity’s job is to stay quiet and smile when being openly harrassed/bullied then you’re just dumb.

      • Guest

        Her hater is a bully herself. The heck with just sitting on it. She has every right to pluck out the poison.

        • Omg u r so rite reacting to one persons negativity with the negativity of thousands of fat old man fans is ttly fair and justified! Like using an atomic bomb to kill a fly. Why aren’t u running the world u r a gr8 problem, solver

          • Guest

            Re-tweeting some hater’s hate to be judged by her 400k folowers = an atomic bomb to kill a fly.
            Wow. You sounded so simple.

            Based on her witty respond, she’s clever enough to know it won’t solve much but at least people will think twice before spouting poison directly on her in a social media context. If i’m Sashii, I would be equally satisfied putting a pack of bullies back in their places with a weekly dose of “jerk of the week” tweets.

            • awesome seeya

              • Guest

                ah, that troll act of yours is so Arama 2010. How yesterday

                • If you were my true fan you’d know my arama career didn’t take off until 2011 smh

                  • owatta nana

                    the fact that you’re posting 80s-early 90s idol pictures in response is killing me. love it!

                  • Guest

                    Because I’m not. Anyway, it’s old and done as you

                    • My fans are so dedicated following my career all the way in to 2014

      • Azps

        So olivia thinks Sasshi should just shut up and accept the abuse. Cool. I wonder how you will react when you got that much abuse like Sasshi. You can’t even handle opposing coments against you. What a fucking hypocrite.

        • Uh no
          it’s so tiresome seeing the same comment reworded by different people. Like did y’all not see the same exact thing was posted by another commentator 30 hours ago???? You’re not so important I need to see your dried up opinion under someone else saying the exact same thing.
          Plus it’s annoying to still be getting email notifications about this post 3 days later
          This post got old like 5 hours after I commented and it’s not even about an issue that I particularly care about so I don’t see the point in wasting my time going back and forth over it hun

          • zam(仮)

            So why do you keep coming back? I’ve read you said “Good Bye” half a dozen times just to see you coming back. You should take your own advice.

            • well if people aren’t smart enough to stop replying like 5 days later then depending on my mood i might give them some of my attention which is apparently in Hot demand around here lately :(

     happy Wednesday *-*

              have a great one :)
              merry holidays<3

      • Nameless

        here’s the thing

        If that binch wasn’t brave enough to stick to her guns when she was being rude, then she shouldn’t be talking shit in the first place.


        I’m glad sashit humiliated that lame ass smap fan, celebrities using their fans to bully someone is the best solution to folks like richan and I thank rihanna for popularising it.

        lmao at her bragging about her dating life, I hope whoever was dating her breaks it off when he see’s this.


        Why are using lame ass reaction pics of ribbon and miho nakayama?

        • Why are you so upset that someone dares to have a different opinion than you?
          Why are you so adamant about trying to change my mind or prove me wrong?
          The world is a mysterious place

    • Krys

      So childish of her, ngl.

    • amuripoo

      lmaoo is she always this shady on social media? rihanna teas

      • Guest

        not even close.

    • l3012

      I think the hater’s personality is more awful for sending such tweet in first place; I’m not giving Sasshi a justification, but if people is going to send bash to someone, better face the consequences.

      And no, taking time for directly telling someone to quit just because you don’t like said person isn’t cool. Or part of her freedom of speech…if the girl had posted it on Twitter by using a hashtag or something, it wouldn’t make a big deal instead of sending the message to Sashihara.

      Especially when she’s highly known for reading/answering her tweets.

    • Aki

      I’m not a Sasshi fan, but (un)fortunately, Social Media is a fair arena for everyone to fight. You can’t really expect to throw shade on everyone you hate and get away with it so easily. Yeah, Sasshi maybe shouldn’t have exposed her, but why would the anti even try to test her chances on first place? That’s why we are not all famous. :

    • eplizo

      Celebs should just try their hardest to ignore ppl like that tbh.

      • Sasshi <3

        Celebs are also people, they are not some kind of robot with no emotions, whatsoever..

      • Sasshi <3

        Celebs are also humans, they are not some kind of robot with no emotions, whatsoever..

      • thegame

        then people like that should learn to at least act like people, not act like a total sh!t

    • Rim1789

      Seeing what she’s done, I thought the girl wrote something worst ( Some people can be downright nasty. Way more than this). She went as far as checking that person’s twitter to answer ? LOL

      • Guest

        Its really takes only seconds to check some hater twitter account. You made it seems she’s some obsessed stalker.

        • Rim1789

          Nope, I think she wasted her time going as far as reading that girl’s twitter AND answering according to that. She seemed really childish in the way she answered that girl (especially seeing the comment. I have seen waaaay nastier things) People SHOULD answer cyberbully, I m not saying she shouldn’t have done that.

          But the way she did ? LOL

          • guest

            I think its clever to say she’s jealous of the hater for getting the opportunity to date everyday. So sorry that you can’t read in between the lines of her toying tweet. She’s giving distinction that she’s a busy idol with rules, not a commoner who find happiness in insulting random celebs on twitter. She’s putting her in her place.

            The point was not to say nasty things back at the person. That would be waaaay childish LOL.

    • Saki -chan

      she’s totally cool when it comes to her haters

    • OhSnap!

      This girl is just doing her job and someone thought it was a good idea to send gratuitous hate. Who is in the wrong? Whatever, why she even has to be considerate towards such bitch.
      J&A fans need to stop

    • Dalooshe

      This is one clean, slick cyber girl fight! I never cared for Sasshi so much but I like her better now for how she didn’t do anything vulgar imo to ‘defend’ herself other than using that killer line, pretty genius!

      • studiogalbi

        sasshi knew what she was doing. she set a trail for her twitter followers to follow because she knew her fans would harrass the shit out of her which would eventually lead her to delete her account.

        • Dalooshe

          Lol well she must have been a big fan of Hanzawa Naoki’s policy =p

          • DXTakamina

            (Hopefully I typed that correctly xD )

    • Laura Aguilar

      LMAO that dumb little girl! “Do you enjoy blaming all of this on me?” girl, you started it idiot.

    • tiffany nicole

      I dont understand what shade was given ,she just had her fans do her dirty work.Well anyways even though I don’t like sashihara at all,and I find her to be overrated and a try hard with little to no talent,I will admit that going on her twitter is a waste of time and worth more trouble than its worth.Still don’t see why she had to delete her twitter my mother has said worser things to me lol.

    • Rude

      I think it’s fine. It’s not like she actually said anything rude to the tweeter. People need to realize that celebs are humans too and can feel hurt from hateful remarks.

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Good for her

    • surfboardt

      richan22’s final tweet is just hilarious. What’s with these overzealous stans’ lack of self-awareness when they criticize people for things they are also guilty of doing. That said, I feel this gif is probably appropriate for this moment.

      • guest

        omg my gif <3 hisashiburi

    • I don’t think this is a fandom thing, every fandom has those annoying fangirls, who think too highly of their “freedom of speech”. I think we can all agree that the reasoning of this girl it’s just too stupid. Sashi is wasting her time with these trolls.

      • toak

        Not really, every other week she (sasshi) does it to set an example.

      • Guest

        I don’t think its wasting time. Bullies needs to put to place and she’d done pretty well to shade them. Not a Sashii fan but after knowing her classy shade, she seems more interesting.

        “Fellow Arashi fan who is also a smappie*

        • I’m glad you like Sashi more now :) but I don’t think bullying another bully is the answer here… after something like this, a bully can either stop or become more aggressive… I do understand her wanting to put her in place, we, as arashians know what haters are… but changing them takes a lot imo

          • Guest

            The point wasn’t to change the bully into a better person.. I don’t know if you’ve ever been bullied before but taking the higher ground (not retaliating like a good little girl) isn’t always the “answer” when you’re attacked almost everyday. Sure its wrong to bully back but as a survivor, I see her action as one way to defend herself against attacks.

            Its like a porcupine displaying her needles. She’s claiming her power.
            I bet haters will still bully Sashii with sockpuppets. Probably some will guilt trip her as a bully for shaming other bullies too.

          • Guest

            The point wasn’t to change the bully into a better person.. I don’t know if you’ve ever been bullied before but taking the higher ground (not retaliating like a good little girl) isn’t always the “answer” when you’re attacked almost everyday. Sure its wrong to bully back but as a survivor, I see her action as one way to defend herself against attacks.

            Its like a porcupine displaying her needles. She’s claiming her power.
            I bet haters will still bully Sashii with sockpuppets. Probably some will guilt trip her as a bully for shaming other bullies too.

    • mykawaiiz5

      …ugh and she’s a SMAP fan?! What a disgrace to all Smappies!
      Way to go Sashihara! Even though I don’t follow her or AKB much I definitely don’t hate a young talent that’s out there in the entertainment business! Only wish to be in her place! Ahh why must people hate on others just because.

    • Joe Gibken

      Sasshi makes all the negative stuff pointing to her something that will be used to her advantage. I still remember she became much more known and her character became much more frank after her secret dating scandal. Besides that she is a HaroPro / idol wota, these are the reasons I find Sasshi my current oshimen in 48groups most probably.

    • Alex

      i’m glad she exposed this rude and insecure person, more celebrities should. you don’t get away with being a dickbag just b/c it’s twitter

      • bakaneko

        ikr? you dare to disturb a hornet’s nest, be ready to bare the consequences..

    • Vördi

      If I would be a celebrity sometimes I would do the same not because haters would make me angry just because for them to know don’t hate someone without any reason.

    • yanderenightmares

      What a brat. Sasshi had every right to comment back.

    • lwavesurfer

      Sasshi is the last person you ever want to mess in social media. She has every right to expose her.

    • Crystina

      Don’t mess with Sasshi,haters! LOL

    • bakaneko

      i don’t even like Sashi but in this case i’m with her.. so many online bullies get away with it because not many ppl will stand up against bullies.. being a victim of bullies before, i know that when you keep quite, it just kept on getting worse until you break down and want to kill yourself.. from my experience, it is best to nip it in the bud before they get the idea you’re easy target…

    • Ash

      Well, don’t disturb the bee hive if you’re afraid of being stung by them ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • sonatasy

      Sasshi is simply doing what her hater is doing – which is wrong. By retweeting those comments, she knows her fans will gang up on that hater. Very lowly for a public figure.

    • Guest

      I don’t think either party is completely faultless here. The girl was being stupid and rude for tweeting nasty comments directly to Sashihara, but Sashihara is in a position of greater power with her celebrity status, and I think it’s ungracious and obnoxious to make use of that directly in retaliation to someone else in a weaker position, whatever the reason might be.

      • zam(仮)

        We are talking about Twitter here. You don’t need to be a celebrity to have legions of followers. That said, anyone can have the same powers as Sashii. If Sasshi wasn’t a celebrity how would you make your argument stick? ;-)

        • Johanna D. Robles

          Because you can’t compare a celebrity with 430K followers to a fan that on average would have 1% or less followers, it is not the same power. even if half of the followers reacted toward the rude girl it is still 210K tweets against you. As for Sashihara not being a celebrity, you would find that there would be more expats between users on twitter or any other social network, in that case when there are rude comments they are dealt mostly in private with private messages, and if you have “influential” friends and get them to help bully the other person, you are abusing your power (even though you are not a celebrity).
          Speaking through my own experience, on a forum I found a person that started to hate me without reason, she twisted my words when i tried to explain to her at the beginning what I thought it was a misunderstanding, then i realized it was hate for the sake of it, I just ignored her, because all she wanted was attention even though I’m not famous in any field I was pretty influential on that forum.
          The girl was dumb, rude and foolish, but still she is entitled to her own opinion.

    • twin_angels

      lol *eats popcorn*

    • It was a good move for sure i bet that hater wrote messages like this to other peple too. These days haters are sitting at computer, hiding yourself and they slander, swear and criticize because like in those comments “a regular person” so a person who can do nothing, just sitting and typing some hating to computer because of some jealousy and so. If @richan22 could do something she would needn’t write like this. But most people are like this, “regular person” , so haters will be there forever. And you can fight them or ignore them. My friend has some civic association and he also writes articles about politics and other things and he meet people like this everyday. But that’s just common if you can do something what others can’t.

    • guest

      that’s very clever of her…

    • pescofr

      Ok, Sasshi is using twitter and people wonder if she is right ? Of course!
      Se did not hack a SMAP fan account, so I don’t see the problem.
      She just used the same functionality like everyone can.
      The SMAP fan shouldn’t use twitter if being “too much” retweeted is a problem for her.
      In fact, a lot of people don’t even know the power of social networks and always blame other people when it works at full speed.

    • hiro shima

      con này não cmnr :3 thím bị cái qq gì dz =))) douma mặc dù biết là nó đếch hiểu đâu nhưng thôi chửi cho đã mồn dz

    • Megumi

      I’m still trying to figure out the headline, “….rude SMAP fan?” How is it that she was a SMAP fan because she watched Utage. She’s just a crazy anti-fan that needs to focus on her dating life and forget out celebrity stalking!

      • Her profile picture was Kimutaku and her profile just said “SMAP!” — so sites have been dubbing her a SMAP fan and Johnny’s fan. I went with the former, because that’s what the site I got the info from said ^^v

    • iGleaux

      I will never understand celebs who have the time to entertain this mess.

      • toak

        I think you’re misunderstanding. If you’re a celeb with a social media account you will spend many hours of your life seeing these kinds of comments whether you want to or not, it will be inescapable noise on your screen — question is if you’ll do anything about it or cry in your bed.

        • iGleaux

          I’m not misunderstanding. If I know people are going to be an ass I’m just going to ignore you. I still laugh at the president of Avex sitting on twitter arguing with fangirls like either delete or close your eyes…click the X….something!

    • Grace

      As a celebrity she should be ready to all of these. As we getting famous there will ALWAYS be a haters NO MATTER how innocent we are. There will be always people who disgusted to look at us. So she need to aware that and the solution to all of these is to IGNORE all those hate comments completely. Of course from what I read she seem to be standing up by exposing the haters BUT i see her as the SAME as the hater who tweeted her. So I’m a bit dissapointed on this ‘revenge’ act. If she hate she could BLOCK all the haters. Now I can see that she is also the same bully too.

      • toak

        Did you see Ricchan on 755 today? She who was attacked some time ago at a handshake event. People went to 755 and swore at her for not being back to attending hs events. So she couldn’t take it and closed down her account because of idiots like this. Tried as she might she couldn’t ignore it. Fighting back and exposing this bullshit is the only option.

    • yamakita

      This would’ve been even better in a drama or manga.


      ooh, never heard of this girl before since I don’t follow J-Pop idols but that’s a cool move of her. That puts those antis in their rightful place.

    • Nameless

      GOOD! This is why i love sashit!

    • SasshiOshi

      My kami-oshi KICKS ASS !

      • Sasshi <3

        Don’t they dare to mess with our Queen lol

    • That girl was a punk anyway.

    • Inside the Jellybeans

      Glad she put them back in place.

    • RamonXick

      lol #REKT all hail sassi

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      Those stupid, dumb , jealous haters get on my nerves.
      WELL DONE SASHI! I hope that ignorant hater learned her lesson.

    • Johanna D. Robles

      The act of Sashihara was vengeful an unfair to a “normal” person, by retweeting the girl that was rude to her to her followers, she knew her fans would attack her, She just had to leave her be, because everyone has the right to their own opinion.

    • im not sashi fan, tbh i dont really like her.. but this time im gonna say “serve you right @richan22”

    • guest

      I’m surprised by the comments made. Sashihara definitely did not deserve such a rude comment, but she’s a public figure and by getting her fans to collectively attack whoever made the comment isn’t classy. It’s just plain mean, and doesn’t make her any better.

    • thegame

      not a fan, never will be a Sasshi fan, but she did great. anyone who wants to act like a total $Hi+Wh@re should always prepare for the reckoning, Sasshi didn’t even have to put much effort on this one, nice move…

    • mi7desu

      omfg YES!!! #teamrino