Hey! Say! JUMP to release new double A-side single

Hey! Say! JUMP is back at it again in their tenth anniversary year with a double A-side single, “Precious Girl”/”Are You There?”, on July 05!  The single will be released in three editions: Limited Edition 1, Limited Edition 2, and Regular Edition.  This will be their second single of the year after the release of “OVER THE TOP” back in February.

“Precious Girl” is described as a gorgeous yet manly song that supports women in love.  This song will be used in commercials to endorse Kose Cosmeport product “Fortune”.  One the other hand, “Are You There?” will be sung by special unit A.Y.T, comprised of members Daiki Arioka, Hikaru Yaotome, and Yuya Takaki.  This song features a technopop sound and heartwarming lyrics.  “Are You There” will be used as the theme song for TV drama series Koshoku Robot, where the members of A.Y.T will be starring as the main roles.  The additional B-side tracks will be sung by the subgroups Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST.

(via CDJapan)

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    • pokimunchies

      Ok let me just say yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

    • m

      Has this happened before in Johnny’s where a subgroup was a part of the a-sides? I thought they’d make it a b-side for sure, but maybe still give it an MV like what they did for Funky Time.

      So excited, JUMP has been on FIRE lately, since Fantastic time (or Give me love, whichever was released first – pretty sure it was Fantastic time?). Loving the more mature style they’re going for, they’re back on track.

      • rshina

        not a subgroup, but Arashi’s Ohno had. His song Kumorinochi Kaisei, also his drama theme song, is a double a side for Believe single

        • M

          Ah that’s right, forgot about that. Thanks. :)

    • Sabina B.


    • rshina

      go go go,HSJ~

    • Umm

      OMG that photo….they are not a photogenic group :/

      • Monique Septia


      • rshina

        that photo is 100x better than their chau cover, so I’m not complaining

    • Monique Septia

      cant wait :)

    • Himi Tsu

      I’m looking forward to this single! A lot !

      Beside that…. It was also announced today though the fan-club that they’ll release their first BEST ALBUM ! :D Seems like fan-club members will be able to vote for their favorite songs!

      I’m looking forward to know the ranking!
      What would you like to vote for?

      • Michie

        Yeah I saw that too!! I’m so excited for their first best of album and I’m curious what songs will be selected. I’ll probably write something one it once there is more information out:D

        • Himi Tsu

          Looking forward to read it then ♥

      • rshina

        really? I can’t wait!
        I think I’ll vote a song like Beat Line, Forever, Bounce.
        I wonder if they’ll release the subgroup song too. I really hope BEST song is in the album too

    • tiny head
    • 1996liner

      They’re not wearing weird outfits , Johnys Entertainment must be taking a new route .