Woman sleeps with Hey! Say! JUMP member Keito Okamoto, leaks photo of him in bed!

It seems like Hey! Say! JUMP member Keito Okamoto is paying the price for having a one night stand. A picture of him in bed was exclusively released by the tabloid “Shukan Josei” in their latest issue.

The incident appears to have taken place when Keito was at Sophia University, one of the top private universities in Japan. The woman who slept with Keito claimed that she went out drinking with some friends who attended the university, but was shocked when Keito was there with them. One thing led to another and she was eventually invited back to his house. The evening had a rough start since the AC in his apartment was broken resulting in a premature hot and sticky night.

She went into further detail mentioning how at first they started to watch TV in bed before eventually doing the deed. The woman further claimed that her throat was dry due to the events that took place, so she rewarded herself by drinking his expensive fruit juice without permission. Overall her experience was at least positive, describing him as a “gentleman”.

Unfortunately for Keito, this isn’t his first time in the tabloids. Back in August 2013 photos of him acting lovey-dovey with actress Kasumi Arimura were published in FRIDAY magazine, but those were nothing compared to one in Shukan Josei. Despite that, it’s very unlikely that his agency Johnny & Associates will even acknowledge the scandal.

The picture of Keito in bed along with some netizen comments can be seen below!

+1616 -16
A face with many blank spaces
+2076 -20
This is only good for providing news about their lower body parts
+1119 -7
He had a deep love with Arimura Kasumi-san right?
+571 -4
The golden age of Keito Okamoto
+1486 -30
Hey! Sei! JUMP (Sei means sex)
+1575 -33
His dad has better looks than him. His father is an Ikemen
+1194 -31
But he’s ugly
+809 -25
He’s young, isn’t he.
+1035 -19
With the face of a gentleman character lol.

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    • BAD KID

      that angle is so unflattering her face looks so big and shapeless??? he musta been really wasted that night

    • Taima-kun

      The woman further claimed that her throat was dry due to the events that took place, so she rewarded herself by drinking his expensive fruit juice without permission.
      is that what i think it is? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Amal Souissi

        lol it’s like “what an interesting info” xD i really didn’t get what she/he claimed … like bullshit , no links , no conclusion hahaha kids …

      • Sticky

        Also –> premature hot and sticky night
        The writer of this article must have had so much fun writing it XD

    • Liokt

      Anyone have noticed the “MUSIC STATION” logo behind his hair? Funny.

      • What

        It looks like a music station tissue box lol

    • AoZora

      Poor Keito… Better be careful next time… Lot of Honeytraps..

    • eternal_sky

      I was loling while reading this whole article. Dont know why but the way the article was worded is funny. XD

    • Chaina

      Bravo to him for getting laid. Just hope he used protection or he’ll be out of the limelight like his dad lol.

    • What

      Well… at least he was a gentleman

    • Sakura Kou

      asians have straight arm pit hair , it’s interesting lol :P

    • rshina

      I’m actually laughing reading this :DD
      well, I don’t think it will effect JUMP much, and he doesn’t really have a lot solo activities to begin with, so I don’t think he’ll be affected much too. and he’s a said to be gentleman, which is kind of good (?)

      whenever I read a gossip about HSJ here, a few days later HSJ has a news though (new drama/new single etc), so I’m hoping new news about them :D

      ps : whoever said his father is ikemen, I agree with you

      • Monique Septia

        hope we will get a new single or album soon. amen!

      • katsura

        Yep. Back in their heydays all Otokogumi (which Daddy Okamoto was a member of) were so fine. They look nothing like the Johnnys we have today lol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/791a569fc6e0dd233a8f4d8c981c079e88f712e74c7fd3c1f44bd69ad78ff772.jpg
        (Okamoto Sr. is the second one from right, next to the guy with the thick eyebrows)

        • rs34

          i dont find them very attractive tbh

          • katsura

            Sorry you don’t feel the same bb haha. I give them credit since they’re from the 80s. But to each their own.

        • ….their old school outfits and hair makes them less attractive imo. Daddy Okamoto IS good-looking tho.

          • katsura

            WAS bb. He was good looking.
            *runs away*

        • dianablancheneige

          Okamoto-san was actually quite good-looking! Haha

      • Lynne Jb

        HSJ in concert tour right now. That makes sense. Hahaa

    • bailey darbii

      lolz these girls are messy. keep it coming honey.
      these guys cant get some w/o being snapped.

    • yamakita

      That’s quite a downgrade from Arimura. My condolences to Keito.

      But enough about him. I’m still hoping Yuto is keeping the flame alive with Yoshida somehow. That was a great pairing.

      • Himi Tsu

        Simply this!

      • dianablancheneige

        Oh Yuto & Yoshida are still a couple right?

    • y

      Keito is known for sleeping around, so nothing surprising here.

    • surfboardt

      … Girl, didn’t you learn anything from Justin Bieber’s equivalent scandal? You’re supposed to take a video of him sleeping in bed following with a selfie shot. That way, the world can meme the shit out of it.

      Joking aside, this is an obvious gross violation of privacy, but nbd about him having a one night stand and the only reason why it’s an issue is because he’s an idol (Which leads into the conversation of whether selling bachelorhood/virginity is healthy for idols’ social life/well being). If anything, all I got from this was “drinking his expensive juice without permission” is the most hilarious unintentional interpretation of “she sucked his cock while he was asleep post-sex” (Not that I condone it as that’s rape because he didn’t consent to it, but the fact that the sentence could be interpreted in a completely different direction is funny).

    • Weeelp…..

    • eplizo

      Poor him lol. I always feel bad for celebs who have their casual escapades leaked to the media. Must be embarrassing/awkward af.

      lmaoooo @ her stealing his juice tho. I can’t.

      • surfboardt



        • eplizo

          It was an act of self care and self preservation. I don’t blame her at all tbh.

    • visionfactory

      He is so ugly, the woman did him a favor…

      • AoZora

        The woman is ugly too..

        • guest

          How can you tell from just her cheek at a weird angle?

          • AoZora

            Half of her face is visible.. She has that bloated cheek which is not my type..

          • rs34

            lol I thought she is talking about how she is ugly inside for posting private things like this

    • visionfactory

      I hope he’s being kicked out of the group soon, scandal after scandal, stupid kid

      • anon

        mamoswine-style hate!!!!! xD

    • Urara Kasugano

      okay now it’s not that he is gonna get married with that girl or she is his girlfriend or something. it was just a one night stand to satisfy physical needs…and I’m sure the girl also thought it waas something big and identified herself as girlfriend position while Keito refused and she then leaked thsi pic to magazine..
      and also when did Keito finish his uni? if it was some years ago then this is pretty much ages ago

    • BTOB’s drunk sister

      “She rewarded herself by drinking his expensive fruit juice without permission.”

      Oh my god.
      Like I am petty, but this is next level petty. I love it.

    • Nika Jer

      Worthless scandal, if you can call it like that.

      Give idols and celebrities some privacy for christ’s sake! The girl is a bitch for sending this.

    • Chupaina

      A ver si así quitan del grupo a este irrelevante o se separan de una vez que ya dan pena, pasan los 22 tacos y parecen una banda de niños de 5 años… así como retrasaditos

      • Neko

        :/ y por q lo van a sacar? Jump esta bien como esta

    • I want to be relevant :(

      lmao XD

    • yue

      wow, ok! I think the girl is an ass… every girl that sells this kind of pic is an ass. And poor Keito… I get that this is Japan and he is an idol, but this is honestly no scandal since it was just one-night-stand, consensual, and as far as we know, the girl is not underage. No drugs involved, he was a “gentleman”, etc. It’s sad that this was exposed, what about his privacy? Poor boy.

      • AoZora


      • dianablancheneige

        Yeah that’s a no go… I don’t think it will affect his career tho but what she did to him was so cheap.

    • katsura

      Is he the one that’ll speak English out of nowhere?
      Anyhoo, let’s stop this pretense that idols are pure beings who practice abstinence. It’s 2018 already.

    • Isabella Tejada

      What’s the big deal? I’m a hey say jump fan and fond of Keito- is it wrong that I feel kinda happy for him lolo

    • Nasukwa

      I don’t know if it’s because of the angle of the photo, but it seems like he has a specific type of jaw line he tends to steer towards.

    • Luna

      I do not know why I found this somehow cute lol
      I do not see problems in Keito dating / staying with someone, he is very big after all. I just think it was stupid of the girl to have taken a picture, but on the other hand it seems fun just to talk about the supposed juice lol (I’m still laughing a lot)
      Awwn until I liked both of them together ♥