Is Tomohisa Yamashita now dating Terrace House cast member Niki Niwa?

Johnny’s talent Yamashita Tomohisa recently enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Hawaii, what made this trip so interesting is that he apparently was spending lots of time with a beautiful woman.

The woman in question was not his girlfriend, actress Satomi Ishihara. This time Yamapi was spotted with 21 year old Niki Niwa, a popular up-and-coming model who gained fame by appearing as a cast member on the reality television show Terrace House: Aloha State.

Yamapi and Ishihara’s relationship blossomed after appearing together in the 2015 Fuji TV drama series 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita ObōsanThe following year they took their relationship to the next step by moving in together. Once moving in together, whispers of marriage quickly started to circulate within the tabloid scene.

According to the tabloids, Yamapi and Niwa have friends who are all in the same social circle which resulted in their meeting.  It’s been said that Yamapi is a lot more interested in Niwa romantically, and wants to pursue her further. The two enjoyed Hawaii in late January, and tried to stay with friends as often as possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Niwa’s affiliated office did comment on the rumor, saying that they do not interfere in the private life of their associates, but the two are simply just good friends. Naturally, Johnny & Associates has not commented on the situation.

Sources close to Yamapi and Ishihara allegedly claim that the status of their relationship has been “catastrophic” for months now, and the two parted ways last year. Only time will tell if their relationship is truly finished for good.

(yahoo headlines and NOWnews)

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    • liuuu

      the buzz actually not about he dating Niki Niwa but the tabloids also claim spotted he went to Satomi house few days later after back from Hawaii. Two-timings?
      I thought he quit playing around

      • K

        If they already broke up last year then no.

        • liuuu

          enjoying times with his new crush and continue visiting his ex?what’s it called then?
          he’s a cool guy and it is also known that he’s player 🤷‍♀️

          • nandeyanen

            That’s *if* both tabloid rumours are the same at the same time though. Way too early and iffy to know.

            • liuuu

              I thought it is pretty much known that Yamapi is player since his younger days?no?
              Before with Ishihara Satomi and Niki Niwa, I remember he was rumored with some beautiful actress and models ?

              I hope he stop playing around. he is already on his 30s 😅

              • K

                but still not mean he cheated on Satomi, right? No photos on both “spending times together in Hawaii” and the “he went to Satomi’s house few days later” .Tabloids can write anything but we don’t know the real truth.

                • liuuu

                  I didn’t say he cheating on who since it mentioned Yamapi-Satomi broke up last year and he want to pursue Niki next. but to meet the 2 girls like that, isn’t it seems like he’s playing around with those girls?
                  yeah, only those 3 involving know the truth.

                  • SkywalkerZ

                    Sign, tabloid rumours there days… Didn’t even have a picture to backup their claim but there already some idiot willing to bite it.

                    • Lol

                      They already have done it since forever

                      • SkywalkerZ

                        Nope, I remember if they don’t have a fuzzy photo or at least they going with ‘an acquaintance of Mr. X share…’ that sort of bullshit but nowadays, everything could easy convince a thirsty fans or haters.

                        I refuse to believe in this kind of age, where everyone have a smartphone at their hand and could take a picture with less than a 5 seconds can’t spot or take a picture, even a picture with their figures are fine. And here we have tabloid rumours with none of there.

      • Mina

        Cheating within the Japanese entertainment industry is so common I didn’t even bat an eye at this theory.

    • bailey darbii

      i just closed my laptop before commenting!

      if my 5 to 9 ship does not sail into the pacific I will fight in every yamapi article.

    • nandeyanen

      Well, if they had really broken up, then as disappointing as that would be, there’s nothing wrong with him pursuing a new relationship. But it would still be eh. So much for marriage rumours. And, if he was cheating, then major thumbs down.

      • l-na

        “Rumors” is the key point. No matter how many marriage rumors there were. None of them mean that they were really planing to get married. It’s just rumors.

    • Well dang

    • katsura

      Ara, he’s been dating Satomi-chan?
      Well I’ll be damned. I didn’t even know that.

      • Dramafan

        Well it was never confirmed.

    • 116FanxyZihoes

      “catastrophic” well there goes my ship

    • WD79

      After the disastrous hoo-ha with Kitagawa Keiko, I’ve always feared that his relationship with Satomi (if it’s true) would be doomed on the same path.

      • Karin~

        what happened with keikopi?

      • receipt please

      • liuuu

        how many ex(s) he had actually?He seems to be johnny’s with most dating rumors.
        and here I thought he was serious about Satomi -_-

        Both Keiko and Satomi were gorgeous. what an ungrateful guy.

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Is it me or do you guys also noticed the dead-eyes syndrome with YamaPi?

      I can’t unsee it.

      • light

        Yeah he’s pretty famous for that lol Actually it’s probably why i never found him really appealing.

        • Pipe’sIDIC

          Yeah, the dead eyes is very distracting.

      • his dead eyes legit got me thinking of kim hyun joong
        i can’t be the only one who think they look similar >_>

        • Church girl Rosé

          Same here! I’ve always thought he resembled Kim hyun joong.

        • Pipe’sIDIC

          What I meant was, when Yamapi acts, he doesn’t have any expressions nor impressions in his eyes, thus the dead-eyes syndrome.

          Its like reciting lines in a monotone voice when the lines need to be passionate or forceful.

    • l-na

      In late January Niki was in LA.

    • eh

      the hypocrisy though LOL
      stans were cheering when Satomi and Yamapi had dating rumors but now they’re defending him and saying his relationship with Satomi was never confirmed
      uh hello? like his agency will flat out confirm they were dating
      the tabloids were the closest thing we get to having updates with their love lives
      it’s hilarious that people always ask for receipts when they should have known better that this is Johnny’s
      where the closest confirmation they give is the “close friends” excuse

      • even worse

        The worst hypocrisy is that if anybody is caught cheating by a tabloid, 95% on Arama will lynch this person in the comments and ask that she/he’ll retire from the entertainment industry (some will even ask for prison (or even death for the most crazy of them)), but if it’s their favorite Johnny’s, then… “everything if fine”, and “everything was a misunderstanding from the beginning”. Lol This kind of double standards is both pathetic and hilarious (and also creepy)!!!

        • SkywalkerZ

          >95% on Arama will lynch this person in the comments and ask that she/he’ll retire from the entertainment industry
          Yeah but only if the person in the matter is ‘he’. If it was ‘she’ then bunch of sympathies defend cheaters. This place is reek of hypocrisy, like the two of you right now calling other ‘hypocrisy’. Here is the case of Takako Uehara cheating TENN, come to comments section and see your ‘95%’.

          I always know this place have majority woman readers so there come feminazi with their hypocrisy about male. It funny to just base on 2 tabloid rumors then starting to treat it real and called ‘Two-timing’…

    • Nels Nellis


    • He is only 32 years old. Yamashita-san may date whomever he wants. He’s not married – no one owes anyone anything.

    • Park Jin Young

      I read in the past tabloid that yamapi had a huge penis..many girls yearning after his god like dragon spear.How wonderful it is to thrust it into satomi

      • Guest007

        I cannot unread this T_T. loooooooooooooooooool

    • Kamen Chaser

      If this is true then thats disappointing. I really wished the rumors were true about Yamapi and Satomi dating and possibly going to get married. Yamapi is still my 3rd favorite actor