Celebrities Attend the Gucci Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Show

The Fashion Month train started in New York City, then went to London, and is now in Milan. Yesterday, Gucci held its show for its Spring / Summer 2018 collection. Gucci is one of the buzziest brands of the past few years due to its makeover by creative director Alessandro Michele, making this show highly anticipated. A few Japanese celebrities made the trip to Milan to check out the show. See who attended below!

Sakaguchi Kentaro

Nikaido Fumi

Naomi Watanabe

Naomi Watanabe at #gucci!! Google "Japanese Beyoncé": she is 💯

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The Gucci Spring / Summer 2018 show:

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    • hasawa

      *yawn* Michele has legit brought a breath of fresh regarding Gucci’s revival but his 80s glam aesthetic is getting old. I could distinguish each of his collections from each other so much they’re similar. They may generate buzz and fashionistas attention they don’t sell so I’m really concerned about his ability to maintain his position as Gucci main PAP designer.
      I always found Japanese fashion socialites to be the more boring since their tend to serve to safest and dullest looks so they are barely relevant in the fashion scene. No shade tho: I’m craving for more fashion insights on Arama!! Ikumi has her show in Paris on October 1st and the position are open to EVERYONE (!) but I’ll be still in Africa, I’m SO MAD!!! lol I’ll try to make a review as soon as possible!

      • Gucci is selling though…

        • hasawa

          I heard a fair share of their revenue rise is not from clothes/PAP but more accessories though. But that’s the basically the same for every fashion house, so whatever~

    • Natalya Goncharova

      Fumi is gorgeous! <3

      • HyperMoot .

        she always is

    • Dalooshe

      Sakaguchi is such a bae!

    • surfboardt

      I know this is heavily contributed to me being thirsty af for the past week, but Sakaguchi can ravage my bussy tbh

    • Mela

      Fumiii..I love your kimono *ignoring the gucci bag.

    • skias onar

      Fumi looks gorgeous! I love that kimono and, surprisingly, I like the bag, too.

    • my queen Naomi