Fashion Magazine KERA to End Print Publication

Today, Harajuku fashion magazine KERA announced that it will publish its final print edition on April 15, after 19 years in operation. In addition, KERA’s spinoff quarterly, Gothic & Lolita Bible, will go on hiatus on May 24, after 16 years of publication.

But not all hope is lost! On May 16, KERA will begin publishing content on a newly revamped website. This content includes a digital magazine and social media posts. KERA will continue to run its KERA SHOP online store. The magazine will also collaborate with stores and fashion brands around Japan.

Even though KERA will continue to live on digitally, it’s a sad blow, given that iconic Harajuku fashion magazine FRUiTS announced last month they they will end publication after 20 years. Even though FRUiTS founder Shoichi Aoki said that the magazine was ending due to the fact that “there are no more cool kids left to photograph”, there is more to the story here. The change in youth culture, the rise of fast fashion, and the gentrification of Harajuku are some of the factors that play a role in the demise of these publications, along with the fact that print media is just a dying industry altogether.

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    • H

      Started to suck when they featured idols in half assed lolita fashion

      • soyulim

        I agree!

    • WHAT? It was / is the best fashion magazine ever… damn, something is really, really wrong with Harajuku and Japanese street fashion in general nowadays..

      As for Gothic & Lolita Bible: it launched in 2001, so it is 16 years, not 6.

    • circe154

      Kera’s problem was that it didn’t change with the times. An issue from 2007 is almost identical to an issue from today. The brands it features have been shuttering left and right. That said, I’m sad to see it go.

    • Guest

      Does anyone know where to read jfashion magazines online?

    • james

      This is so sad. I hope Harajuku fashion won’t die.
      I’ll buy the last issue

    • hasawa

      “there are no more cool kids left to photograph”
      This statement is so heartbreaking yet so true.

      • Only try-hards and wanna-be models are left.

    • Matcha

      This is bullshit….. first Grayu magazines, then Decora and now Lolita! Japanese street fashion is dying and we need to do something about this!!!

    • soyulim

      What will Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and other lilita girls do now? They will be out of job! :/

      • yamakita

        This would be amazing if they were the same person.