E-girls ‘Dance Dance Dance’ their butts off in new music video

One of Japan’s more noteable girl groups, E-girls, is back again with a new music video for their soon to be released single, ‘Dance Dance Dance’. Fans and non-fans alike surely won’t be disappointed as the girls join the latest retro trends. Not only is the song and concept retro, but sexy as well which gives it them an adult-ish coolness. In the video, the girls show off their dance moves, worthy of being EXILE‘s sister group.

For more information on the single and to watch the video, check the jump below!

E-girls’ new single is dropping on September 30th. The group’s 14th single comes in three versions, CD only, CD + DVD and one-coin VD version. However, the one coin version can only be bought from E-girls FAMILY OFFICIAL CD/DVD SHOP, LDH official mobile CD/DVD SHOP and mu-mo shop.

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    • Gabriel

      Sounds like a KARA song but I really like it. It looks a little cheap and clustered but I guess that’s to be expected of them other than that I think it’s really a fun song and is kind of like their next Dance All Night

    • anne

      i like it but agh why is ami a vocalist for this particular song?? i say this a lot but honestly… ruri’s voice is perfect for this.

      14 members is still a lot, how tf is 20 any different. i hate ldh and how they’ve made e-girls a popularity contest

    • What

      The song was okay, but Ami should not have been a vocalist, her voice really does not fit this type of song :/ I really like the whole concept and setting of the video and the dancing was good as always

    • surfboardt

      Like what everyone else said, Ami is probably not the best vocalist for this type of song. However, my bigger problem is how the chorus kind of falls flat compared to the verses. Still an okay song, but e-Girls definitely had better releases.

    • pondloso

      A K-Pop song?

      • Nayla Rêgo Monteiro

        any kpop song there

        • Derek

          Welll lets face it. Any japanese girl group who isnt a cutesy sugar sweet rely on quantity is going to be flagged as kpop.

          Maybe this is why egirls fans think idols are a rude word to call their group.

      • mapn

        Yeah, all the world revolve around Kpop.

    • okawa rio

      omg, where is Leader & Erie,, i don’t see them :(

      • yanderenightmares

        Nooooooo, no Erie.

    • Nayla Rêgo Monteiro


    • Omnirosa

      The song just doesn’t do much for me. I think it would have been a great track if they adjusted the vocalists and made the song more complete. It just doesn’t keep the interest alive throughout the song.

      Ami’s voice kind of also has a way of draining all the fun out of a dance track. There’s a reason Dream put her in the background during their dance music eras.

      • Gilgamesh

        If you’re reading this, she was in the background during the old Dream era was because she was the youngest.

    • ♥Cat♦On♠The♣Street♥

      I like where they were going but vocals kinda fell flat to me. They should have replaced Ami with Aya. and Where is my main B

      • What

        Agreed with Aya replacing Ami, her voice would fit so much better with this song

        • Gilgamesh

          They need another soft voice to harmonize with Reina’s you numbskull.

      • Sakura Harano

        Erie left E-girls as a vocalist

    • Jo

      I like the song!

    • Midori

      The song is not my favourite from them, but it’s good!

      I LOVE the concept of the video though and the girls slayed the choreo, like always! ^.^

    • Derek

      Sounds a lot better then ttwo thirds of the crap from idol groups. I mentioned this group to a bunch idol wotas and they are wut?

    • yourcoffeesucks

      I actually didnt like any of the vocalists except karen surprisingly becuz i usually dislike her voice.

    • mapn

      Not trying to hate but Ami, I fucking hate her voice.

      • Gilgamesh

        Fuck off. Is your voice any better than hers? You are bloody rude and fucking annoying.