DANCE EARTH PARTY go on vacation in the “WAVE” MV

DANCE EARTH PARTY have released the second MV in support of their upcoming single “POPCORN“. This time the spotlight is being shown on the singles b-side “WAVE“, which has received it’s very own MV.

The unit DANCE EARTH PARTY is part of EXILE USA’s solo project DANCE EARTH and bridges EXILE TRIBE with new E.G. Family as a mixed-gender group. EXILE USA is joined by EXILE TETSUYA as a performer and Dream Shizuka as vocalist.

Taking a complete 180 from the “POPCORN” MV,  “WAVE” takes place in the beautiful outdoors. The video fully shows off Japan’s beautiful beaches, sky, and forestry. Donned in colorful tourist-like ensembles the trio happily sing and dance their way throughout the various scenic landscapes. A surprise rap performed by USA and TETSUYA also serves as a fun treat for fans.

WAVE” will be released on August 30th, 2017. Watch the full MV below the jump.

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    • RKK

      poor shizuka being stuck in this terrible band. Can she get a solo? I feel like she would give us something more fresh/urban than the snoozefest Ami has been putting out

    • SnowDrop

      The video itself is very beautiful! Not the greatest song but I still like it…I can definitely picture it being one of the many songs I’ll be listening to on my 18 hour flight back to Japan haha!

    • Anita

      “WAVE” is a song created for summer festivals and events so that they can get excited with fans.