KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenshi to go on first solo tour

KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenshi has announced his very own solo tour! The upcoming tour is titled “KAT-TUN KAZUYA KAMENASHI CONCERT TOUR 2017 The -> (The First) ~Follow me~ Besides the tour dates, the only details regarding the set of concerts released thus far is the tour’s logo, a pair of lips with “Follow Me” written on them.
Kazuya’s tour will begin on July 13th, 2017 at the “Kobe International House”. 38 performances are scheduled in total spanning 17 venues nationwide. The grand finale will take place on October 30th, 2017 at the Edogawa cultural centre. The announcement of Kazuya’s first set of solo concerts has caused much excitement among Johnny’s and KAT-TUN fans, he is expected to draw more than 100,000 fans during the entire run.

The specific dates for the entire tour can be seen via Johnny’s net.

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    • Buzz

      Congrats Kame! hope this will bring KAT-TUN back :)

      • TruthSpeaker

        Indeed in will! Every KATTUN member is assuring us whenever they get opportunity during tv shows.. I trust all the 3 nins..

    • kazumi

      Congratulation kame chan! Good luck for your first solo concert! Finally nee~ I hope it’s gonna be success ^^ It seems kame is gonna busy with everything comes up, so please keep your health…
      I hope it will help KAT-TUN to come back & to get more new fans. Can’t wait for KAT-TUN to come back!

    • james

      What is he goin to perform? Johnny’s Jr. songs? “Can do, Can go”? laugh

      • kazumi

        I don’t know he will sing johnny’s jr. songs or not but kame will sing his solo songs (every johnnys have their solo songs which usually released in group’s album), KAT-TUN’s songs, and there is a news that yamapi will be a guest so maybe kame to yamap’s songs too.

        • Free Yamapi

          If they pull any more Pi being Kame’s sidekick shit, I will not be happy. Let him focus on Code Blue 3 and his own music please!

          • TruthSpeaker

            btw,kame dropped by during Yamapi’s tour and they sang seishun Amigo. If yamapi comes,then they will perform to their duets… There is nothing like a sidekick theory here.

            btw,each drama can have one person announced as lead.even if its a love story where two actors share equal time,only one is declared as lead. Even in 9->5 drama,Ishihara Satomi was the lead though Yamapi and she has equal important roles..

            • Free Yamapi

              I just don’t want Pi to be a miserable pawn for J&A anymore. He looks so lifeless and over it with this era. For all of the years he put into this agency, he deserves better than this. It is a total shame that one incident with a cellphone led to this devolution. No offense to Kame, I’m speaking purely as a Pi fan who is fed up with him bending over backwards to get to do what he wants while pleasing his fans and J&A.

      • Mi

        Can Do Can Go is a V6 song lol.

        • james

          Yes, Can Do Can Go is a V6 song but it eventually became a Johnny’s Jr. song too because of the “Golden era”

      • Turtle

        Lol you just make fun of ur self here..

        Con do can go? Lol thats v6!

    • Mika

      Congrats Kame!!!!!
      Goodluck for your first ever solo concert!.
      this is the moment, tho..
      please take care of your health, it would be a hell of schedule to you, ganbatte! Im hoping to get a ticket to a con. hope for the best.😘

      I can’t imagine the goods, performance, MC Kame!!! and everything, Gosh it is a paradise for Kamenashi fans.😍

    • Junnosnake

      Well he isn’t lying about the hyphen following him. Poor Nakamaru and Ueda.

      • TruthSpeaker

        By the way,Nakamaru and Ueda don’t need sympathy. All three are indeed supporting each other and are in loop about each other’s activities. None of the KATTUN members need any kind of sympathy from their fans or their anti-fans.. Thanks,but no thanks!

    • Kameneko223

      Omedetou gozaimasu Kame!!! But me as an international fan, i can only hope to at least buy goods from your concert. Had i known this is gonna happen i should’ve saved money. It’s really going to be a paradise seeing only you on stage. Ganbatte kudasai! Stay healthy and just enjoy! Aishiteiru kara…

    • Susu Ne

      Woooow soo cool! 😍 Kame’s own tour!!
      I hope there will be a DVD!!!! XD

    • goingtojpn

      EHHH?? is he that popular to have his own tour?? I mean, I love him, but I much rather go to a KAT-TUN concert than his solo… Good luck Kame! I just hope that he won’t let the success go to his head and go solo for good (like yamaP) **fingers crossed**

      • TruthSpeaker

        Yes,he is indeed popular.. Actually the tour was planned since his schedule was free after filming for his drama completes and also after his promotions for his upcoming movie release completes. Ueda too had told clear cut that KATTUN will make a comeback very soon and I have no doubt about them coming back in 2018.

      • kazumi

        From online news: kame said that he doesn’t have intention to be a solo singer.
        So, yes let’s hope he won’t go solo for good *fingers crossed*

        • TruthSpeaker

          He is been telling all this while that he cant see himself separated from the group. I hardly doubt Kame when it comes to group loyalty.

          Gossip sites keep speculating such news for publicity.

          • kazumi

            I don’t know the future but I believe kame won’t do that too. I always admire his group loyalty especially after reading his 10.000 words interview before KAT-TUN’s recharging period. How he thinks about the group is really great.

      • Bre Stephens

        The most popular, actually! He is KT. If anyone can hold a solo concert, it’s HIM.

        • goingtojpn

          I know he is popular, but one thing is to be popular WITHIN the group than solo.

          • Bre Stephens

            Since Kame is popular and thus followed in everything he does, including acting and shorts ventures, why wouldn’t his fans follow him in a singing solo concert. He’s not just popular for KT but is popular in everything he does.

        • rika

          Just saying but Ueda had already 2 solo tours before Kame

          • Bre Stephens

            That’s a wonderful accomplishment for Ueda! So, then, I wonder why there are people who are so confused about Kame doing it. Since all KT boys are popular, why wouldn’t Kame be successful?

      • Turtle

        Lol.. fans already afraid they wont win the lotery! Yes he is damn popular! His fans always want see him doing solo but he never do it until now..

      • Fatima

        of course not yamapi is not like that, if you really are his fan you should now him better than that, i respect your opinion but I have my own opinion and i think he has not let fame go to his head, just saying.

    • ran

      Yay! I’m kinda skeptical if it’ll be a success but I hope it’ll be!! I’ve always like KAT-TUN’s more recent con goods but lol seeing the logo here I don’t think I’ll like his.

    • TruthSpeaker

      Kame had free schedule after BokuUn and movie Utsukushi Hoshi. I was expecting this and happy to see atleast one KATTUN member in Idol avatar. I wish him all the best! Good Luck Kame!

    • guest

      Arama fast as always! Only 45 hrs after I’ve sent in a tip, lmao.
      Do you even check those?

    • guest
      • TruthSpeaker

        Please go ahead and mourn… Hyphens are not mourning,,,,

        • guest

          You mean Kame fans aren’t mourning. Kame’s solo tour will bring new fans, yes, but for Kame, not the whole group, lol.
          The gap between Kame and the rest will only get bigger. If J&A wanted to promote KAT-TUN (since that’s what the fans say Kame’s solo tour is for, lmao), they’d do a KAT-TUN tour. Crazy idea, I know!!!!
          Unless Nakamaru and Ueda will announce their own solo tours, I don’t see how this one is supposed to bring more fans to KAT-TUN.

          • TruthSpeaker

            It has become more or less fashion to blame kame for everything that happens to kattun. I dont think pulling one member down will increase popularity of other members. Do you know that this tour was planning by keeping other two members in loop. If you dont know,then please stop this blame game.

            Nakamaru and Ueda will have other actives announced as and when their schedule gets free. Not all need to have the same activities to keep going.

            Also,there is speculation that they will drop by on this tour to join Kame.

            Even if you become a fan of one then many a times you end up liking the group. Example ARASHI. MatsuJun became popular after HanaDan,after that ARASHI’s growth trajectory got better.

            PS: I am just not only Kame fan but also of the other two.

            • guest

              Where in my comment did I say it was Kame’s fault? And why do his fans take every comment that doesn’t praise him as an attack on him?

              Anyway, all I’m saying is that if J&A (J&A = Johnny & Assiociates = the idol agency = NOT KAME) wants to promote KAT-TUN, they should do it with KAT-TUN.

              • TruthSpeaker

                KATTUN is recharging and each member are doing solo activies. I dont see anything wrong with it.

          • kazumi

            Ueda already had his own solo concerts & solo butai for nakamaru before. I know they did it when KAT-TUN was still active, not like kame’s situation right now. But kame didn’t get a chance to do his own solo when KAT-TUN was still active (I wonder why though especially when he is one of populer members) so let’s say kame’s chance comes now.
            At least his concert tittle is “KAT-TUN Kazuya Kamenashi”. He doesn’t forget his group and it can be a promotion for KAT-TUN or to make people know that kame is a part of the group called KAT-TUN.
            Maybe there’s still a chance for ueda and nakamaru to have their own solo tours too in recharging period. Who knows what JE thought right. Even this kame’s solo con came suddenly. Although there was a rumor about kame’s solo con before but hyphens never thought it’s gonna really really happen and BAM it really happen.

            • TruthSpeaker

              There is report that Kame is asking Maru and Ueda to go on solo tours too, read here – https://jmania.jp/201704/44711.html/2

              • kazumi

                Thanks for the link ^^
                I don’t understand japanese, I translated it by google translate so maybe it was wrong. In my understanding from google translate & a news from kame’s community in english, kame didn’t ask nakamaru and ueda to go on solo tours too. Kame only informed them about his solo con and asked their support.

                • TruthSpeaker

                  As per my little knowledge of Japanese, I read it that way :P

                  • da

                    so you chose to believe your shoddy translation because it makes Kame look good? okay…

                    • TruthSpeaker

                      By the way,I can read japanese though i cant claim to be expert. btw Kazumi has used translator. You can go ahead and read and have ur own interpretation. I am no way making kame seem to be like god. But I dont buy the idea that kattun is not coming back because this solo tour.Neither do i believe maru and ueda need any sympathy.

                      • da

                        My reply is to you not Kazumi.
                        Read this again “news from kame’s community in english, kame didn’t ask nakamaru and ueda to go on solo tours too. Kame only informed them about his solo con and asked their support”
                        You’re not making Kame out into a god but you’re exaggerating his generosity. I like Kame too and am happy for him but you’re feeding the Kame stans streotype by overhyping his kindness.

                      • TruthSpeaker

                        I stated what I interpreted,definitely not on purpose. I am just N3 level certified and preparing for N2. Btw,the community were I am a member,this hasn’t been discussed.

                  • guest
    • omg


    • angel223_

      Whatever Kame does will always have an issue to other members biases, anti/pro kattun.

      I think that is a jinx in Some part of Kame careers/ rather Kat-tun is a heavy baggage to Kame’s shoulder.

      I have no doubt of Kame’s success whether he choose the field of baseball, acting or the idol life coz he is very earnest on everything he does.
      I don’t understand the shades thrown on him despite the fact that his “solo concert” is happening in this hiatus, I prolly be dissapointed, if he won’t use this hiatus wisely since they are vocals about Recharging periods as pausing activity as a group and pursue solo career, I wonder why they forgot it, or just literally ignore that fact just to thrown hate on him.

      if Ueda or Maru will have a solo, will they be hated? no… soon as Maru recieve a Golden time, everyone celebrates including us Kame bias.
      When Ueda said the Kat-tun does a party on his web, everyone does celebrate and tweet we are Kat-tun just as simple like that.
      and that is just simply ignore when Kame announce solo just to express their down moment coz their bias is not in a limelight again. Kame pause a work for almost a year and we just enjoy in Going/baseball stuff watch him become bigger and fluffy, while ex-members/members are everywhere on news, TV guesting, on their other activities.
      well, anyway, He always have a decency to think about the group, if this is not favorable with other members, maybe they won’t having a party as Kat-tun for the first time.

      • Kameneko223


      • TruthSpeaker


    • Amaya Michiyo

      Someone needs to proofread the title.

      Yay, for Kame!!! I’m quite curious to see what he’ll do during a solo show. Crossing fingers for a DVD release.

      • BinusAroha


    • eplizo

      Sounds exciting. I need a DVD tbh.

    • Karen Khoo

      Yay so happy for Kame ^^

    • Jennifer Luster

      Congrats, KameπŸ’–πŸ˜™πŸ˜!!! I stopped breathing when I read that! Then my daughter and I fangirled so hard we got weird stares. So I just politely (not really) asked everyone, ‘What? Never seen two fangirls before?’ Haha!! Congrats again my ninja!! Can’t wait to buy the dvds and stuff!!!

    • HevRev

      Congrats and good luck to him :) he works extremely hard and gets a lot of hate undeservedly so I hope the tour is a huge success.