Johnnys Countdown 2016 – 2017 Performances

FUJI TV aired live “Johnnys Countdown 2016 – 2017” held last night at the Tokyo Dome.

TOKIO hosted the show this year. Johnnys groups performed a “Thank you medley”, the usual member shuffle medley, group shuffle medley where Kanjani8 attempted and failed to perform Kis-My-Ft2’s rollerskates, and hit song medley. Other highlights include Okamoto father and son performing together, Hey! Say! JUMP 10th anniversary medley, and NEWS announcing a tour starting April. Arashi (minus Aiba) did a bit of livestream from NHK before proceeding to JCD. They performed wearing an Aiba Masaki jacket.

Towards the end of the program, Nagase Tomoya called on everyone to give a round of applause to SMAP.

Group Shuffle Medley

Kanjani8- Everybody Go (Kis-My-Ft2 )
NEWS- Cha Cha Cha Champion (Sexy Zone)
Sexy Zone – Moonlight Walker (A.B.C-Z)
Johnnys West – Dame (Tackey & Tsubasa )
Tackey & Tsubasa – Uwasa no Kiss (TOKIO)
TOKIO – Zundoko Paradise (Johnnys West)
A.B.C-Z- Made in Japan (V6)
V6 – Maemuki Scream! (Kanjani8)
Kis-My-Ft2 – Chankapana (NEWS )

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  • Comments

    • yamakita

      Thank you!!!

    • eplizo

      I watched some of it live, and I actually really enjoyed it tbh lol. It was really fun.

    • suezu

      arashi is so sweet.even aiba couldn’t come they still ‘bring’ aiba xDD
      i want that aiba jacket

      • chlowerrr

        Yes I just watched their perf for this year. And it was cute when there’s a part where they gave emphasis to their jacket with aiba masaki 💕 But why was aiba absent last night?

        • light

          He was the host at Kohaku, he probably couldn’t leave as soon as the show finished.

    • zzz

      “Nagase Tomoya called on everyone to give a round of applause to SMAP.”

      He’s going to get a tea session with Mary.

      • guest

        Apparently Kenichi and some others mentioned SMAP too.
        I imagine Mary heard about this while they were all still at the Dome. Took some random car or helicopter or whatever and rushed there. Then ran on the stage, stole Nagase’s mic and proceeded to lecture everyone for 3 hours, while all Johnny’s and audience were sitting on the floor like kids in kindergarten.

      • elimeten
      • HevRev

        When in the video did he mention them, I couldn’t hear it?

    • Nya

      At first I was mad they made Arashi go all the way to the dome justo to perform 1 song as 4, but as soon I saw the Aiba jackets my fangirl soul was sold ;____;

    • Midna

      dawwwww the jackets were so cute <3

    • guest

      This year’s JCD was quite boring. And more disorganized than usual.

    • It was so sweet that they made those Aiba jackets.
      I haven’t watched the countdown in a few years so it was nice….but….idk….it wasn’t amazing.
      They didn’t do the congratulations to the guys of the year which was a surprise tho. And it felt pretty empty without KAT-TUN.

      • Yayaya

        Last year with arashi as hosts were amazing. So much better imo

    • the groupie who

      thank you eito for that version of Everybody Go XD

    • gee21

      felt really empty for me without KAT-TUN. I was hoping they would sing one of their songs during the medleys but they didn’t =/

    • kiseki

      Last year was a lot better for me.
      isn’t yamapi looks pretty young again?I almost not recognize him, maybe the hair.

      • Ray

        I didn’t like yamapi or his singing but ugh his good visual

    • Ilma

      why wasn’t there Aiba Masaki??!!

      • Nya

        Guess he sill had duties to do as Kouhaku Host + must be super tired.

    • HevRev

      I’ll admit the lack of KAT-TUN (or any of their songs, ffs) killed it for me so I was always gonna be biased this year… but that aside it still felt a little flat to me, like TOKIO were trying to lift the mood and not quite succeeding.

      Eito on skates was brilliant and the Aiba jackets were cute but I think with everything that’s happened with Johnny’s this year, the biggest being SMAP’s departure, it has left a dark cloud over 2016. Next year’s countdown will probably feel much better.