Catch “I’m Your Destiny” drama teasers and visuals!

Several weeks ago, the reunion of Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa 12 years after the popular series “Nobuta Wo Produce” hits news and got fans excited. Less than a month before the new drama series “Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu” (I’m Your Destiny) airs, the first visuals and teasers are out! Kimura Fumino plays the heroine in this romantic comedy drama that gets relentlessly chased by Makoto (Kamenashi) after much prompt from a mysterious guy who claims to be “god” (Yamashita).

Check out the main cast in their new characters and new hair in the latest previews! Yamapi hasn’t appeared yet on promo VTRs with Kamenashi and Kimura, but as the airing date nears, you can expect more promotional appearances from the cast. On April 15, prior to the drama broadcast, Arashi ni Shiyagare will air a 3 hour SP. Matsumoto Jun’s “THIS IS MJ” corner will feature an MJ vs Yamashita and Kamenashi segment.

Stay tuned as well for the drama theme song to be sung by “Kame to Yamapi”. “Boku, Unmei no Hito Desu” will start airing April 15 (Saturday, 10pm) at NTV with a 14 min extended broadcast.

Drama Synopsis

A strange man who claims to be “god” suddenly reveals himself to 29-year-old lead character Masaki Makoto and declares, “You haven’t realized it yet, but only a wall separates you from the one you must fall in love with, no matter what. The woman you’re destined to be with works in the office next door.”
“Sounds like something out of a creepy dream. But..,” wonders Makoto. Skeptical at first, he eventually decides to believe the prediction and just go for it.
“Please don’t be shocked. I’m your destiny,” he tells fellow 29-year-old Kogetsu Haruko.
“What?” she replies, before flat-out rejecting him. And that’s where their love story begins.

Whether it’s the beach they went to as children, their college entrance exam building, or the shrine where they offered prayers last New Year’s, it’s a miracle how the two have actually crossed paths countless times since they were little. Yet they don’t know each other’s name nor recognize each other’s face. The greatest “destiny” story kicks off on the worst possible note.

(via NTV)

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    • TruthSpeaker

      The teasers look promising.. looking forward to kame to yamapi unit’s thene song..

    • guest

      the teasers looks fun and beautiful cast and visuals.
      I almost not recognize Yamapi.maybe his short hair?
      it made him looks different. looks pretty young.

      • liu489

        mte. he seems found the way to aging backward. I just noticed since johnny countdown too.

        • Dalooshe

          At first glance i thought it was Hiroki Narimiya o.o or he’s into some fillers and botox here and there :p

          • guest

            I don’t think so.
            It seems he looks younger because his short hair and new hairstyle. it looks good on him so its fine XD

    • Fatima

      cant wait <3 yamapi <3

    • yamakita

      Looks great!

    • Dashiya

      Kame looks good as always.. Yamapi new hair is very hot!

    • Mal

      Kame’s comedic timing is pretty good so I’m glad this dorama is a romantic-comedy instead of melodrama/heavy romance. Also, Kame and Yamapi vs MatsuJun? Yaaassssss!!!!!!

      • TruthSpeaker

        Yesss.. I am tired of melodramas these days.. a romantic comedy is such a relief… Also that CM where Yamapi kicks Kame’s butt is so hilarious.. lol….

    • merkypie

      desperate attempts to make kame and yamapi relevant again. bless.

      • Hermione48fan

        As much as you don´t like it,they are relevant.

        • merkypie

          This person doesn’t live in Japan.

          • PigeonPop

            I would say Kamenashi is relevant, or at least still well-liked–his newscasting gigs on sports programs like Going! have been quite positive, especially when it’s tied to baseball (a bit of a miracle honestly since Japanese baseball fans are hard to please). Yamashita’s public reputation, however, is down in the dumpsters as we all know.

            • Dashiya

              Aside from some problems these past few years, yamapi actually still pretty popular in japan. his dramas mostly got decent ratings and his name often appear in rankings. At least he have good potential, maybe why J&A try push him again after Johnny’s faction war over.

            • Reileen

              I like that Kame’s well received in his sportscasting gig esp baseball, but international fans can’t relate much in this aspect of his career lol

              • XD

                “international fans can’t relate much”
                Is that a shade @disqus_DUQl0eXNeX:disqus ? XD
                The I live in Japan argument lol

                • Reileen

                  Huh oh no! I meant that intl fans can more enjoy dramas or music or movies from him but not much of the sports thing

    • abe

      Kamenashi kinda looking more and more like Abe Sadao
      Hope he’s getting a bit of Sadao acting talent as well.

    • eplizo

      I am readyyyy!

    • An_dromeda

      yamapiiii… i love p-chan being in a bit quirky… cant wait for this drama!!

    • kazumi

      I like rom-com. I hope it would be great. The teasers look so funny and interesting. Looking forward to watch this and Kame to YamaP’s song too.
      This is the first time I saw Kimura Fumino with short hair. She looks beautiful and cute. Kame and Yamapi looks handsome with black short hair.

    • Mayura

      Awesome. All 3 are my favorites. I like Kimura Fumino in her short hair. <3

    • Jug’Crispy

      The thing I’m mostly looking forward to is the song.

    • Saskia van Dijk

      I’ve been waiting for a new romantic comedy like this for sooo long! :D

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Can’t wait! :-) :-D

    • Yaaay! I loved teasers, i loved synopsis ~ Kame & Yamapi so cool 😍

    • hizurisama

      omg kame looks so hot

    • guest
      • Reileen

        Omggg I cracked up so hard! The photoshop of Yamapi is soooo well done lmao

    • Nikki ok

      good to see yamapi and kame back together again, totally ready for this

    • Welp, I’m excited now! A rom-com is just what I need. Can’t wait for this~

    • Kisha Mane

      Wow! I think i get to see hatanaka kosaku again. I love kame when he does comedy. Oh well, kame can act whatever role and own it. Looking forward to it especially kame and fumino’s chemistry. Because out of all kame’s heroines, Tao seems the best for him. Gambatte, Boku Unmei Hito Desu team!

    • chocoapples

      THANK GOD ANOTHER KIMURA FUMINO-LED DRAMA!! I really really love her. And her short hair looks GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD X’)))))

    • goingtojpn

      Thank God Kame has such a nice hairdo! I love his short, black hair.

      I am always surprised that, both in NwP and now in this new one, Kame is the lead instead of Yamapi. I thought YamaP was Johnny-san’s Golden Boy. And YamaP looks more MC than a supporting one. Could it be because Kame acts better?

      Anyway, I can’t wait to see both the dorama and the “This is MJ” segment <3

      • Kameneko223

        It’s true kame acts better but i think that is not the case. Correct me if i’m wrong but i think they auditioned for NwP. Maybe it’s a matter of who will fit this role. Then for this Boku Unmei i think it has been decided even before that kame is the lead. Rumours about it has been spreading for months already. I love kame and i’m glad for this collaboration.

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