Avex pictures enforces export ban on Blu-rays, DVD, and CDs

Today, select CDJapan customers checked their inbox to find a very depressing email. Publishing company Avex Pictures (owned by Avex Group) has suddenly decided to place an export ban on Blu-ray, DVD, and CDs. This means that they cannot be sold outside of Japan. Avex Pictures is responsible for publishing a plethora of popular anime including YURI!!! on ICE, ONE PIECE, and Mr. Osomatsu.

Every single online shop in Japan has to abide by these new rules. The restriction begins promptly at 6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on Feburary 15th, 2017. Customer service reps from CDJapan, and other popular online shops including Amazon.jp has said they will try to fulfill as many orders as possible before the deadline. There is currently no explanation from Avex Pictures as to why they are enforcing this new rule.

It is currently unknown if the restriction will also apply to artists and movies published under Avex Pictures. A full list of the anime titles, as well as other media published by Avex Pictures can be seen here.

The full email from CDJapan can be seen below


(screenshot via @yoshi_xtsu on twitter)


It seems this export ban now applies to other subsidiaries of Avex Group, so anything published by Avex will possibly not be able to be shipped overseas. Screenshots can be seen below.

AVEX_BAN_BAN avex_bannnnnnnnn

(screenshots courtesy of haretexsora)


Update #2

According to CDJapan this does NOT apply to Avex’s other subsidiaries. As mentioned in the original article, only products published by Avex Pictures will be affected.


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    • KJCSweet Heart

      WTF??? Have they gone crazy? Is the WW3 finally starting? lolx….

    • Soyeon

      i am SCREAMING i thought anime fans had it the best out of all of us?

      this literally makes 0 sense

    • haretexsora

      You can update your post, it is affecting normal artists and groups as well. I tried ordering a CD today and it is not possible anymore on Amazon, not with future releases and not with past releases. It’s completely banned as soon as it’s coming from Avex. It’s possible to put items in the cart but when choosing the address it gives an error that you can’t ship to that address.

    • Soyeon

      and who is to say they don’t suddenly apply this rule to like, avex trax or something

      • haretexsora

        They already did. Try ordering anything released by Avex, AAA, Kisumai, whatever else. On Amazon it’s already not working anymore.

        • Soyeon

          this is ridiculous. i wonder if we will even get an explanation

    • shirogane

      people – ‘foreign anime fan don’t buy legit anime dvds’
      and then this shits happens

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        Well now there is a legit reason, lmao.

    • Bubi.

      ummm OK avex…

      • Thomas

        I missed u bby

        • Bubi.

          thank u, i finally got released from the sanitarium and am currently on house arrest to chat with my colleagues

    • It forces you to become a pirate.
      A gaijin pirate arrrr

    • Is this affecting music cds? D: (Like Ayumi Hamasaki)

      • haretexsora

        Yes, anything under Avex.

    • :s I can’t believe.

    • マイケル・タンザー

      It’s all because of Trump and Shinzo Abe! Shame on them!

    • Fucking mess!

      • Michele

        People will just steal even more.

        I bought hundreds of CDs (half of them are from avex acts) over the past years and I sure as hell won’t bother going through middlemen services just because they’re refusing to selling me their products.

        • Aripene

          This. I mean there aren’t a lot of Jpop fans in the world(compared to k-pop) even less fans that buy cds and dvds since the shipping is so expensive. I think Avex really shot themselves in the foot here.

        • rshina

          Let’s thank Avex that makes wanting to do pirate thing again because of this stupid rules
          I used to do that when I was in school because I don’t have money. but then after I got a job, I decide to start buying things this past years
          guess Avex doesn’t want extra money from gaijin then

    • マイケル・タンザー

      Will this affect iTunes too?

    • Aripene

      No, I preordered AAA’s Way of Glory album yesterday :( Why Avex?

      • haretexsora

        You should still get it, they shops are trying to process any orders that were made before the 15th, regardless of release date (or so I hope because I have the same problem with Kisumai).

        • Aripene

          I really hope so cuz it’s the limited edition on yesasia and I really want it :/

          • haretexsora

            Same and Kisumai’s is only getting released in March…

          • Sakura Harano

            Same with me, I preordered a lot of singles, all from Avex, AAA, GEM, and Fairies’s new single. I hope they go through.

        • Reileen

          Is this including cdjapan?

          • LauraFT0625

            It’s including any store in Japan that’s shipping overseas (CDJ, YesAsia, HMV…).

            • Reileen

              I tried ordering Kisumai in CDJapan and had no problems but I didn’t push thru with payment so I don’t know if it will eventually allow me or not to purchase

              • LauraFT0625

                It does, but only until tomorrow! If you want INTER, order it now or it will be too late. CDJ might cancel the order but we don’t know that yet.

                • Reileen

                  Oh I missed the part it says feb 15 6pm JST

    • BabyPanda

      Well that’s dumb.

    • Sakura Harano

      No wonder my CDs haven’t shipped yet :/

    • Hermione48fan

      What about AKB cds?. Damn, just when I wanted to buy some of their singles :(. And what about KAT-TUN and NEWS?.I wonder if anyone know about this.

      • haretexsora

        Only groups under Avex. KT and NEWS aren’t.

        • Hermione48fan

          Thank you, I thought it affected other people whose cds were distributed by them, that maybe AKB were distributed by others.
          But this is still bad,I hope other companies don´t imitate them.

      • Afnan Acchan

        AKB is under King Record but SKE is under Avex

        • Hermione48fan

          Oh no, SKE cds :(.
          This will be even worse for them :(.

          • No worries! Akip will ship SKE CDs to foreign countries personally like Santa does. ^^/ HoHoHo!

    • Afnan Acchan

      Japan keep doing stupid thing like this. No wonder Korean music/show are getting more famous worldwide.

      • マイケル・タンザー

        Yeah that’s bullshit, they CAN’T do that!

      • xameix

        This fxcking pisses me off. It’s already bad enough with these copyright issues that japan has. While kpop is on the rise jpop is dying. Well, fxck it i hope jpop dies cause of stupid a$$ decisions like these.

        • As if we didn’t have ways to get around copyright all along…

          • Jo

            If this makes Jpop die, it should have been dead long ago. People are funny.

      • But k-pop is basically an boring and schematic American pop with Korean vocals. Japanese music is totally different. That’s why many people are in love with j-music.

      • Beverly Shitposter

        I remember watching Jpop Top 10s on the International Channel way back in 1998-2001. Never thought it would catch on. But goddamn, American music was shit back then.

    • Dylan

      Literally all of my favorites except Tomomi Itano are under AVEX or a subsidary of theirs.. well I guess its goodbye to CDJapan

    • This is so confusing. Are they also going to geo-block their Youtube channel? Because, what’s the point on watching their acts’ music videos if you can’t even purchase the music?

      I’ve tried doing a mock order on YesAsia and CDJapan, however since I don’t proceed to the payment part, I can’t tell if it’s not possible for me to place the order. It seems my adress has no issues to proceed with it, though.

      • haretexsora

        Only Amazon is already blocking. The other pages are having mainly overseas customers, unlike Amazon that’s mainly Japanese customers, so they’re taking everything they can until the 15th.

        • マイケル・タンザー

          Oh thank god, we were confused then

          • LauraFT0625

            Sadly they’ll be forced to follow the ban in a couple hours and it’s still open if Avex allows pre-orders of releases after the 15th or if the shops will have to cancel those :/ Which might be why Amazon isn’t taking any orders at all anymore.

            • マイケル・タンザー

              What do you mean “Forced to follow the ban in a couple hours”?!?!

        • so this means afterwards, those sites will stop having anything from avex.

          This is the most stupid ban ever. Like, fans like me used to get certain cd’s from avex whenever possible, some even religiously. I am an LDH purchaser, I used to buy Koda Kumi’s albums too, V6’s, etc. I know people whom buy their Idol Street stuff regularly, etc.

          Then there’s the anime, or the music DVD’s…

          those are more expensive, but some people still bought them convinced of they were supporting their fabs.

          I can see so many collections broken because of that. Since for some countries, getting parcels from normal people (non business or internet shops) is really hard thanks to abusive tax office procedures (is not the paying the tax part, is the paperwork and headache they give you to retrieve a package).

          The most ironic part is, from all the Japanese companies, avex would’ve been the last I’d ever suspect to do such a thing.

          • LauraFT0625

            I know how you feel. I’m collecting every Kisumai release even from before their debut and Germany has extremely strict, expensive and slow customs regulations. I don’t see myself ever getting releases on time again and they’ll get posted with huge delays as well because this is affecting literally anyone but the Japanese fans. I wish them or the artists would stand up for us tbh…

            • yes, with the addition you never know what criteria they have to stop parcels. Sometimes they stop stuff and sometimes they don’t, sometimes they don’t even notify you. That is why the idea of middlemen is a huge NO.

    • Sakura Harano

      Out of all the entertainment companies, I would think Avex would be the last to do something like this. I thought they were more internationally friendly.

      • I don’t know. They kind of have a history of this kind of thing.

      • xHadex

        because avex do not love their western fan.

      • idi u kurac

        You thought totally wrong. Avex never accommodated to international fans. Only some artists did what they could (for example with Namie and how her social media accounts were all in English) but ultimately things like showing full versions of their music videos and being on Spotify were beyond their control

        Ever noticed how none of the new wave of J-pop artists who are a lot more popular in the international community (Kyary, Suiyobi, etc.) these days are on Avex? It’s because their labels actually care to garner international fans. It’s very telling of Avex how they clearly have some higher management that has a deep hatred of “foreign” people…

        • Sakura Harano

          At least compared to Sony lol.

        • Sakura Harano

          Those artists are kinda a niche, got popular through their unique music style.

          • idi u kurac

            Well, sure, but their potential wouldn’t have been maximized if they were with Avex… and I don’t have much recollection of Sony but I know back when Utada was with EMI you were still able to buy Utada’s Japanese albums (NOT her English albums that were distributed and managed locally by Universal) at HMV here in Canada. Clearly EMI had nothing against exporting their music officially overseas. Avex never did anything of that sort

            • Just Tim

              Back then, EMI was THE major player of 90s pop music (do the Spice Girls ring a bell to you?), hence they could and did afford to give Hikaru Utada a decent semblance of worldwide exposure.

              The best way to compare this is:

              EMI = DDR = worldwide release; no need to mooch off MGS profits

              AVEX = IIDX = no worldwide release; no wonder American IIDX fans were *****ing, whining, moaning, and groaning and taking out their frustrations ON American DDR fans on the priors’ safe spaces on the internet. Also ate up on MGS profits, which added to Konami’s frustrations, among other things.

      • kamben is here

        From my own experience, usually those indies labels are more internationally friendly. Major labels are bleh usually LOL

    • Amy ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

      It’s probably because they have deals with licensors overseas so they want people to buy the licensed stuff.
      But this ban is still stupid, let the fans buy what they want. At least you can still buy it through a proxy but that’ll cost more. sigh

      • LauraFT0625

        There are rumors about them wanting to prevent pirating. Licenses wouldn’t make sense because they don’t have those in Europe at all.

        • guest

          There are rumors about them wanting to prevent pirating.

          yup, totally gonna happen thanks to this, lmao

          • Sakura Harano

            Exactly D:

        • Amy ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡

          Lol at how they only think people overseas pirate, meanwhile you can buy so much second hand media in Japan.

        • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

          Gonna have the opposite effect though…………. This ban is so dumb.

        • Serenyty

          Like are they trying to get EVERYTHING licensed? Because that’d be one thing. But as someone that buys just music CDs/blu-rays I doubt it’ll be licensed.

          But yeah, this isn’t going to be a positive change for pirating.

    • Michele

      Are they out of they f*cking mind?! What’s wrong with these people?

    • Reileen

      Didnt expect this from Avex out of all the record labels
      Did the yakuza gang up on them or something, this is so messed up

    • Tensai

      I’m wondering if this is really a full Avex export crackdown or just Avex Pictures.

      I find it odd that CD Japan sent me the email about Avex Pictures and anime titles being restricted (which I have never bought), but not a single one about Avex Trax content being restricted.

      Having spent hundreds of dollars over the years through CD Japan for Avex content (Ayu, SKE48, Idol Street, AAA, Koda Kumi, a-nation DVDs, etc), you would think I would have received on about these artists instead of Yuri on Ice.

      I know Amazon Japan is blocking, but they’ve always been a bit more restrictive in that respect.

      • LauraFT0625

        They weren’t, I have ordered literally any Kisumai release from Amazon for years, even with posters. This is the first time I had problems.

        • Tensai

          True – but it could be a mistake on Amazon’s part (or maybe they aren’t sure which Avex products are affected). Otherwise, why would CD Japan only send out an email about anime titles, and not one that covered all Avex products? I would think they make more money off CD sales for the artists vs anime content.

          I could still get an email from CD Japan about Avex Trax, I’m just saying that it’s odd that I haven’t yet.

      • Sakura Harano

        I believe it’s both. The real time ranking is full of the YOI Blu-rays preorders. It looks like people are trying to preorder before the ban starts.

      • queso

        Same here, I’ve only bought CD’s on cd Japan

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      How would this affect using intermediary sites? The ones you can use to buy stuff from auctions and sites that won’t ship overseas? Can you use them as an intermediary to get it?

    • disqus_AofWK5x2DD

      btw can someone find a Japanese written news message about this? would be nice.

    • Avex has sent us back to the Jpop dark ages.


      This is what we get for making fun of that pachinko story and ayu all the time. (Just kidding)

    • Totokoko

      Wow. Way to punish the people that ACTUALLY BUY YOUR CONTENT.

      Only one thing to do now:
      “Do what you want cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate.”

      • Hermione48fan

        Pirate life for me.I suposse is Avex lesson.

    • H

      Is this a dumbass ploy to get their acts charting on overseas charts since CDs bought overseas haven’t counted on Oricon in years?

      I mean, sure, you can still buy singles digitally but you’re fucked if you want DVDs/Blu-rays. Fans of V6 and Kisumai are doubly fucked.

      • Hermione48fan

        Not sure, but this is so sad!.

      • mika

        i ordered V6’s single this morning i’m scared af 😂

        • 00

          I ordered it the beginning of February im scared too, it won’t ship till the release date

        • WtfJapan

          I hope V6 leaves Avex >.<

          • morena

            sadly i’m torn lmao. avex has given them so much control over the past few years, and they get to do cool shit like holograms at lives, virtual reality, better production (like…redone produced wait for you) etc.

    • eplizo

      WOW. We legally buy the merchandise, but they STILL don’t want us to get it at all….? What the actual FUCK? Who is behind these decisions?

      • Michele

        Apparently, they don’t like Gaijins’ money.

    • Hermione48fan

      This easily affects, Kpop´s japanese cds and singles… .

      • MeGaNiNjA

        you can buy original ones in Korea

    • Rusubandenwa

      Oh well @ no one being able to buy Gackt’s stuff tbh

      • SakuraFox512

        Didn’t he stop being affiliated with Avex a while ago?

    • rey

      bless arashi for not being under avex

      avex are so dumb and unecessary tho

      • rshina

        bless HSJ and NEWS for not being under Avex too

        • Tamaneko

          Yup, still waiting for HSJ’s 2016 concert dvd to be announced.

          • rshina

            yeah, me too ^^

      • neko

        i´m glad that I only buy Sexy zone and arashi´s CDs

    • Kyle

      After testing tons of avex products I was finally able to get some to checkout, J Soul Brother’s upcoming best album and Ayumi Hamasaki’s Made in Japan tour.

      Ayu’s actual Made in Japan album is not able to be ordered though….and neither is JSB’s label mate/sister group E-girls. Couldn’t order The Rampage from EXILE either. So basically like 98% of their stuff is banned, for now…

      • dev_null0

        On CDJapan, “Yuri!!! on Ice” products now show the warning about export becoming unavailable, but none of the SKE48 or E-Girls titles showed such a warning.

        • Kyle

          I really hope it’s just a mistake on amazon’s part, we’ll see

          • Michele

            I don’t know if it’s connected to this, but a lot of avex releases (excluding the most recent ones) haven’t been in stock for quite some time on Amazon Japan (sold and shipped by them). I’m not talking about limited releases, but regular versions still on print and available on other sites like HMV and CD Japan.

    • Felipe


    • マイケル・タンザー


    • feerbel

      I just hope the other companies don’t follow their steps

      • Michele

        Something tells me this is just the beginning. An explanation is long overdue in this case.

        • マイケル・タンザー

          I bet they’re ordered by Trump

    • My friend just ordered Kisumai’s INTER through CDJapan, she managed to get through everything, paid, got her money taken and all. No mails yet about the item not being able to shipped and so.

    • HyperMoot .

      Apparently it’s not that hard to find crack in Japan, the Executives at Avex must be sniffing, smoking and eating it round the clock.

    • Paddy Alfan

      How about proxy shopping services?

      Just hoping that this ban is a positive sign that theyre planning to licensing for international release

      • マイケル・タンザー

        How in the hell we gonna do that?

        • I do it all the time.

        • fromjapan, tenso, zenmarket… there are whole bunch of sites to use to proxyshop

      • マイケル・タンザー

        What do you mean “an positive sign on licensing for international releases”?!?

        • Paddy Alfan

          What I’m trying to say here is avex probably has sets up a business plan somehow to release their stuff to international market. I remember back in the early 2000s that’s what actually happened. Most of Japanese cd then released under local label with licenses from Avex. It didn’t work now of course because no country outside of Japan give a single care for physical cd anymore so I don’t really understand why they’re doing it again now

          • Bubi.

            True, they’ve set up offices in California and Delaware within the past year

            • MeGaNiNjA

              really? do you have links about it?

            • aisasami

              Why are they in Delaware of all places?

              It’s true though. Avex does have offices in California. But that is from a buddy of mine whose company did a short-term job for avex.

              • circe154

                A lot of companies incorporate in Delaware. Something to do with taxes.

      • Thomas

        I’m guessing the bigger proxy services will not want to get in trouble with avex.

    • マイケル・タンザー

      And as for everyone at avex….


    • Oh well, anime is banned anyways…

    • xHadex

      that why i fucking hate avex nowday

    • Nikki ok

      what if it’s a smart move to get more tourism since people would have to be in jp to purchase… OR they’re just dumb

    • xHadex


      • YES. All subsidiaries means even the sub-labels.

        • xHadex

          well crap.

      • Sakura Harano

        I know that sucks D: I preordered GEM’s latest single back in January. I’m hoping it’ll still be shipped.

    • yacchaitai

      Looks like everyone who used to pay for content will now go to jpopsuki

    • Kiki

      More pirating, yay!

    • Eighter Eito

      so this is how they thank overseas fans who pays twice, even 3 times, the product price! -_-”
      Seriously japan?? Can you get more retarted than you are now?
      Say hello to more pirating then! You asked for it

    • surfboardt

      So how’s that Cool Japan thing going?

      • Thomas

        I gagged a bit when I read this lol

      • rshina

        should be change to Hot Japan

      • “Screw Japan” more like it…

    • xHadex

      this is weird i am using Cjapan.co.jp and i notice that lol and exile stuff is not avaliable…. but i notice that BISH and some idol street stuff still work

      • a few hours ago the ldh stuff was still available, however mostly everyone with pending orders have recieved their e-mails. I have a friend whom purchases a lot from idol street, she got it too.

        • Kyle

          wait people who ordered LDH stuff received emails that it can’t be shipped?

          • not LDH stuff, other stuff. But that doesn’t mean that later it won’t be available for purchase, since nobody understands why and how are they doing this.

          • well, now I’ve seen the first screencap not allowing to purchase some High&Low related item (the live Blue-Ray.

        • xHadex

          ok…. do you know how long is the ban last?

      • Sakura Harano

        I preordered some LDH, Idol Street, and AAA CDs back in January but I didn’t get an email.

        • xHadex


    • SakuraFox512

      Well, this is a bit odd…I just tried adding a DVD by one of their artists and didn’t get any sort of message that disallowed me from ordering it on Amazon.jp. So then I tested whether or not I could get anywhere with a CD release by the same act and that was a no-go, so I’m not sure on exactly what basis they’re deciding anything here. = /

    • マイケル・タンザー

      What will happen to Cool Japan now?

    • xHadex

      for me i think it is going to be Avex just for now…. I am sure H!P will be nice to the western fan… I am stardust notice us too. so far i am not that worry about that. but i would be worry for AKB fan and bish fan

    • xHadex

      Have avex been nice to western fan? No they have been dick to us. Compare to H!P and Stardust. THEY FUCKING LOVE US WESTERN FAN. BOYCOTT AVE

    • Ash

      Is V6 affected too? good thing i pre ordered their new single early :

    • Dahliah Ghaniah

      Damn you avex

    • neko

      Can we do something? Like recollect signs?

      • Sakura Harano

        Signatures? Like a petition?

        • マイケル・タンザー


          • Sakura Harano

            Maybe, it possible.

        • neko

          yeah that sorry, my English sucks XD
          But It looks it would be necessary

      • Babi Hong

        i think before doing something like that we should wait for a proper explanation (if they even give us one o.O)

    • idi u kurac

      I wonder how this is going to affect surrounding East Asian countries (Korea, HK, China…) where Avex has always published their music. Maybe there’ll be a loophole that’ll allow Korean or Chinese presses of Avex material to be sold overseas

      • マイケル・タンザー

        What about US/Canada?

        • idi u kurac

          …what about US/Canada? Avex never did business there

    • Jay

      Well, there are ways around this issue. See if you have a friend in Japan who you can ship your goods to or set up an address through a service like tenso.com. But holy moly that blows chunks. Shame.

    • Tao S. Kayer

      I hope that this ends up backfiring and blows up in their faces! Also, it’s only going to encourage people to pirate their stuff. Very lame and stupid move Avex.

    • jae

      wtf, who the fuck thought this was a good idea?? punishing fans who purchase their shit legally??
      i buy so much from amazon.jp and CDJapan and now i’m not going to get my yuri on ice stuff :(

      • Sakura Harano

        As for CDJapan, anything purchased before the ban will be fulfilled.

    • Taima-kun

      way to shit on your genuine costumers Avex
      i hope it backfires on you so hard

    • james

      Let’s blast bad comments on their YouTube channel & Facebook

    • morning glow

      This helps no one wtf

    • Guest

      To be fair the screenshots below don’t mean anything cause people picked this up from Amazon a few weeks back. The only items on CDJapan that I’ve seen that seem to be affected are the anime ones, where they have a warning on the actual item listing. How about other sites like HMV, YesAsia etc?

      • Sookie

        Did they receive the same message when they tried to order non-avex products??

    • eh

      Has anyone written an e-mail to the company in response to this decision?

    • Zen

      Japan. Want to be famous world wide they said. But they restricted us from seeing their PVs, and now from buying. I hope LDH will leave Avex. They just started with their ambitions for world and now this? I hope no other stupid label will follows…..

      • LDH is never leaving Avex.

    • Yellow


    • NoctLightCloud

      Wtf? I have bought A LOT of CDs and Blu-Rays from Avex including albums by TVXQ, Ayumi Hamasaki, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Namie Amuro and GACKT. How am I supposed to buy these now?
      AAA, Daichi Miura, Super Junior, JUNO….t_____t

      • Girls’ Generation isn’t Avex, only other SMTown artists are.

        • NoctLightCloud

          Oh only Avex Taiwan until 2010, sorry. I often buy the Chinese/Taiwanese versions on YesAsia so I forgot that they changed, my bad :P

    • Ash


      On CDJapan, the only items to have the warning on them are anime. Every avex CD I’ve checked does not have it.

      Start to worry when the CD’s start having this warning.

      As for Amazon, well they’ve been like that for about a month, with a blanket Avex ban. Probably a mistake on their part.

    • deebosco

      Update: CDJAPAN’s official account on Weibo(Chinese Twitter) has clarified some rumors about this ban. It only applied to CD, DVD, and Blu-ray that are published under Avex Pictures. Avex’s other sub groups such as Avex Trax, Rhythm zone will not be affected.

      • SakuraFox512

        Really wonder what’s up with Amazon Japan, then. They don’t seem to be allowing for orders of CDs from Avex’s other sub-groups to the U.S.

        • Ash

          It’s likely just a mistake I’d say. They haven’t cancelled my Avex preorders at all so who knows.

          • SakuraFox512

            Amazon and CDJapan have both already mentioned that they’d do what they could as far as fulfilling pre-orders that were made before the rule goes into effect, though, so chances are the preorders you’ve made would be safe if they’ve had a bit of time to process them.

        • deebosco

          Amazon has been doing that for awhile actually. It was on and off. I remember I couldn’t place my order for one of Namie’s single last year.

    • TruthSpeaker

      Oh No… Reason??? This is very depressing news..Hope they reverse their decision..

    • Shinra-Electric

      FUCK AVEX!

    • annie

      lmaoooo wtf i was thinking of getting e-girls’ concert dvd
      i swear every other purchase i make is hindered by a weird ban like this

    • Kokoro Ai
    • LauraFT0625

      That new statement from CDJ doesn’t prove anything though. To begin with, it’s from the Chinese CDJ page, considering how big the Chinese market is, maybe Avex gave them an exemption. Aside from that, the ban is supposed to only affect shops that are based in Japan, CDJ has a huge Chinese version that is probably based in HK, while they also have a base in Tokyo. And it still doesn’t explain Amazon’s step.

      • LauraFT0625

        And why only a statement in Chinese on Weibo? I don’t trust it unless there’s an English statement after the given time.

        • deebosco

          You can try ordering a CD under avex trax’s label from CDJ now. I tried with AAA’s new album and it worked for me. Amazon has been doing that for awhile if you haven’t noticed. Neowing doesn’t have a base in China, YesAsia does though. CDJ’s market share in China is not that big as they cannot compete with other middlemen in China.

        • Ash

          And what about other sites? There’s nothing to be seen at all on HMV, YesAsia, PlayAsia etc…

    • Karen Khoo

      SHIT now I can’t buy AAA’s album!!

    • Afnan Acchan

      If Japanese government really clever they could just make deal with Netflix. Get all major content distributors. Imagine having paid streaming site with all variety show, anime, music show, drama, film from Japan with sub. That will reduce piracy and promote Japan at same time. Much better than spending millions for failed Cool Japan campaign.

      • aisasami

        The problem is that Netflix is very cheap at paying companies for the rights of shows. Why should Toei give Netflix their Super Sentai shows if they can only make 10 yen per person watching a show versus someone who buys the DVD or watches au or docomo Hikari’s “On Demand” cable services?

      • マイケル・タンザー

        You know I prefer YouTube instead, that MIGHT work better.

    • DestroyX

      It’s like they don’t want to make money or something… Such a stupid move to make.

      • Azrul Hakim

        Lol, in fact if you search deeper actually they want more MONEY through licensed product from the respected countries that hold the rights, if you noticed it’s only impacted anime-related stuffs (Avex Pictures) not Japanese music per say. So, I guess anime fans are more directly impacted rather than music fans…..

    • kamben is here

      This is why I’m neutral with ‘Cool Japan’, whatever the hell they have up their sleeves. At least they try to reach out to outsiders.

      I wonder if this affects services like tenso? I always have my items shipped to their warehouse first before they’re shipped to me. Now I’m waiting for an announcement from them regarding this.

      Ah this sucks.
      Japan can be more popular than Korea if they stop being an ass like this. They used to be more popular. They have SO MUCH to offer to the rest of the world, but so many people in my country are like, ‘wait. Japan has cool music like Korea?’ and shit.
      People even told me to go to Korea instead of Japan last year (when I was about to go there for vacation). Ugh.

    • Guest

      I just received an e-mail saying that it only affects Avex Pictures releases, not Avex Trax, Rhythm Zone or Vision Factory, etc. That means we can still keep buying SKE48, Kisumai, Koda Kumi, EXILE, Ayu and Ayaka releases! Well, at least for now.

      I have to wonder though…Avex doesn’t want foreign fans from buying Japanese copies of Yuri!!! on Ice rather than Funimation-distributed copies???

      • aisasami

        As my friend put it on FB, it could be “Exclusive contracts on foreign distribution rights”. Sadly, maybe this means that buying media will be region-blocked just Youtube, Netflix, and etc.

        • マイケル・タンザー

          Why not make it into a region-free single digital market instead?

    • dev_null0

      I sent an email to CD Japan asking for clarification and got this response:


      Thank you so much for contacting CDJapan.

      We would like to reassure you that it applies only to items published by Avex Pictures.

      It does not apply to any music CD or anything else from any avex trax artist.

      Toshi Makiya

    • iKelsey

      Thank goodness I’m pretty much just a H!P fan. They actually have the right idea and are doing more to make themselves available to the western fanbase.

    • Azrul Hakim

      I suspected this has more to do with international rights sales than with consumer sales. Avex, like any entertainment company, sells the rights to their product to different overseas markets (Australia, Europe, North America, etc.). The rights holders in those countries want to be able to produce their own DVD editions within the market they’ve purchased the rights for. Since sales of a licensed product can be impacted by the easy availability of editions from other markets (especially if one market hasn’t released an edition yet)

      • Ash

        Yes, thats why I can kinda understand it regarding the anime stuff, but for music- that isn’t gonna be sold/distrubuted by overseas companies generally. Hence why it seems to only be Avex Pictures affected at the current time.

      • Nintendork

        If you’re willing to pay the huge difference of a japanese anime BD to get best quality I don’t think you really care if they release that same anime in your country. People that buy those editions will probably don’t buy the japanese release in the 1st place (or pirate de ISO/RIP)

    • Krolshi

      Welp, there’s goes my only chance of getting Mr. Osomatsu dvd/blu-rays…

    • Seriously though, is there any Avex act worth spending money on at this point?

      • 浜崎あゆみ

        Don’t be so shady.

        • surfboardt

          Yeah, he’s obviously ignoring the one and only empress of J-Pop.


          • Summerlights

            how will misono ever reach 10,000 copies of her last album so she can start releasing music again with this ban??? weeping for the loss

      • Azrul Hakim

        If you dig deeper this impacted Avex Picures (which handles anime related goods and stuff) than music. This might be due to international rights sales in which rights holders in those countries (Americas, Europe and Asia) want to be able to produce their own DVD editions within the market they’ve purchased the rights for. So anime fans should be the one most impacted not music related because it’s all down to getting more MONEY through licensed product (hence dvds, cds blu-rays for animes).

      • Ash

        Damn and people took your bait here… you the master.

    • It’s not just that this seems weird and unfair, but also that it seems like really bad business practice. I’m truly baffled.

    • Michele

      I still can’t buy anything (not just anime related stuff) published by avex on Amazon JP though.

    • No explanation on why they suddenly started blocking certain musical items non-Avex Pictures related from orders. I’ve asked the person I saw with the H&L live being blocked for her to purchase if she can order it now. The screen-capture was the same as the one shared in this piece.

    • Summersplash

      Avex lost his damn mind. I miss watching jpop on YouTube

    • All these “Avex hates foreigners!” and “Avex does not want our money!” comments are just.. wow. I am pretty sure this all has a lot more to do with international anime licensing rights and distributor agreements than anything else.
      And it is not really clear… does this effect music DVDs and Blu-rays at all?

      • Michele

        Darling, we’re not writing something just to fill the comment section.
        At the moment Amazon is refusing to ship ALL products released by avex, anime AND music related. There’s a reason why we’re just being “wow”.

        And let’s assume that you’re right. When are those distributors going to release internationally the DVDs/Blu-rays affected by the ban?
        No one knows. It’s just speculation at this point.

        What we know is that a well respected company like avex, that made an extra profit for years with those international sales, suddenly has decided to issue a ban completely out the blue with no explanation whatsoever.

        Just… wow.

        • “Darling”. As others said as well, it might be just Amazon screwing something up in their part. And as you said as well, this whole mess is unclear at the moment, nobody really knows the reasons, nobody knows for 100% sure what is affected, so it is way to early to go on and say (and spread) bullshit like those comments I mentioned.

          • Ash

            I’m sure the whole Crunchyroll/streaming platform internationally comes into play here too… In all honesty, when it comes to the anime, this ban is doing people favors. Why? Because by being patient you can buy an ENTIRE season in the US/wherever (if you’re so inclined) for the same price as ONE volume from Japan lol. And the overseas ones have additional dubs, subs anyway.

            Music would have been a pain though- it’s not like you’re gonna see any of this stuff in your local.

    • dev_null0

      CD Japan has posted an information page with clarification about which items are restricted

    • HyperMoot .

      so, where do we stand at this point? lots of confusing news and reports, just Avex Pictures products or the whole catalogue including music?

    • darklink

      Apperantly japan wants persons living outside of japan to pirate their anime, because they literally cannot buy it? retarded

    • マイケル・タンザー

      There has to be a way to make J-Pop know internationally like they did it with K-pop, right? But how?

      • Sakura Harano

        Piracy is pretty rampant in K-pop but they don’t care.

        • マイケル・タンザー

          Well, maybe they should!

          • Sakura Harano

            Yeah but I think they care more about popularity than money if that makes sense because I’m sure they want to make money but K-pop strives on popularity even if it doesn’t equal to a huge revenue.

    • The official English announcement is up on CDJapan’s site, so would someone please update the post with that, so people could stop saying and spreading crap in the comments?


      Avex Pictures Products Restriction

      Unfortunately, Avex Pictures restricted exports of Blu-ray,
      DVD, and CD titles at 6:00PM (Japan Time UTC+9) on February 15, 2017.

      This restriction has been applied to all online shops within Japan, including CDJapan.

      In accordance to the restriction, majority of titles published by
      Avex Pictures became unavailable for shipment outside of Japan.

      We would like to emphasize that this restriction applies only to titles published by Avex Pictures.

      It DOES NOT apply to any item from any avex trax artist.

      To clarify which items are restricted, the indication “[Shipped Within Japan Only]” is displayed on the product title.

      You can also check them at official website of Avex Pictures.

      Please note that all existing orders placed BEFORE the above indicated time will be shipped normally.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      • xHadex

        totally agreed… i would love to see those Anime fan cry xD

      • Christoffer Ekelund

        Thank you for the clarification!

        I still can’t buy most Avex music products (Ai Otsuka, ELT etc.) at amazon though. Hope they fix that soon.

    • Midori

      lol…how stupid! I’m Japanese, but I study abroad and have bought so many Japanese CDs/DVDs from “YesAsia” and “CDJapan” over the years and I know SOOOO many people, who do so to. AVEX gonna lose a lot of money. Do they really not realise how many non-Japanese fans support their artists or are they just dumb? xd

      • マイケル・タンザー

        Yeah I don’t get it either too!

    • Cla

      thanks again Japan for making me less interested to consume your stuff. I really enjoyed buying anime CD legally, but I guess it’s not possible anymore :/

    • delikizzz

      so since sites like yesasia and some ebay shops are located in hong kong etc does that mean as long as avex items are still in stock with them we can buy it right?

    • delikizzz

      I can access korean/taiwanese shows via netflix hulu dramafever viki youtube (official channels like kbsworld uploads their own shows with hardsubs its amazing) and i pay for these services each month. And Korea makes most of its money by exporting their shows to other countries and selling them to streaming sites while you can find like maybe 3-4 jdramas etc legally subbed on these channels and i dont think any variety shows get licences. And ofc kpop companies also make money off of youtube (and vapp) by having their idols shows and mvs on there and kpop albums are accessible so easily whether via streaming/downloading (spotify itunes naver) or buying hard copies and we know companies make a lot of money this way, too. I keep hoping that japan would improve over the years and see how you can make so much more profit by going global but NOPE like wtf is this shit?
      And it’s sad because a lof of my friends and I got into jpop/jrock/jdramas way before kdramas/kpop but due to them making everything inaccessible almost all my friends only consume kpop kdramas these days and dont give two shits about jpop/jdramas anymore. Jpop could have easily had the same popularity as kpop if only they had opened up their youtube channels etc back in 2009-2010 like all the kpop companies did.

    • Jessica Strandqvist

      It’s only to animes/drama songs?

    • Liny

      I am really wondering why there isn’t any official anouncement from Avex Pictures about this export ban.
      Absolutely nothing even in Japanese.

    • xHadex

      Western Anime fan deserve to get banned from buying anime in japan… because you guys are the worst and the most stupid fan in the whole wide planet

    • Just Tim

      As for that Amazon Japan’s blanket ban on AVEX, in simpler terms:


    • Beverly Shitposter

      “Our industry is suffering due to online piracy, how do we fix this?”
      “I know, let’s make it impossible to legally buy our products outside of Japan!”
      “What a great idea!”

      ** S̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶i̶t̶y̶ mass targeted fansub piracy ensues **

    • 魄賢美

      Someone had to fuck up with their products somewhere cause you don’t just make a big decision like this.

      • マイケル・タンザー

        Probably it was Trump

    • マイケル・タンザー

      CURSE YOU AVEX!!!!