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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • trashbag

      perfume fans… did their new single flop????

      • Alex Shenmue

        Underwhelming release for sure.

        • nana

          Is TOKYO GIRL a decent song by their standards at least? I’m hesitant to give it a listen.

          • hasawa

            The chorus are very catchy but the verse are kinda meh. The song progression is very bland too (verse1/chorus/verse2/chorus.end) without any musical level up
            Looking forward an ‘extended’ album version to spice up the track

            • nana

              Thanks for your opinion, I feel the same about the song upon hearing it. Hopefully the extended version is better. I expected it to be a little more lively…

          • Alex Shenmue

            Not really. It’s very lazy. The classic track tied to a drama to show the Japanese fans they’re still there after a year spent focusing on America (typical Amuse). It’s probably one of the (if not the) most uninspired singles ever from them.

            • nana

              Oh, listening to it, I feel you. It’s pretty half-assed. I’m disappointed. When I heard the title of the song, it had so much potential in my mind. :/

          • Totokoko

            Nah. My mind instantly went to Harajuku Iyahoi while listening to it.
            Honestly the B-side is better, and a it’s a commercial song.

      • Cherry

        How much do they usually sell physically in the 1st week?

        • Alex Shenmue

          From 30,000 to 40,000, usually. TOKYO GIRL’s debut was weak on the release date, but remained in the chart’s higher spots for longer than STAR TRAIN, and debuted at #2 in the Weekly Oricon in the end. #1 on Recochoku.

          • Cherry

            Thank you. So they aren’t doing badly. Good to know :)

      • Heo

        Their sales have been decreasing since 2013 (not counting Sweet Refrain) to be fair. Flash did well digitally so they’re still okay.

      • it looks like to me that there is more hype around the Tokyo Girl PV than it is around the song itself.
        something went wrong… :D

      • Ryusei

        not a flop it’s doing really well digitally thanks to the sold less physically but they were #2 on recochoku and itunes the first week and second week #1 on recochoku and #3 on itunes. Currently #3 on both

      • honey girl

        No. 50k first week is fantastic for non-idol female groups.

        • hhhh

          Perfume are idols, though, lol

    • Mr.Taxi™

      Okay Doc, it’s been two month into 2017. Where is the Best of 2016?

      • Cherry

        Yeap. And the Arama!Japan Awards.

        • Uggh, I need to post them.

          • Cherry

            I think you also forgot to post last Friday Music Station.

            • I didn’t forget. I was out of town the whole weekend and I’m back now. Everything should be back to normal soon.

      • We did that a while ago.

    • Cherry

      How much HKT48 singles usually sold in the 1st week?
      200k is kinda low for a 48 group and from what I saw on mste yesterday, the single was lead by Sashihara Rino. Why so low?

      • rshina

        maybe it’s because that new oricon rules?

        • Cherry

          It didn’t effect other 48 releases before.

          How many versions did they sell, did they split contents on various versions, do they have boxsets, does this single not include handshake tickets or theater editions? So many questions…

          • aisasami

            HKT48 had a big campaign for handshake with theatre editions. It lasted for 12 rounds. I got mine in the beginning. The sad thing, it won’t be count towards Oricon.

            I don’t think idol groups (and others) really care about Oricon and their bullshit rules anymore.

      • Kanjo Maru

        It’s only about 50k below what I’d expect for a HKT release. And the reason is that their handshake editions are late.

        • Cherry

          How did they do in the last single 1st week sales?
          I had the impression 48 groups has an average of 400-500k 1st week.

          • Ryusei

            the only 48 groups with 500k plus are AKB and Nogizaka, probably soon keyakizaka. HKT, NMB & SKE are at about 250k

      • Jessica

        Meanwhile, HKT’s new single sold 317,368 according to Billboard.

    • Mo

      I’m still shook by the # of cheating scandals Japan has had in the past year and a half. Wtf is wrong with these celebrities? lol

      • shori

        somebody repost the list from a few open posts ago and add the KANA BOON kinoko

      • Goi

        Ikr? I really wonder how many are actually envolved in affairs or secret relationships lol
        Don’t these people have some kind of morals?

    • Icey

      Hoshino Gen is the Fukuyama Masaharu of the 2010s now. Successful drama, successful music, topping the “Which male celebrity do you want to date?” in the 20-30 age range… Hell, he’s even under the same agency as Fukuyama.

    • HyperMoot .

      Iden, Kazuyoshi Saito’s latest single doing quite well in both digital and physical charts (top 15)

      • Not my kinda music, but the video’s Shogun Assassin references are hilarious! :D

    • Music Lover

      Uhm so, I just went back and read all the recent arama posts that I missed earlier. There were ‘discussions’ about idols and their ‘terrible’ music in the previous Open Post. I usually don’t bother to give my two cents regarding this matter, but now I feel like talking about it.

      I can’t be the only woman (I’ll be 30 in a few days) who actually buys idols’ regular edition singles because I want to have those instrumental/karaoke versions of their songs in high quality right?

      I have been a music lover since I was 7 years old and as someone who loves listening to music so much, I appreciate the ‘real’ musicians who take part in creating music for these so-called talentless idols. It’s true that many of them are terrible singers, so isn’t it fine to just say that they are terrible singers instead of ‘their MUSIC, ALL OF THEIR MUSIC = terrible’?

      I mean, I’m confused. Do people honestly think that the real musicians who work together in creating the music for these idols have no skill at all (or something) or do people just hate the way these idols DELIVER the music? Which is it? XD The idols sing the songs that others make for them, so I think it’s kinda unfortunate that the musicians get lumped together with the idols LOL

      Take BABYMETAL for example. Some of the guys who compose/write/arrange their songs are ex-VK bandmen (ex-DELUHI’s Leda, etc) and there’s everset’s tatsuo (awesome. I love some of this man’s works). It’s fine to hate the girls for being ‘fake’ and stuff, but I pity the guys who make the music for them D: They’re real musicians who have passion for the music, so, yeah.

      One of my fav bandmen has done music for other people too (idols, etc). The music may not be everyone’s cup of tea and it’s fine to hate the music FOR the music itself, but it makes me feel a bit sad if people hate the music JUST BECAUSE it’s sung by idols :(

      I’m planning to bulk buy Momokuro’s old singles later (Rodo Sanka, etc). I really love the sound of those old singles up until Naitemo Iinda yo. If it’s AKB48, their old singles up to So Long! are my favs! I think that they sound so good ;)

      Other than some idol groups here and there, I mainly listen to bands and tokusatsu songs. Haha.

      • Niche’s Commenting Regulars

        You are not alone in this, there are other women overseas who enjoys idol music. While it is true that they often have to share their space with more hardcore fans but I say as someone who personally interacts with the Wotagei they are some of the most hardcore fans who have brought something unifying into the local Japanese culture fandom. Something both fun and energetic to the table.

        Really this is the big problem with JPOP and pop in general is we look at the health of the music industry by the Top40 charts and the type of music played. What’s popular will have it’s critics and fans and unfortunately the critics don’t love what’s popular on the JPOP Top 40 right now.

      • “You may hate the final product, but please don’t hate the musicians”
        Acchan is relevant again! o/ xD

        Music writing has the same problem as every other profession that creates something (music, film, programing, journalism, whatever). If the creators don’t get the time (=and the money), you will get generic shit at best from them. This is the reality of music as a whole (jpop, kpoop, western nigga music, whatev).

        Also, I don’t think musicians care about the hate that much, they are grown up old men who happen to write cutesy idol music for a living using working patterns, styles, etc. They know what the deal is, doing this for money, and they won’t stop doing this because of some random no one on the internet, especially if their music sells regardless of it’s usually generic shit.

        As a music lover, your job is to find the gems among the plain ones. Be open to everything new and creative, have fun, share, and ignore everything else.
        Every artist/group/band/songwriter/whatev can give something that others don’t or at least they have the potential of doing so. And as for idols, their charm is mainly not in their music but we get the occasional gems there as well that others cannot provide.

        i forgot to link last week. it was relevant! :DD

        • Music Lover

          “Music writing has the same problem as every other profession that creates something (music, film, programing, journalism, whatever). If the creators don’t get the time (=and the money), you will get generic shit at best from them. This is the reality of music as a whole (jpop, kpoop, western nigga music, whatev).

          Also, I don’t think musicians care about the hate that much, they are grown up old men who happen to write cutesy idol music for a living using working patterns, styles, etc. They know what the deal is, doing this for money, and they won’t stop doing this because of some random no one on the internet, especially if their music sells regardless of it’s usually generic shit.”

          Haha yep, I know they’re grown up men and all, the idols (or any other artists) are also mostly professionals who are immune to hate and such. The music can be generic and totally boring, there’re some styles that I personally am not fond of.

          I just think that it’s kinda, cringeworthy? LOL whenever I come across people (read: music elitists) who say stuff like, “idols’ music is shit because THEY’RE NOT THE ONES WHO CREATE IT’ and then they go on and on about REAL MUSICIANS are BETTER and stuff and I’m just like, do these people even realize that the ones who create these idols’ music are the so-called real musicians?

          So the music can be boring just like many movies these days, everything has its pro and con, it’s just that I can’t with such elitism. Say whatever you want about the idols, but don’t forget that the musicians who create their music are JUST AS REAL AS your favourite musicians. I have my fav real musicians too but I don’t find it necessary to look down on those who don’t create their own stuff because their stuff is done by the real professionals. And tastes can vary among people and all. ;)

    • rey

      sho is apparently dating an announcer who is like the female version of him

      • Charlie

        I though he was dating a girl who works at a Ferrari dealership :o

        • nana

          ??? What?

          • Cherry

            It was last year’s rumor. There was no pictures to back that one up only anon-source saying Sho recommended the ferarri girl for an appointment at his favorite spa.

            This time there are pictures of Sho on his way out of her apartment. Usually the jimusho won’t address love rumors but they released an official statement that Ogawa is a close friend. Sho has been sighted around her appt a couple of times in 11 days. She has impeccable credentials and background. The fandom is rejoicing.

            • light

              Good for her but the fact that some fans care so much about impeccable credentials and background is so sad, sounds like a resume for a job.

              The most important part is that she likes to eat, the best thing for Sho lol

              • Music Lover

                “Good for her but the fact that some fans care so much about impeccable credentials and background is so sad, sounds like a resume for a job.”


              • Midna


              • H

                It’s the Japanese fans being extra after all the johnnys rumors lately with porn stars, actresses with bad pasts, actresses who annoy them, etc. this is a breath of fresh air for them since they take it so seriously.

      • Lol

        Yeah..and she has good background too..
        And JE already said they are only close friends lol

      • What

        She is really pretty.

        Her Credentials lol:

        1. Aoyama Gakuin Garduate
        2. TOEIC Score: 915
        3. Lived in the US from 6-8 years old.
        4. Father is the head of the Otorhinolaryngology Department in Keio Gijuko University, Faculty of Medicine.

      • Guest
    • HyperMoot .

      Babe, Abema’s latest album disappeared from the Top 30 -physical and digital- in less than two weeks :(. That’s disappointing ’cause I think this album ranks in her top 3.

      Gasp (audio track):

      • Aw that’s such a shame! :( I like the album, from the tracks I’ve heard.

    • Ichi

      JYP recently announced that TWICE is going to debut this summer in Japan. The comments in the article stated that TWICE was already quite popular in Japan, where the “TT” trend is going on. Does anyone know how popular TWICE are in Japan right now? Do you guys think they will have a successful debut, and will have potential to be a big girl group. A lot of people seem to think that they will revive the Hallyu wave in Japan…JYP is really promoting the three Japanese members in the group.

      • M

        Tzuyu is loved on 2ch idol wota, they should push her as a sort of face or center for Japan releases.

      • Goi

        Revive the HW? No, i don’t think so, looking at the state of the Kpop niche in Japan, i doubt it, i think they’re gonna have a good amount of success within the Kpop niche just like many other Kpop groups but they won’t revive the Hallyu Wave, the Kpop trend is lond dead and gone, a lot of Twice fans are just stretching the whole thing just like fans usually do, with all the slay words thrown away but they barely know what’s truly going on in the Japanese music industry and some of them actually don’t even care, they just want their fave to do well.

      • atralail

        oh they’re debuting? it’s only a matter of time tbh lol

        well, I personally think they will have a successful Japan debut because lbr they’re the current It girls. but to the extend they will ~revive~ the Hallyu wave? nah. those stans are reaching as usual

        and JYP really needs to know how to debut them properly because the Japanese holy trinity don’t deserve to be flop in their own homecountry since those three (along with Tzuyu) are the ones who SAVED the group.

      • Summersplash

        Rivaling e-girls,if JYPE play their card right, it’s possible. But no to hallyu wave revival and rivaling akb/nogizaka

      • What

        In reality, is the TT trend THAT big right now (In Japan)? I don’t think it’s as big as other trends (Koi)
        Also, I think they can become a thing with Japanese Kpop fans, but to revive the Hallyu Wave? Meaning they would have to become mainstream? No.. The general public has been shifting away from their own idols and more towards artists/bands, why would a foreign idol group change that? But who knows, maybe there will be an unexpected twist?!?

        • Ichi

          I saw comments from both Korean Netizens, and international-netizens, and majority of them think TWICE will be really big in Japan (some say that they are already huge…). Thats why I wanted to know from the people who actually know the Japanese culture, and listen to Japanese music. JYPE, and Warner Music are heavily pushing them right now……

          • What

            Honestly ive seen the same promotion styles (huge ass billboards, news coverage) with other kpop groups (e.g exo) and it hasn’t resulted into ultimate popularity, so i cant say much for Twice…

          • Goi

            That type of promotion is normal, as someone else said already, EXO were similad and so many other groups but nothing happened to the Hallyu Wave lol those ads doesn’t make you automatically huge, i’m seeing so many Twice fans hype up Twice with this promos yet they’re not the first ones to do the same lol
            The hype will die and then reality will hit.

            • Kpop fans seem to hype up their faves a lot regarding popularity in JP and especially when it comes to touring. Imo the only kpop acts I think who actually broke into JP are Boa, TVXQ and maybe KARA. Everyone else(SNSD, BIGBANG, SuJu etc) are just doing well/popular in since the HW died.

              • Goi

                Exactly, but nowadays and about time, i’m seeing more Kpop fans accept the fact that Kpop is not what it used to be (some of them obviously just want to exaggerate with all the “dominate Japan” comments as they usually do), still some newer ones, since basically Kpop fans come and go, have yet to reach the point in which there aren’t actually no restrictions or bans or that Kpop groups do appear on shows just not on those relevant ones.

                • And the ones who are still delusional about their faves popularity in JP, seem to think how many concerts/attendees=popularity. When touring is mostly all Kpop groups can do at the moment since they are hardly being invited to shows or anywhere else anymore.

                  • Guest

                    Do you know what forums from Girls Ch, and 2ch think about them?

                    • Tzuyu quite popular in 2ch from what I heard. Them having native JP members will probably give them an advantage.

                  • momo
                  • momo

                    I heard they are appearing on Japan Countdown and Sakigake! Music this week.

                    • I was talking in general about Kpop as a whole. LOL. I’m sorry if my post seems to be specifically towards Twice. I also know about their appear on JP Countdown and Sakigake!.

                      I actually like Twice music especially TT and don’t really like all the nasty hate they get for being “untalented”.

                      • momo

                        No, I totally understood what you meant! I personally do think kpop fans are really hyping their popularity in Japan right now. Do Korean groups typically get invited to Japan Countdown and Sakigake!? If not, why were TWICE invited?

                      • Kpop groups haven’t been invited really too music show since the death of the HW. Also since kpop isn’t as popular as it was and nobody really checking for kpop groups aside from the already fans in the kpop niche; there is no reason for them to be invited. TWICE may actually have an advantage of having JP members in their group compared to the majority KPOP groups who cross over for a quick buck w/o putting any effort into learning JP and such(One of the reasons JP dropped Kpop and it became a niche). Excluding BOA, TVXQ and Kara who actually made the efforts and why BOA and TVXQ are regarded as jpop idols to the Japan general public.

                        lol sorry for the long post.♥

                      • What

                        Yes, Kpop groups do get invited to those shows, if you search those music shows you can find Kpop performances, e.g – BigBang on Sakigake (if i remember correctly)

                    • Goi

                      The JAPAN COUNTDOWN apparence was basically a promo video, a lot of Kpop groups do promo videos there nothing out of normal and as someone already said yeah Kpop groups do perform there, same for sakigake music, kpop groups do appear there as well,again Twice are doing exactly the same type of promo a lot of Kpop groups do nothing out of the norm.

                      • Guest

                        Lool honestly the amount of hype they got for the Japan Countdown and Sakigake! “appearance” in the Twice forums I thought it was a big deal.

                      • Goi

                        Hahaha yeah a lot of Twice fan were hyping those two apparence up as if no Kpop group have ever been there since the fall of the Hallyu Wave LOL like they’re doing for every apparence in Japan Twice are doing, when literally many groups have done exactly the same type of promo, (yeah even there in Japan countdown and sakigake, really no big deal) talking as if Twice are so popular they even go on shows where there’s restrictions for Kpop groups when in fact there aren’t any restrictions and whatnot, yeah pretty much Twice fans are just being very vocal with the hype with little to no knowledge about the Japanese music industry like many other Kpop fans do LOL

                  • Goi

                    Exactly, and don’t let me start on the mediaplay whenver someones tour LOL

      • Ryusei

        they’ll be like rainbow and have 2 “successful” singles and thanks to the number of editions they’ll sell a lot (like a pink for example) We’ll see if they do well digitally but I’m just gonna go ahead and doubt it cause the last digitally successful release by a korean artist was JY with suki na hito ga iru koto and then you can pretty much go back to 2012 when kara were at their peak in japan

        • honey girl

          Are you seriously comparing them to fucking Rainbow and A Pink???

          • Ryusei

            yes, because japan’s popularity is not always the same as korea’s. Besides before Twice came on the scene A Pink was likethe #2 girl group so I don’t see where it is wrong. And Rainbow had a very short-ter popularity in japan thanks to being kara’s sister-group. Idk why you always have to act so dam irritated as soon as you don’t agree with something. I know what I’m talking about

      • Totokoko

        JYP seems to just be buying them everywhere and mediaplaying.
        Maybe pop on the charts here and there then fall really quickly. Can also see them having multiple editions.

        They’ll most certainly do well with k-pop fans.

      • Ichi

        I saw this in the comments from netzienbuzz. How do Line Music charts compare to the Oricon Music Charts?

        • What

          I know nothing about Line Music, but I do know Oricon has been around for a very long time, so I would think Oricon has more relevance, unless someone here knows otherwise

        • hhhh

          Line Music is a streaming service similar to Spotify or Apple Music. This is a real-time chart, which means that TWICE’s EP was the most streamed work on the site at that specific hour, but the real challenge is where they’ll appear on the weekly chart once it’s updated.

          Oricon’s charts measure CD sales from online stores and record shops. It’s the main chart people talk about when discussing sales figures and the like. However, it’s extremely limited when it comes to digital sales, so even though it’s the more important chart, it won’t be much use for talking about TWICE’s digital-only EP.

    • aisasami

      Is “We are X” movie any good in terms of being a music documentary? it comes out next week and might want to see it. I am not a big X Japan fan but I do like their music, especially stuff by heath, Yoshiki, and hide.

    • Goi【interview】a-self-titled-album-plasticzooms-is-based-on-their-club-music-experience-in-berlin/?utm_content=bufferd5001&utm_medium=social&

      I was reading this interview of PLASTICZOOMS and about the type of music they do and how they got inspired by the sound in Berlin, there’s a part that really cought my attention:

      −You said that the sound in Berlin differ from the sound in Japan. What do you mean specifically?
      SHO: The music on the Berlin’s dance floor was very edgy and made me feel high. I had a chance to discuss the sound with a producer and I was told that the construction of the ear differs between races, but the sound in Berlin suited me.

      ^ i’m not an expert nor i know much about how music works so this was really intresting to know, i tried to search about it on the internet but i didn’t find anything :/

    • HyperMoot .

      re-exploring their 2016 album “homephone TE”, anyone knows and likes them?


      • Never heard about them, but this track sounds super nice, so, thanks for the recommendation, I will be checking them out.

        • HyperMoot .

          I can’t even remember when and how I found out about them, lol, glad you like this one track, here’s another fave

    • Sakamoto Maaya from 2009 ^^


      風が吹く日 (1997), Kanno Yoko quality
      the live soft instruments makes it even more enjoyable.

      • aisasami

        I loooooooooooove Maaya Sakamoto. Her debut song, “Yakusoku wa Iranai”, is my favorite song of all time.

        • yep. ^^ her albums and singles with Kanno Youko are priceless. pure jpop!
          together, they are a significant part of the history of jpop.
          孤独, 奇跡の海, 私は丘の上から花瓶を投げる, 月曜の朝 … <3

    • Sou

      As he mentioned in the Q&A posted last week, next Wednesday, LADYBEARD will reveal info about his new group, which will consist of him plus a “short, female, almost the same haircut as him” singer. I’m quite curious, what are your guesses?

    • Karen Khoo

      I’m just excited for Kame to YamaP unit !!

    • 샤이니. 태양.

      This is my first time posting here, and I just want to know more about the Japanese entertainment industry so I came here. Can anyone tell me what are the popular music shows, music sites (like what sites do the Japanese use the most for their music). What awards shows are the most watched? What are the biggest TV networks in Japan? Also is it common for Japanese idols or artist to appear on TV (besides music shows and awards) ? I’m only into Kpop at the moment & I would like to know these things.

      • Popular music shows are:
        – Music Station, CDTV or Love Music.
        *Music Station is the most popular btw.

        Music sites to purchase music (digital format) are:
        – Recochoku & iTunes. *There are others but these two are the most relevant.

        Award shows:
        – Japan Record Awards (sort of like Grammy’s.) and there is also VMAJ and Space Shower Music Awards. The most important would be Japan Record Awards.

        TV Networks:
        – NHK, Fuji TV and Nippon TV are quite big.

        Is it common for Japanese Idols/Artists to appear on TV?
        – Idols, hell yeah they are everywhere (AKB, Johnny’s, LDH). Artists… well it depends on what label they are on and how relevant/active they are.

        P.S: Japanese copyright laws are more strict than Korean ones, so it’ll be hard to find content online sometimes. Best advice, stick to this site every once in while, you can link yourself up in here with music shows and awards shows most of the time, just keep in mind this is a J-Pop site, watch your steps. I like K-Pop too, feel free to ask any other questions if you need to.

        • Jessica

          Also Oricon which is super popular in Japan.

        • 샤이니. 태양.

          Thanks for the info, you really helped me understand what is popular in the Japanese market. I’m trying to get into Jpop more so its nice to have an understanding on who and what is popular, so I can see how well my favs are actually doing.

          This is one of the few English sites I found that focuses on Japanese entertainment industry so I will visit here frequently.

      • Cherry

        Besides the weekly music shows and anual award shows, there are also some popular music specials.
        – Music Day (NTV). Usually held in summer
        – FNS Uta Matsuri (FujiTV). Summer or Spring
        – Music Station Ultra Fest (Tv Asahi)
        Year end specials
        – FNS Kayousai (FujiTV), Music Station Super Live (TV Asahi), Best Artist (NTV), CDTV New Year,
        – Kouhaku Uta Gassen (NHK). The highest rated show in Japan (average 40%) and a staple every new year eve. A huge deal.

        It’s quite common to see idols in variety shows and such. They sometimes are the main hosts of their own shows like TOKIO Dash, Kanjam (kanjani8) Vs Arashi, Arashi ni Shiyagare, etc. Artists are also featured as guests in a lot of varieties. A lot of Johnny’s are also popular actors. Some artists like Hoshino Gen, Nishiuchi Mariya, Ryuta (flumpool), Fukuyama Masaharu, Dean Fujioka have leading roles in popular dramas.

        • 샤이니. 태양.

          Thanks for the info. It’s cool how idols get their own show in Japan, I kind of wish more kpop stars did this. I mean they do it but its only for a short time.

      • yacchaitai

        if u wanna check whats popular atm →

        • 샤이니. 태양.


    • Jessica

      Keyakizaka’s 4th single senbatsu lineup was revealed! What do you guys think? I’m so happy that Dani is in the first row! Also I’m glad Tecchi is still the center cause she’s too awesome imo

    • Jessica
      Keyakizaka’s 4th single senbatsu lineup was revealed! What do you guys
      think? I’m so happy that Dani is in the first row! Also I’m glad Tecchi
      is still the center cause she’s too awesome imo

      • yacchaitai

        bangs sure are popular

    • Guest

      Does anyone know how popular Shohei Ohtani (baseball player) is in Japan?

      • maguro part deux


    • PikoTaro

      Anybody know how many CDs PikoTaros magnificent debut artwork sold???

      • atralail

        Question of the Year

    • Goro-goro

      Why are celebrity photo books so popular in Japan. Do a lot of celebrities have their own photo book?