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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

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    • Question of the week: What do readers really want from Arama? Do they want news or gossip? Do they want snark or an even keel?

      • gege

        arama is missing out on a lot of trending articles

        • :/

          If this was aramadidnt @lj, somebody would have submitted the news already. I think having arama’s own forum with an option for trending news submitted by users to be crossposted here would help replicate the perks of the original site.

      • surfboardt

        Personally, I’d prefer a mix of both considering that’s what made Arama (And the ONTD model in general) Arama, but it’s ultimately up to whatever direction the Arama staff wants, and it should probably stick to whatever the intended goals of developing this site (As opposed to staying in LJ) tbh.

        That said, I have a pretty good idea why this is the question of the week. Honestly speaking, I don’t think you guys should let the criticism bother you that much. People were bitching about how they wanted it to be like the informal messy LJ days, now people are demanding serious delivery. You’re not going to make everyone happy.

        • :/

          You’re defending their gross sexism? I’m all for fun delivery (click-baits, sarcasm and informal language etc) but not at the expense subtance and them being down right rude.

          • surfboardt

            Did I ever say I’m defending their sexism? I’m defending them for the sudden “Arama is unprofessional, they need to write serious articles” in response to recent articles when people were calling Arama boring and in need of the informal messy spark of the LJ days less than half a year ago (And not to spill names, but there’s a regular that I definitely recall saying both the former and the latter, so watisthetruth.gif).

            Based on what I’ve noticed, I believe that people are more upset that their fave is the receiving end of the snark and using the informal style issue to defend their fave rather than having an issue with the style of writing itself. I’m just saying, people were up in arms about the Aoyama Thelma article, yet apparently no one had a problem with the LOVERIN TAMBURIN article (And if anything, encouraged the increased snark in recent articles imo) published less than a month prior. That’s the problem I have with Arama’s staff posting the question of the week given that context. Should Arama really be facing flak for something that A) People demanded and B) Is selectively acceptable based on whether it targets their faves?

            While I do think the implicit messages of sexism in some of the writing/comments you mentioned in another post warrants discussion, I am struggling to see how my initial comment can somehow be interpreted as specifically defending the sexist implications of what I’m assuming are Ronald’s comments based on the topic of the example you gave.

            • HyperMoot .

              “yet apparently no one had a problem with the LOVERIN TAMBURIN article
              (And if anything, encouraged the increased snark in recent articles imo)
              published less than a month prior. That’s the problem I have with
              Arama’s staff posting the question of the week given that context.
              Should Arama really be facing flak for something that A) People demanded
              and B) Is selectively acceptable based on whether it targets their

              OK that makes sense, but maybe the answer is plain simple: that ‘Loverin Tamburin’ had absolutely no fan among the readers or simply the pic and clip didn’t generate any interest and therefore the vast majority just zapped the article or read it very rapidly and then decided to move to the next post, site or else. Time flies, time is money, time is precious. I forgot about her nearly as soon as I saw the pic and read the title and didn’t even read the comments. It’s not like we have to review everything. People focus on what appeals to them, their faves, their genres and styles, no? The most curious or adventurous might go further, then read about and listen to new stuff when the contributor manages to write a proper invite not something that resemble another gossip or tabloid piece.

            • :/

              Hence the question. There’s no need to struggle.
              I’m one of the regulars who called Arama boring (it really was) and requested some creativity on their part (which Ryan delivered). I still look forward to the gossips and fun informal style posts but I’m not here for their irrelevant rants. And they were indeed being unprofessional in both Utada & OOR article which both btw I’m not part of their fandom.

              The LOVERIN TAMBURIN article was hilarious. The sarcasm wasn’t insulting and reading it back, it was all (mock)praises. Idrg the issue over Thelma’s 10th yr article although since she has fans, of course they’ll be pissed off over some inaccurate infos. Personally, I think that Thelma article wasn’t as entertaining or “thoughtfully” written as LOVERIN TAMBURIN.

              • I found the both the Utada and OOR pieces to be quite humorous. Maybe people weren’t prepared for our darker senses of humor?

                • HyperMoot .

                  Yes that must be the point. Some of us weren’t ready. Like in real life when someone calls me and the likes of me a “blind stan”, depending on my mood and the good laughs I might have had before my reaction would vary from “what’s wrong, man, do you know me?” or “say it again, twerp!” or I might send him direct to a long session with his dentist.

                  I have one question though, on the one hand suggesting UH should have stayed home to continue mourning her mother is dark humor, what is dark in labelling OOR fans 12-year-old girls? You and Ash live near some schools packed with scary goth lolitas? I don’t get it.

                  • I didn’t say she should stay home mourning her mother. I said that I thought we would get something more emotional and dynamic than what we got.

                    I found the OOR piece to be quite irreverent.

                    • HyperMoot .

                      “But is this really the best Utada Hikaru could do after a near decade
                      hiatus, the death of her mother, a new marriage, and the birth of her
                      first child? If so, maybe she needs more time to engage in those “human
                      activities” she famously left the music industry to pursue.”

                      oh so misinterpretation from blind stan hypermoot (and the few others), you simply meant she should have stayed home longer?

                      • I meant this album was a disappointment all things considered.

                      • HyperMoot .

                        for you, and those who thought otherwise were blind stans. End of the story.

                    • HyperMoot .

                      “I found the OOR piece to be quite irreverent.” but funny though or I didn’t read that in another comment of yours?

                      • I did find it funny too.

                      • HyperMoot .

                        Thx, that’s what I read indeed

                    • HyperMoot .

                      also when you write “I said that I thought we would get something more emotional and dynamic than what we got.” it’s way more acceptable -in tone, in form- than many things you wrote on that Arama piece (the JT ‘review’ was way smoother). Had you explained why the album disappointed you, what you were hoping for without resorting to disrespectful stuff about her and the fans who welcomed the album, things wouldn’t have ended in such a messy thread. Being on the defensive and the target of personal attacks and insults that I still do not approve of, you probably felt compelled to insist on the negativeness.

                      This is more than old news but quite a lot of people here understand that it kind of poisoned the atmosphere. I’ve not been easy to handle too and I don’t pretend I haven’t behaved in a stubborn, heavy and unpleasant manner but you started it. With a different and moderate approach I would have loved to tell you that I agree with you on one point, Fantôme is indeed not dynamic but then I would have tried to invite you and other readers on a voyage to present what I think make Fantôme a special and valuable album. We might have disagreed again but without all the BS and the bitter exchanges .

                      In another life maybe?

                      • But if I had said what I said in the JT piece here, would people care as much? The whole reason I wrote the piece in the style I did was because so many readers were asking for personality.

            • What comments?

              • surfboardt

                You already responded to :/’s comments containing the comments in question. This one in particular was disturbingly sexist imo:

                “I listen to what women think of music all the time, as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way”

                That’s up there with Trump’s “blood coming out of her wherever” comment tbh.

                • It comes down to the fact that men aren’t as likely to listen to female acts simply due to their looks compared to women listening to male acts simply due to their looks.

                  • You don’t know tha right guys

                    Most men I know (who are gays) listen to music made by females, and most of them listen to them mostly based on the way these females look: JLo, Madonna, Beyoncé, Rihanna, etc etc
                    And don’t get me started about the guys listening/buying idols CDs and merchandise. They are manly growing-up men, and they only care about the looks, not the music.

                    • Gay men listening to women has nothing to do with hormones though because they’re not attracted to them…

                      And straight men buying idol music is a subset that doesn’t represent the whole, just how gay men are a subset.

      • No9

        For me at least, I think I prefer if more of the content was more news as opposed to all the snark. I usually don’t mind reading reviews but I really feel like you guys don’t really do a great job of hiding your biases or articulating your thoughts without getting a bit condescending.

        On the other hand, I greatly enjoy the staffs picks of the month, interviews, and number 1 song reviews (though they can contain some pretty snarky reviews sometimes but at least they are usually short lol) in addition to just new articles as they add personality. I feel like it would generate a more positive (well as positve as a website comment section could have) community where people can have discussions in a more civil matter without having to resort to comments bashing on AKB, Johnnys, and so on and so forth.

        Also, I’m okay with gossip articles. I think they are hilarious (looking at you Enon).

      • HyperMoot .

        I for one like the snark. It leads to lively discussions with the cream of Amerikkka. We meet people we never see otherwise, the trolls and the stans join in, we can play tops and bottoms, we can be 12 year old girls even if we’re males and over 30 and then we have that sudden bloom of fake accounts that remind me of biology classes in the Middle Ages when flies and life could emerge out of the blue.
        I had been a passive reader of Arama for a long time until one day I saw the light and decided to stay and contribute to the click&view feast.

        A series of let’s bash some celeb has been so far extremely successful with over 300 comments each time. More! Who’s next? It also helps young students, those reviews were so brilliantly written that it might help them not fail the next pizza test.

        Moreover, it makes me happy because each time I can sing my fave mainstream song

        “When I find myself in times of grumble
        Brother Ronnie comes to me
        Speaking words of fandom
        Let it be”

      • yamakita

        I like scoops of any kind, but especially any tours that are happening in the US, especially if they are making a stop in LA, since Japanese artists rarely come here nowadays. Oh how I miss Glay at the House of Blues. So that scoop about the Puffy tour was great!

      • Ahmad Ridwan

        I would say everything. every opinion matters, disagreement is good for traffic too, and for “entertainment” purposes lol

      • Encha277

        This is my primary source for Japanese news, so I will take whatever you got, but I would love you to continue the entertainment news without the click bait opinion pieces

      • My thumbs up to u

        1. News tagged as news, gossip tagged as gossip, opinion articles tagged as opinion.
        2. Even keel for news and gossip reports at least as the main part, then the writers can add their opinion or question (snark etc.) at the ending if they like or just at the comments coz sometimes the most interesting parts on arama articles are comments from arama writers, regulars, and visitors.
        3. Stick to entertainment materials (music, film, drama, fashion shows?, etc). Always appreciate the update on Japan entertainment scene. Maybe will need a few years more until arama can establish its own identity? Maybe make Tokyo 2020 the target: what arama want to be used/referred as by international people going to Tokyo Olympics 2020, esp in regards to the entertainment aspect?

        • :/

          I like your #2 and second it. That’s an ideal way to deliver their personal snark or opinions. If they want to make it part of the article leave it last and I would add, make it in italics. Fonts help to differentiate it. It’s the same thing I used to do for submissions at aramadidnt.

      • :/

        As a long time reader of both aramadidnt and aramajapan, I want to see both news and trending gossips here. This is an entertainment site and gossips are part of it. I don’t even mind blind items if it’s trending. A big part of the fun is in the discussion. There’s no other site that has an open and easy discussion platform / environment as arama does.

        Snark or even keel? Tbh I don’t mind snark if it’s directed where it’s suppose to like Ryan’s dig at Brett in his Utada article or making fun of Enon and his messiness. I’m sick of your (and Ash) patronizing tone about women and it’s not even relevant to the articles you were writing. Even if it was relevant (the subject is a woman, ie Utada) it sounded disturbing.

        A compilation just in case:
        “But is this really the best Utada Hikaru could do after a near decade hiatus, the death of her mother, a new marriage, and the birth of her first child? If so, maybe she needs more time to engage in those “human activities” she famously left the music industry to pursue.”
        What’s more disturbing, you think it’s funny.
        “I honestly thought it was a pretty humorous quip, a nice little snappy ending that really drives the point home.”
        This gross ott respond no one asked for
        “Honestly, I found the whole thing to be very… Utada was the bottom in that situation and Ringo was the top. That was even shown in the video.”
        Or this
        “She said something, so she will be labelled.”
        And your most recent this
        “I listen to what women think of music all the time, as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way”
        So basically you think women aren’t capable to give concise reviews on music and such without being distracted by the subject physical beauty. Everyone has hormones :/

        • HyperMoot .

          well, unless you have an awful lot of spare time and get indecently paid for very little work like me, you’re wasting your time. Everything you wrote makes a lot of sense but it’s basically useless because you believe the people you ‘target’ share your rationals and sensibilities and it’s obviously not the case

          1) they don’t have the good intentions you think they have: being good, fair, demanding reviewers that would focus on the music instead of bashing the artists and their fans.

          2) you talk as if they could listen to any message of goodwill and reason when they’re just having a blast whenever the most passionate fans get hurt or angry because of the insults. Have you noticed that when any contradictor comes out with a few solid arguments, then you have that upsurge of trolling and fake accounts? I can’t prove it for the time being but I’m about certain some of those accounts are theirs.

          3) They’re biased and not just towards women, I’d say especially towards successful women but also with what they call the mainstream. They live in their little niche of the Indie and the Alternative therefore, as a postulate, the rest is bull. It reminds me of those guys who bullied my grandfather in secondary school because he liked the Beatles when them guys were ranting about the Psychedelic Turnips or some other obscure band no one remembers 20 years after.

          4) Contrary to what some told me, they think they are superior, hence the constant condescending tone and the random insults and scorn.

          Bwahaha that was long. Just enjoy the site for what it offers. It took me some time to adapt but now I’m truly enjoying everything including the shittiest posts. There are people who do a good job here, even Ronald is good at a few things like updating news about charts, releases and so forth. For the rest when you have a good flame, just adapt and use the same weapons: sarcasm, irony, cynicism, blunt statements but no swearwords or open insults, they’d be too happy to play the poor innocent victims or the petty web-typhoons they provoked.

          Everyone likes a bit of snark until it happens to them ;)

          • :/

            Well he did asked so that was my honest answer. At least the receipts out for everyone to read.

            “Everyone likes a bit of snark until it happens to them ;)”
            ;) indeed

            • HyperMoot .

              “so that was my honest answer” if I were you I wouldn’t do that. Being honest, sharing your true feelings, being straightforward or emotional and so on, no way, not on a site like this or at least not on the most ‘popular’ posts. Like yesterday I tried to discuss and share a few things in some other contributor’s post, my, my, should of known better. I got a quick lecture on ‘right or wrong’. lol if I may say so.

              • :/

                Well… you do like to ramble *being honest*

                • HyperMoot .

                  ah yes, sorry about that, as I’m not a native speaker, set phrases often resurface :)

            • yamakita

              True. He asked for it and you gave it to him. Good job!

          • yamakita

            Well said. Take a free site for what it’s worth unless you think you can do this sh*t better. Put up and enjoy, or shut up and leave.

            • HyperMoot .

              – “well said” is this sarcasm?

              – “Take a free site for what it’s worth unless you think you can do this sh*t better.” I had a frank conversation with Mark yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg, I told him FB was shit but like a few millions I couldn’t help using it. Maybe it’s the same driving force here?

              – “shut up and leave” you talking to me? YOU-TALKING-TO-ME? Darn I broke the mirror.

              • yamakita

                I can’t change your perception so it’s whatever you want it to be :)

                • HyperMoot .

                  “I can’t change your perception” I can’t remember if that quote is from Yoda or Doctor Spock but what follows is nice. You’re a true liberal (in the British sense)

                  • yamakita


                    • HyperMoot .

                      Yoda? or Dr Spock? Who’s on First?

            • Anon

              I don’t think many people realize the entire staff is made out of volunteers. I applied for staff last year thinking otherwise but respectfully declined when I found that out.

              • :/

                You thought they get paid? Lol. Most of us know this is a free site (especially those who have been following since @lj), the admin probably get some for adverts but it’ll probably used to managed the site. However, you may have noticed Ronald got hired as an actual writer for Japantimes because of his contributions to this site. He occasionally crossposted clickbait news from JT that fits his narrative.

                • Anon

                  Really? Because I’m looking at the last post on aramatheydidnt right now and it’s full of people attacking them for being greedy and money hungry. Didn’t think It would be paid like a full time job, just a little something. I commend them for doing all this for free.

                  I also don’t know what Ronald working for Japan times has to do with what we are talking about

                  • :/

                    The money from adds would have an increase compared to when they were in lj (admins had some from lj too) but I’m guessing managing the site here would be a bit more expensive. The return would be very little if shared. There’s still money that can be made from the site though…

                    It does though. Working experience is invaluable especially having a lot of traffic to this site. Japantimes took notice and hired Ronald who contributed the most. The other writers can also include their arama credentials if they ever wanted to be journalists.

                    • Anon

                      Yes they shared that with me during the interview process. The money from ads goes to the managing of the website, leftover goes towards occasionally buying promotion on social media.

                      I never mentioned anything about experience or credentials…just that all the staff are volunteers. Not my concern what they do with the articles they publish here. If the employer deems arama as a good enough source for getting a job then that’s on the employer

                      • :/

                        So your concern was only about the money? Owh ok then :)
                        For me arama is a good enough source for getting a job in the related field and that’s a good thing.

                • HyperMoot .

                  “Most of us know this is a free site” Well, I hope so. First there’s no subscription form and then imagine people had to pay to be called names and laughed at like “you’re a retard, that’s 10 bucks” then they would be real butthurt ;)

                  On second thought, a PayPal button and special access to some site area for genuine subscribers would surely lead to 1) more serious/pro stuff: like archives, featured artists files, discount for concert/event tickets 2) much more civil discussions and mutual respect between readers and contributors. Just an idea.

              • yamakita

                Exactly. That seems to get over most of these commentators’ heads for some reason. Don’t give away power so easily, people.

            • honey girl

              How long are you going to keep your lips attached to his anus?

              • yamakita

                Not much longer. And you also didn’t catch my drift. I’ll wait.

          • LOL, we don’t have fake accounts.

            So against the mainstream and sucessful women, yet we constantly write about the person who produced part of the Olympic ceremony.

            Some people want just what is currently popular, but then there are others who are looking ahead. And there are acts we’ve posted who are now coming into the mainstream.

            And we can’t help it if a lot of the mainstream is tired.

            • HyperMoot .

              “And I decided after the Utada piece to focus more on things I want to
              do. If I think an act is tired, I’m not going to post about them.”

              So, if I read that properly, Utada Hikaru is tired and will remain in the limbos of being washed out for ages, as a result you’re not going to post about her in the future (unless she releases a funk/rap fusion single with the Psychedelic Turnips) and I won’t have my “The least interesting thing in Utada Hikaru IS Utada Hikaru” article. sigh, Bloody Sunday.

            • honey girl

              Negative air? But YOU started that negativity. Like stop playing us already dude.

              • I spoke from a place of personal truth.

            • HyperMoot .

              “we constantly write about the person who produced part of the Olympic ceremony”

              heard that kind so many times like in “me? a racist? come on, I’m white but one of my very good friends is black” . The alibi.

              “the person who produced part of the Olympic ceremony” . Shiina is not -caution, gas mask, disinfectant, IQ protection measures needed- [MAINSTREAM] (boo and fuck the Fab Four) so there’s room for your superior taste. Hey, wait, Shiina never flirted with mainstream? oh well

              • She is mainstream though. If you ask some of her fans, like Ash, they’ll say she’s too mainstream now.

                • HyperMoot .

                  ahaha this is so funny. Most of her recent shows are packed full of jazz, on the verge of free style and cabaret. Yes, I see and Kinoko Teikoku is punk rock, no doubt, bwahaha. It’s so good being lectured by people who know real best.

        • We have different senses of humor.

          And you forgot the part where I said I don’t listen to men’s musical opinions too if they’re rapped up in their hormones.

          • :/

            Its so easy to slip in sexism in humor right? Maybe it’s a Freudian slip. Who knows. Not your fault. Everybody else don’t understand its dark humor. Sure..

            Full quote then:
            “I listen to what women think of music all the time, as long as they’re not letting their hormones get in the way. I do the same thing with men too, but that happens far less to begin with.

            • It does. Probably because most men I know listen to music made by other men.

              • You don’t know the right guys

                Most men I know (most men are know are gays) listen mostly to music made by females.

      • Nikki ok

        I’d like to see more entertainment news/gossip, the trending topics on girls channel or the like, they always make good room for discussion, I personally don’t mind music reviews from staff, the salty reactions are hilarious

      • sick of this shit

        More professionalism from the writers.

        I am fine with gossip. I’m fine with opinion pieces. What I’m not fine with is bait, trolling, unchecked bias, and personal issues (sexism etc) while you all parade around pretending to be a legit news source.

        You’re not on LJ anymore; stop acting as if you are.

        • Babi Hong

          do you mind sharing some examples?? outside of the 2-3 articles ppl keep bringing up, cause what youre describing seldom happens or am i just not noticing it o.O

          • You won’t get a reply cause those articles don’t exist.

            • :/

              Because its not a matter of quantity. Around 4 problematic articles from this thread alone. 5 for the Jpop relevance is waning article.

              • Yes it is because there is not one news website in the entire world that exists without these “problematic” articles, this is in quaotation because not everyone agrees with you, while you keep spouting how they’re being unprofessional. Does the same apply to pitchfork? Sterogum? Natalie? Barks? New York Times?

                Again you clearly don’t like the website but brag above about being here since the LJ days. Wonderful, hope you’re enjoying it just as much 5 years later.

                • :/

                  For me I only find 3 out of those 5 articles truly “problematic” as in biased, sexist, disturbing and poorly written.

                  Again, I do love this site and it’s fun attitude but hate it when a couple of writers trying to normalize some sexist narrative. You’ll probably be seeing me enjoying my time here 5 years later. Btw, bragging about being here since LJ days? LOL. You can see I’m anon and it’s not something to brag about.

            • lol

              So are you Ash or Ronald?

            • honey girl

              How…dont they exist when he gave you proof tho?

          • :/

            Why you need more examples other than those 2-3 articles though? While there are more, most recent OOR article is enough to sum up the problematic attitude a couple of writers have.

          • honey girl

            The latest Aoyama Thelma post is another example.

            • Missa

              At this point it’s pretty obvious they’re doing this deliberately. We’re dealing with kids acting out here. “Oh you don’t like that? Well here, I’ll do it SOME MORE!”

              There’s no point in engaging with children that are this immature. They lack the capacity for reason to understand anyway. Let them throw their tantrums and break their toys; all they’re doing is showing exactly what kind of people they are and that’s validation enough.

        • yamakita

          Asking for professionalism from a free blog is a bit…

          • :/

            A free blog that has clout on the web and connections with real news sources tho… Some professionalism is to be expected.

            • So you’re saying that arama has absolutely 0 professionalism?

              Ok….lol. Anyone gonna reply to the comment below asking for examples?

              It’s painfully obvious you just don’t like the website and are grasping at straws, don’t know why you continue to torture yourself by being here all the time.

              • :/

                “So you’re saying that arama has absolutely 0 professionalism?”
                Didn’t say that :)

                I do love this site and it’s fun attitude but hate it when a couple of writers trying to normalize some sexist narrative. Since I am a loyal reader, I’m doing my part to civilly voiced my objection.

                • You literally just typed that arama needs to show some professionalism, that implies they currently show none. You’re basing this on a few articles you don’t like VS the hundreds of “normal” ones. Or does that not meet your requirements of “some professionalism” ??

                  For someone so passionate about the website go apply to be a staff member and make it a better place instead of all this delegating

                  • :/

                    “Some professionalism is to be expected” is not the same “they have 0 professionalism”. You were only imagining that I implied it as such when in context I meant that its only natural that professionalism is expected from them.

                    Delegating? I was merely answering questions being asked with honesty. Our exchanges is really entertaining though.

                    • Good choice. Very easy to sit back and constantly critize, or answer questions compared to putting in the work to make it actually happen.

                      • :/

                        No one can control what others are writing unless they are the admin. Furthermore, the damaged already have been done by their own hands. Thus the only way is to openly criticize.

            • yamakita

              It’s as real as you want it to be. It’s a fan site at the end of the day. Be realistic.

              • fuck

                I wanna know where the fuck it says that volunteers can never be criticized. Just because someone has chosen to give up their time doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called out for shitty behavior. Which, guess what, Ronald and now Ash are both guilty of.

                The only people not being realistic here are the ones that think anyone would be able to get away with half the shit Ronald pulls in a real-world volunteer position.

                • yamakita

                  So why are you still here reading a shitty blog like this? Who is the sucker here?

              • :/

                I was not being realistic because I say they have influence? Have you heard of ONTD? That’s essentially what aramajapan is. Both started as user driven site. Both have been noted by other more legitimate medias as well as celebrities.

                • :/

                  Correction and additions: that’s essentially what aramajapan was and in some part still is.
                  Aramajapan actually went further with their influence when Japantimes approved of their repost so JT will gain more traffic to their site. They also managed to get exclusive interviews with celebs and Japanese artists because the site did come across as a legit media. Just look at GemTv drama related exclusive. Aramajapan is the primary source of Japanese entertainment news/gossips in English.

      • sam

        don’t stop gossip news ,sarcasm ,predictions but not straight away clickbaits .and apart from music ,drama and movies .please post about popular and new variety shows ,comedians, travel shows ,prank shows once in a while.

      • byebicycle

        both news and gossip. keep the news as objective as possible (a personal comment here or there or at the end of the article should be fine, even if it gets a little snarky, but try not to shit on the artist or fanbase?). gossip-wise, report anything you can find on the subject so readers can make up their own mind on what really happened, but other than that, snark away, i guess??

        if you want less accusations of clickbait titles (i do believe you’re generally quite good with this, though), i really recommend marking opinion pieces (and maybe even reviews) as such in the title itself. i know you have tags, but a lot of us keep up with arama through twitter, so all we see is headlines.

        i’m probably forgetting some stuff, but that’s about it, i suppose.

      • professionalism

        Objective news!
        No clickbait!

      • honey girl

        You ask this question every week and yet you either ignore or is too damn lazy to follow through with any of the suggestions.

      • NatSamui

        Interviews with and comments from Japanese personalities you wrote about (in English). don’t know whether that’s possible

        • HyperMoot .

          By far the most productive and inspiring comment in months. That would be formidable, just imagine:

          – with OOR:

          Ash: “Taka, what have you got to say about your past sins, being a Johnny’s for such a long time?”

          Taka: “A long time? What time is it now? When was the last time you used a calendar?”

          Then the rest of the band go mad, they tie Ash to a chair and dye his hair (purple)

          – with Utada Hikaru: (warning, confronted to top notch dark humor, the singer’s reaction is a tad extreme)

          Ronald: “To my ears, most of the songs in Fantôme sound like drama bull, why didn’t you cover John Lennon’s “my mummy’s dead” instead?”

          Hikki: “Would you like tea or coffee? I’ll prepare that for you and then I might explain to you why you’re too busy reading labels, kay?”

      • circe154

        I’d love more gossip translations. Those are hard to find anymore.

    • eplizo

      Anyone planning on going to any events or concerts soon? I’m seeing OOR tomorrow, and I’m hyped cause they’re always brilliant live.

      • No9

        Saw them on Tuesday! They were pretty good though I wish they played some more old songs but they played most of the good songs from 35XXXV so at least there was that.

        • eplizo

          Were they selling merch? If so, how much did it cost? I want a shirt lol.

          • No9

            Hmm I didn’t check yesterday but when they came last year I bought a shirt for like 25-30 maybe? Hope you have at the concert and listen to their new material to really get into it!

            • eplizo

              Awesome thanks so much! So I’m assuming it’s affordable. and yes, I will! I’m so excited.

      • yamakita

        So tempting…!

      • aisasami

        I saw a free live of Ebidan’s SUPER DRAGON. Tons of screaming of girls but I got so bored that I left in the middle of concert. Maybe I just don’t enjoy boy bands that are younger than me.

      • Dalooshe

        My body is itching that I haven’t been to a concert in a while and recently I discover X Japan will be holding a concert in London and I’m not there :'( </3 I've been to an OOR live in London and they were UHMAZING so I hope you enjoy it as much as possible :D (even though I have mixed feelings about their recent materials -,-).

      • I’m gonna see Versailles next week in Poland. For the fourth time altogether (which includes one time, when I was in charge of their show in Hungary, back in 2010) and I really don’t know what to expect… Their music at the end, before their hiatus was getting kinda tired, so I’m really curious if their reunion also means that they will be as good (and enthusiastic) as in their early years.

    • PigeonPop

      Ryo Tamura of London Boots apparently wasn’t familiar with linked accounts and how comments that were made on AbemaTV are reflected back on Twitter–not knowing this, he posted a series of remarks during AbemaTV’s coverage of Eiko Kano’s press conference on the whole jimusho system, and how Burning and Johnny’s acts would not have been treated in this manner by the press. The tweets have since then been deleted and replaced with the usual apology tweet.

      I personally found this pretty newsworthy, and it’s definitely spreading like wildfire on 2ch and on Japanese SNSes at the moment–what do you guys think? (I also feel like giving extra props to Tamura for remaining quite diplomatic in his word-choice; there’s been several times in the past with geinonjin-related Twitter mishaps where things got rather ugly verbally-speaking.)

      • :/

        After googling Eiko Kano, I recognized he’s the unfunny talento who used to do the “ikemen ramen” gag. What happened to him?

        Aramajapan does not have a good record at reporting on variety talento and comedians, or trending gossips ftm. If this was aramadidnt @lj, somebody would have submitted the news already. I think having arama’s own forum with an option for trending news submitted by users to be crossposted would help replicate the perks of the original site.

        • PigeonPop

          His career has been actually pretty solid as far as TV work goes, especially compared to the large number of geinen that disappear after a year or two. His love life though is a complete mess, and I’m surprised Arama hasn’t covered any of it. After his divorce he’s been caught in a love triangle (if you can call it that) between him, an unknown model/tarento (Sari Kato) and Makoto Kawamoto. The latter two had Twitter battles that spanned for weeks and badmouthed each other whenever the chance presented itself (e.g., Sunday Japon). The parents of the two women also joined in and made it more cringeworthy…or lulzy, depending on your point of view.

          The press conference concerns a more serious situation, which involves Kano and a seventeen year old (the two were Friday’ed just recently). The girl is a fan of Kano and supposedly presented herself as a 22 y/o on social media when she approached him. The two have since then broken up, and what I’m gathering from Japanese articles is that she’s also a D-list idol. As expected, the whole thing has sparked a lot of discussion and Ryo Tamura’s tweets have added an additional layer of controversy.

          • byebicycle

            i mean, tamura’s not wrong that johnny’s acts probably wouldn’t have been treated this way (idk which acts belong to burning, a little lazy to google atm :x). i’m not sure what he’s aiming at here though, does he want kano to be treated less harshly? or for others to be treated more harshly? i get the feeling he means the former, but i mean… kano was involved with a minor. regardless of how other acts might get treated in a similar situation, that’s still a big deal, so… i should add that idk the exact details though, i just saw him trending in japan yesterday, and read that he was caught with a 17-year-old. (also, i’m a little surprised to read about the love triangle thing, lol.)

            anyway, that’s just my two cents.

    • HyperMoot .

      Abe Mao, new album out soon:

    • HyperMoot .

      Leo Ieiri, compilation coming out soon:

    • yamakita

      I’m addicted to Meitu. It makes me look marvelous!

    • Sacchi

      Tamura Atsushi, comedian, tweeted the other day: Why is Becky ‘an affair’, but Maggy is ‘love’?

      Looks like a lot of talents aren’t happy with the way Maggy has dodged the backlash Becky had.

      • PigeonPop

        Both members of London Boots were essentially doing the same thing, then. It’s quite interesting to compare the delivery of their remarks in addition to the overall reaction that has since taken place.

    • gus

      I find it odd that BABYMETAL counted the sale of Metal Resistance JP ver. & International ver. as one number but OOR counted Ambitions JP ver. & International ver. separately.

    • yacchaitai
      • yamakita

        Where does she go from here?

    • music vid

      I don’t come here often, so I don’t know if that question has been asked before, but does anyone know what happened to jpopsuki(dot)tv? copyright problems?

      • No idea. It’s been dead for a while.

        • music vid

          OK, thanks! I only noticed recently that it was down, as I hadn’t visited it for a while, and couldn’t find any explanation why it was down.

    • wakarimasen

      Somebody please explain what was Koyama talking about here? I get rikon and okasan shiawase ni naru ni so its probably about his parents getting divorced the bing translated sounds weird…
      “-.-‘) < mother during the fifth grade, and defend my father 'you get out of"… I have decided to divorce (parents ')"

      Not a NEWS fan but starting to like each members.

      • Guest

        My Japanese isn’t that great and I’m not familiar with this person either, but he said something along these lines: “I had almost the same experience as Wataru-kun (person he is giving advice to). When I was young, my father was like that too. When I was in my fifth year of elementary school, I wanted to protect my mother so I said “get out” to my father. I was the one who decided the divorce. I told my mother, “Leave him because even if you stay with father, I don’t think you’ll be happy.” So they divorced in my fifth year. But I always hated my father and I didn’t want to meet him or talk to him. But at some point, I started to understand my father’s feelings.” The later part is a little hard for me to translate exactly but basically they started talking to each other and his way of thinking changed. He told everything frankly to his father (“man-to-man” talk) and expressed his frustration. So he advised Wataru-kun to do the same (?), and to just make his mother happy as her son.

        • Himi Tsu

          Thank you for the explanation! I didn’t even know that Koyama’s parents got divorced o.o

    • Chris

      I was watching the Johnny’s countdown from New Years (I know super late but I missed it). And Just a few things that stuck out.

      1) I LOVE ARASHI’S AIBA JACKETS! I just thought it was the coolest thing since Aiba couldn’t be there.
      2) When did Hay Say Jump’s Yamada Ryosuke get a neck tattoo? At least it looked like one, maybe it was temporary or something. But when Hey Say Jump was performing i had to rewind to make sure that’s what I was seeing. Still not sure though.

      • Himi Tsu

        I agree with the first point :)

        About the second, it’s more than probably a temporary one. I don’t have proof through :3

    • Historia Lenz

      Is anyone here on Spotify? There are tons of great Japanese acts there, the familiar and familiar ones. I discovered a lot of great Japanese acts there. :) I hope more J artists will be available on Spotify.