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Hey, Arama! Japan! It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!




  • Question of the week: What are you hopes, dreams, and fears for Japanese pop culture in 2017?

    • Mr.Taxi™

      To be more iconic than 2016.

    • yacchaitai

      I hope some of the new artists that have been popping up will get noticed

      • surfboardt

        Personally, I’m really hoping that DAOKO and REOL in particular catch attention in 2017 (Even though DAOKO has a more realistic chance of that happening).

    • honey girl

      Hopes: Utada stays active and JASMINE comes out of retirement
      Dreams: Utada releases an album (cover album, collaboration album, best album, something)
      Fears: 46s overcomes Arashi, officially making Aki-p the most powerful entity in Jpop.

      • HyperMoot .

        She clearly stated she was back for good in the September interviews, though she said she needed a balance with her family life. KH 3, Evangelion 4, other projects wwill surely bear fruit, she also said she considered some live performance some day.

      • Thomas

        JASMINE is actively performing in clubs and making music but they’re not letting her release anything smh

        • HyperMoot .

          eh? who are ‘they’?

        • Can you explain further?

          • Thomas

            She’s been making music and performing these new songs at clubs around the country for a long time but she isn’t releasing any of them. A lot of people thought she was going to get her contract terminated when her best album was announced. Could be just her and her staff promoting her among the club crowd – or they simply think that releasing music isn’t lucrative anymore, because she hasn’t been selling well for quite a while.

      • Kanjo Maru

        Nogizaka already outsells Arashi with a decent margin. Also Keyakizaka would’ve taken one of Arashi’s spots from the top 10 with Futari Saison if oricon counted one more week of December as 2016. I’m guessing your fear is quite likely.

      • Lol

        For album arashi still outsell 46 or 48..but fir singles aeashi already dont give a damn about it..its full of gimmicks from 56 or 48 family

    • ItIsI

      Hopes: KAT-TUN’s fully recharged (and stay recharged for a long long time)
      Dreams: KAT-TUN selling 1 million album/single
      Fears: KAT-TUN…

      • echu

        Same hopes, dreams, and fears

      • kazumi

        I have the same hopes, dreams, and fears with you

    • onionhurtsmyeyes

      hopes : to be a better year for any kind of music there
      dreams : akb48 to stop having gimmick for anything they release?
      fear : seriously, there’re a lot of akb48 songs that I like. I fear that they’ll always known as gimmick idol, if they’re keep using that kind of strategy

    • TruthSpeaker

      Hopes: Want ONE OK ROCK’s new album Ambitions to be a massive hit.
      Dream: KAT-TUN comes out of recharge period with a hit single. If not,at least the individual members must fare well in their solo activities
      Fear: KAT-TUN disbandment

    • HyperMoot .

      not sure that would be that relevant for Jpop culture but I’d love to read a deep article like “the least interesting thing about Utada Hikaru is Utada Hikaru”.

      • My hope is that you find something new to cry about.

        • HyperMoot .

          what makes you think I’m crying? it’s all LMAO down here. Try better quality crack it might help you stop being delusional.

    • Chris

      Secretly hoping for Aimer to be more relevant and more recognized everywhere.

    • yamakita

      Less predictability–but that’ll never happen. I want Frederic to continue making great music. No fears because they are irrelevant.

    • circe154

      Hopes: Oricon finally does something about gimmick releases/the bottom falls out of the gimmick market.
      A new queen rises. The mainstream becomes interesting again. Johnny finally dies and more interesting male idols fill the void.
      Fears: More stagnation and the world has another dumpster fire of a year.

      • onionhurtsmyeyes

        It’s kinda hard to kill all Johnnys in just a year, but I do hope to see more male idol with more interesting songs

        • circe154

          I mean when Johnny dies the agency would lose the control over the market they have now and male idols from other agencies can finally get a hold on the market. I don’t expect it to be a sudden process since Johnny’s acts are big money makers.

  • yacchaitai

    what a shitty year this was, can’t wait for 2017 to be even worse

    • Chris

      stay strong! every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Mary

    9 hrs and 45 minutes till the end of SMAP!

  • Reileen
    • ref


    • kamben is here

      As someone said below…Tegoshi?
      I saw the 2nd pic like yesterday or a few days ago because Golden Bomber’s Kyan Yutaka retweeted it (since he’s in the pic), now I’m curious about the guy you told us to guess XD

    • TruthSpeaker


  • HyperMoot .

    I want Tokyo Jihen to reunite: gig or album or both.

  • Mino

    The outrage at IKON winning the JRA New Artist of the Year award is still killing me. People are filing complaints with TBS. It’s been like this for years…I mean a nobody idol group that debuted only 2 months before the award show won last year because their agency is a major sponsor. People are only paying attention now because it’s a Korean group.

    • The Best New Artist Award should be scrapped anyway because it’s rare for acts to come out and have a hit. “Best Breakthrough” would be a better award.

    • Kanjo Maru

      iKon isn’t even a new artist though…

    • onionhurtsmyeyes

      well, maybe people think they’re not popular enough to get that award. I’m not living there though, so I’m not sure

  • kamben is here

    So last night I read this Christmas confession of my fav band’s vocalist.
    He said that during his first year in high school he invited his male friend out to enjoy the illumination night together (just the two of them) in Odaiba. Later, in the beginning of his third year, rumours spread around at school and everyone was saying that he and this male friend looked ‘gay’.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry LOL. I was like, “so this guy really has the tendency to do ‘sweet’ things like this with another male”.

    He’s really close to the guitarist, and here I’m hoping that something’s going on between them. They both don’t/didn’t want to be in a band without each other, and this vocalist has said stuff like “if one day XXX (the name of their band) is not selling anymore, I’ll compose songs that are similar to B’z songs. KY (the name of the guitarist) loves B’z so much…so being in a band that copies B’z style…I think that I can always be together with KY. What kind of unit is thiat (LOL)”

    I’m just. There’re other ‘suspicious’ things as well, guh.
    They’re not the kind of people who do fanservice and stuff, so yeah I’m just.



  • I was going thru my pics from Tokyo and ran across this, the perfect example of why the AKB groups’ sales ain’t worth nothing. This is some 100+ copies of AKB48’s then latest single, Love Trip (released just a few days earlier and still advertised all over the city!) in a Book Off store in Shibuya for 50yen (!) each… with the CDs inside, near the entrance and with no protection of any kind, so they could actually just put up a sign saying “Steal one! Pleeease!!” to make it even more obvious how worthless these CDs are. So, this goes out to everyone being upset about AKB called a flop.

    • Sou

      Just to be sure, you mean the CD sales were calculated substracting the CDs that were left after the day to the CDs that were placed at the start of the day? I’m far from being an expert in this kind of practices lol
      Tbh it’s a shame. Love Trip wasn’t actually that bad (and I’m pretty far from liking AKB) and these gimmicks just plummet their worth and makes them impossible to take seriously…

    • in case someone wondering,
      these are theater editions CDs for the LOVE ToRIP single, this type of CDs come with handshake tickets.
      actually, AKB fans apply for handshake tickets in an online system. if those applications are successful, they get one CD for every ticket that contains the ticket itself. not even the AKB fans buy CDs, it’s just the tickets are delivered in form of CDs. madness! xD

      does this generate fake numbers in the CD sale rankings?
      i don’t know and i don’t care, ask Oricon!
      also, it’s been going like this for years now.

      LOVE ToRIP

      • Yeah, of course, it’s been like this for years, but some people are still pissed when people say AKB’s sales are fake and their chart success means nothing. And this picture just shows why it is all so true. (és buék! :D)

      • Thu

        Last time i asked about theatre edition price some 48 fan said it was 300yen but now it’s 50yen? That’s waaay low than normal price

        • i don’t know where the 300 yen number comes from.
          official site says it’s 952 yen+tax

          when fans get the CDs (they buy these CDs online) and the handshake tickets, they end up with 20-30 CDs or more that are useless for them. the easiest way to get rid of them is selling them to local CD stores at very low prices.
          then these stores try to sell these CDs without the HS tickets at again very low prices since the market is full of these. that’s why it’s ~50 yen.

          i don’t know the exact numbers and the details, i’ve never been to Japan but it should be something like this.

          (non theater editions = CD + DVD without HS tickets are 1,524 yen+tax)

          • kamben is here

            Hmm I buy lots of singles, and the standard prices range from 900 – 1500 yen mostly for new/unopened ones, depending on the artists/contents of the singles.

            I’ve bought lots of used ones at as low as 1 yen per single and this doesn’t apply to singles only actually. There are used DVDs/albums that are sold at 1 yen if you look at online stores like Amazon JP.

            It’s totally common for japanese people to buy original goods and then resell them at much lower prices. Everyone can find these cheap goods at Yahoo Auctions, Amazon JP, etc.


        • kamben is here

          I think that the 48 fan could have been referring to the price of the new/unopened ones. 50 yen sounds like those ‘used’ ones.

          Fans bulk buy lots of these singles and it’s a waste of money to just keep the singles to themselves, so they resell them at much lower prices.

          Way low indeed. The prices of used singles/albums/dvds can go as low as 1 yen :)

    • yamakita

      Cool picture!

  • light

    So not impressed with Arashi’s songs choice for the Kohaku medley…can’t believe they won’t sing Fukkatsu Love…hope the perf will be good at least.
    Kinda looking more forward to Ninotaro lmao

    • Midna

      i was super unimpressed but they sang live so I’m happy.

    • byebicycle

      according to some japanese tweets i read, hoshino gen said on his radio show a few days back that even if they want to sing new songs, artists rarely get to pick what they sing on music programs. apparently fns let them pick though.

      so yeah, i was super unimpressed with the song selection as well, but i guess nhk is to blame. i still got kinda emotional during that medley though lmao, damn aiba ;w;

      • kamben is here

        “according to some japanese tweets i read, hoshino gen said on his radio show a few days back that even if they want to sing new songs, artists rarely get to pick what they sing on music programs. apparently fns let them pick though.”

        As far as I know, this is the case. Most of the time they really don’t get to pick what songs they sing.

        Golden Bomber even makes fun of the fact that they’re made to sing Memeshikute like every time XD Usually music programs make the artists sing the songs that are the most popular with general public (when they’re not promoting new material).

        • yamakita

          I doubt most artists in Japan have any sort of freedom. You probably won’t see them on TV if they want to be able to choose.

          • kamben is here

            Yeah! Especially idols.

            PS: I love gudetama! So cute! :D

        • byebicycle

          looord they really need to stop making them perform memeshikute already jesus

          • kamben is here

            LOL IKR. Their other songs are just as catchy (and some are just as ‘gimmicky’ or whatever if this is the only thing Japan wants from them) -.-” I pity them.

      • Midna

        well that is… unfortunate :(

      • light

        Man, i’ve yet to watch it lol i guess it makes sense especially for the last act to perform the most known songs, still too bad.

  • yamakita

    Is anyone as outraged as I am about the Kohaku result?!! It feels like deja vu of 2016 US Election!!! WTF! Many of the sets were boring as hell. The gags in between felt forced and not funny. Arimura(?) did perform better than expected, but that’s because I expected her to be as wooden as most other female hosts. I wanted white team to win only cuz of Aiba T_T I wanted him to finally shine above his teammates T_T

    I did like the high tech visual effects. Sexy Zone should not be invited back becuz they really don’t deserve to be there without the army of the juniors. Wonder how many of the first timers will get invited back.

    • TruthSpeaker

      Arimura looked awkward most of the time. She hardly looked into the camera and was looking down or in some other direction. I dont know the reason. Maybe she was nervous.

    • Midna

      I thought the Red Team slayed it. I wanted White to win cuz i wanted to see Aiba cry, but the girls did so well.

      Arimura was boring. I hope they don’t invite her next year. I want to see Nino host next year and maybe have Kuroki Haru for female team. How cute is that??

      • light

        I’ve yet to watch it all cause the stream was too laggy, how did Aiba do? From the little i saw his mc didn’t seem much different from usual but a bit nervous…I’ve seen gifs of him crying, the tension maybe?=(
        Nino in that half time show was hilarious, he was so into his role XD

        • Midna

          Aiba did well! He was very cute! He was definitely nervous but he was so fun to watch. He cried at the end when they performed. LOL I knew he would <3 Nino was great too :D It was a fun Kouhaku imo.

      • yamakita

        I also wanted to see Aiba cry and the whole Japan did , too, but we were deprived. No idea who Haru is, all the hosts are interchangeable in a way. Aiba was actually special. Johnnys should boycott Kohaku. It just inconveniences JCD.

      • tomiko

        I thought Red performers slayed last night but White deserves to win for Aiba alone and voters in the venue reflected this.

        You know what? It hurts reading gchan today when it never affected me so much before. They were bashing Aiba as though he’s the shittiest host ever when actually he carried the show on his shoulders with amazing grace.

        • light

          Well to be fair you should vote depending on the performances, not the host, and i’ve seen a lot of people saying that Red team was great this year.
          That said with so much difference in the popular vote it feels weird that White team lost in the end.

          • tokimo

            Like i said red performances slayed but its freaking unfair that Aiba is blamed for white’s lost. He was great and the MVP for last night, that’s what I meant for white deserves to win for Aiba alone.

    • yacchaitai

      red team was so much better lmao

      • yamakita

        But millions more Japanese viewers voted for the white team. If viewer opinion doesn’t count, why insult them by including it and creating the impression that it does? What anyone thinks obviously doesn’t matter in this case unless you are a special judge.

  • yacchaitai

    if anyone is still looking here post the first song you listen to in 2017, i want to know what people listen to as their New Years Songs