Nominees for The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards + Voting Form

A few days ago, we announced The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards. You, the readers, selected who would be nominated for our awards show. The voting for the preliminary round was closed recently and we now have the final nominees. There are some expected nominees, but also some surprises. There’s something for everyone here!

Voting will open now and runs until January 20. On January 21, the winners will be announced. There are more details on that to come.

The voting form is located below! Voting in every category is not mandatory. If you don’t want to vote in a certain category, feel free to skip it.

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    • Keny

      @ fellow arashi fans: lets be fair and not just blindly vote for arashi in everything, k?
      if i see arashi winning for smthg like album cover i’m gonna lose faith (untitled cover for LE was shit lbr)

      • Elodie Genia

        certainly not for album cover yes ^^. But I submitted diverse person however with the nominated there will be many arashi in my vote

      • Himi Tsu

        When you have the LE in hands with the transparent top cover and the real cover without any text under, it’s clearly not that bad.

        I don’t know if you saw it IRL, but that’s much better than just what was visible as “photo” in Arama.

        I don’t say it’s one of the best cover of the year, but it should not get that much hate.

        • Keny

          yes i do own the LE in physical copy. while i do think the transparent cover is sort of a nice idea i still think it’s ugly tho lol . cause i just dont understand the ugly font and how they cut the text. the photography for the cover underneath may not be bad but its also not the best i have seen. first when they announced the album i was hoping for something rly nice, sleek and minimalist. i think they missed the mark on this one

        • Actually, I like the LE cover (with the cut out words and everything). The picture underneath is perfect to make as a desktop background. :D

      • Gii 86

        I just saw a post in an Arashi group in FB to check out this link and vote for Arashi!
        Wouldn’t be surprised if a horde of people who never even checked arama before came just to vote for arashi.

        • Hatori Sachiyo

          why are you in an Arashi fb fan group?

          • Gii 86

            I like them. But I’m against blind voting. It’s annoying and brings bad rep to fans in general.

            • Ben_thecoolhobo

              why don’t you love yourself?

            • Hatori Sachiyo

              still, anyone can vote. no one says only people who knows every jpop group/songs can vote.

              • Gii 86

                “still, anyone can vote.”
                Yes, they can. The question is whether they should.
                “no one says only people who knows every jpop group/songs can vote.”
                Yes, no one said that, neither did I.
                Imagine that there’s a little convenience store near your home. It’s doing an online poll for categories such as “cashier with best smile”. It’s nothing big, just a fun way to engage customers. Someone who happened to see this poll contacted all her family members and friends, including those who didn’t even live in that area nor care about said store at all, to vote for a certain cashier.
                How do you think the other customers would feel?
                One of the things I like about Arashi members is their humility and consideration to others. I hope that people who call themselves Arashi fans can learn this from Arashi.

                • Arashat

                  Lol that cashier competition analogy! You think those fans on fb never read or engaged with arama articles? They are just rando people who knows nothing about j-ent industry and what arama stands for? Their families and friends votes lol!

                  It’s just a popularity award in an entertainment site that has demean fangirls/women and think their personal taste as above others. They can’t even stand losing to a bunch of fangirls when in fact these girls ruled their view count. I don’t think they really care if arashi wins or not but an anual reminder of their strong presence here.

                  • brainy lady

                    So you think that all girls/women like Arashi? hahahahahahaha!!! Unbelievable!!! That’s really pathetic that you’re acting like that to get your ‘revenge’ on Arama.
                    Stop acting like a spoiled brat! You’re doing a disservice to other girls/women who have different tastes than you and also to your fandom that looks more and more like intolerant, spamming, trolling bullies to anybody who doesn’t worship Arashi (and also to some fans who are ashamed of such an attitude).
                    I personally think that Gii 86’s analogy was pretty spot on.

                    • Arashat

                      I didn’t said all girls like/are arashi fans. I said arama has been demeaning women and fangirls in their articles (read: Ash’s OOR and Ronald’s utada articles). The fact is a huge majority of arashi fans are women and most of arama readers are women who are fans of Johnny’s idols. Arama should do a proper cencus and I bet I’m right.

                      – In what way was my comment bullying?
                      – Arashi fans voting for the one who they cared the most is considered bullying?
                      – Will Arashi win for this irrelevant internet poll a way to force other japanese ent to worship them? Lol. How quaint the the way you think.

                      • brainy lady

                        Well, I haven’t read Ronald’s article on Utada, but I read Ash’s one on OOR, and I agree that it was both demeaning and totally uninformed. But if you really want to ‘retaliate’, I think it’s better for you to organize a boycott of Arama or open a blog/website dedicated to Arashi with other co-members of your fandom. Like that, Arama will have less traffic and revenue from ‘fangirls’ (and fanboys), and you and other Arashi fans won’t upset/bully people who do not share your tastes by organizing a vote spam.
                        Moreover, if you consider this vote as an ‘irrelevant internet poll’ why are you voting on it, to begin with, and even worse asking your friends and family to vote too?
                        Bullying is harassment, and harassment is the repetition of unrequited or demeaning actions or words. You and others fans replied to a lot of people in this comments section in a very aggressive and mean way.

                      • Arashat

                        Who said I want to “retaliate”? Just laying out facts:
                        – arama has a history of demeaning fangirls/women regardless of any fandom
                        – most of arama readers are women
                        – majority of arashi fans are women
                        – arashi fandom is huge and probably the largest one compared to other johnny’s sect
                        – arama has written a lot on arashi (whether they like them or not), its almost impossible that arashi fans have no idea about this site.
                        – this is a popularity award. numbers always wins. arashi fandom will win this without trying if they really have the numbers to back them up, which they do. statistically they’ve won it for years. NO SURPRISE

                        An FB post informing about this award doesn’t mean =/= organizing a spam vote
                        I’m voting because I’m an arama reader, I don’t solely vote for Arashi and it’s fun to see others getting pissy over it. I do support those who wanted to vote their favorites and that includes whatever Johnny’s groups currently dominating.

                        and even worse asking your friends and family to vote too?

                        Bullying is harassment, and harassment is the repetition of unrequited
                        or demeaning actions or words.

                        Saying “salty/bitter much” ain’t bullying. Voting for their faves is not demeaning.

                        You and others fans replied to a lot of
                        people in this comments section in a very aggressive and mean way.

                        Can’t speak for others but do quote my aggressive and mean comments so I could understand you better.

                      • brainy lady

                        Definitively, reading and understanding are 2 very different notions… but you should try to read again your own posts, and then those of other fans, and maybe then, you’ll understand what I said.

                      • Arashat

                        It seems like you’re the one who didn’t bother to read nor comprehend my reply

      • neko

        I’m arashi’s fan and I don’t like unttitled cover. I prefer kame to yamapi’a one

    • Taima-kun

      what was Sho’s scandal?

      • AoZora

        Maybe dating Anna ogawa.. Don’t know why it’s called scandal in Japan..

        • hasawa

          Celebrities dating is a scandal in Japan lol

        • Pipe’sIDIC

          Did Sho or Johnnys jimusho really say that they are dating? Like full-on recognition? Not the very good friends schtick.

          I’ll be happy with the full-on recognition statement like those marriage cards from Johnnys acts.

          • AoZora

            nobody said anything… Sho and Ogawa were photographed together near her apartment… I want to announce his marriage…

            • Pipe’sIDIC

              So they’re not dating then. Oh well… maybe V6 members will be all married before Arashi.

              • Lol

                Johhny acknowledge they are friends is implicit way saying they are dating..
                JE rarely saying anything for others dating rumor tbh

                • Pipe’sIDIC

                  But V6. Is the exception?

                  • uli

                    Is v6 an exception tho? they never said a word about Go getting caught. Or Okada prior to his marriage. With Johnny’s its either “they are friends” or no reaction at all. They will only give a response if they really weren’t dating. So far Sho or the company didn’t confirm nor deny the pictures/ dating rumors.

                    • Pipe’sIDIC

                      That’s what makes me wonder. Most V6, no word whatsoever. They just let the issues fly (even that rabid cheating rumor with Okada).

                      But with Sho, its ‘not dating’ ‘they’re good friends’. Wasn’t it like that with Maki and the rest of the women?

                      • Uli

                        With Maki they openly addressed their denial on Sho’s Yakai show. They probably were so open about it because the rumors went overboard and Maki was heading towards marriage

                        The agency rarely addressed love scandals. the agency or Sho never said he and Ayaka are “good friends”. It was all tabloid rumors. With Nino or Aiba scandals there were no “they are friends” statement either. The same with Jun/Mao.
                        Ohno had to make an official statement about his pug muse owner though.

                      • Pipe’sIDIC

                        So its only tabloids’ reporters that romanticised or say ‘they’re good friends’? No official statement from Johnnys or Sho?

                        Is that why there were no Johnnys statement about Okada then? Because tabloids could not get a word from Johnnys?

                • Pipe’sIDIC

                  Ok. V6 is the exception?

              • AoZora

                I think whoever wants to date should date and whoever wants to marry must marry… Johnny’s should stay away from personal life of their idols.. I would be happy to know if anyone in Johnny’s us getting married

                • Pipe’sIDIC

                  Yep. I’m happy with Morita Go’s romance too.

                  But I kinda like the straight-forwardness of Johnnys’ replies like ‘they’re not dating’ ‘only good friends’ because it gives room for other suitors to court the girl, prime example: Maki Horikita. We have to let other men get to know these women in the dating rumors so they could find happiness like Maki.

                  I wish this for Mao as well.

      • Keny

        i laughed when i only read his name like ‘he’s the scandal, deal wit it’ lol.
        i guessed maybe it referred to all his ‘scandals’ this year? altho none of them seemed as bad

      • Lol

        His existence is a scandal..

    • AoZora

      Sato Takeru not nominated? It’s really sad:(

    • g.y

      I voted for arashi in all available categories just to see whiny comments tbqh

    • Kanjo Maru

      Ugh. 48 and 46 combined again. A female-targeted magazine did a survey asking who did readers *not* want to see at Kouhaku again. AKB was first, Nogizaka was 16th and Keyakizaka didn’t make the list.

      Much less cancel worthy.

      And before that troll comes back to call me a “white knight”: duh.

      • CyDo

        Not surprised, but do u have the links/details for the survey u mention? Not surprised thou 😂

      • Guest

        Says the troll that pretends JRA is legit all because of Nogi :)

      • AkaneHaga

        yes, they should not combined, i think i’m enjoying visiting this year
        but again i think anyone who combined that just want the idol concept that easily you can meet disappear

    • Kiang Sheryl

      i really like JUMP’s concerts most of the time but letting Yamada choose the setlist for Dear was a mistake. it was a really boring setlist with some old songs. They should at least perform all the songs from the album.

    • hasawa

      SO underwhelming… Look like this ranking is straight outta 2015 lol (only Hikki’s comeback points out an update lol)
      And album of the year deserved better nominees, but oh well~

      • I really don’t know if I should vote or not. Seeing the options for some of these categories is kind of depressing. Was this all that 2017 had to offer?

      • 2017 was lame to be honest. I couldn’t even be bothered to do a year end post. But Ai’s album was good. I’ve had mixed feelings on SnC as a whole for a while.

        • hasawa

          AI album was indeed a good surprise!
          I feel like a bunch of artists on decline would benefit of this kind of strategy, taking time (re)focusing on their artistic indentitiy and creatiity instead of popping out mediocre album every year. UVERworld 3 years ‘break’ before TYCOON provided a half decent album
          after a string of poor albums released almost every year since 2012.

          • Even a lot of new acts had a sophomore-ish slump.

          • Ash

            Listen to better music then :-p

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        2017 wasn’t bad, the acts everyone here votes for every year were bad in 2017 :)

    • Guilherme Teruya

      voted for namie for everything, bye.

    • it’s good to see that some of my nominees got in… but only the popular ones? lol
      i’ve tried to sneak in some exotic ones like

      but no xD

      Here are my nominees, check them out, people!

      also i didn’t nominate Namie Amuro – Finally for the Best Best Album because i hadn’t listened to it.
      after listening to it, it’s a must have release. so fckng vote for that!

      • disqus_i2KuWBM3cJ

        Oh wow I didn’t expect to see 9nine in here. Good taste. :’)

        • thanks! some of theirs songs are really great! like Shoujo Traveler, Evolution No.9, Re:, AiAiAi…
          if you are interested, check my list with the best jpop songs of 2017 out:

          i’m still listening to those releases so it will get much longer…

          do you like electronic music?
          here is an unknown, great remix of Lisa Miskovsky’s Still Alive


          • disqus_i2KuWBM3cJ

            Thank you for the recommendation! ^^ I’m actually a big 9nine fan so seeing unfamiliar people who appreciate their music really makes me happy. They’re so underrated and their English-speaking fanbase is so small, haha. I’m looking forward to hearing them sing more anime songs because it seems to be the easiest way for people to start recognizing them.

    • Big joke

      lol Most of the categories are ridiculous! Was this ‘selection’ made by someone working at Johnny’s? The “Best Actor” category is maybe the worst… Even the anime selection is ridiculous and so narrow-minded!

      • Blame your fellow readers.

        • Matsumiyalover

          I only started reading arama after Arashi. Sorry.

    • PigeonPop

      I’m a little shocked to see Made in Abyss not make the cut for Anime Series.

    • Himi Tsu

      NEVERLAND is with no doubt the best album of the year for me!

    • Goodie

      Ah the Arama has zero taste awards

    • surfboardt

      Pleasantly surprised at MONDO GROSSO getting recognition here. Labyrinth in particular was definitely a standout this year both music and music video wise.

    • CyDo

      why bother voting
      Arashi will dominate
      Johnny will dominate
      Let’s celebrate the birth of AramaJohnny in 2018

      • Lol

        Lol bitter much

    • This was painful. I scoffed so hard at a good majority of them. I’m so tired of idol fans (cougharashifanscough) putting them in everything. -_- Even though I love Arashi, this is just too much. I’m so salty that Ayase’s drama wasn’t in the Drama of the Year category. Like…really?

    • angel223_

      Why so bitter about Johnny dominating the votings, when truthfully..
      It is still Johnny that dominates Japan… Well unless, other acts will gain new fans…

      • CyDo

        u must be joking….
        johnny dominating.. are u in early 2000s LOL

        • angel223_

          Arashi still selling… Is there any still???
          Is there any act step up in 2017.. LOL

          If people that bitter, you should vote 24hrs to equal the voting in Johnnys since they have an eager fans.

          We are talking about voting here..

          Ps. I didn’t even vote my bias n not even complaining

          • Not a blind sheep

            The problem with Johnny’s fans is that they gang up to try to make their point “valid”.
            If you check the ratings of the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, Arashi arrived on 6th position, 6 percentage points behind the first. That far from “dominating”.
            And if you’ve followed rankings the past year, you’ll find out that they are more disliked than liked.
            Don’t stop at the official post by Arama, look at the comments too. There are other sources there.
            The thing is: Arashi/Johnny’s fans are rabid fans who would do anything to “support” their idols, even buying several copies/editions of the same material and rig surveys and votes, even if the production/work is bad… That’s why people dislike them and their idols.
            Normal people don’t do that. They don’t act like blind sheep, and they have a critical approach of the work of the artists that they support/like. Arashi/Johnny’s fans really need to grow up. Normal people have other things to do than rigging votes in favor of their “favorite”….

            • angel223_

              What is Normal??? Have you ever really know a normal people??..
              Stop being a Sheep.

              Normal people will not whine about everything just because of a Poll…

              I have many Jpop/Johnnies fans friends online and they are not annoying,..
              It is the people of Anti Johnnies that acting cool coz they aren’t a fans of whoever idol it is. Coz reality is Validation is subjective to all fans point of view…
              Why can’t they just love your own, support your own, and respect ppl likes…
              If they vote 24hrs, will that make a fan a lesser person just becoz he/she had time, then your problem is your own priority…

              If you stay away of Johnnies fans coz they are a problem, then look at yourself, coz it would be vice versa, and… Mostly none of Johnnies fan were that annoying…
              You just have a problem in your perception and preferences.

              • angel223_

                Since you like the term of Normal People.

                Which I doubt if there is a normal ppl indeed, in general, for me every ppl are unique, I feel sorry for the normal term being attached to the person… It is kind of self lowering, nothing special at all…

                I just hope whatever fandoms ppl were into, pls.. Try to make yourself a special one…

              • Not a blind sheep

                “If they vote 24hrs, will that make a fan a lesser person just becoz he/she had time”
                >> This is called addiction, and addiction is a state of mental illness.

                “I have many Jpop/Johnnies fans friends online and they are not annoying,”
                >> Speaking about “perception”, that is your own perception. That’s because you’re part of a fandom, and everybody in your bubble is acting like you, that you’re not seeing this as a problem. But if you check all the replies on this article, or on Arama, or on internet in general, you’ll see that Arashi/Johnny’s fans are very aggressive, in general, and act as bullies whenever one of their idols in criticized. Not to mention that they also get crazy when their favorite idol is suspected of dating, cheating or whatever.

                “Normal people will not whine about everything just because of a Poll”
                >> Normal people complain when an election/vote is rigged, because even if Arama’s awards are not going to change the world, having a fair election/vote is the basis of living in a fair and democratic society, so that everybody could be represented in all fairness. Starting at the lower level, even if it seems “not important”, is the basis. Otherwise, how are you expecting to live in society? Favoring corruption and rigged results, because “everybody does that”? o_O

                “Stop being a Sheep”
                >> The pot calling the kettle black! So you steal one of my words to make it yours, while you’re the one acting like a sheep, voting compulsively for your idol… o_O

                • Lol

                  The fans response with shi and aiba dating news ae supportive tho lol
                  For ohno and nino they got mad since the rumored gfs seemed like flaunting their relationship by uploading the gifts or private pics like their rumored party or trip lol

                • angel223_

                  O.O Replying to my comments and reading Arama is also addiction, listening to your faves is also addictive, not living without checking your cp/computer for a day, is also addiction, if not… You will not even be here wasting your time..

                  2) I love different kind of music, it is just Johnnies world give diff excitement to me especially I found my bias that is everything to my pov. Tho in general I love Japan culture. It is not just about being in a fandom, coz if its only inside my fandom I will definitely lose faith, You have no idea i guess.

                  3) if you search for a fair world, that will only stay in your mind, sometimes even my mom is not fair.

                  Every hardwork deserve to win.
                  They dont do their song for a release/drama for a show/ instantly. they work for it/for money, fame, CV however you call it… Its happening to every acts too, wether its idol world or Anisong or Visual Kei.. Those who have popularity will win,.. Those who are favored by majority will win.. Even your so called small faction of protest in government will not raise if you won’t get the majority of people who will agree to ur beliefs.
                  Even those other poll became legit for instant recognition.

                  You can never assume they don’t have a life coz thats impossible..
                  Every ppl needs to study/work and live to sustain their needs.
                  Every person have their own addictions, wether its Idol/novel/games/travelling/sports/relationship/sex/ganja… It is just matter of time wether one will submit to Mental Health if they aren’t that weak/depression/obsessiveness. So it is not just about fandom. Bullying happen everywhere to anyone, sorry for that person.
                  We dont condone bullying.

                  Each polls contain of vote until you can, (many advertising/media do that) Have you watched XFactor/American Idol.. You know how the voting system right? Will you tell to the winner its unfair coz one voted continously for them?.
                  theres no limit unless the system will just let you vote one per day… Thats it.


                  I am not stealing your words coz I didnt invent it, Merriam Webster will hunt me if I say I own it. Beware, its not yours too, anyway.

                  It doesnt matter if Im a sheep, at least I stand to what I really like, I really dont mind..
                  There were salty times,… Not everytime is winning.

                  He was not even in best actor category my god!.
                  If he will win, thats not my fault. Tho I wish him winning too. ✨

                  I am just saying, Don’t be that much butthurt to Arashi if they win.
                  Coz if they did not win, ppl will say something else.

                • neko

                  Im a jhonnys / arashi can my self. I’m not aggressive and I know they can’t sing ( exept ono) . Maybe you are confusing fans with wotas

            • Hatori Sachiyo

              just because their fans have more money than you, what’s it to you?

              why don’t you just vote like normal people do?

              • Not a blind sheep

                WOW! How “mature” of you! You sound quite juvenile for thinking that the reason why people don’t act like members of a cult/blind sheep is because they “don’t have money”…
                The last time that I heard someone bragging about how much “money” was more important than anything else was by a wannabee autocrat with an IQ of a toddler…
                You know, people have a life, a job, friends to go out with, a significant other, and many other interests! But if you think that your life and (parent’s) money is worth spending on billionaire jumishos and idols, good luck!
                And again, “normal people” don’t spend their time blindly voting for their “favorite” or trying to rig surveys and votes. They have other more important things to do…

                • Hatori Sachiyo

                  so what if they want to buy more than one? You think they bought it for rankings and stuff? So you’re a mindreader now? ever thought if they bought them for someone else? how small-minded can you be. why are you getting butthurt over other people’s spendings? nobody said money is more important. which part in that statement is same as ‘some people just happen to have more money to spend on their idols’?

                  ‘more important things to do’ is highly subjective. why should your ‘more important things to do’ should be important to everybody else? if you have more important things to do, go on, leave this page. or is replying to my comment is your ‘more important things to do’? Bo~ring~

                  someone who gets intolerable over someone else’s likes and spendings and calling them as cults/blind sheep are sick. what you think is worth to spend doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. and you think all fans use their parents money to buy merches? think again.

                  so you’re saying fans don’t have friends, significant other or other interests? who do you think you are? stop talking as if you know everyone and can read minds.

                  stop acting like an unemployed loser who have too much time fighting with everyone. I tell you what, fans goes out more than people who only fights with people behind the internet because their life sucks enough to hate idols and their fans.

                  calling other people as toddler, I can see how ‘high’ your IQ are :P

                  and its obvious you’re ignoring other comments. you think my comment is easier to reply? how wrong can you be.

                  one advice to you, get out from your cocoon and see people.

                  • You sound pathetic. Just stop. That’s why I stopped interacting with fellow Arashians cause ya’ll be sounding ignorant af sometimes. It’s painful and full of cringe. Yes, we’re salty cause ya’ll stuff the votes. Ya’ll obviously don’t watch/listen/read to anything other than Arashi/Johnnies so when you vote here your bias shows. It sucks.

                    • Arashatt

                      I love you hun but honestly fan votes aren’t srs biz. I voted for Suchmos and Bump but I freaking will vote for untitled as the best album cover and Arashi as talent of the year just to annoy snobs like “not a blind sheep”. This is arama for goodness sakes. Why you need be fighting for their salty asses?

                      • 2 days ago, I was just really salty. Looking at what I typed, I’m like whoa what crawled up my butt? But, I said what I said. This community is varied and it’s just not fair when Arashians come and skew the votes. I mean, if it’s not serious business, why post the link everywhere and get every Arashi fan from all over the internet to vote (multiple times) in the first place?

                      • Arashat

                        they’re not even bulk buying/voting though. arashi just has a lot of fans. And arama is the well known enough as the main English site for j-ent. A little publicity here and there doesn’t “skew” the polls. I bet all those who voted knew about arama’s antics.

                      • Arashat

                        Nice. A neil degrasse tyson meme when I was talking about facts (unless proven otherwise)

                  • Not a blind sheep

                    “why are you getting butthurt”
                    >> You’re obviously the one “getting butthurt”

                    “nobody said money is more important. which part in that statement is
                    same as ‘some people just happen to have more money to spend on their
                    >> You’re the one who said: “just because their fans have more money than you” and bragged about it in another comment replying to yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai that you also had “more money” than him. That’s an incredible childish and shallow comment. In your narrow mind, you think that people are not following/supporting idols because they “don’t have money” or “are unemployed”, and then you’re speaking about “reading people’s mind”. Go figure!

                    “you think all fans use their parents money to buy merches”
                    >> Well, at least that confirms me about you been quite juvenile and still depending on your parents.

                    “if you have more important things to do, go on, leave this page”
                    >> You definitively have a problem with people exposing your flaws, and you want to shut up everybody who do so, just like the wannabee autocrat who is acting like a toddler.

                    “calling other people as toddler, I can see how ‘high’ your IQ”
                    >> ROFL. You made me laugh so much on this!!! You’re living in such a bubble, that you didn’t even understand the reference. You should definitively start to be interested in other things than idols, and follow the news… Maybe one day, you’ll understand the reference…

                    “have too much time fighting”
                    >> Who is fighting and replying on EVERY single comments criticizing Arashi/ Johnny on this article?

                    “its obvious you’re ignoring other comments. you think my comment is easier to reply? how wrong can you be”
                    >>> ROFLMAO No, in fact, that was the sentence I laugh the most at!!!!!! Definitively!!!
                    You are totally paranoid! I don’t care about you. I just replied because your comment seemed the most stupid/childish. You’re WAY too full of yourself!!!

                    Given the very similar “Engrish” and the time at which you posted your respective answers, I tend to thing that you and angel223_ are related…
                    I also think that you’re either a teen or a young adult, and you obviously seem to be suffering from a strong addiction to idols (i.e. your urge to defend them at all costs and your paranoid feeling that I “chose you” because I allegedly (in your mind only) “thought it was easier to reply” to your comment. So, I let you an article that I hope will help you, even if, I’m pretty sure you’ll deny everything.

                    “get out from your cocoon and see people”
                    >> That would be my best advice to you! You’re way too much involved into your own bubble, you don’t understand easy references to the world’s news, and you are paranoid enough to thing that everything revolves around yourself and that I “chose you” because it was “easy”.
                    Seriously, and I’m very serious about that, try to see someone dealing with idol/celebrity worship addiction, or you’ll suffer in the future… :(

                    Now, I won’t reply to you anymore, because it’s useless, but it’s not useless that you see a specialist, if you love yourself enough.

            • Kuku

              Why got no 6th on overall ranking sounds bad..arashi still no 1 for idols and just deal that they are accepted by the public

              When arashi dominating the nikkei poll some so called true artist fans were mad
              When thet dropped to no 3 they celebrate it like they are flopping hard
              Speaking of double standard

            • Pipe’sIDIC

              But the Arama uses ARASHI/Johnnys for clickbaits. Don’t throw Arama’s revenues under the bus too.

    • howtohold

      What is Cancel of the Year?
      I am so curious why TWICE is there though….

      • Kanjo Maru

        It means something you don’t want to see anymore.

        • howtohold

          Ohhh, i see. I thought it was related to having a scandal and being cancelled…thank you!

          • Kanjo Maru

            Yeah that might have been what I thought if I didn’t see it explained in the nomination form. This site uses a lot of slang like that that I never see anywhere else.

            • Ash

              I write here and I’m baffled by some of the slang…

    • Hatori Sachiyo

      Instead of complaining, why don’t you just vote. there’s no limit to how much you can vote. and the link is open to public anyway. It’s PUBLIC vote.

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        got better things to do fam

        • surfboardt

          Personally, I’m crying over the amount of statistics I’m doing for a research poster because this data loves trolling the shit out of me. 💁

        • Hatori Sachiyo

          And I have more time and money to spare than you.

          Good luck :P

          • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

            what does spam voting in arama awards have to do with money

    • Guest

      Let’s make this award as legit as that 100 beautiful/handsome face or whatnot. Multiple votes are always welcome.

      • Hatori Sachiyo


    • elsupertai

      Anyone else skipped an entire page? I haven’t watched any J-dramas/live action movies in a long time, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Bobson Dugnutt


      • Elodie Genia

        Akira to Akira(underated in my opinion)

    • nocci56

      are we going to vote for arashi in every category again to piss off the admins?? lol (that was great)

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        everyone else losing their cool is not our fault. we just happen to belong in a larger group.

        • nocci56

          arashi winning in every category even though they don’t deserve it ICONIC, LEGENDARY, EPIC

          • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

            you guys are starting to sound a lot like BTS fans

            • losers game

              which came first, the chicken or the egg…

            • Elodie Genia

              We’re more civilized please XD

          • Hatori Sachiyo

            if the fans think they deserve it, why not? everyone else does the same to their favorite artists, and they think others are worthless. pathetic, right?

          • No, just ya’ll being idk, moronic at best.

      • Ash

        I mean, you can if you want. I don’t mind. More salt for me.

    • Deni Karisma

      honestly i’m really confuse what i’m vote it, but last year was greatest moment. my predict Daoko ft Kenshi Yonezu is a winner.

      • Ash

        Hmm. I don’t ever want to write about Arashi ever again though.

        • Arashatt

          Hope you don’t ever write anything that contains sexist trolling ever again too.

        • lololol okay

    • mmm

      I feel like fandom was alive with Sho’s dating scandal and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I was expecting Paripia as a whole in the social media figures.

    • monica_monami

      i only vote once. i hope others would too. can fellow arashian calm their shit please. u guys sound like bts fans. seriously, stop.

      • Arashatt

        Fan vote awards r srs bisnes yo.
        Lol. I love how pissy people get over this so i shall vote for arashi.

        • monica_monami


      • arashistan

        that’s the worst offense you can make! take that back!

        • monica_monami


    • Bitchsa

      Flop of the year:

      Arama Japan

    • Sumire Saphada

      Namie really? just cause she’s leaving even when she wasn’t notorius all over these years until she announced she was retiring. Just You And I must be her worst single ever and so are her farewell album re-recordings.

      Utada, freal? It’s easier for Jesus to come back than Fantome reaching 1kk or being a HIT.
      Oooh media I’ll write an epitaph for Keiko in form of an album, if you please push me and give me buzz so people will think I’m still relevant when in fact I’m just immitating the indie scene in japan, which was already popular.

      • angel223_

        Spot on!!!
        Real talk for her, just becoz she is retiring she gain massive support, that publicity stunt really work well with her..
        Tho in fact, her album is so generic, ofc, ppl should know her career path, if She will not say retiring, I doubt she’ll reach million.

        Tho I will be sad for her retiring, but Im not be surprised if ever She’ll have an early comeback.


        • Nels Nellis

          True because people did Care for her ,and was able to maintain her image all those year by keeping it low profil. the strategy payoff. If Ayumi or Kumi koda was doing the same and retired i doubt the BUZZ would be as strong to be honest.

          • angel223_

            Namie will choose a grace exit than taint her career.
            She maybe see it through since Ayu hit it real bad.

      • shiryukun

        It sounds like something written by a butthurt fan since his favorite is forgetten by pubic.

      • Ringo

        Tell them! Just you and I is her worst single in years and she sounds so damn bored on most of the re-recordings on Finally.

      • Deep River

        Namie queen, stay mad h8tr.

    • yamakita

      Waiting for this post to be unpinned…

    • halyma현해기

      It seems like hot topics on vote for Arashi. Im Arashi fans too and of coz i did vote for them but i dont vote blindly and i believe other fans will also vote wisely no matter how much we love them. Even within Arashi members we need to vote wisely. Im a fan of Aiba but i voted for Yamapi in the drama category and Ohno for Movie because i think their chàracter and how the act of the character done.
      Although maybe they are some who may still vote blindly of of love, Arashi also have a lot of matured fans all over the world who can think and know how to vote wisely.. We’ve been their fans for so long not only coz of fangirling but because they deserve to be called an idol. At the end of the day i think everyone knows what they are doing..

    • Ryu

      Ayumi at the flop of the year category when she didn’t release anything last year
      That sure makes a lot of sense

      • Deep River

        Her existence is a flop by itself.

    • Deep River

      Oh let me vote for Namie in everything she is in.

    • Ilse van der Pol

      Fear, and loathing in Las Vegas album should be “New Sunrise”. ‘SHINE’ is a single.

    • anon