Three members of Keyakizaka46 collapse on Kouhaku stage

Three members of Keyakizaka46 collapsed during their performance of “Fukyouwaon” on Kouhaku. This is their second performance of the song featuring a collaboration with main host Uchimura Teruyoshi. During the performance, Hirate Yurina was already seen shaking and breathing hard. In a pose with Uchimura, her hands were trembling hard and could not pose properly. At the end of the performance, Suzumoto Miyu fainted during the final triangle formation. Hirate Yurina and Shida Manaka also collapsed in the end.

According to NHK, the three members were diagnosed with hyperventilation and were attended by a nurse and physical condition recovered. They were not transported to the hospital and rested in the dressing room.

After the program, the official twitter account of Keyakizaka46 posted a commemorative photo. The three mentioned members show off their smiles in the photo although fans are still voicing out their worry over their condition.

(via Huffington Post, Sankei, Nikkansports)

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    • james
      • 773

        woa, they kinda didn`t showed ‘daijobu’ first time. i only noticed nods

        • Risa

          Yeah, when we watched on TV, you could see Uchimura lean in and asked her if she was ok. After the performance when Nino and Uchimura were talking, Yoshioka Riho’s reaction as she was watching the stage was concerned too.

    • Karin~

      hope they feel better soon poor bbs! they weren’t the only ones, did you guys see sakurai sho? looked really really poorly as well

    • james

      The question is why this happened? what’s the cause?

      • nikiwonho


        • james

          after that they still have to work on CDTV Premiere Live 2017-2018

          • Eru

            No this one in suit is pre recorded. They only did live in Kouhaku yesterday.

          • gekkou

            was their CDTV live not pre-recorded? I didn’t watch CDTV but I think last year was pre-rec because some of the members were underage? Anyways I would have preferred Kaze ni fukarete mo -> Fukyouwaon on Kouhaku if they wanted that collab that badly :/

          • CyDo

            that was pre-recorded

          • Bobson Dugnutt

            Techi looks sad here :(

    • SsunShine

      It’s a bit weird that it’s not one or two, but three of them collapse at the same time. Whatever it is, I hope they take a good rest (;__;)

      • Michael De Castro

        It wasn’t even at the same time, Suzumoto obviously fainted on camera, but once the cameras stopped, Hirate was shaking and Shida dropped.

    • circe154

      How many shows did they do today?

      • Slava Tyan


      • Rouge Joker

        two with the same song

        • james

          what? 2 with the same song. can’t they perform other songs?
          WTF Kohaku.

          • CyDo

            one was a collab lol.

    • Captain Kortaffel

      NHK needs to stop killing people.
      Some time back, a 30 year old working 140h overtime died of exhaustion.
      It would be great if people involved with NHK don’t die of karoshi.
      Police should investigate their business practises.

      • But is NHK really to blame here? It’s not as if they’re the ones who control the group.

      • light

        The group isn’t under the NHK, so how is this their fault if it’s overworking?

    • AoZora

      When will Japan learn from mistakes.. Overworked people can’t perform their best . Poor girls, they might have practiced a lot without breaks and now when they are about to give their best, this happens… NHK should investigate properly why this happene and culprits be punished..

      • topazera

        Yeah, what really scared me was that they’d had plenty of time to recover before they performed the second time? It was more than twenty five minutes later, if they were healthy that should have been plenty of rest in between. I mean, it’s a demanding choreo but I don’t think it’s -that- exhausting. Which means they were in conditions that were very wrong to be in, some combination of too hot, too depleted in general, too unhealthy in the first place.

        I remember seeing footage of akb behind-the-scenes at one of their concerts and being so shocked by how they’d go backstage and immediately be put on oxygen and -then- have to go back out. It was really horrible to witness the reality of what they were going through to put on the show. The mindset that it’s a laudable thing to be horribly overworked, which is especially harsh in both Japan and Korea, is such an awful thing. But it seemed like idols are pushed scarily far beyond healthy limits, I couldn’t believe that behind-the-scenes footage was just something all their fans would have seen. It somehow felt even worse.

        • AoZora

          When will they learn, being Overworked leads to inefficiency.. It’s not a laudable thing at all.. These girls are still young and pushing them to their limits can lead to long term health issues… Isn’t the government and agencies concerned about these young girls . Health and overall well-being is what they should care for..

        • Mayura

          The problem is these idol companies only see the girls as commodities. Lack of empathy is a widespread disease in corporations these days.

    • bailey darbii

      did it have to be performed twice??? no. i watched this shit live and said mess right away. compared to the first performance the second was so messy, especially hirate, girl was drained. now we have the guilt settling in for these poor girls, fainted on national tv with millions watching. their parents need to step in.

    • Lany *~

      A full leather outfit… I wonder why they collapsed.

    • gus

      Am I the only one who think this is staged? It’s not the first time that this kind of thing happened in 2017. In TIF, Techi looks like half alive but still got center stage and most of the shot, as if someone wants us to see that. There’s one more similar ‘incident’ involving other top Keyakizaka girl but I forgot.

      Mind you that the gimmick of Keyakizaka46 is that they are edgy, quirky, & mysterious teenagers.

      • Not Polka Dot

        No, you’re not. I thought it was staged too.

      • hasawa

        My first reactin reading this new was to feel sorry for these girls but your comment is lowkey making me doubt now…
        I mean, we should never underestimate the level of fuckerie the JE industry is able to achieve for buzz so who knows…….

        • Reileen

          hard to see it as a stunt after seeing how much center girl was shaking and breathing hard.
          and that girl behind just falling off..I watched the performance and that’s the 2nd time she went down, the first time was when they were starting the triangle formation and the girl behind had to hold her up, and she barely managed to do some hand movements before going down totally.
          but it’s really not the first time Keyaki made news because of several issues

          • Looks very real to me. I’ve almost fainted on a stage before and let me tell ya, it ain’t fun. And can you imagine, the lights too! Probably really bright and hot.

          • Bobson Dugnutt

            The girl who caught her must have been so scared. I’m glad she was there.

        • Kiang Sheryl

          JE industry being Japan Entertainment industry right? for real i was like what does JE has to do with them. it is Akimoto that has issues.

          • Eris_03

            Me too. I was like:what has Johnny’s have to do with 46G? 😂.

            On the other hand, some Johnny’s idols are also overworked though

          • CyDo

            she/he means that Japanese industry (?) or Johnny (?) has pulled some stunts just to receive attention. I’m not sure which stunts she/he referred to thou, but I’m interested in hearing the details

          • Yeah, hasawa always puts JE and I have to pause and think for a second. lol

        • Guest

          The only thing to doubt here is the smiles of the girls.

      • はじめましてよろしくお願いします

        “According to NHK, the three members were diagnosed with hyperventilation”

        pretty sure nhk isn’t going to go along with the collapsing of girls on stage during their biggest show of the year for any reason really

        • CyDo

          agree to this. This will be a huge blow to NHK if they are deemed as a ‘complicit’ / ‘the one to blame’ for making the girls faint.
          People fainting due to overwork on NHK most prestigious shows doesn’t look good on NHK.

          Unless…. Keyaki management pulled the stunt without NHK knowing

          • Didn’t one of the AKB girls announce her graduation at Kohaku without NHK’s knowledge a few years ago?

            • Guest

              NHK knew about it. The cameras were ready zoomed in on her before she started saying something.

            • eureeka

              They knew she was gonna do it. It was just (rightly) received poorly because it was Kitajima Saburou’s final performance and it reeked of show-stealing.

            • CyDo

              ahhh that Oshima Yuko… i am not surprised for her announcing it during kouhaku lol. she is known for her attention seeking even within the group lol. but ofc, most akb fans will defend her and think that as a positive trait and that it is “part of her charm”… (attention seeking isn’t a negative traits, she just needs to consider whether it’s the appropriate time to get attention or not)… Plus, it is a total disrespect to Kitajima Saburou who has been scheduled to retire in the Kouhaku.

            • CyDo

              btw, when Sutou Ririka announced her “marriage” in SSK , yuko uploaded a video which can be interpreted as a sign of disapproval towards Sutou Ririka announcing such thing in the sousenkyo (the motivation of the video was later indirectly confirmed by fellow akb graduates) . ofc, she (rightly) gets a lot of backlash….. bcoz who is she to criticize, rite?

          • はじめましてよろしくお願いします

            according to media an on site nurse diagnosed the hyperventalation.

            • CyDo

              ur point being? we all know that btaw

              • はじめましてよろしくお願いします

                my point is it’s obvious your

                “Unless…. Keyaki management pulled the stunt without NHK knowing”

                is ridiculous because of the diagnosis of a medical professional.

                • CyDo

                  That’s why I said it is highly unlikely that it is being rigged lol 😅😅😅

        • yamakita

          It’s an honor to be able to collapse because you’ve overworked by Kohaku.

          • 🦇

            Fuck off

            • yamakita

              LOL sorry you didn’t get the sarcasm.

      • starlightshimmers

        I don’t think it’s staged. I’ve fainted before, twice, it just happens, you don’t plan for it. One second you’re fine, then next all of a sudden your body just goes limp and drop on the floor.

        Based on the clips and the GIF, it looks to me like it was exactly like that. A normal, healthy person doesn’t just drop on the floor without cushioning themselves.

        • Guest

          Actually the girl who fainted, significantly struggled throughout since the very start of that performance, almost collapsing several times during the dance. Similarly the center girl who was breathing heavily was already at that state in the beginning.

    • hasawa

      “At the end of the performance, Suzumoto Miyu fainted during the final triangle formation. Hirate Yurina and Shida Manaka also collapsed in the end.”
      They literally resorted to their very last forces to make it until the end.. Poor girls…(and f*ck JE industry)

      • Rouge Joker

        Them why?

      • Dramafan

        What does Johnny ‘s have to with this or do you mean Japanese entertainment industry?

        • I think they mean Japanese Entertainment. They always say JE so I believe that’s what they mean.

    • Still striving for relevancy..

      gosh let them rest!

    • SnowDrop

      This was just scary to watch. You never want to see a performer collapse on stage. Though, considering how overworked these girls are, I’m honestly not surprised this happened.
      On top of the exhaustion, they put them in the worst possible outfits that were probably a contributing factor. Seriously, who thought full leather outfits was a good idea?

    • …Oh my god. What the hell? I hope they are doing okay. Wtf dude?

    • light

      Poor girls, i really hope they are ok. Maybe it was a mix of the leather costumes and the lights.

      • Creepstone

        Not just the costume. They’ve had performances on shows for few days straight before Kouhaku so of course they would barely have time to rest. Fukyouwaon is said by the members to have the most physically exhausting choreography but they performed it twice in Kouhaku. During the few-minute interval of their performance, I bet they practiced with the host too.

        • Liokt

          “During the few-minute interval of their performance, I bet they practiced with the host too.”

          Exactly what I thought. But I don’t know, I’m really not into any idol group, not my cup of tea, so I barely know this group, only few stuff here and there… But I can’t take this incident off of my mind since I saw it for the first time. And after reading all these news and comments about it, I’m still feeling a sense of “staged”. Not much because of the girls themselves, like they were faking (I truly believe they were not faking), but because of all this “quirky & mysterious teenagers” image (like @disqus_aoWXcKfVJt:disqus said) they’re supposed to represent. I mean, it seems like the incident fits the theme perfectly, don’t you agree? Even the song sounds a bit scary (a little bit more scary after the incident imo) And it’s more than obvious that the staff knew this would happen, hence the circustamces (leather outfit, extremely difficult choreography and the fact of doing it more than twice). So I’m kinda feeling they “let it happen” consciously, like if the audience were supposed to testify these “mysterious girls” in their most deplorable physical condition on Kouhaku, the most traditional music show of Japan. It sounds pretty effective, right? A pretty successful way to promote an idol group which is known for their dark and controversial attitude. This girl Hirate Yurina were so awfully bad that it deepened the darkness of the performance, like if she really was a zombie girl making huge efforts to make a dance move (not in a funny way, definitely).

          • Creepstone

            I really love this group because they’re unique. Lots of Japanese stars acknowledges them and supports them. They were even said to be “real people” since in front of the camera, they tone down their positive emotions but whenever it’s just them, without the cameras, they are bubbly and crazy girls. This group didn’t really push their weird, scary, cool, etc image. On their shows, they show their quirky and dorky selves. They are just so united and have mutual agreements when it comes to performances. There was an insider that said that the girls insisted to dance despite the staffs’ warnings. I think they were just too pressured.. because it’s Kouhaku and one of them is not present due to health reasons. Please don’t judge them from this happening. It’s just ironic how all these accusations fit in their song Eccentric..

    • yamakita

      Aren’t some of them under aged? It seems like the performance happened too late? Or was it taped?

    • rshina

      I really don’t think the one at fault is NHK. It’s not like all of their artist was fainted. I mean, Twice who is super busy didn’t have fainted member.
      I really think Keyakizaka Management is overworking the girls.

      • Chiha1kwings

        Both are idol groups and of course would be overworked. Problem is Keyakizaka46 dance movements are far energetic thanTwice’s hence energies would be drained from the girls.. and they look tiny already

    • Carmille Lozano

      I don’t know if this is true, but I heard some rumors about this group and it’s quite scary. I heard this incident just proved how mentally and physically exhausted these girls are especially the center girl Hirate Yurina. Apparently the song they performed “Fukyouwaon” really gets to them mentally because of the lyrics and the dance doesn’t help them physically either. Hirate takes most of the pressure in the group which wears her out and I heard Akimoto really likes Hirate so no other member could really be the center. The scary part is that a lot of fans noticed a change in Hirate where she shows signs of depression especially in interviews. At first people thought it was an act, but then they noticed her behavior started getting worse. She started covering up her face even more and the reason was she didn’t want to exist (in Japanese it said she wanted to disappear). Some fans are really worried about Hirate’s mental health since she’s only 16 and taking on so much pressure as a center. Again I don’t know if this is true, but there seems to be more than just physical exhaustion that caused this incident.

      • ProllyWild

        She may be exhausted by the work, but wanting to disappear may also have to do with being in the spotlight. Fans can make it just as bad for idols..sometimes even worse than the business can.

      • jessica Ribeiro

        2016 and 2017 were very difficult years for the group. there was the incident where the guy tried to attack hirate in the handshake event. she even lost her voice for a few months (I’m not sure if it’s related to that). in addition there is a member in hiatus and with the busy schedule of the summer tour, some members became ill, including hirate, failed to perform some songs of the show with the group due to exhaustion and hyperventilation. I think the blame is partly on the management of the group, who thinks that it’s a good idea to perform this difficult choreography twice in a few minutes with those clothes that are apparently hot and heavy..the first performance was great, a pity that was overshadowed by this incident.

        • Carmille Lozano

          Although I don’t follow this group, I heard some dark rumors about Keyakizaka46 as well as Akimoto as a producer. Do fans know a lot about what goes on behind the scene?

          • Creepstone

            Dark rumors? What sort? All I know is that this group is actually the most free group among AkiP’s handled idols. The center, Techi,(and other members too) is given the freedom to choose which path the group will take and since they started off as a rebellious group, they continued to be so. But well, the management keeps on pushing the girls. They are so close to each other, so much that even one member missing affect all the members, but I heard that the management wants rivalries not unity or smthn. That’s all I heard.

          • CyDo

            what are those dark rumours u keep mentioning? it’s hard to answer ur question when u don’t even describe what u are asking😅😅😅

      • Chiha1kwings

        Hirate is just rebelling. She is at that age. She is someone who speaks her mind and doesn’t care about management. In an interview she stated she refused to perform just because she felt so, even when management insisted. If she is that exhausted she would have said it long time, or dropped out. I hope people just understand she is passing through a phase so common with japanese teenagers and stop assuming the worst.

    • dreadful industry

      It’s not only exhaustion from overwork, it’s also the from the “idol” concept, especially for female performers. Their weigh is tightly controlled. If one of them gains a couple of pounds, she’s immediately stigmatized a “fat cow” by fans and staff. If their diet is too strict, and their training/work too demanding, then these girls don’t get enough nutrients to perform properly, and it ends up like that… :'(
      The idol industry (and very demanding fans) need(s) to change! These girls are not smiling and pleasing robots, they are humans beings who can have failures (and nutritious needs). Fans and the idol industry need to accept that and to be far less demanding!
      And as for the ones who claim that it’s “staged”, you either have no heart or a very poor eyesight.

      • Elodie Genia

        Weigh of ANGERME and Morning Musume are tightly controlled ?

        • O

          Hello Project isn’t perfect, but I actually do think they view and treat their ideals better than many companies.

          • Ngo Duc Thinh

            Upfront treats their idols better than sony and aks treat akip product group.

        • lol

          you wrong for that lol

        • WTF-nic Weirdo Ichiban

          Lmao in Japan the girls blame eachother for their weight and the peer pressure does the rest. In Korea they go through restrictive eating – pushed by their companies which are looking for their weight, which is even way harsher than Japan. Hello Project and controlling weight, that’s hilarious. I’ve seen them with big buffets of food. They definitely don’t … and honestly girls like Ogawa Makoto, Maasa and Zukki were at some point to the level of actual obesety, no wonder people said something… the average Japanese citizen doesn’t see that much wrong with Sayashi, Oda, Fukumura, Haga, Okai, Nakajima, Sugaya, Tsugunaga, Wada Sakurako, Hirose, Takagi, Takeuchi or Kasahara at all (sometimes there are some 2ch trolls who even call Masaki and Kudo fat lol but those are the extremes, in Korea that’s the norm – Japan has at least a gravure market for thick girls and groups like Chubiness and Pottya, something “Piggy Dolls” would never be able to do, there is a bigger chance of diversity in Japan than there is in Korea, even tho both are horrible at critisizing every shitty move people do, like as if anyone was perfect). Of course there are girls like Tanaka Reina or Ogata Haruna who admitted starving themselves and girls with eating disorders like Abe, but that’s not as common in HP as in AKB whatsoever. There are also girls which tend to get easier fat and curvy like Minegishi in AKB but even tho she once trained to get super lean she didn’t look that thin and since then she sometimes is gaining it all back to 158cm/48kg … people should be more like Minegishi and don’t give a fuck or Nachu of SDN48 I remember that people called her a whale, then she lost some weight and after that returned to her old weight and she still loves to eat. People like to talk shit about you especially when you are a Celebrity in a restrictive country like Korea or Japan.

      • Zakiiii000

        are you talking about korean idol? you sure you’re not getting confused?

        • nah, pretty sure it happens with Idol Industry in Japan too, BiS for example, there’s a post on arama where the leader is shamed to the hell and back by the manager for not losing weight, hell, they even posted the video of her break down crying when the manager told her she won’t be participating in the next single release (or mv i don’t remember) because she’s too “fat”

          • Zakiiii000

            AKB’s Miyazaki Miho has her ‘fat’ time, and even yes she lose the spotlight around the same time, NMB’s graduate Kishino Rika who was considered ‘fat’ at a time never lose her spot in senbatsu because of this. I don’t remember they being shamed/hated because of that. But yes, they encouraged on their work on losing weight, they don’t make them hate themsleft for being fat.
            And someone already gave you example on Hello! Project..
            I think not all group has same treatment toward ‘fat’ member the same with BiS

          • guest

            Back in 2010 Momoiro Clover’s Reni (purple) got sickly thin after some dumbass requirements by Universal Records and their public weighing of the girls to see if they aren’t “too fat” for major debut


    • ProllyWild

      I know its convenient and fun to use something like this to criticize idol business and tv in general, but it seems most people who don’t know anything are making pretty unreasonable assumptions.

      There are contributing factors in what likely caused the members to collapse and overworking and bad idol culture are unlikely. If anything is really to blame, its the performers themselves. Not to say they did anything “bad” but they did something that is easy to do in a dance routine. It’s an aggressive dance routine, and covered in black leather, this dance would raise their heart rate and breathing immediately. Doing it twice is rough, but given this is the TV size, doing it twice equates to about the same amount of time as doing the full version once. They should be able to handle that. The performers likely went extra hard because its TV, and at some point their breathing became too shallow. This would cause them to get light headed and once you’re in that state its hard to correct and come back down.

      The reason “overworking” doesn’t likely apply here is because theres not much to do on an ensemble show before performers actually hit the stage. Most of the time would likely have just been standby time. They could have been eating, or participating in videos, or maybe even doing some light rehearsal, but it would have been nothing that should have exhausted them so much.

      Anyways, glad to hear they’re ok.

      • yamakita

        I’m sorry, but your explanation is too much of victim blaming. I get that performers are held to higher standards because they are supposedly professionals and do things that normal people can’t do. That’s why they get admired, paid, etc. You also seemed to believe that these girls made all the choices here, which is shockingly naive at best. I get that even these girls should be able to handle more than you and me, but it’s also very reasonable to suspect that they are being overworked, not properly cared for, and just used to the max by their puppet masters. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. But chances are, a lot of it is not kosher.

        • ProllyWild

          I’m not sure if you had a point.

          This whole slave and whip idea that people want to push applies to some idols, and other artists and tv personalities. Overworking is absolutely a thing, but not likely in this case. The girls know their choreography, and they know their jobs. Having performers do a dance routine in leather is not new, and its not abuse. Having people do aggressive dance moves while singing is also not abuse. Miura Daichi did it without the benefit of lip syncing and managed to not pass out.

          I used the word fault, but I don’t mean it in any negative context. These girls got caught up in the performance, and passing out from a lack of breath is possible for performers in even less aggressive routines.

          Here’s what we can say though. NHK does rehearsals the day before. NHK is VERY STRICT and thorough about rehearsals compared to other television networks. They even allow media in for the viewing of kouhaku rehearsals. If these girls had seemed like they were overworked, and about to pass out from the intensity of their performance, the media would have caught that the day before. NHK would not allow something so dangerous and risky to go on because they HATE receiving claims from viewers about this kinds of things. Given the make of the actual performance, I’m pretty sure they would have run through that a few times to make sure they got the angles right. So up until the actual performance everything must have seemed OK. Whether you’ve ever been back stage at a TV recording or not, you should know that for something like kouhaku, with so many artists scatter across the entire NHK building, these girls likely would have been in standby for at least 10-15 minutes before they went on stage. They weren’t running a marathon before they went out.

          This incident is not a sign of a trend, its one incident where performers overextended themselves in the performance. If it was something more serious they would have been hospitalized. They got light headed and fainted, that’s it. It happens. It’s more likely to happen for a group of girls who are not particularly the most skilled dancers and who don’t usually do a performance this hard.

          • Ruru

            They were showing signs right from the beginning, especially Techi. And because this was live you really cant rebut that.

            • ProllyWild

              Rebut what? I don’t understand what you think happened.

              Reviewing the video I can tell exactly what happened. The performance is aggressive, and requires some hard movements and falls, but the real problem is the facial expressions they have to maintain to stay in character.

              You’ll notice from the start most of the girls are not breathing through their mouths, but rather just through their noses. There are various ways to maintain a straight face and breathe through the mouth but since few idols are actually trained like athletes, I suspect many of them were just barely getting by with incorrect breathing. The girls are obviously winded within a good 30 seconds. None of them seem likely to pass out completely during the first performance.

              Insufficient cool down from the first performance and again incorrect breathing got them the second time.

              So still part of it is the girls method. The other part may be that no one trained them properly in how to breathe properly. It’s entirely possible some producer who doesn’t dance or sing instructed the girls to keep their faces that way becaus it looked “better”. Either way, overworked is not the cause here.

              • Ruru

                the collab performance is the one that they collapsed in. they were wearing leather black outfits. that’s the one you should be looking at, not the one with their seifuku. in the collab perf s one member (miyu) collapsed two times and two other members collapsed at the end. right at the beginning you can see that techi’s arms are heavy, head lowered, with a very pained expression. suzumoto actually collapses within the first few seconds and then continues with very little energy, like the girl is literally dragging herself and barely dancing and then collapses again right at the ending pose.

                • ProllyWild

                  reason being, because they are still fatigued from the first performance.

                  Ive already noted that their breathing techniques are bad for this kind of dance. during the first performance they pushed their heart rates up significantly. That would likely leave them winded and light headed. Given the VTR in between gave them roughly a minute to change outfits, they likely would have immediately dashed backstage to a dressing area where the assistants would get all of them changed. Whether they drank water or not, I cant say, but in the rush they likely didn’t not do anything to calm down, and their heart rates stayed high. They then would have dashed back out to the stage to get back to formation. at that point, no the leather outfits did not help because they would have gotten hotter than they already were and their heart rates probably jumped again from just dashing back on stage.

                  Its not abuse, but it is poor planning and since they would have successfully done this during the rehearsals, I’d say it was just a number of bad circumstances crashing together.

              • Ruru

                sorry forgot to say that suzumoto = miyu. same person.

            • ProllyWild

              I will say though, I hope that center girl gets checked for a possible concussion. It’s hard to tell in the video if she hit her head when she fell, but that might explain why she wasn’t able to recover for the second performance.

          • yamakita

            Do you work for NHK or own stocks or something? You rely too much on the system at work. Think for yourself, dude.

            • ProllyWild

              Not accepting a baseless conspiracy theory about evil NHK plots for ratings is thinking for myself. Perhaps it’d be better if you just tried to think at all and accept reality for what it is, rather than this ridiculous romanticized fetish for slave idols. They work too hard to have everything they do just summed up to “puppet masters”.

              There was no plot. No script. There was no evil overworking at play in this case. It was just bad form.

    • i_my_me_mine

      Well the choreography did was…

    • AkaneHaga

      watching this i really respect atsuko maeda, eventho she was collapse too, she did a good job until the end

      • yamakita

        No, she just gets drunk and needs to be carried home. Let’s be fair. Maeda was older, even if by just a couple of years when she started. The center started when she was only 14 so she’s been working a lot.

        • Eris_03

          Maeda drunk scandal was after she graduated from Akb though, and she was also 14 when she started in Akb.

          Eitherway, this does not justify overworking these girls

        • N

          I don’t see any need to compare Maeda and the Keyaki girls, but why are those drunk pictures even relevant? That happened right after she graduated. I feel like it’s the same as when someone enters their freshman year of college or their first year of being able to legally drink or whatever and drinks too much because they don’t know their own limits yet. She had been under intense scrutiny to uphold a certain image from the time she was very young and know that she was in a position to “cut loose” she didn’t know her limits.

    • Kiang Sheryl

      i always wondered but jpop idols and kpop idols.. who had it tougher. who are more binded. like i know johnny’s idols get injured and stuff due to work, but not really overworking to the extend of jpop idol girl groups or kpop idol boy groups. but what about everyone else.

      • Eris_03

        Kpop idols, in general, are more controlled when it comes to physical stuff. Like they have diet and weight restrictions. This is also happens to j-idols, but to a lesser degree.

        I guess when it comes to overworking it’s almost the same. It depends on popularity actually. Like how Keito from HSJ has a lot of day-offs, but Yamada has probably a jam-packed schedule because he’s their center,same goes with the Arashi members. I find Johnny’s idols actually wtf in their work ethics. A lot of them has to perform through injuries and sickness (i.e Kamenashi performing after falling in a stage after a backflip, Yamada performing through a back injury). Same goes with akb actually. Mariko Shinode revealed she only has 3 days off per year before. So, there’s that.

        Korean idols also are worked to the bone when they’re at their peak. Especially SM Entertainment, where a lot of talents actually leave the company due to exhaustion. I can see the same on BTS who are at their peak right now. K-idols, in general, don’t have steady gigs tv like 48G,46G and JE idols though.

        • kunyit

          Arashi if the members have tour or solo projects are busy but if not they have like 2 days off in a Nino said they only look busy lol

          • Elodie Genia

            It’s not the case for every member, nino said too he don’t know how sakurai sho manage to be healthy with his schedule. When they say day off, it’s not like doing nothing too, it’s a japanese day off ^^’

          • Urara Kasugano

            That’s another episode of Arashi being humble af but real talk though do you realize just how many times does Sakurai Sho appear on TV? he hosts three shows (VS arashi, Arashi ni shiyagare and The yakai) while also being a newscaster; he also does acting which means that he stars in dramas; at the same time, he hosts two music shows annually (Music day and 24H television); plus he travels to countries to make coverage for some news (for example Olympics or war aftereffects, etc). And in the meantime, concert time comes, where he has to record an album, rehearse each song on the set list and learn any new dance move and do not forget he is also doing those shows at the same time.
            As for Nino, he does not do as much; however, I cannot say he does not work hard enough. He had two movies this year to film and like Sho he hosts two shows (VS arashi and shiyagare), plus those interviews for movie, arashi, whatsoever. PLus, the concert.
            Don’t let me write other members schedule as well xD

            • kunyit

              Yeah i know they are busy but like thet said it themselves when thet dont have solo project or single or album or concert rehearsal they can get 3 days off a week

              And dont forget nino san for nino

      • O

        Hard to compare. There are definitely Kpop idols who get forced into plastic surgery procedures by their companies (there were a lot of rumors that SM forced SNSD’s Jessica into a jaw shave and she wasn’t happy with the results at the time). There are Jpop singers who get plastic surgery, but I don’t think any of them feel pressure or are forced by their company. At least, not the big ones.

    • Supporter of Keyakizaka46

      As a fan of the group, I can’t say I’m surprised by this, especially by the center (Hirate). Management to me are pushing Yurina over her limits, she’s only 16. Suzumoto barely turned 20. They, as well as Manaka, love what they do, but I can’t stand it when they have to work so hard that they have to faint, hyperventilate, do what Yurina did by the end of it. The fact that Suzumon’s the group’s best dancer, and Yurina’s the group’s ace, might’ve made it worse.

      Fukyouwaon was and will probably forever be Keyakizaka’s hardest dance to pull off. Even in practice, some of the girls were fainting. But its that fact, that its the hardest one to pull of, that probably pushed to what had happened in that second performance.

      I’m happy that girls like Watanabe Rika (the one who was holding Suzumoto) and Sugai Yuuka (the one who was next to Hirate) were with them because I know for sure Suzumon would’ve suffered more if Rika wasn’t there, and Yurina would be sprawled across the floor if Yuuka wasn’t holding on her. It was a hard year for them, especially for the center Hirate Yurina.

      I don’t believe it was staged, and as much as you want to prove me wrong, I will still hold to that opinion. this is what this is in honesty. Opinions.

      • topazera

        It makes me so sad to hear you aren’t surprised but I could see it. The circumstances here would set off alarm bells for me even if I didn’t know anything about AKB groups (I’ve followed them in general over the years though I don’t know anything about this one in particular). I can only hope these girls make it out of this okay, both physically and mentally. Fans shouldn’t have to be thankful that a girl was there to catch a member who would have otherwise fallen uncontrollably to the ground, though I am glad she did. :(

        • Supporter of Keyakizaka46

          Since both Yuuka and Rika are the oldest two (out of the ones performing), as well as Yuuka being Captain, I think the both of them proved that they can be reliable in the hardest of situations, and that I am thankful for, not that I’m not thankful for them being there when Suzumoto and Hirate were at their worst, but I’m also thankful for the fact that they are prepared for the worst, that they know what to do in that kind of situation.

    • stop idol in 2017

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    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Damn. Will there be repercussions against the girls management from NHK? It was obvious the girls were not in top shape so they could have stop them from performing another hard routine.

      They could fill that part with a little improv skit from the hosts. Heck, let Nino do a little song and dance would have been fine.