Sandaime J Soul Brothers member ELLY calls Mei Kurokawa a bitch

Sandaime J Soul Brothers member ELLY has been taking a lot of flack online after footage leaked of the singer calling actress Mei Kurokawa a bitch.

The drama started on January 1st 2017. A video was posted by ELLY on Periscope, one of the newer social media platforms that allows you to stream live videos. ELLY and his band-mates had just finished work on a television show and were on their way to a year end party. Later on, he started to stream a live video on Periscope where himself and other LDH members were buzzed on alcohol. The majority of the stream consisted of ELLY ranting about “stupid” gossip websites and magazines, saying that his group Sandaime J Soul Brothers worked extremely hard to get into the position they’re in right now, doing their best at singing, dancing and “entertainment” (acting/variety).

This is most likely in response to the allegations that LDH used bribery to win the grand prix award at the Japan Records Awards. However, viewers were more interested in a small excerpt where actress Mei Kurokawa was brought up. ELLY, an unknown woman, and other members of LDH (most netizens feel it’s Mandy Sekiguchi from GENERATIONS) took part in the conversation. While it was difficult to hear at times, the conversation went as follows:

Unknown Woman: Look, this is Kurokawa. Mei Kurokawa. Look.
ELLY: Kurokawa….bitch.
Unknown Voice #1: She’s so pretty.
Unknown Woman: It’s Mei, Mandy-san…(difficult to hear what she says after that)
Unknown Voice #1: What? Really?
Unknown Voice #2 (assumed to be Mandy): Itadakimasu! (let’s eat)

The video remained on Periscope for nearly two hours before it was taken down. The incident was kept under wraps for a while, before a few gossip websites started to report on it just over a week later. Very unlikely an apology or explanation will be given, to avoid giving publicity to something that was pushed under the rug quite successfully. Getting drunk and going on Periscope probably isn’t the best idea as a celebrity.

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    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      lol yeah, don’t drink and sns man.

    • Lany *~

      Who’s being a bitch…

    • eplizo

      Bless his heart. LMAO

    • H

      Um…what a piece of shit. Bitch has more of a connotation of “slut” in Japanese.

      • Ayomoo

        It does, which is interesting. I saw a fan try to downplay this by saying “You guys don’t know what you’re talking about! The word bitch is a hip hop term to describe hot girls!(イケてる女)” The gross part is that it got a lot of retweets and fans think it’s okay. They’re probably hoping he starts calling them bitches too in that angry voice smh.

      • WOW

        it does. some 2ch discussion says she sleeps around a lot so they agreed with elly

        • mikamika

          Having of sex of whichever quantity doesn’t make a woman a slut (or bitch or whatever), but 2ch will probably never learn 😩

    • solacesky

      so the whole discussion is vague as shit, but they managed to pick up the word ‘bitch’ ? LOL i’m no SJB fan tho i iike some song, but leave ELLY alone xD

      • rey

        in the video he screams BITCH! twice…into the camera….so….

      • Anonym

        I don’t think she ever did anything to be called a bitch twice. Maybe leave MEI alone?

    • james

      Looks like another member from another JPOP band going leave &
      his name is ELLY from “J-EDM Brothers”

    • rey

      kurokawa is more known for the gravure she’s been doing since she was 12 that’s gradually become more provocative, it’s weird she’s being called an actress by every matome site.

      but fucking ew at these comments. “misogyny is hilarious! bless his heart!!!”

      • eplizo

        I know that’s a reference to my comment, and it’s sarcasm in case you didn’t understand cause he’ll probably be in shit if this blows up. I’m surprised you think any of us laughing are genuinely happy he called her a bitch considering the nature of most comments on this site lmao.

        • Ayumoooo

          Lol at you completely changing the tone of your post. No one thinks you’re giddy but “LOL!!!” comments are in poor taste.

          • eplizo

            How is it in poor taste? It’s really not that serious lmao.

    • Ryusei

      any link to the video? or at least audio?

    • Kiki

      There’s clearly a cut between him saying her name and then bitch he could clearly be talking about something else plus his drunk I dont think he even knows what his talking about

      • nikita

        um…not a cut, it’s a short pause LOL. he goes on to talk about how hard sandaime works at singing and dancing and how gossip brings them down, so i’m pretty sure he knew what he was going on about.

    • Psst… CRAZY-who? He’s properly behaving like a fuckboi, with that being said I don’t think the word was directed towards Kurokawa but he was just saying ‘bitch’ in general to try and look more gangsta I guess?

      Either way I’m still laughing cuz even though I like 3JSB and Elly, he just looks like a proper roadman in here, lmao trying too hard ruh, stop it.

    • Hyuuzu

      ushaduash please.. watch the video…. The girl was not even talking to ELLY! she was talking with the others there and elly was just drunk and repeating the name he heard. He even said bitch Twice not because he hates the girl, just because he might thinks bitch sounds cool.
      Obvls NOT, Elly, you should stop this and dont use this kind of word anymore in your life, not even if for a joke… but c’mon, why you hate 3JSB this much? leave them alone

    • Thomas

      wait so the guy who looks like a fuckboi IS a fuckboi?!?! Surprise surprise.

    • honey girl

      She probably curved him hard as shit. Men and their fragility…

    • Twinkle Kilara

      Idk if he meant it in a negative way or in the hip hop way either

    • Mochachiiiii

      This convo is verge as fuck it doesn’t make sense it’s all over the place. and the only thing they managed to pick up was bitch. I don’t know man if he did say that then he’s an asshole for sure but without context it doesn’t make sense. lol maybe she rejected his ass and he’s still bitter. All im saying is without actual context it doesn’t make much sense

      • isanta

        But it does make sense to be called bitch after turning someone away? Sounds like pure hipocrisy.

    • Guest

      lmao this comment section.

      Whether you like ELLY or hate him, what he did was shitty and there’s really no getting around that. Livestreaming while you’re drunk, especially when you’re a popular celebrity who has been under scrutiny, is a really stupid idea. Period.

      That aside, it’s equally, if not more shitty to assume he’s an asshole because he did something dumb while drunk on camera. The scrutiny JSB has been under is likely very difficult to deal with, especially since there’s way more to the story I’m sure they know that the public never will. I’m surprised they’re not drunk more often tbh (or maybe they are and we don’t see it lol)

      • isanta

        Being drunk doesn’t defend anyone, if he wasn’t a bad person, he wouldn’t say such regerdless being drunk or not.

        • Bun

          Saying dumb shit while drunk doesn’t make someone a “bad person” lmao.

    • What

      It doesn’t really look like he was calling her a bitch, but just randomly yelling it out? He looked straight into the camera twice and yelled bitch, however at the beginning of the video they were definitely talking/gossiping about her and it looks like he didn’t realize the camera was on at that time and he accidentally recorded the convo lol

    • Ackerman

      Where is that good friend that takes your phone away when you’re drunk? He needs one of those.

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        Sadly, it seems too many “friends” have been betraying celebrities lately.

    • Oversider

      Based on the video, idt he was referring to her or anyone in particular tbh. He looked like he wasn’t even really paying attention to their convo and blurted out the word randomly while streaming, which unfortunately had folks gossiping in the background at the time. I’m not gonna jump to any conclusions and call him an asshole when it could’ve very well been unintentional. Gosh Elly….. honestly, as a celeb you should really be more careful.

    • Why am I here? I don’t even care.

    • Nana

      Honestly she is bitch 😏