Oricon publish their Favorite Artist Ranking for 2017

-Oricon Favorite Artist Ranking:  10s Demographic-

  1. back number
  2. Arashi
  3. AAA
  4. GReeeeN
  5. [Alexandros]
  6. Yuzu
  7. Ikimonogakari
  8. Kana Nishino
  9. Nogizaka46

-Oricon Favorite Artist Ranking:  20s Demographic-

  1. Arashi
  3. Hikaru Utada
  4. back number
  5. Ikimonogakari
  6. Mr.Children
  7. Gen Hoshino
  8. Perfume
  9. KinKi Kids
  10. SMAP

-Oricon Favorite Artist Ranking:  30s Demographic-

  1. Hikaru Utada
  2. Mr.Children
  3. B’z
  4. Namie Amuro
  5. Spitz
  6. Ikimonogakari
  7. Perfume
  8. SMAP
  9. Gen Hoshino
  10. KinKi Kids

-Oricon Favorite Artist Ranking:  40s Demographic-

  1. B’z
  2. Mr.Children
  3. Hikaru Utada
  4. BOØWY
  6. Arashi
  7. Southern All Stars
  8. Spitz
  9. Ikimonogakari
  10. ZARD

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  • Comments

    • eplizo

      Did you guys perhaps notice Utada Hikaru shitting on your faves? :)

      That’s called longevity and public appeal. Not everybody has that.

    • mikamika

      I find it kinda hard to believe that Arashi is ranked in all demographic groups except for the 30s…
      But I can totally live with this ranking, lots of good acts ranked (and some I’ll simply ignore).

    • honey girl

      Lmao kana’s literally only loved by 10 year olds…lmao Love it’s album sales truly reflect it.

      • Damn


      • Everyone already knows that Kana’s fans are mainly teens though…

      • LJL

        I am pretty sure her targeted audience are mainly teens

    • honey girl

      Also semis like Arashi is losing it with the public this year. Was anyone even excited for their releases this year?

      Also I wonder when this survey was taken seeing as Namie had a 4 spot drop. I would think that since she announced her retirement, everyone would be in their feels.

      Hikki, another day another slay!

      • Lol

        They only lose 2 spot drop after 7 yrs on top..public still excited of their releases then if not they wont be in the top 10 lol

        • But they are definitely going downhill.

      • Dayse

        LoL, that slogan at the end was gold. 😂👌

    • i think it isnt “favorite” artists, it’s kinda “well known artists”….

    • It`s depressing to see no good LDH groups up there, but this year has been a horrible year for them. Like only flower, happiness, and the rampage made me happy…

    • Pedro Flores Tafoya

      Hikaru will always be Japan’s sweetheart even if she doesn’t release anything she’s in everyone’s heart and mind.

    • Wow, okay. Cool.

    • What

      Wow Ikimonogakari loved by all ages

    • I need to know what Yuzu did to stay so high on so many lists.

    • Dayse

      Ikimonogakari did great, liked in the full range of demographics. woah.
      I’m kinda sad that Ayu wasn’t gracing any spot, I thought she would be popular with at least women in 20s and 30s at least, who experienced her golden days.
      I mean, Ayu tries so hard, my poor sweetie. 😔

      I’m happy for Arashi, it’s hard not to like them, I giggle like an idiot while watching their dvds.LOL (although I confess I haven’t checked yet their new album).
      As for my queen 👑, no big surprise, but always good to see she’s well liked, good to know I’m not the only one whose heart was stolen by that H 🐝. 💕