Namie Amuro to Perform at the 68th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen

Many have been hoping for it, and today NHK confirmed: Namie Amuro will be performing at this year’s Kohaku Uta Gassen! This will be Namie’s first Kohaku appearance since 2003. This will be Namie’s tenth and final appearance on Kohaku, given that she is retiring next September.

Namie will be performing on the show as a special singer. It was not stated what she will sing during her Kohaku swan song.


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    • SsunShine

      QUEEN!!! Anyone knows if she will perform as special guest or she will be in the Red team?

      Cause I really want Nino to win this time. If Amuro is there as one of the lineup for Red, it pretty much locked for Red.

      • light

        She is a special act, so she shouldn’t be in any team. Still i wonder if it’ll make any difference when it comes to voting.
        I’d also like Nino to win but with Namie it will be difficult.

    • AoiMe

      RED TEAM IT IS!!!! Yassss queeeeeeeenn!!!!!!! She needs to close the show.. She MUST!

      • Nope

        She won’t be on the red team, she is just a special performer

        • Christina Gmiterko

          I’m sure it’ll make more people vote for the red team anyway.

          • Lol

            Yeah sure

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Queen Namie ~~ ❀️
      Looks like I’ll be tuned into Kohaku this year πŸ˜‰

    • light

      That’s great, happy to see her =)

    • Pipe’sIDIC

      Yes!!! I’m hoping a long medley of songs, beginning and ending with ‘Can You Celebrate?’

      She’s a special guest so not Red team.

    • bailey darbii

      they better give her everything she asks for. i want to see body feels exit! then a ballad sung in a beautiful gown. i want HD videos too!!!!

      • SL589

        Most of her discography is already on most iTunes (except the Toshiba EMI albums + singles pre-Avex, some collaboration singles and Finally isn’t available yet but I think it will be soon).

        • bailey darbii

          it’s not on apple music….unlike utada, perfume, momoclo, even scandal! i wonder why. =( anything from sweet 19 onwards i will be very happy.

          • MoMoCHu5360

            Could it be Avex maybe?

    • relmy

      Kohaku suddenly became worth it this year!

    • surfboardt
    • Dalooshe


    • mikkimousse

      Omg can’t wait to see this! I am shook!

    • ProllyWild

      Good for the kouhaku team…would have been disastrous for them to lose this kind of content two years in a row..

    • rshina

      I’m so glad! definitely going to watch it

    • Diego

      Yasss! I wasn’t expecting this so it’s great news! I think she will perform Hero because it’s her most recent hit and it was also the official song of NHK’s Olympics broadcast. A medley with 4-5 hits would be awesome, though.

    • K96

      Can someone please tell me how can I watch NHk premium? Will nhk premium broadcast this ?

      • あっけゃん

        You can watch it on fuji tv live, but it’s not a free server and you have to pay for monthly to subscribe and watch it freely without no issue. Good luck!

    • What

      YASSSS now its actually worth watching

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      Woah, what a get for NHK. I’m surprised. Now I have something to look forward to on Kouhaku.

    • あっけゃん

      I hope to see Ayu, she’ll take over the whole show! Lmao

    • Historia Lenz

      I must not miss this! I will surely miss her.

    • eplizo

      I’m hyped!

    • SL589

      She is not on any team but as a special VIP guest and will get 15 – 20 minutes performance from a studio. According to this article:

      • Pipe’sIDIC

        Oh, Namie’s not gonna be at the venue?

        • Diego

          It’s not uncommon for artists to perform outside NHK Hall. Fukuyama Masaharu usually has a Countdown Live in Yokohama and he performs from there. Last year, Utada performed from a studio and Akina Nakamori made a special performance back in 2014 from a recording studio too

          • Pipe’sIDIC

            I know. But I wanted Namie at the venue so that she’ll have a live 10-minute standing ovation.

    • Step Rivera

      I am actually looking forward to Kohaku now!! I tried watching it before, but it always felt like it was missing something. I’m so happy to see Namie performing just one last time on Kohaku. She truly deserves it and as a legend, she deserves the best performance. I can’t wait to see her performance, whichever song it may be.

    • Christina Gmiterko

      I’m hoping for two songs at least. Hero and Finally are strong possibilites. Can You Celebrate isn’t out of the question, but she has done that on Kohaku twice.

      *ahem* now that I calmed down, I wonder if they begged her.

    • Zero Sonico / Natch

      Do we have stream links yet?