Most Tweeted Celebrities of 2016

Who is the most talked about this year in Twitter? We brought you the top twitter trends, topics and hashtags from Twitter Japan, now we get down to most popular celebrities.

The Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories content and information trend analytics company revealed its research on the Most Tweeted Celebrities of 2016. The top 10 most tweeted in 5 categories are listed below for the period covered January 1- December 11. The analytics company has several other reports, so you may want to look into other categories/ topics that are of interest to you.

  • Male celebrities (individuals)
  • Female celebrities (individuals)
  • Male celebrities (group)
  • Female celebrities (group)
  • 2D character

Top 11- 20 here

Aside from the 8 Johnnys names, Mamoru Miyano and Gen Hoshino make up the top 10. Voice actor Mamoru Miyano is cast in the anime broadcast of “Yuri!!! on Ice” and “Bungo Stray Dogs” this autumn season, both of which are included in the TOP 10 list of most tweeted anime titles this year. Gen Hoshino is cast in the hit drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”. The drama consistently increased its ratings from the first episode.

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Actress Suzu Hirose took the first place. She appeared in several movies such as “Chihayafuru”, “Your Lie in April” and “Ikari”. She also appeared in more than 10 commercials. Becky, who got into a scandal early this year, ranked second. Tomohide is Kang Ji Young’s kanji name and she ranks 3rd! Satomi Ishihara appeared in several movies and dramas including “Shin Godzilla” and “Jimi ni Sugoi!”. On the other hand, Yui Aragaki is cast in the hit drama “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”.

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Tweets for SMAP has sharply increased this year, due to the disbandment issue that has been talked about since the beginning of the year. Arashi gained nearly 10 million tweets, pulling away from the rest.

Outside of the top 10, ONE OK ROCK ranks 15th place with 1,530,911 tweets. RADWIMPS, responsible for the OST of hit movie “Kimi no na wa” is at 17th place with 1,237,340 tweets.

Top 11 – 20 here

This year, Nogizaka46 overtook AKB48 in Oricon total sales earning 7.4 billion against AKB48’s 6.9 billion yen. Similarly, Nogizaka46 ranked first in number of tweets. 4th place goes to Keyakizaka46, who debuted with “Silent Majority” this April. Hirate Yurina, 14 yrs old and the youngest of the group, was selected as center. The group also became a topic due to their “NAZI-style” costume controversy.

Top 11 -20 here

All 6 characters of the Matsuno sextuplets in the anime series “Osomatsu- san” made it to the top 10. Yuri Katsuki, main character of hit anime series “Yuri!!! on Ice” is in 5th place. The show is the most-tweeted anime show of fall 2016 with 1,440,596 tweets compared to 348,109 of the season’s second most popular show, Haikyu.

Included in the top 10 in this category are political figures, talents and athletes. Hiroki Narimiya’s scandal and retirement made lots of news this year end.

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    • Dashiya

      the Johnny’s domination in individual male and groups is no joke. proud of my fellow Johnny trash lol
      and suprised with Yamapi is that high spot?

      • guest

        Why do kids these days like to call themselves “trash”? It doesn’t even sound cool or cute.

        • Kanjo Maru

          It’s the same kids who brag about shitposting and trolling.

          We’re aware of being stupid so it’s okay.

          Apparently works for artists, too. iKon won best new artist, after all.

          • orangie

            >It’s the same kids who brag about shitposting and trolling.

            nigga lighten the fuck up. it’s called self decrepitation.

            • Kanjo Maru

              Self depreciating humour can be great. Problem with what I was talking about is that for it to be humour it has to be funny…

              • lovehello

                Is there something wrong with your brain? orangie didnt say humor, just self depricating. If you want to or dont want to laugh at it, that’s your own business. But it’s not supposed to be a joke if you’re wondering why you don’t find it funny. You are a shameful display.

                • Kanjo Maru

                  Calling it humour was me being generous and assuming orangie had a point. If not humour then self deprecating what? People calling themselves shitty without any purpose? Then yeah, still pointless.

              • orangie

                yeah good thing not everyone has your shitty sense of humor

        • Cause we know we’re trash.

      • Reileen

        Yamapi, always popular lol

        • Dashiya

          maybe he have something big this year that I miss?he don’t have drama this year, right? I didn’t see him at recent music shows too. I like Yamapi and just thought where he disappeared lol but glad to see he still high rank on trending celebs list.

    • starkkid

      Nogizaka finally beat AKB in both familiarity and sales, huh? about time. Glad akb has a true rival now, maybe they’ll step their game up, also with keyaki on their way to the top.

      • .

        or they hopefully get the hint and finally go away

    • baiz

      Mamo-chan forevaaa.. King JJ is Mamo!

      • Thomas

        thank you, now Theme of King JJ is stuck in my head again >:

    • Midna


    • Lady Sara

      Good to see EXILE & FLOWER in top 10

    • hhhh

      yikes at the imperial flag

      • Fuyuko

        “It is still used in Japan as a symbol of tradition and good fortune, and is incorporated into commercial products and advertisements. ”

        • hhhh
          • Fuyuko

            yup, I’m not arguing it offense to others. but, understand that in Japan (and japan-centric focus platforms) it’s an acceptable image.

            • hhhh

              maybe so, but i don’t think it’s a good idea to use it here where people from all over the world are visiting the site. this is indeed a Japan-centric website, but should it also be running articles on things like Zaitokukai or whale hunting? likewise, a Confederate flag would be an inappropriate choice for a publication running a feature on American celebrities.

              lately, the only places i see the imperial flag are the Twitter profiles of anime-icon netouyos, and on designs made by non-Japanese people.

              • Suzu Alice

                wath are you 80 yrs old, zeeesh

              • Suzu Alice

                what are you 90 yrs old, sheesh

              • Fuyuko

                subjective for me. as i’ve quoted, it’s still used for commercial purposes. personally, I don’t recommend for public forums catering to international readers to use controversial images (though I actually don’t find offense in this specific one).

        • toak

          There are plenty of voices in Japan who call for the end of its use and think it reprehensible. Confederate flag in the US is still ‘a symbol of tradition’ for many, they just so happen to be right wing nationalists. This flag is as offensive as the swastika to large groups of Asian countries, to argue that some people in Japan think it’s ok is irrelevant. And even worse to defend an international site using it.

          • Fuyuko

            ok if you say so

          • Kanjo Maru

            The confederate flag was never anything but the pro-slave war flag. The imperial flag was used for a lot more than just WWII-era Japan, which is the difference.

        • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

          It’s super offensive to a lot of people though where Japan invaded and held people under their rule. To use it on a pop culture site… why…

          • Reileen

            Ok, I’m just gonna change the pic to end discussions

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        Seriously.. D: I kinda got a shock seeing that as I was scrolling down on Twitter

    • Sakura Harano

      Yay, AAA in the top 3 :D

    • eplizo

      Had no clue that Mamoru was JJ lol. He had a good year.

    • mamoswine1

      Where is morning musume?

      • mamoswine2

        Same place where HSJ is.

        • aqua88

          When it comes to HSJ, they are probably not in the list because some people just call them ‘JUMP’ rather than ‘HEY! SAY! JUMP’ which is long and hard to type.
          Their tweets have likely been split across different categories.

          • Reileen

            Forgot to put the top 20 link. Edited it
            Hey! Say! JUMP in full name is #12 (1,995,071 tweets)

            #7 Yamada Ryosuke
            #13 Inoo Kei
            #20 Nakajima Yuto

            • mamoswine1

              believe it or not I like Yuto. I like his acting skills

          • guest

            And you think other groups don’t get nicknames? Kanjani8 is also called “Eito”; Sexy Zone is also called “Sekushii zon”, “Sekuzo”, Sekuzon” and “Sekuchan”; Kis-My-Ft2 is also called “Kisumai”. I find it interesting that SZ with shtton of nicknames is there and HSJ, who sells more, is not.

            • anon

              You might be right, but I guess when you mention Sekuzo or Sekushi zon is definitely Sexy Zone. While you say JUMP, the robot while indexing can’t tell if they are meaning jumping or Hey! Say! JUMP I assume.

            • aqua88

              I think anon below has gotten my point perfectly.
              JUMP will not be indexed under HSJ, but kisumai will be indexed under Kis-My-Ft2 and those names that you listed will be indexed under Sexy Zone as well.
              It’s basically how the algorithm works. They would recognise ‘jump’ as normal ‘jumping’, rather than HSJ.

        • mamoswine1

          well I don’t see HSJ too but Yamada is in there so they kinda hit the list

    • you

      I think Ohno and Matsujun tops the individuals because their dramas too?I didn’t follow about Yamapi much but it’s good for him, he seems still as popular. This year is hard year for SMAP and fans.

    • amused

      J&A be like: No SOCIAL MEDIA ALLOWED
      J&A: /dominates anyway

    • byebicycle

      jun ♥ and i’m always so pleasantly surprised by mamo’s popularity, ahhh ;w;

    • xameix

      I feel like a proud dad every time I see flowers name. Now only if they can win at least 1 award already! Doesn’t have to be the highest prestique award.

      • Kanjo Maru

        Flower are great.

        That is all.

    • Kanjo Maru

      I wonder were Nogizaka members even checked for the individual women category. I find it hard to believe AKB and it’s hundreds of members lose to Nogizaka yet they fill the top 20 and Nogizaka’s busy and popular Nishino, Shiraishi, etc. aren’t there.

    • Aquamarine

      Hoping color-code and can get more recognition ;w;