Former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka arrested for suspected marijuana possession

Koki Tanaka, former member of the popular Johnny’s boy band KAT-TUN has just been arrested by the police on suspected possession of marijuana.

According to a report, Koki was said to be violating Japan’s very stringent cannabis control laws. It was said that he was using the substance in Dogenzaka, located inside the Shibuya ward.

In a statement released by the Metropolitan Police Department, Koki was stopped by the police around 6PM while driving.

Cannabis was allegedly found on the floor between the drivers seat and passenger seat. In response to the allegations and arrest, Koki declared: “The weed in the car wasn’t mine.” When originally stopped by police in the car, he was alone.

Back in 2013 Koki’s contract was terminated by Johnnys & Associates. He went on to form a rock band called “INKT”, who made their debut in 2014.

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Update: NEWS member Keiichiro Koyama comments on the situation

NEWS member Keiichiro Koyama currently serves as a broadcaster NTV daily news program “News Every”. With news of Koki’s arrest dominating Japanese headlines naturally he was asked about the situation, since both of them spent many years together as a member of Johnny’s.

Keiichiro was extremely surprised when he first heard about the news, and gave his sympathies to the other three remaining members of KAT-TUN. He finds it very frustrating that they’re continuing to do their best despite all the hardships that the group faced, and are now being dragged into the scandal. He feels that if the allegations do turn out to be true then it will be really difficult to forgive Koki.

Keiichiro believes that before making final judgments, the circumstances of the case need to be evaluated. Officials are still currently investigating Koki.


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    • apricot

      so…kat-tun is officially the most messy johnny’s group?

    • HoneyDew

      This is sad.. Hope he is not doing it… And that KT tag… Its time to stop using it.. *sigh*

      • Babi Hong

        all japan news websites are using kat-tun. no one knows that his other band exists lol

        • Not even being shady it’s just true

      • lol

        no one will know who he is unless you say he’s ex KT tho?

        • Fatima

          non fans usually dont know who he is lol unless you say he was an ex johnnys or ex kat-tun member

        • It’s the biggest thing on his resume. No one would know what INKT was has Koki never been in KAT-TUN.

          • HoneyDew

            I think its more to do with not adhering to the law of the land and getting caught. Of course with his getting caught,his current band INKT gets affected. And KATTUN,which is trying to shed sympathy and all the bad press it received back then,will once again be dragged in discussion by the media..

            I think its not much about Marijuana being demonized,fans wouldn’t react this harshly if Marijuana consumption was allowed by the country. It is more to do with Koki putting himself and his bandmates in tricky situation.. No one can escape laws. That’s something everyone needs to remember.
            Just my thoughts…

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      He was stopped by the police while driving? I wonder why he was stopped in the first place though? Was he speeding or driving strangely or something and they stopped to check him? ?_? Also, lol @ “the weed isn’t mine”

      • They either stopped him by chance or it was reported for investigation after someone (or a cop) on the street smelled it before he got into his car, and they stopped his car upon suspicion. I’m not too familiar with Japanese laws though and the original article doesn’t say why.

      • perhaps

        maybe police in Japan can randomly check and stop person they found suspicious? KAT-TUN’s Ueda mentioned he’s been stopped numerous times due to his gangster look.

    • guest

      Wow, Arama posting news when it’s still actually news! :O

      Mess. I wonder if this will somehow affect his little bro?

      • rshina

        I hope not 😭. I love Juri so much 😫😫

        • Jug’Crispy

          I hope he never got Juri into that stuff. I know how older sibs are. Always wanting you to try stuff..

          • rshina

            I really hope he didn’t do that… 😫😫

          • iGleaux

            Really? Even when I did dumb shit I’d kick my little brother’s ass if I caught him trying to copy my mistakes.

    • Kiki

      Koki, why do you keep sabotaging yourself?

    • What

      Hmm, I wonder if he was still in Johnny’s that they would’ve been able to hide this scandal..

      • Nope

        Nah, lots of ex-Johnny’s got fired because of underage drinking, drugs use, etc. I don’t think they could’ve save his ass even if he was still in Johnny’s.

        • double_u
          • .

            he’s in one of the most popular groups in japan. of course they didn’t fire him, koki on the other hand would’ve because he wasn’t one of the golden boys in the group.

          • Nope

            Emphasize on LOTS. But yeah, he should’ve been fired too, had he not a golden boy in a popular group.

            • Lol

              There was no proof he had marijuana..
              If there was proof he probably got punishment from jimusho..
              Well he admitted to the 3some.

              • light

                Didn’t he just apologize to the drama staff/cast for the mess this scandal caused? I don’t remember him addressing it in public.

                • Lol

                  He admitted to jimusho i think..

                  • light

                    Well yeah, he most probably told the agency what happened but no way they would actually let the public know about it.
                    He was totally having fun though lol

          • light

            No proofs though aside from him looking weird in pics? Plus they came out years after they were taken.

          • byebicycle

            gdi this gif is cracking me up

          • roochipoochi

            perfect gif usage on so many levels

    • guest
      • Midna

        Jun looks gorgeous.

        • Lol


      • Hermione48fan


      • Fatima

        im sorry but i laugh so hard at this xD

      • Yuuki_MatsuMiya

        My Prince Jun is marvelous…. But we shouldn’t….

      • AkaneHaga

        just disband and make it 2 like kissmyft2

      • whogay?

        He won’t laugh like that when they finally out him as gay….

    • monica_monami

      He is dragging kattun even when he is no longer a member…

      • HoneyDew

        its not he,.. The media keeps using KATTUN while referring Koki and Jin.. Though its been long they left KT …

        • monica_monami

          Yes, i know. I mean no matter what he the media will always use kattun since it’s the bigger name, so indirectly will drag the group.

          • HoneyDew

            Hope the 3nins are not bothered with questions by the media..

            • CLOUD

              wow almost forgot that they’re not 4nin anymore

              feel bad for their fans :/

            • monica_monami

              Yes, hopefully. I am glad he is no longer a member

    • yamakita

      This seems tame since I’m in California. I do like his defense. I bet he didn’t inhale, either.

    • Mika

      I couldn’t careless if Koki is taking weeds, but for freaking Japan strict law enforcement, He should at least care for his Band INKT, they are just getting there, starting to be a good hard rock band!! they are making good music but until when Koki will be selfish for making worried the people around him, does he even think he might dragging his brother in JE.

      Tabloid will drag KAT-TUN no matter what becoz he is a former one, its making a news, KT will never hide this shadow, just atleast, they put INKT since it his band group tok…

      America will welcome him in potting but not Japan..
      Stupid Koki.

    • Aoi

      Dang This is bad-.- Bit he could have maybe not done if I hope:( Eventho I’m his fan and Jin’s fan I wish they would stop pulling KAT-TUN inn and by they I meant the media. KAT-TUN r going through to much already. I hope this doesn’t affect anyone else…

    • morning glow

      The gift that keeps on giving :))

      • iGleaux

        Koki wouldn’t be Koki without fucking up.

    • Azrul Hakim

      As much as I want to give my 2 cents comment but since the deadly bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester this week this seems soooooo trivial to me.

      • relmy

        Exactly why I want trivial news tbh The news was bad enough here before it happened. Everyone needs something lighthearted to keep them going.

        How can you not laugh at a scandal that comes down to ‘musician smokes weed’ – that wouldn’t be news here even without all the tragedy!

      • hasawa

        The world will always keep on running around no matter what happens
        Hundreds of ppl get killed everyday in wars and it didn’t stop you from living your life until then…. (it’s not a reproach just a matter of fact. We all do this)

    • Taima-kun
    • Fatima

      i actually never liked koki, i hope his brother learns from this and dont goe and make mistakes like his bro.

      I’m actually glad he left kat-tun, he wont drag them down no more, same with jin, and junno should have gotten something like a punishment like jin did, i wonder why johnny’s arent doing nothing about junno leaving kat-tun unlike with jin

      • vivi

        If I’m not wrong, Jin was still a Johnny’s when he got married without telling the agency, and Kuroki Meisa announced her pregnancy not long after. I wish for any of the idols to be free to get married when they want, but sadly it’s not the case. Jin did something without the authorization of the agency, he got punishment.

        Junno on the other hand…. He talked to the agency beforehand, negotiating and such. Other Johnny’s had no idea of what was going on when Junno announced he would leave the agency, but the agency did know everything.

      • neko

        What kind of punishment jin received?

    • DHInc

      Koki declared: “The weed in the car wasn’t mine.” When originally stopped by police in the car, he was alone. He then told the officers that the weed belonged to his passenger who so happened to be a pink elephant.

    • HoneyDew

      I read this article linking koki and tegoshi –

      • liuuu

        what about tegoshi?

        • HoneyDew

          It seems tegoshi was clicked with a gangster who was arrested in the past…

          • liuuu

            and why tegoshi problem relate to koki scandal?sorry i just still not get it.

            • HoneyDew

              Its mentioned that tegoshi has pics with a gangster ,meaning he is friends with him and since it can blow up into a big issue,they facilitated koki’s arrest to divert the topic.

              • Himi Tsu

                Seems like Tegoshi talked about that in NEWS’s recent concert. From what he said, it was someone asking him for a picture with him. He doesn’t know the guy. He also said that he will be more careful from now on and that he never thought something like that could happen when he allowed the picture.

                • HoneyDew

                  Its good that he cleared the air… I am happy for him…what I mentioned was in the tabloids..

                  • Himi Tsu

                    I think he talked about it after your comment anyway XD

    • light

      In Japan they are super strict with drugs, i wonder how they’ll deal with his case

    • BAD KID

    • SlyMoonFox

      I’m done

    • Nikki ok

      why is this so funny tho

    • Yessi Mega8


    • ae_abercrombie

      You have got to be flipping kidding me!!!!!!

    • angel223_

      Koki should go to Benguet, theres a plant of cannabis there, He will enjoy it.

    • I’m laughing but at the same time, it’s too bad marijuana is demonized.

    • Reileen

      So, where is Koki now?

    • eplizo


    • So his current band is named INKT. Like…in KT.

    • jadedcrimson

      Honestly, is anyone surprised?

    • sad sad world!

      you people are sick! sorry….like why would anyone laugh off someone’s weakness/tragedy…
      that’s so stupid of you! this is a human, and maybe he’s going to jail….
      you guys have a heart of stone…sadly this generation is going down…

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