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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

A throwback to our past, we’re currently in the early phases of testing moderated user-submitted posting (though none of that copy-and-paste-from-another-site business like we used to). We see the importance in letting you, the reader, being heard by submitting one-off content as a guest writer.

We’re going to be calling them Community Posts and they will be featured along the rest of the posts on our site (with a slight differentiation to set them apart). We’re accepting op-eds, rankings, originals lists, translations, researched discussion prompts, or anything else you could send as a tip (just fleshed out as a post you would see posted on this site).

But wouldn’t that just be doing your job for you?” Not really, because this isn’t a job—we all do it as a hobby but we realize people don’t want the pressure of having to post often. Think of it as a contribution to the community; giving back, like BuzzFeed community, or posting a topic on a forum, or well, even a LiveJournal community.

With a site like this, community is the most important thing. We want to push community discussion and interaction to the forefront. What’s the point of a news site without a lively community with multiple points of view?

As fans of J-Pop, J-Drama, and everything else under the Rising Sun, we have to stick together and create a unified space and spread that message of “Cool Japan” (or whatever). Through this, we want to shift closer to being not only being a platform that expands your view of Japanese pop culture, but one that is yours to shape, where you can share what interests you and find like-minded people to enjoy it with.

If you’re really passionate about sharing news with the rest of the international J-Pop community, we’re always welcoming new staff members (just e-mail us, we’re not too picky). You’ll get your very own account and can post (and edit) whenever you feel like. Be the change you want to see!


  • SNAPPY TITLES AND DESCRIPTIVE CONTENT: Posts must contain an appropriately descriptive title and content.
    • As it is moderated, anything not up to par will be edited and reformatted up to standard, or removed if deemed inappropriate.
  • SOURCES ARE REQUIRED: Make sure your post has a source, whether it’s inline with the content (preferred) or at the end of the post (in parentheses, i.e. “(via Oricon)”).
    • It must contain a full and direct URL to the source, and if it’s a secondary source, include the direct original source as well. Everyone deserves credit.
    • All links must be titled with the website name or profile name that posted the content.
    • If the source doesn’t allow you to take their content off their site, then you’re not permitted to use it as a source. Find another.
  • NO EMBED CODE REQUIRED: YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts don’t need an embed code–just post the link and the rest will be taken care of for you. Check out which posts are embedded automatically here.
  • CREDIT: You will be credited with the information you supply (unless otherwise requested). You become a source, and your post becomes part of ARAMA! JAPAN.
  • OTHER: Your email is required so we’ll contact you if we have any questions, and you can contact us if you have any questions. Let’s start a dialogue.

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