Upcoming Summer JDramas 2018

Survival Wedding
Air Date: 10 pm, Saturdays, 14 July 2018
Cast: Haru, Yoshizawa Ryo, Takahashi Maryjun, Buruzon Chiemi, Maeno Tomoya, Ogoe Yuki, Nao, Ishida Nicole, Tsuihiji Anna, Yamane Kazuma, Kazama Shunsuke, Sudo Risa, Nomaguchi Toru, Namase Katsuhisa, Zaizen Naomi, Arakawa Yoshiyoshi, Iseya Yusuke q

“If I don’t get married in half a year, I’ll get fired?!”
Kuroki Sayaka (Haru), 29 years of age, works for a publishing company. On the joyous night of her resignation day, just three months before her marriage, she finds out that her fiancé had been cheating on her. To add insult to injury, he lashes out at her despite being in the wrong, shattering their engagement. Her marriage is gone in an instant, and she had already quit her job…

Shortly thereafter, Usami Hiroto (Iseya Yusuke), a charismatic editor-in-chief of a popular magazine decides to give the unemployed Sayaka another chance. This person, it turns out, is an acid-tongued narcissistic weirdo! “Do you know why the guy dumped you? It’s because your overall value in the market is low,” he says bitingly.

The difficult editor-in-chief hires her under this preposterous condition: “If you don’t get married within half a year, you are fired!!
1. Work towards marriage the way I tell you to, and tie the knot within half a year
2. Until you get hitched, write for the magazine about your search for a husband

If she does not accept the offer, she will be jobless… This kicks off her extreme and non-negotiable search for her “Survival Wedding”!! “The market value of a woman can be changed by the way she puts herself out there.” She begins to apply marketing strategies of famous overseas brands in the search for her husband!

Sayaka’s market value is abysmal and she is hanging on to her last chance. Just how will the boot camp coaching of her cruel boss transform her? Will she succeed in this survival challenge to climb from the bottom to the top?

Zero Ikkaku Senkin Game
(ZERO -The Bravest Money Game-)
Air Date: 10:30 pm, Sundays, 15 July 2018
Cast: Kato Shigeaki, Mamiya Shotaro, Koseki Yuta, Kato Ryo, Okayama Amane, Sugino Yosuke, Kobayashi Kendo, Umezawa Tomio, Koike Eiko
Synopsis: What’s most important? Money, friends, or life?
“Money God” Muryo Zaizen, Japan’s wealthiest man, holds tremendous influence over politics and the economy. He is building “Dream Kingdom” as an underworld where young adults can gather in absolute secrecy to test their intellect, physical prowess, and luck in a special gamble to win one billion dollars.Young men and women risk their lives in a game where the winner comes out 100 billion yen richer. While great friendships are borne as the players help each other and share many laughs, this is still a fierce survival game that requires them to engage in covert psychological warfare and, if need be, knock each other down. Main character Ukai Zero (Kato Shigeaki) teaches part time at a cram school for middle school kids, but his true identity is as a heroic Robin Hood of the hidden world who helps the underdogs struggling to survive in modern society. He appears like a loser who will never amount to anything, but that is just a façade he hides under. Follow him as he comes out as a gambling genius who cares less about securing his own victory and more about creating a society in which nobody loses.
Tokyo Alien Brothers
Air Date: 12:59 pm, Tuesdays, 24 July 2018
Cast: Inoo Kei, Totsuka Shota, Tsunematsu Yuri, Ohgo Suzuka, Owada Kensuke, Inori Kirara, Yoshida Madoka, Wakabayashi Jiei, Kohinata Setsu, Guama, Yamada Maho, Harihara Shigeru, Serizawa Tateto, Suzuki Hiroshi, Nakatani Ryu, Mizusawa Shingo, Yo Kimiko
Synopsis: Fuyunosuke (Inoo Kei) looks like a university student who lives in Tokyo. One day, an extraterrestrial being suddenly appears in front of him. This is his older brother (Totsuka Shota). The two of them are actually aliens. Fuyunosuke gives his brother the name Natsutaro. Their objective is to conduct a field survey for an “Earth relocation plan”. To find out if Earth is a hospitable planet for their species, Fuyunosuke’s mission is to learn about human beings and let Natsutaro get a job and girlfriend. This is the beginning of their tour of Tokyo and account of their interactions with humans.
Takane no Hana
(Born to be a Flower)
Air Date: 10 pm, Wednesdays, 11 July 2018
Cast: Ishihara Satomi, Mineta Kazunobu, Yoshine Kyoko, Chiba Yudai, Miura Takahiro, Fueki Yuko, Hakamada Yoshihiko, Yoshida Oolongta, Takahashi Hikaru, Jogo Mitsuyoshi, Tate Hibiki, Tabata Shima, Nishihara Aki, Shoji Terue, Shoji Hanae, Toake Yukiyo, Masu Takeshi, Toda Naho, Kohinata Fumiyo

Thinking she’s a 10, she steps off her high horse and is surprised at the love she finds!
Twenty-nine-year-old Momo Tsukishima is blessed with the complete package–looks, career, wealth, prominent family, and incredible talent. Plus, she is a scion of the Tsukishima School of ikebana flower arrangement.

To top it off, she is engaged to the man of her dreams and is about to say, “Till death do us part.” Or so she thought…

Tragedy strikes as she discovers her fiancé having an affair, and the wedding is called off on the day of the ceremony–truly unbecoming of a 10!

Momo (Ishihara Satomi) is on the verge of a breakdown as her self-confidence and self-esteem are shattered.

An unexpected encounter befalls Momo, who has lost just about everything. Looks, career, wealth, and prominent family are all but lacking for mediocre 39-year-old bicycle shop owner Kazama Naoto (Mineta Kazunobu).

What unfolds is a “Beauty and the Beast” romance of immense disparities! A heaven-sent bachelorette steps down to Earth and meets an ordinary guy, but there seems to be no hope in overcoming the great inequality that divides them.

And yet the unthinkable–they fall in love.

Bogged down by an unforgettable broken romance and constant attempts to split them apart, the two must withstand a barrage of tribulations in this torrid drama about pure love.

Buchou Kazehana Rinko no Koi
(Manager Rinko Kazehana’s Love)
Air Date: 11:59 pm, Tuesdays, 05 July 2018
Cast: Ryou, Ryusei Ryo, Ryusei Ryo, Kurokawa Mei, Kawahara Kazuhisa, Ando Tamae, Morita Junpei, Cunning Takeyama, Kaneda Akio, Maruyama Tomomi, Hirayama Hiroyuki
Synopsis: Career woman Kazehana Rinko (Ryou) manages the North American department at the international headquarters of Tekotto, the large electronics manufacturer, where Shima Kousaku serves as the chairman. She has been put in charge of an important internal project and risen to become a possible candidate for the executive officer role at an exceptionally young age. Her relationship with her boyfriend Takazawa Kotaro (Hirayama Hiroyuki) is also going smoothly. Rinko has pretty much the perfect work-life balance. However, things change when rival colleagues who are unhappy with her success, scheme to bring her down and her relationship with Kotaro also begins to deteriorate.
Tantei ga Hayasugiru
(The Detective is Way Ahead)
Air Date: 11:59 pm, Thursdays, 19 July 2018
Cast: Takito Kenichi, Hirose Alice, Mizuno Miki, Katahira Nagisa, Kiriyama Ren, Yukie Moe, Jinbo Satoshi, Sato Kanta, Niiyama Chiharu, Minamino Saki, Mizushima Marina
Synopsis: Zero murders! Zero crimes! Chikumagawa Hikaru is the fastest detective in the world.

This time Detective Hikaru Hikaru (Takito Kenichi) receives a top secret mission to protect a 5-trillion-yen inheritor, Sogawa Ichika (Hirose Alice). Ichika is an ordinary university girl except one thing – she is an orphan raised up by a housekeeper, Hashida Masako (Mizuno Miki), who is also her etiquette teacher. Our heroine has no idea she is a daughter of a magnate and completely unware that she is being targeted by her dead father’s siblings, the Daidara Family.

The Daidara Family wants Ichika’s inheritance so bad. They design numerous perfect crimes like using a spider… every unusual technique to kill her. However Detective Hikaru is always way ahead of them! So quick that Ichika doesn’t even realize her life is in danger. Will Ichika notice that Detective Hikaru is her guardian one day?

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