These rich Japanese housewives are the most exciting thing on Japanese Youtube right now

1人前食堂 [Ichininmae shokudou] – “cooking mama” / 572k followers

Mai Matsumoto

It is uncertain whether Mai Matsumoto is actually married or not, but the size of her kitchen, her many partnership deals, book/magazine publications & features of her cooking recipes don’t lie : she is most definitely loaded and hugely skilled for hypothetically providing to a family. Ironically enough, this channel’s name translates to “canteen for one portion (meals)” yet her sets are more often than not quite overloaded for a single person meal.

Mai‘s channel tends to be extremely family friendly as it often features tips about food saving, food conservation, or how to maximize a single ingredient through different recipes :

who would’ve guessed that lettuce could make so many differents appetizing recipes?

This channel is much recommended for anyone aspiring level’ing-up their cooking skills, regardless they’re married, single, with children or not.

Choki – “the dreamlike Ghibli housewife” / 582k followers

Choki is a mysterious lifestyle & cooking Youtuber who despite starting off her channel barely two years ago displays a tremendous followers count of 582k people.

Regardless of living with her companion(?), her videos never display any social interaction with other people -other than her cats-, and are rather conducted like an introspective poetic story.
Her homely antique aesthetic (that is currently booming /i.e the cottage core craze/ and widely replicated on Youtube) irradiates a peculiar nostalgic & endearing charm that for sure may appeal to the most romantic of us.
While not displaying outstanding apparel or techniques, Choki is a proponent of ways to re-enchant our everyday life : reorganizing our room with handmade candles, repairing old broken bowls with silver (Kitsugi), routines to feel better after getting our heart broken… This channel is a wonderful way to alleviate any anxiety or emotional struggle.

This channel features translated subtitles which is a rare asset for a Japanese vlog channel

Arama readers, has any of these housewives gave you the taste to start a family?

Let’s discuss it in the comment section!

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