ONE OK ROCK, Takeru Sato and Ryunosuke Kamiki Announce Agency Change

Three of Amuse‘s top acts – ONE OK ROCK, Takeru Sato and Ryunosuke Kamiki – have announced their intention to leave the agency. ONE OK ROCK will start up their own agency, 10969, to focus primarily on overseas activities. Sato and Kamiki will be joining Co-LaVo agency, which Amuse also invests in. All parties thanked those involved for their support over their careers and their hope that people will continue to support their efforts in the future.

According to Amuse, 10969 will be led by the chief manager of ONE OK ROCK, with much of the day to day operations (such as fan club management, overseas tour booking, merchandise sales and the like) to be handled by Amuse. Co-LaVo will be headed by Amuse company director Nobuhiro Chiba, with initial seed investment provided by Amuse. Amuse chairman and founder Yokichi Ohsato is expected to be on the board for Co-LaVo agency. All changes are expected to take effect April 1st.

Source: LiveDoor News