Okada Nana Responds to Scandal; Announces Graduation

After last week’s article through Shukan Bunshun, Okada Nana has mostly kept silent. This morning however she finally responded to the situation through her twitter.

To everyone:

I sincerely apologize for the incident that happened last week, and for letting everyone down like this. I also sincerely apologize for taking such a long time to respond and to apologize like this. I’ve completely betrayed my fans’ trust, and have caused many people to loose faith in me.

In the past when that incident happened at the AKB48 general election I told everyone that I would be the one to turn this group into one in which members who were doing the right thing would be able to flourish. Despite saying that, I have now become one of those twisted members. For this I am so sorry. I assure you, though, that at the time I wasn’t lying.

I know that my words no longer really hold much merit, but I want to say that I gave it my all as an idol for these past 10 years. My love towards everything – AKB48, staff, members and fans – was truly the utmost and sincere.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided as punishment and of my own volition to graduate from AKB48. While management has told me I do not need to, upon discussing it further and deliberating things over by myself I have come to this conclusion. While the date is not set yet, I plan on continuing to do my utmost as a member of this group until the end.

To my fans, to all the members

I am so sorry that I am this kind of person.

Okada Nana, twitter

The date has not yet been announced.