SCANDAL to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a 2 CD best of album and a 47 prefecture LIVE house tour

SCANDAL will celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release of their first self titled best of album, “SCANDAL” on 15 February 2017. The 2 CD album features 34 of SCANDAL’s most popular songs as voted by the fans and 2 new currently untitled songs. The No.1 most popular song, as voted by fans is “Scandal Baby” from their debut album “Best Scandal”.

The band also announced that they will embark on a nationwide 47 prefecture LIVE house tour titled,『SCANDAL TOUR 2017「SCANDAL’S 47 Prefecture Tour」』starting March 2017. The tour will showcase 53 performances across all 47 prefectures in Japan.

Check out the song listing for SCANDAL’s self titled album after the cut.

The first limited edition version of “SCANDAL” includes a collaboration T-shirt between SCANDAL and apparels brand, Candy Stripper whilst the second limited edition includes a DVD of the band’s European tour across 10 cities in 8 countries last September, titled “Road Movie”.

Do you agree with the fan votes for SCANDAL’s most popular songs as below?


SCANDAL’S 10th Anniversary Best of Album – “SCANDAL”
【Disc 1】
01. SCANDAL BABY(Voted No.1)
02. Stamp! (Voted No.26)
03. Shojo S(Voted No.17)
04. Pinhead Surfer (Voted No.33)
05. S.L. Magic(Voted No.21)
06. Switch(Voted No.23)
07. Departure(Voted No.4)
08. Hello! Hello! (Voted No.29)
09. Take Me Out(Voted No.6)
10. Kagen no Tsuki(Voted No.10)
11. OVER DRIVE(Voted No.34)
12. LOVE SURVIVE(Voted No.8)
13. Taiyo to kimi ga egaku STORY(Voted No.9)
14. Aitai(Voted No.16)
15. Chiisana Honoo(Voted No.22)
16. EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!(Voted No.30)
17. Image(Voted No.11)

【Disc 2】
01. Shunkan Sentimental(Voted No.5)
02. Taiyou Scandalous(Voted No.28)
03. Satisfaction(Voted No.31)
04. LOVE ME DO(Voted No.25)
05. Yoake no ryuuseigun(Voted No.19)
06. Bitter Chocolate(Voted No.14)
07. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne(Voted No.3)
08. Welcome home(Voted No.32)
09. Sisters(Voted No.27)
10. DOLL(Voted No.13)
11. Flashback No.5(Voted No.18)
12.Kagerou(Voted No.15)
13. HARUKAZE(Voted No.7)
14. one piece(Voted No.20)
15. Koe(Voted No.2)
16. Your song(Voted No.24)