Morisaki Win to perform “MORISAKI WIN GIG”, live-streamed internationally on Zaiko

Morisaki Win, known for his roles in movies such as Ready Player 1 and Honeybee and Distant Thunder, as well as his prolific singing career, is teaming up with platform Zaiko to deliver one of his most ambitious performances to date to the international audience.

To be delivered with a 12-man backing orchestra band, Morisaki Win Gig will allow fans to enjoy both a livestream of the concert as well as collect various digital goods, such as a live concert NFT drop, image assets called STICKITS, and purchase fan goods only available through the stream.

In addition, Zaiko Connect members would also receive additional benefits such as behind the scenes access, a limited Q&A session, and a hosted rewatch party with Morisaki Win himself.

The live stream date will be November 23rd, with the stream available until May 23rd, 2023.

Tickets are available now here