Moka Kamishiraishi Announced as Star in Next NHK Asadora

On the 17th Shukan Bunshun announced that the asadora set to air next year will star Moka Kamishiraishi. The as of yet unnamed series is expected to air after Come Come Everybody, the first asadora to have three actresses lead the series at the same time. Mone Kamishiraishi is also leading this series along with co-stars Rina Kawaei and Eri Fukatsu.

Both sisters have had quite some success in their careers, although Mone is certainly much better known both to the public and to the world. Both debuted through the Toho Cinderella competition, and many readers may recognize at least Mone‘s voice through her lead role in the anime Your Name.

Given that Mone is currently one of the lead actresses for Come Come Everybody – already a huge honor in its own right, given how widely popular asadora are in Japan – having her sister be the next lead is also a huge honor for her family. An insider at NHK stated that the theme for the next work is likely to center around Okinawa, as next year will be the 50th anniversary of the island’s return to Japan, and that the sisters were selected in part due to their “significant contributions” to the national broadcaster.

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Translation correction made courtesies of the Unseen Japan discord