Internet Criticizes Singer yama Over Music Station Performance: “What a bad attitude”

Last week, singer yama appeared on Music Station for the first time to perform their major hit from last year, Haru wo Tsugeru. One of the major hits for 2020, not much has been revealed about the singer, to the point where we are not sure what their gender identity or age is. This was one of the first times that the public has even seen them perform any of their songs.

As such, it came as a major shock to many viewers as they watched yama perform. The singer hardly spoke on the episode, with their hands in their pockets during the performance and only a cursory bow after their section was over. People online were especially critical, with some saying things like “yama should really act like a proper adult“, “it’s a pity they have such a bad attitude despite having such a good voice“, and “what is the point of going on a music program if you don’t even show your face“.

Some writers suggested that a likely scenario was how shy the singer was, much like many other post-vocaloid internet stars (i.e., Daoko, Yoasobi, and Kenshi Yonezu). In an unusually candid tweet yama posted “Thank you so much. My heart was going to burst #MSte”.

In an unusual twist of events, some Girlschannel users were also quick to defend the singer.

This might be because I didn’t watch the episode, but isn’t this just what their character is like?
Aren’t they selling because their on-stage character is like this? So it’s fine. GReeeeN didn’t show their faces either despite selling so much too.
This is definitely that so-called Middle Schooler syndrome huh? A couple years down the line this is definitely going to be an embarassing moment.

As more and more artists rise to prominence through alternative media channels pop up, it will be interesting to see how viewers’ expectations will change as a response.

Source: Girlschannel, Article