Arama! Japan Interviews MOGRA, Performing This Saturday for Anime Y2K

This year, New York City will be host to a slew of legendary DJs straight from Japan. Featuring TeddyLoid, JVNA, D-YAMA and DJ WILDPARTY, party goers will be transported into a slice of the Akihabara, Tokyo nightclub scene, circa the 1990s with live music, supercharged trailers of current anime series, photo ops and games. 

Among the storied cast set to perform on November 19th are two of the masterminds behind the legendary club MOGRA. If Akihabara can be called the Holy Land for anime otaku the world over, MOGRA should be considered that Holy Land’s gospel choir. The venue is rightfully considered the forefront of the intersection between anime and music culture. D-YAMA and DJ WILDPARTY shared with us their thoughts in this exclusive interview.

Hello! Welcome to the US! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello, I’m D-YAMA, the CEO of MOGRA Inc. I’m honored to be able to DJ in New York for this event!

About 13 years ago in 2009, MOGRA started out as a small club in Akihabara as a home base for my ideal style of DJ. MOGRA started out live streaming back then for the club scene on Ustream. I still remember back then that some American fans would message us on the chat with “Please come to the US someday!” At the time I never would have thought that I would be DJing in America, but if I had the opportunity I would like to directly express my gratitude to those fans in person.

Also, I would like to personally confirm if “Pizza in NYC is very big or not”.

This year, MOGRA has been through a number of firsts, including performing at Second Sky. What was it like being at these events?

I was amazed at the power of American music fans. They are happy people, and I really enjoyed DJing for them because I could feel their desire to enjoy the music. And despite us probably not being as well known in the United States, MOGRA was welcomed so warmly by everyone here!

Most of all, Porter‘s live show was fantastic! I was really moved by the delicate music and visuals that expressed everything he envisioned on the main stage. I’ve had the opportunity to see him multiple times in Japan, but his performance at Second Sky surpassed all of them.

It was the best festival I’ve ever been to, and I hope to make it back next year!

What is one thing you’d like to let fans know in advance of the event?

MOGRA‘s DJ style is special, and we consider anime songs, dance music, K-POP, and game music all equally as music. Therefore, we sometimes play anime songs next to dance music, and there are many times when we switch to different genres or categories of music.

MOGRA DJs in their natural habitat

However, MOGRA‘s DJs are able to create grooves by connecting these genres of music together. This should be a very valuable experience, so we hope you will enjoy the DJ stage without thinking about anything complicated.

Also, the most important thing is that all MOGRA DJ’s love alcohol.

Finally, a message for our readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview!

If you’re interested in MOGRA DJs I’d be happy if you could come to our party in New York, but we also live stream various events in real time on MOGRA’s Twitch channel as well. We typically stream events on weekends so please check us out. And if you do come to Japan please come visit MOGRA in Akihabara!

Thank you so much to MOGRA for talking with us, and if you are based in New York City please come to Terminal 5 on Saturday, November 19th where they will be performing with JVNA and TeddyLoid for Anime Y2K.

Tickets are available here.

MOGRA‘s Twitch channel can be found here, with socials found on their website.