TV Drama Ratings (Dec 1 – 7)

It’s almost the end of the fall season dramas! Check out the latest in ratings below.

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Maaya Sakamoto to sing new theme for mobile game Fate/Grand Order

Singer Maaya Sakamoto has been put in charge of singing the new theme song for the hit mobile game Fate/Grand Order.

The title of the new track is called backlight, Sakamoto penned the lyrics herself. Composition was done by Ichiyou Izawa, keyboardist for the ban the HIATUS. Izawa also arranged the track, but received help from la la larks member Ryo Eguchi.

This is the second time Sakamoto has sung for Fate/Grand Order, back in 2015 her song colors was used the games image song. Since launching in 2015, Fate/Grand Order has become one of Japan’s most successful mobile games, appearing near the top of app download charts for almost it’s entire run so far. In June 2017 the game was finally made available for North American users on both iOs and Android.

A release date for backlight has not been determined yet. Meanwhile, Sakamoto’s 28th single CLEAR will be released on January 31st, 2018. It will serve as the opening theme for the anime series Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen .


Haruma Miura & Meisa Kuroki’s “Otona Koukou” to receive spin-off SP

TV Asahi’s hit drama series Otona Koukou will be getting it’s own special spin-off SP to air exclusively on AmebaTV.  Titled “Enjou no Merry Christmas” , the entire main cast of Haruma Miura, Meisa Kuroki, Airi Matsui, Katsumi Takahashi, Maho Yamada, and Jutta Yuuki will all be reprising their roles for the SP.

The original series followed Eito Arakawa, played by Haruma. After graduating from a prestigious university he obtained a high postilion at a bank. He does his job very well, but at 30 years old he is single and still a virgin. Arakawa is forced by the government to join Otona Koukou, an “adult highschool” where inexperienced adults 30 years old or over are sent to learn about the birds and the bees. This is all in an attempt to combat Japan’s low birthrate.

(possible spoilers ahead for those who are currently watching the original broadcast)

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Is LDH more strict than Johnny & Associates?

Just over a month ago Sandaime J Soul Brother member Takanori Iwata appeared on a variety show where he talked about EXILE TRIBE’s “iron rules”. EXILE, and all their brother and sister groups belong under the LDH umbrella. LDH is a talent agency founded by EXILE’s leader Hiro, the name stands for “Love, Dream, Happiness”. The agency gives off a very modern and laid-back vibe, but they still have their own set of strict rules.

As Iwata started to go through some of the rules, many viewers and entertainment officials started to automatically compare them to Johhny & Associates, who has become notorious for their countless restrictions imposed on their talent. While LDH claim their acts aren’t idols, it seems only their fans believe that statement with the comparisons coming from both Japanese and oversea observers.

The main rule that stunned viewers was that LDH talents are asked not to drive by themselves, it’s requested that they sit in the passenger seat or the back seat. The reasoning behind this is to protect the talent in the event an accident should happen. This rule might not make sense to many considering being a passenger does not guarantee you will be safe should an accident occur. All LDH acts must closely follow the mantra “your body is a temple”, and the agency wants to project their talent at all costs.
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GINZA and MEN’S NON-NO Collaborate on Video Featuring Sakanaction Song

Fashion magazines GINZA and MEN’S NON-NO have come together to create a short film for the holiday season. The clip is titled “MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM” and is presented by the Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta. The video serves as a showcase for Bottega Veneta’s Resort 2018 collection.

“MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM” stars Sakuma Yui and Kiyohara Sho as two people who meet at a bar where dreams and reality mix. The film was inspired by the 2015 Sakanaction song “‘Kikitakatta Dance Music, Liquid Room ni’.” Sakanaction’s frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi makes a cameo in “MIDNIGHT DAYDREAM” singing the song. Check it out below!

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Kis-My-Ft2, aiko, BiSH, and More Perform on Buzz Rhythm 02 for December 8

This week’s guests were aiko, Kis-My-Ft2, SiM, BiSH, and Yamachi Mari.

aiko – Yokoku

Kis-My-Ft2 – Akai Kajitsu

SiM – A

BiSH – My landscape

Yamachi Mari – Ashita wa Kitto Ii Tenki

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Open Post

It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy! Says Goodbye with First Best Album

It has been announced that will go on an indefinite hiatus after their Zepp Tokyo concert on January 27. This is due to Gonchi’s, the group’s DJ, retirement from the entertainment industry so that she can work in her family’s business.

Before the duo’s hiatus, will release their first best album, “Charisma.BEST”, on January 10. The album cover the entire span of their career, which began in 2013 with the song “HATE.”

The group recently released the music video for “Ribon”, one of the new songs on “Charisma.BEST.” With its theme of death, perhaps the group was alluding to the demise of Check it out below along with more information on the album.

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