#1 Song Review: Week of 9/27 – 10/3 (Touken Danshi formation of Mihotose v. Leo Ieiri x Ohara Sakurako x Fujiwara Sakura)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi defeat Happiness and Namie Amuro. This week, we have two newcomers facing off. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

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JUJU to Release New Single “Iiwake”

On October 11, JUJU will release her new single, “Iiwake.” The song serves as theme song for the NHK drama “Kono Koe wo Kimi ni.” The “adult love song” was produced by Kobayashi Takeshi. The single will also feature two more songs, the new song “RISKY” and the DeBarge cover “Stay With Me.” The limited edition of the single comes with a DVD that features footage from JUJU’s 2016 tour. Check out more information on the single below!

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Juice=Juice announce 4 more South American tour dates, release 2 new MVs

Hello!Project group Juice=Juice has revealed four more dates in South America for their current “JUICE=JUICE LIVE AROUND 2017” tour. Yesterday on October 10th, the girls successfully completed a concert at Zepp Tokyo in celebration of “Juice=Juice Day”. During an MC segment the girls expressed their thoughts and excitement regarding their intentional tour.

Leader Yuka Miyazaki “We started the ‘JUICE=JUICE LIVE AROUND 2017’ tour from Mexico City on September 8th. This is the first tour with all 7 members. We were nervous about the tour.”, Sayuki Tagaki followed with “We learned how to talk in different languages from many countries. We learned many things from all the countries we’ve toured in.”

Sub-leader Tomoko Kanazawa shared that she was deeply touched with how passionate the Mexican fans were. One hour before the show they were loudly cheering, and enthusiastically sang along to “Fiesta! Fiesta!” in Spanish.

Fans were also in for a big treat by being able to see Karin Miyamoto, who previously was on hiatus due to functional dysphonia. Akari Uemura closed by saying “We did a hand shake session at each show. I was very surprised that many overseas fans said that they will even coming to see us at the Budokan show in November.”

The additional dates for the tour start in December and will take place in Peru, Chile, and Brazil. Ticket information will be announced shortly on the official Juice=Juice website, as-well-as Up-front’s Facebook account. In celebration of the tour a short ver. MV for the girls’ digital single Fiesta! Fiesta! has been uploaded, alongside a new MV version for their 9th single Ca Va? Ca Va? filmed in Paris, France.

Watch them both below!
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Kenshi Yonezu and Masaki Suda team up in Music Video for “Haiiro to Ao”

Last month we reported that popular singer Kenshi Yonezu would be releasing a brand new album titled “BOOTLEG” on November 1st.  Now that this date has drawn closer, Kenshi has revealed the identities of the two remaining guests whom will feature on the record:  model and actress Elaiza Ikeda will provide guest vocals for “fogbound”, while actor/singer Masaki Suda will duet with Yonezu on album closer “Haiiro to Ao.”

In conjunction with this announcement, the music video for “Haiiro to Ao” has also been uploaded to Yonezu’s official Youtube channel.  This PV was directed by yahyel‘s Kento Yamada and centers around a series of introspective shots of both of the singers.

You’ll find the full version of this thoughtful music video right after the jump.

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Touken Danshi formation of Mihotose and Ariana Grande Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 9/25 – 10/1

This week, Touken Danshi formation of Mihotose topped the Hot 100 chart with their new single “Shori no Gaika.”

Ariana Grande topped the Hot Albums chart with her best album “The Best.”

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DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi Tops the Streaming Charts for the Week of 9/27 – 10/3

This week, DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi retook the top spot on the LINE MUSIC chart with “Uchiage Hanabi”, holding the top spot for the fourth non-consecutive week.

On YouTube, DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi retook the top spot with “Uchiage Hanabi”, holding the top spot for the seventh non-consecutive week.

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Leo Ieiri x Ohara Sakurako x Fujiwara Sakura Top the Digital Singles Charts for the Week of 9/27 – 10/3

This week, Leo Ieiri x Ohara Sakurako x Fujiwara Sakura topped both Recochoku and iTunes with their new single “Koi no Hajimari.”

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Oricon Flashback: Week of 10/9

We’re back with this week’s edition of Oricon Flashback. This is where we look back on what topped Oricon this week 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago. Think of it as a way to reminisce and learn about the past of Japanese music.

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