Rock duo yonige to make major debut on Warner Music Japan sublabel unBORDE

Announced at their final performance of their “Neyagawa City Pop Tour” live tour in Osaka, two-piece girl band yonige have announced they will make their major debut under record label unBorde.

Hip-hop group Rip Slyme producer Ryoma Suzuki runs unBORDE, which boasts a roster of respected acts such as Capsule, Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Indigo la End.

Parent company Warner Music Japan has uploaded a clip of the duo to their official YouTube channel as an introduction and to celebrate the new addition to their diverse roster.
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lol make a splash in new ocean-side PV “perfect summer”

Co-ed group lol have pulled back the curtains on the PV for their latest song “perfect summer“, a refreshing summer tune that makes you want to have a summer fling!

The video follows the 5-member group as they make their way through a tropical beach-side town in island country Guam, spending their day feeding each other gummy bears, blowing bubbles, playing cards and messing around on hoverboards. This is their first music video filmed overseas.

This new song comes just before their first album “lolol,” which will consist of 14 tracks. Compiling the songs they have performed the past two years since the group was formed, the album includes “hikari,” used as the theme for the film “Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man Tai Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders” last December, the song “blue ocean” for the hair removal brand Veet, “fire!,” “ladi dadi,” “spank!!,” “bye bye,” “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “shake shake” and more.
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indigo la End release “Playback” MV ahead of album release

As previously announced, J-rock outfit indigo la End is ready to come back on the scene with their third major record “Crying End Roll“, set to be released on July 12th. In order to promote its comeback, the Tokyo-based outfit released today the Music Video for “Playback“, leading single of the upcoming record.

Despite adopting a pretty standard structure and a friendly chorus, the track plays a lot with its rhythmic department, with several tempo changes and dynamic drum patterns coupled by occasional bass guitar outbursts that showcase a clear Math Rock influence, making the track constantly engaging despite its overall friendly approach; other instrumental twists and turns ultimately proves that, despite the long hiatus, the band is still in great shape from the songwriting standpoint. The video simply shows scenes of the band jamming, alternated to moments where Enon Kawatani is sitting in the studio looking at a girl in the recording booth doing random things. Read More

CYBERJAPAN DANCERS to release debut single “Summertime Forever”

In case you were wondering yes the Japanese industry does need another large girl group! CYBERJAPAN DANCERS have set their sights on concurring the music scene, their debut single “Summertime Forever” will be released on July 12th, 2017.

Managed by CYBERJAPAN inc., the group is the brainchild of producer Mitomi Tokoto, the original intent being that they would serve as go-go dancers at various events including clubs, concerts, festivals, and conventions. The girls quickly found success in the EDM festival market where they have been invited to dance at many high profile events including the Ultra Music Festival in South Korea, Miami, and Japan. The girls have also danced and even appeared in some music videos for Steve Aoki, Zedd, 2ne1, Skrillex, and Avicii.

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SUMMIT’s Rappers Come Together for New Single

SUMMIT is a hip hop label which has a number of acts, including SIMI LAB, THE OTOGIBANASHI’S, and PSG. The label’s roster will join forces under the name of “SUMMIT” to release the single “Theme Songs” on June 21.

There are actually two theme songs. The original version of the song features RIKKI, MARIA, DyyPRIDE, in-d, OMSB, BIM, JUMA, PUNPEE, GAPPER, and USOWA. It is followed by the “Toketsu MIX”, which features C.O.S.A., CLAY, AKIYAHEAD, Dzlu, DMJ, alled, OMSB, TWINKLE+, and DJ SHINJI. Production of the songs is handled by OMSB.

SUMMIT has now released the music video for the original version of “Theme Song.” Check it out below, along with more information on their single!

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Akai Koen to Release New Single “journey”

Earlier this year, Akai Koen announced that they would release new singles in February, April, and June of this year. “Yamiyo ni Chochin” was February’s single, followed by “Koi to Uso” in April. This month’s single is titled “journey” and it’s set for release on the 21st.

In releated news, Akai Koen will release their new album “Nessho Summer” on August 23.

Check out more information on Akai Koen’s new single below!

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Yufu Terashima Reveals Full Details About Her New Summer Single!

Ever cheery idol Yufu Terashima recently released the short MV for her upcoming summer track “Watashi wo Ryoko ni Tsuretette“, with the single due out July 12. Yesterday, Teichiku Records released further details about the releases multiple versions, including single covers, tracklists and bonus DVD information. Keep reading forward to check out full details and the aforementioned MV. Read More

Rola wants YOU to eat acecook instant noodles

Rola has been appointed to appear in a new set of nationwide CMs with popular food processing company acecook.

The Bengali beauty is responsible for promoting their brand of instant yakisoba noodles, promising that in just 5 minutes you can enjoy a filling and delicious meal or snack. Rola claims that the noodles are very sweet and scrumptious, promising that you have never eaten such amazing instant noodles before. The highlight of the CM is the “Rola Dance” and the cute jingle that Rola sings herself. The choreography for the dance was created by “Furitsukekagyou air:man”, a group very famous for their work in commercials.  In this year alone they have participated in the creation of over 30 CMs.

This is one of the many endorsement deals Rola currently has on her plate, last year she came in 2nd place during the annual “CM King/Queen” ranking. It’s safe to say her top 5 position is already secured for this year.

Watch the full CM, as well as the making-of, below the jump!

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