LAMP IN TERREN are returned to life in their PV for “Water Lily”

Alternative rockers LAMP IN TERREN have announced that they will be releasing a special live limited single titled “Water Lily” on August 19th, with a digital release to follow on August 24th.  Of note, this single contains the first songs to be written by the band since singer Hiroshi Matsumoto recovered from vocal polyp surgery.

In advance of both release dates, the group have chosen to publish the music video for the release’s lead track “Water Lily” to their label’s Youtube channel.  Directed by Yuuki Wakisaka, this PV is based around the themes of ‘underwater’ and ‘rebirth’, meant to symbolize the band’s return to life since their singer’s return.

Read on below to find not only this music video, but the single’s cover and track list as well.

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Awesome City Club express anxiety in their Lyric Video for “Hachigatsu to Moratori”

Retro-inspired rock band Awesome City Club will be releasing a new digital single titled “Hachigatsu to Moratori” on August 22nd.  This will be the group’s second digital single this year, following the release of “SUNNY GIRL” back in June.

Ahead of the track’s release date, the band have uploaded a lyric video to their label’s Youtube channel.  This video, like the song itself, attempts to convey the anxiety and vague expectations which young adults feel as they are forced to grow up and accept responsibility within society.

Both this lyric video, as well as the one released for “SUNNY GIRL”, can be found below.

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Newspeak to release their first Mini-Album in October

Following nearly a year of silence, up-and-coming rock band Newspeak have announced that they will be releasing their first mini-album on October 3rd.  Titled “Out Of The Shrinking Habitat”, this release will feature eight new songs from the band, including the pre-released single “Lake“.

Shortly after the record’s release, Newspeak will be embarking on a short release tour which will take them to several livehouses across Japan.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for “Out Of The Shrinking Habitat” right after the cut.

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Shiina Ringo to Release New Blu Ray in October/November

Recently, WOWOW aired Shiina Ringo‘s latest tour ‘Shiina Ringo to Aitsura no Iru Shinkuu Chitai‘ finale, held at NHK Hall on 17th May. The broadcast featured the full set, minus the encore. Now, Ringo has announced that in November (October for the Limited Edition– read on for more info) that she will be releasing that show in full on Blu Ray and DVD. Read on below to see covers and setlist and edition info.
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Hey! Say! JUMP, Southern All Stars, DA PUMP, and Utada Hikaru Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 7/30 – 8/5

This week, Hey! Say! JUMP topped the Hot 100 single chart with their new single “COSMIC☆HUMAN.”

Southern All Stars topped the Hot Albums chart with their new best album “Umi no Oh, Yeah!!”

DA PUMP topped the Streaming Songs chart for the seventh non-consecutive week with their single “U.S.A.”

DA PUMP retook the top spot on the Download Songs chart, topping it for the third non-consecutive week, with their single “U.S.A.”

Utada Hikaru topped the Download Albums chart for the fifth non-consecutive week with her album “Hatsukoi.”

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Perfume release new studio album “Future Pop”

Today marks the release of Perfume’s brand new album, “Future Pop“.

Their 7th album overall, their last effort “COSMIC EXPLORER” was released two years ago. “Future Pop” contains 12 tracks in total including the hit singles “Tokyo Girl”, “If You Wanna”, and “Mugen Mirai”.

In support of the album the girls will be embarking on a nationwide Japanese tour beginning on September 21st, titled “Perfume 7th tour 2018 Future Pop”. 18 dates are scheduled, the tour will hold it’s finale on December 24th.  Read More

Keyakizaka46 release 7th single “Ambivalent”

Girl group Keyakizaka46 has released their 7th single titled “Ambivalent“.

“Ambivalent” is a up-beat pop song, the members sing the lyrics quite fast and at some parts can even be considered pseudo rapping. In usual Keyakizaka46 fashion the very unique choreography is a highlight in both the MV and live performances.

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Avex Promotes Its New Acts by Having Them Cover Their Old Acts

It’s been a while since Avex has had a breakout star that mirrored the success of the label’s 90s and 00s stars. Avex hopes to change that with its new project, “NEW REVIAVAL.” This project consists of Avex’s new generation covering the hits of Avex’s old generation. The first release of this project, the digital album “90S & NEW REVIVAL”, is out August 15. This release sees lol, Kaji Hitomi, FEMM, Beverly, Yup’in, and FAKY covering the 90s hits of TRF, hitomi, globe, Aikawa Nanase, and DA PUMP. Both the new and original versions of the songs are included on the album.

In related news, FAKY will release a new digital single on August 29! It’s the English version of their 2017 song “Bad Things.” The music video for it was recently released and features the girls looking sexy and dancing.

Check out more information on both of these releases below!

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