SEKAI NO OWARI reveal all of the details about their upcoming Albums “Eye” and “Lip”

Towards the end of 2018, we reported that pop-rock band SEKAI NO OWARI would be releasing three full-length albums in the new year.  The group have now unveiled all of the details surrounding the pair of Japanese-language releases – “Eye” and “Lip” – which are due out next month on February 27th.

“Eye” will include the band’s previously released tracks “ANTI-HERO”, “SOS”, and “Stargazer”, as well as ten new songs – such as their “Catherine: Full Body” image song “Re:set” – for a total of 13.  “Lip”, meanwhile, will be comprised of other released tracks like “Hey Ho”, “Error”, “Mr.Heartache”, “RAIN”, “Sazanka”, and “Illumination”, plus an additional seven songs to likewise total 13.

Additionally, as of January 18th, SEKAI NO OWARI will be making all of their prior singles and albums available on Japanese streaming services.

Read on below to find the covers and complete track lists for both “Eye” and “Lip”.

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Haruma Miura shows off his moles & naked body in new CM for “ORBIS DEFENCERA”

Actor Haruma Miura is the star of a brand new CM for the skincare product ORBIS DEFENCERA.

It’s a brand new item from “Orbis”, a health and beauty brand. The item takes a somewhat unique approach to skincare, unlike the typical topical products this product you actually ingest.
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B’z is the first Japanese artist to headline the “SUMMER SONIC” festival

The second headliner for the 2019 edition of the “SUMMER SONIC” music festival has been announced, and it’s none other than legendary rock duo B’z.

B’z will be hitting the stage from August 16th – 18th at the ZOZO Marine Stadium & Makuhari Messe located in Osaka. Even though SUMMER SONIC is one of Japan’s most prolific music festivals, this is actually the very first time a Japanese artist is serving as headliner.
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Thelma Aoyama to Release New Single “In This Place~Futari no Kizuna”

On Janaury 16, Thelma Aoyama will release her new single, “In This Place~Futari no Kizuna.” The song serves as the ending theme for the Japanese release of the Disney film “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Thelma wrote the lyrics and arranged the song. The single also include a Japanese version of the film’s original end song, Julia Michaels‘ “In This Place”, as well as a new song, “Konna ni mo.” Check out more information on Thelma’s new single below!

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Yonezu Kenshi, Hoshino Gen, and Aimyon Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 1/7 – 1/13

This week, Yonezu Kenshi topped the Hot 100 single chart for the fifth non-consecutive week with his single “Lemon.”

Hoshino Gen topped the Hot Albums chart for the fourth consecutive week with his album “POP VIRUS.”

Aimyon topped the Streaming Songs chart for the second consecutive week with her single “Marigold.”

Kenshi also topped the Download Songs chart for the 18th non-consecutive week with “Lemon.”

Gen also topped the Download Albums chart for the fourth consecutive week with “POP VIRUS.”

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Aimer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hoshino Gen, Yonezu Kenshi, and Aimyon Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 1/7 – 1/13

This week, Aimer topped the Combined Single chart with her new single “I beg you / Hanabiratachi no March / Sailing”, with 67,807 points in its first week.

The Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack topped the Combined Album chart with 21,349 points in the chart’s fifth week.

Aimer also topped the Single chart with “I beg you / Hanabiratachi no March / Sailing”, selling 30,737 copies in its first week.

Hoshino Gen topped the Album chart for the fourth consecutive week with “POP VIRUS”, selling 16,471 copies in its fourth week.

Yonezu Kenshi topped the Digital Single chart for the 20th non-consecutive week “Lemon”, selling 68,287 copies in its 48th week.

Gen also topped the Digital Album chart for the fourth consecutive week with “POP VIRUS”, selling 4,570 copies in its fourth week.

Aimyon topped the Streaming chart for the second consecutive week with her single “Marigold”, with 1,805,367 streams in the chart’s fifth week.

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#1 Song Review: Week of 12/31 – 1/6 (Yonezu Kenshi v. Kuwata Keisuke & The Pin Boys v. Aimyon)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw Aimyon defeat THE IDOLM@STER and Yonezu Kenshi. Aimyon (with a different song) and Kenshi are back is back this week, facing off against a newcomer. Find out what Ronald thought of the songs that topped the singles charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

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Hideaki Takizawa becomes president of new company “Johnny’s Island”

Former Tackey & Tsubasa member Hideaki Takizawa has a new position! At the beginning of 2019 he officially retired as a performer, it was previously reported that Hideaki would have a full time behind the scenes role.

It is now revealed that Hideaki will become the president of a brand new subsidiary of Johnny & Associates called Johnny’s Island.
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