Oricon Flashback: Week of 3/19

We’re back with this week’s edition of Oricon Flashback. This is where we look back on what topped Oricon this week 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago. Think of it as a way to reminisce and learn about the past of Japanese music.

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Masaharu Fukuyama and Ningen Isu Perform on Premium MelodiX! for March 19

This week’s guests were Masaharu Fukuyama and Ningen Isu.

Masaharu Fukuyama – Tomeo Gakuen

Ningen Isu – Inochi Uri Masu

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BLUE ENCOUNT and Yogee New Waves Perform on Love music for March 18

This week’s performers were BLUE ENCOUNT and Yogee New Waves. There were also segments with Jenny High and ET-KING.


Yogee New Waves – Bluemin’ Days

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Yonezu Kenshi Wins The 10th CD Shop Awards 2018

Yonezu Kenshi was announced as the Grand Prize winner of The 10th CD Shop Awards 2018 for his album “BOOTLEG.” The album was chosen from ten final nominees that were selected by record store staff from across Japan. PUNPEE’s “MODERN TIMES” and Taifu Club’s “Shoki no Taifu Club” received the runner-up prize. Kenshi did not attend the ceremony.

Check out the full list of winners below!

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Maki Goto has already played Monster Hunter World for 500 hours

Former singer and Japan’s #1 gamer gurl Maki Goto caused quite a stir when she appeared at an event promoting Monster Hunter World, the newest title in the successful Capcom franchise.

Goto appeared to promote Monster Hunter World’s “Harajuku multiplayer spot”, with it’s grand opening happening today on March 20th. Another MC for the event was Mizuki Nishimura, one half of the comedy duo Vikings.

During the event the two showed off the games dynamic multi-player options, where they hunted and slayed various monsters.

Nishimura is also a big fan of the series, and since the games release on January 26th, 2018 he has clocked in an impressive 100+ hours.

When Goto was asked how many hours she had played so far, she stunned the audience by blushing and saying “probably about…400-500 hours“. Goto’s hunter rank (HR) has surpassed 200, and her favorite weapons to use are the hammer and light bow gun. She’s currently hunting for “gold crowns” in the game.

Her obsession with the Monster Hunter franchise is long documented. Back in October 2017, Goto collaborated with Capcom to release a snapback hat and t-shirt, the shirt has text that says “I spent more than 7000 hours on Monster Hunter”, which is allegedly true. That’s 291 days!!

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Yutaka Takenouchi went out on a date with Kana Kurashina?

For years now, actor Yutaka Tekenouchi has dominated lists and rankings on the topic of “Male entertainer you’re surprised isn’t married”. On the flip side his legion of fans don’t seem to mind, as he also dominates lists asking which entertainer you wan’t to remain single.

Tekenouchi, along with Masaharu Fukuyama were said to be among the last major ikemen actors of their era to not get married yet. This changed in September 2015 when Fukuyama wed actress Kazue Fukiishi.

Entertainment reporters seem to be jumping the gun a bit, but they feel Takenouchi will finally be next now that he is apparently involved with actress Kana Kurashina. The two first met while on the set of the 2012 TBS drama series Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose.  It’s rumored the two officially became a thing last year in October.

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KAT-TUN appears on LINE LIVE, announces live stream of anniversary event on March 22

On March 19, KAT-TUN appeared at a secret LINE LIVE and announced that the fan club anniversary event “KAT-TUN 2018 FIRST IMPRESSION “Ask Yourself” to be held on March 22 will be streamed exclusively on LINE LIVE.

For a short 8 minutes at 11 pm on March 19, KAT-TUN appeared at a secret LINE LIVE whose contents and guests were not disclosed until the actual event. A preliminary announcement only included a silhouette of a 3 – person group and a notice of an “important announcement”. Of course by now, Johnnys fans are experts in identifying the silhouettes of their fave groups’ profiles and so the expectation that KAT-TUN will be doing a LINE LIVE has been raised. When the live started, the three members appeared one after the other and communicated with fans.

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Official HIGE DANdism Performs with Kanjani8 on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for March 18

This week’s guests were Kiyozuka Shinya, KenKen, Hyadain, Furitsukekagyou air:man, Official HIGE DANdism, Takahashi Shigeo, and Oishi Eri. Official HIGE DANdism also performed with Kanjani8.

Official HIGE DANdism x Kanjani8 – Tell Me Baby

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