butaji to Release New Album “Kokuhaku”

On July 18, butaji will release his second album, “Kokuhaku.” The album is a soulful affair. One of the songs on the album, “Hitoku”, was inspired by the 2015 suicide of a student at Hitotsubashi University after he was outed on LINE.

butaji recently released music video for the album’s opener, “I LOVE YOU.” The song displays his soulful style, while still providing plenty of energy. Check it out below, along with more information on butaji’s new album!

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[Alexandros] to Release New Single “Mosquito Bite”

On July 18, [Alexandros] will release their new single, “Mosquito Bite.” The song serves as the theme song for the film version of “BLEACH”, in theaters July 20. Also included on the single will be the “BLEACH version” of the song “MILK”, which serves as an insert song in “BLEACH.” Rounding out the single are three live tracks recorded during a concert last year at Nagoya’s Nippon Gaishi Hall.

The limited edition of “Mosquito Bite” includes a “Mosquito Aroma Band.” It’s a citronella-scented rubber bracelet that wards off insects, making it the perfect item for the outdoor concert season.

The music video for “Mosquito Bite” was recently released. It was shot in the United States under the direction of Ryan Valdez, who has worked with the likes of Korn and Stone Sour. The video was shot using an 8K camera. Of the song, frontman Kawakami Yoohei said that the best rock song has been completed, and that he feels like he just debuted. Check out the video for “Mosquito Bite” below, along with more information on [Alexandros] new single!

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eill Collaborates with LUCKY TAPES’ Takahashi Kai on New Single “HUSH”

eill is a new singer-songwriter on the scene. The 19 year old debuted last month with the single “MAKUAKE.” She began singing at jazz clubs at the age of 15. Under the name ENNE, she worked on PAELLAS’ 2016 album “Pressure.” She also worked with Seiho on his PEACH JOHN CM song. She is now working with LUCKY TAPES’ Takahashi Kai. He produced her new single “HUSH”, out July 18. The song is about a eill’s love for a man older than her. Check out the song below!

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D.A.N. to Release New Album “Sonatine”

On July 18, D.A.N. will release their second album, “Sonatine.” There will be nine songs on the album, including “Chance”, which was released earlier this year. Volkswagen has now picked up “Chance”, using it in a new short film. Check it out below, along with more information on D.A.N.’s new album!

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TOWA TEI Revives Sweet Robots Against The Machine After 16 Years for New Album

On July 18, TOWA TEI will release a new album under his psuedonym Sweet Robots Against The Machine, “3.” This is the first new Sweet Robots Against The Machine album since 2002’s “TOWA TEI.” Sunahara Yoshinori and Bakarhythm will join TOWA TEI for this album as producers, as the picture above indicates. Bakarhythm will also perform a duet on the album with Aso Kumiko, “Suterarenai Machikado.” Kaho will sing two songs on the album, “Dakitime” and “Animal.” Check out Kaho in the recently released video for “Dakitime” below, along with more information on  Sweet Robots Against The Machine’s new album!

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indigo la End to Release New Album “PULSATE”

On July 18, indigo la End will release their fourth major label album, “PULSATE.” The album will include the previously released songs “Touya no Magic”, “Play Back End Roll”, and “Haru no Iutoori.” “PULSATE” will have 11 songs in total, including two remixes of songs from previous albums, courtesty of HVNS and Metome.

The limited editon of “PULSATE” will include a DVD featuring footage from indigo la End’s April 13 concert at Tokyo’s Nakano Sun Plaza.

In related news, frontman Kawatani Enon will make his acting debut in the TV Tokyo drama “Koi no Tsuki” on July 26.

Check out more information on “PULSATE”, including the recently released music video for its opening track, “Ao Ito”, below!

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Perfume debuts new song “Let Me Know” to mixed reviews

Perfume are currently gearing up for the release of their 7th studio album “FUTURE POP

The girls recently debuted a brand new song titled “Let Me Know” on their radio show to the excitement of fans. When audio was released however, Perfume’s fanbase seemed to be split in the middle.

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Thelma Aoyama and SILENT SIREN Perform on Premium MelodiX! for July 16

This week’s guests were Thelma Aoyama and SILENT SIREN.

Thelma Aoyama –  Sekai no Chushin ~We are the world~

SILENT SIREN – 19 summer note.

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