The latest LDH group FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE has released their debut MV for “OVER DRIVE“.

It was previously reported that the group would be making their official debut in December of this year.
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Nogizaka46 release 22nd single “Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitaku Naru”

Today marks the release of Nogizaka46‘s 22nd single “Kaerimichi wa Toomawari Shitaku Naru

This is the very first senbatsu single for members Kaede Sato and Riria Ito, it will also be the very last single for first generation member Nanase Nishino who announced her graduation from the group in September.
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Kieko Kitagawa & Kei Tanaka hold press conference for their film “Stolen Identity”

Actors Keiko Kitagawa & Kei Tanaka recently appeared at a press conference for their film “Stolen Identity” (Sumaho o Otoshita dake nanoni).

A thriller, the film is originally based off of the 2017 novel of the same name by Akira Shiga. Kitagawa plays the lead role of Asami Inaba, a temp worker at an office. One day her boyfriend Makoto Tomita (Kei Tanaka) leaves his cellphone in a taxi, after that mysterious things keep happening to Asami.

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Ayaka releases 5th album “30 Y/O”

Singer Ayaka has released her anticipated 5th studio album “30 Y/O“.

This is the third album release under her own independent label ” A stAtion”, and first album release in about three years. 12 songs are featured on the album including the previously released singles “Kotonoha”, and her collaboration with Daichi Miura “Heart Up”.
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Performers announced for the 69th Kohaku Uta Gassen

It’s that time of the year again, the performers have been announced for the 69th Kohaku Uta Gassen!

Since 1973 the show has taken place at the NHK Hall, and has become a New Year tradition for many families as it’s aired live on December 31st. Every year the artists are split into two different teams, red and white.
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Former AAA member Chiaki Ito releases Christmas themed MV for “Eternal Story”

Former AAA member Chiaki Ito is gearing up for the release of her first official solo project, a mini-album titled “New Beginnings”.

She recently released the MV for the second promotional single from the album, “Eternal Story“. Last month she released her first solo MV, which is also titled “New Beginning
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UNION SQUARE GARDEN’s “Catch up, latency” MV will be on YouTube for one day

On November 7th UNION SQUARE GARDEN released their latest single “Catch up, latency“.

It was their first single release in about 8 months, and served as the opening theme song for the anime series “Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru”. Available in two versions, the limited edition came with a second disc containing live audio of every performance from the finale of their “UNISON SQUARE GARDEN TOUR 2017-2018″One roll, One romance” concert held on January 28th, 2018.
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Watch the trailer for Snow Flower starring Hiroomi Tosaka & Ayami Nakajo

The trailer for the upcoming film “Snow Flower” has been released.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers member Hiiroomi Tosaka will be in charge of the main role, while his leading lady is Ayami Nakajo.
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