Shiina Ringo is releasing a new Blu Ray/DVD in May!

Just when fans were starting to wonder when Shiina Ringo would release anything meaty, last night she announced a brand new DVD/Blu Ray “Shiina Ringo to Aitsura ga Yuku Hyakkiyagyou 2015“. Originally aired in a slightly condensed form on WOWOW, the new Blu Ray contains the full 29 track set, and a bonus disc of a very limited show recorded in February 2016 . The Blu Ray is set for a May 30th release and will be released in limited edition and regular versions.

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Kyoto math rockers Tricot release new track “DeDeDe”

All-female Math Rock outfit Tricot just released a new track titled “DeDeDe“, first single from their upcoming record “3” set to be released on May 19th.

The track is yet another pleasant showcase of what these girls can do best, which is to fuse the complex structures and twists of Math Rock, with the light-hearted vibe of Pop Rock. The track revolves around a melodic bass line, that occasionally disappears to leave space to a an atmospheric central part, and to a final chorus emphasized by an heartfelt performance by singer Ikumi Nakajima: it’s an engaging, light-hearted number that exposes the band’s sound greatly. Making Math Rock so accessible isn’t an easy task, yet Tricot is a master of this art, and it’s one of the reasons why they’re one of the most beloved Japanese Rock groups overseas.  Read more

Elephant Kashimashi Performs on Good Time Music for March 28

This week’s guest was Elephant Kashimashi.

Elephant Kashimashi – Oretachi no Ashita

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Ohara Sakurako, Idina Menzel, and More Perform on Utacon for March 28

This week’s guests were Idina Menzel, Ohara Sakuarko, Kaientai, Kashiwabara Yoshie, Kitayama Takeshi, The Gospellers, Sakamoto Fuyumi, Shiina Sachiko, Fuse Akira, Mori Konomi, Flash Kaneko, and MUSIC CONCERTO.

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Watch Ai Otsuka’s simple, but adorable MV for “Starting Pistol”

The release of Ai Otsuka’s 8th studio album “LOVE HONEY” is only a short few weeks away. In preparation for the album, the official avex youtube channel uploaded a brand new music video for one of the new album tracks “Starting Pistol”.

This is technically more of a CM than a music video, the main focal point of the video is used to show off “Lyric speaker”. A fancy new piece of technology that actually displays the lyrics of whatever song is playing. The video starts off with the lyric speaker playing in a dark room, where it’s eventually revealed to be a house with a really nice view. There, we see a doggy and kittens enjoying Ai’s music. More information on the lyric speaker can be found on their official website

“LOVE HONEY” will be released on April 12th, 2017. Watch the full video below.
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CD Cover Art That Makes You Cringe

Have you all have ever listened to an album whose CD cover was so ugly you were too embarrassed to browse through your music player while listening to it in public?

Well…I actually do.

Enjoy yourselves with this list of some of the most embarrassing and cringe-worthy album covers straight from the wonderful world of J-music!

Check out the list below!

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