UVERworld to release their first Album in over Three Years in August

Fusion rock band UVERworld recently announced that they will be releasing a brand new studio album on August 2nd.  This record, titled “TYCOON”, will be the group’s first such release since 2014’s “0 CHOIR”, marking the longest gap between albums for the band.

“TYCOON” will be well worth the wait, however, with nearly 79 minutes of music packed into this massive 18 track release.  Though the record will include songs from all of their singles this era, many of them will receive special album remixes, ensuring that even those who follow the band regularly will have something to look forward to.  Furthermore, the album will be released in two different versions, the Limited Edition planned to include a bonus CD and a photobook packaged in a special sleeve case.

You’ll find the complete track list for “TYCOON” right after the jump, so please do read on below.

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Spitz chronicle their live history in Music Video for “1987→”

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the impending release of Spitz‘s latest compilation album, which is due out next week on July 5th.  The band has now published the music video for the third and final new song to be included with the Best:  “1987→”.

This upbeat, punk rock-inspired track is meant to evoke the sound which Spitz had during their indie days and ensure fans that they’ve never forgotten where they came from.  This sentiment is complemented by a PV which explores the group’s extensive live history, compiling footage from their earliest shows to their most recent tours.

Read on below to find the full PV for “1987→”, and look forward to the Best’s official release next week.

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Yurumerumo! hypnotize and intoxicate restaurant customers in “Moi Moi” MV

Idols Yurumerumo! (You’ll melt more!) just released the Music Video for “Moi Moi“, a new track featured in the unit’s new mini album “Discopsychedelica“.

The video shows the four members playing the role of restaurant waiters, but they’re clearly not into this kind of job; as you would expect from Yurumerumo!, things get weird pretty soon, precisely when they start hypnotizing people and leave the whole restaurant in a state of trance where customers dance and jump like zombies. Then they serve them food of questionable quality, like weirdly-colored fish and soups, something that – for whatever reason – turns the restaurant into a club. Because why not. Read More

PINKY & Yosuke Kubozuka Welcome Baby Girl

Actor Yosuke Kubozuka has revealed that his wife, model and former dancer PINKY has given birth to a healthy baby girl! PINKY gave birth in the morning on June 20th, the pregnancy went well with no complications. Both of them are currently recuperating.

In a statement shared on Yosuke’s LINE account he couldn’t contain his joy, sharing that from the bottom of his heart he felt pure happiness. He’s very excited to have a new baby in the family and will cherish the moments watching her grow up.

The couple decided to go with the name Amato, already calling her “Amato-chan” as a nickname. This is the first child for PINKY and second for Yosuke, who has a son from a previous marriage to a non-celebrity. The anticipation for their child started to gain momentum due to PINKY’s presence on social media. She uploaded pictures of her pregnant belly getting tons of support from her fans, and even quite a few netizens, praising her care-free lighthearted attitude.

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Issei Takahashi & Kenta Hamano Go Jazz for Elaborate “ICEBOX” CM

Issei Takahasi has been selected as the spokesperson for Kirin Beer’s alcoholic beverage “ICEBOX”. In the CM he’s joined by fellow actor Kenta Hamano.

Clocking in at one minute and 48 seconds long, it can arguably be described as a short MV instead. The CM takes place in a swanky looking club where Issei and Kenta are jamming out. Issei is on the harmonica while Kenta is playing the trombone. The supporting band in the CM is actually Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, a very influential ska and jazz band who was without a doubt helped shape the modern Japanese music scene. Their many collaborations include Shiina Ringo, PUFFY, Kyoko Koizumi, and Tamio Okuda. At the end of the performance Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchesstra and Kenta all watch in awe as Issei enjoys a refreshing sip of “ICEBOX”. A short 30 second version which will most likely be used for national television features Issei and Kenta, after taking a sip it transitions to them performing with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

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