Yutaka Takenouchi and Kana Kurashina confirmed to be dating

Actor Yutaka Takenouchi (43) and actress Kana Kurashina (26) confirmed that they are dating on October 17th. The two jointly made their announcements on the same day that tabloid magazine “FRIDAY” was set to release pictures of them together.

Takenouchi commented through his agency, “I am sorry for alarming you all. Kurashina and I have both gotten close to one another. I would be grateful if you all warmly watch over us.”

Kurashina also made a comment through her agency, “Like he stated, I am confirming that we have gotten close. I would be happy if you could warmly watch over us as both of our agencies have.

The couple met on the set of TBS drama “Mou Ichido Kimi ni, Propose”.

yutaka takenouchi kana kurashina friday

(via: Oricon & FRIDAY)

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    • TruePariah

      Lucky man, so happy for her.

    • light

      Watching him in BOSS right now,he looks great

    • eplizo

      Oh wow. This is news. I thought he was gay lol. Good for him though

    • sparkling

      Yutaka is super handsome and awesome!! Get it, Kana!

    • junny

      A bit unexpected, thought he was rumoured with Wakui Emi after they filmed the Mou Ichido drama. Anyway, glad Yutaka found someone he likes :)

    • Guest

      They both can get!

    • omghi

      When I was watching Mou Ichidou Kimi ni Propose, I had really wanted him to hook up with Katsura instead because I thought they were really cute together! They did not end up together in the drama but they did in real life so yay! She’s so lucky! I wanna switch lives with her. TTwTT