Yuko Oshima to Take Hiatus and Study Abroad

Former AKB48 member Yuko Oshima has announced her intention to take a hiatus from her entertainment activities.

In response, Oricon is reporting her agency alluded that this break is in order to improve her foreign language skills overseas. The details of when, where and for how long will not be announced for privacy reasons, but the period is expected to be about one year in an English-speaking country as early as August according to Nikkan Sports.

Her agency wants to reinforce that this is not a “soft” retirement, but timing has allowed her to take a short break to fulfill a personal dream before she turns 30.

I’d like to be able to speak English properly and broaden my skill set,” she commented at a fan event in Sendai on July 2. “I want to live my life to the fullest.”

Throughout her time in idol group AKB48, of which she graduated from in 2014, Oshima has had the opportunity to go abroad to countries such as Iceland, Spain and Mexico for TV and photo shoots.

In the past, Oshima has taken short-term language lessons abroad and has shared her interest in America and Europe on social media.

Following her departure, she will reportedly temporarily put her career on hold to concentrate on strengthening her language skills, but hints at the possibility of coming back early if any exciting work opportunities come in.

Yuko Oshima will continue with all contractually obligated work and plans to hold nationwide fan club events through the month.

(via Daily Sports Online)

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    • Nope

      Right after finally appearing in a successful drama? Nah, b. She’s avoiding the heat from her unnecessar, extra, unoriginal, jealous, dusty ass response to Riripon.


      • Hana

        Someone’s a little angry.

      • surfboardt

        People actually think that Yuko cares about the anger of dozens of wotas from a dying franchise enough to go on hiatus to study English while mentioning her recent success in a drama that garnered her interest in the general public in the same sentence? I’m pretty much team nobody, but this train of logic is just…


        • Maopin

          “People actually think that Yuko cares”

          She might not, but her agency certainly does because potential drama offers and CM offers bring in money for them. And she has repeatedly said in interviews her dream is to become a respected lead actress and a morning drama actress. The whole FUCK scandal screwed up her image with the public. The last drama she was the lead in was over a year ago and was a massive flop. Tarateba was successful but she wasn’t the lead, it just helped her public image as well as Yoshitaka Yuriko’s.

          • surfboardt

            iunno, from my impression, it seems like the only people actually cared (Let alone even aware of its existence) of her video about the NMB48 member that got engaged are fans of 48G unless she got involved in another scandal that I’m not aware of. Even the comment section here is a good reflection of who actually cares about it, it’s just 48G fans dragging her for said video that tens of people are aware about and the graduation announcement on Kohaku years ago.

            Yeah, her agency might care to an extent about losing fans in general, but I highly doubt losing a few fans from a niche dwindling subgroup would warrant enough impact for the agency to have her take a break/go study abroad like the 48G fans are implying here. It’s just not logical at all, especially when Tarateba’s success works to her advantage (Yes, she’s not a lead, but it’s still positive exposure to the general public — which again vastly outnumbers the idol/48G genre subpopulation — that she pretty much lacked all post-graduation). If there’s a reason for her to go on hiatus and study abroad despite potentially picking up more opportunities off of exposure in the general public, it’s definitely not because of a few salty wota.

            I’m just laughing at the OTT and out-of-touch reactions because it’s half of the reason why I peaced out from following idols.

            • Maopin

              No, 48 wota (except certain factions of wota) found it hilarious and said things like “as expected of Yuko!” and thought she was right because they were offended by the marriage announcement, even Takamina who is still respected by the fans said “I agree with what Yuko said about it.” But the media, news outlets, the morning wide shows, the talking heads on late night TV, all talked about *Yuko* only and the FUCK hat and said her actions were unsuitable for someone her age, someone who wants to be an actress. Like I said, she wants to be a morning drama actress. Those actresses usually have a soft, refreshing feel and Japan doesn’t think the word FUCK is refreshing lol.

              The media, the fans and the public are seeing this vacation as a RESPONSE to the backlash. Again, the talents on wide shows said she’s “running away.” She literally just teased the idea to her fans two days ago at an event and they accepted it, then the news dropped the day after.

              This is not about running away from 48 wota. This is about escaping the heat of the public who thought her actions were disgusting and vulgar.

              • surfboardt

                Interesting, didn’t hear the mainstream media coverage of it, I mostly only heard 48G fans losing their shit at how this was rude towards that member that’s getting married. I guess they’re overrepresented in the international community?

                Either way, I stand corrected if it’s indeed getting as much coverage as you’re implying.

                • Betsuni

                  “I guess this is just another case of Japan being weird about female image purity.”
                  No. Its about professionalism. Vulgar male celebs (actors) also have been reprimanded with the industry cold shoulder.

                  • surfboardt

                    Eh, I’d actually disagree with that considering how Erika Sawajiri and Subaru Shibutani were in similar situations, but all it took for Shibutani to continue on with his life was a handwritten letter whereas Erika was forced into hiatus and still has to address it nearly a decade later. Similarly, it took two scandals for Enon Kawatani (And the second scandal was more about the actress drinking underaged while on a date with him than the dating itself) to be forced into hiatus compared to Becky immediately falling off the face of the Earth when the scandal first happened.

                    So tbh, it is about female image purity and how it causes people to hold people accountable differently. Fuck up once as a woman, you’re pretty much forced to go on hiatus and possibly never recover. If you’re a guy, you’re probably still able to work.

                    • Guest

                      The Enon Kawatani/Becky comparison makes no sense.

                      Becky was Japan’s sweetheart, with thousands of ad deals. A scandal was a huge deal for her because she was a huge celebrity AND advertisers except squeaky-clean spokespeople.

                      Enon Kawatani is literally a nobody. Yes, his band was growing in popularity but the average Japanese did not give a fuck about him, he had no major CM deal, etc. His album flopped hard afterward either way so obviously he was punished by the public.

                      And Becky is still regarded as a relevant celebrity. Whereas he isn’t (well, he was never one in the first place).

                    • same old

                      it’s always muh feminism with you guys here

                • Maopin

                  She was top trending in Japan when it was announced and people were saying she’s running away (逃げた). Same vibe from Girlschannel (who also harshly criticized the marriage announcement stunt) and 2ch. Everyone has been talking about how vulgar it is. If she’d just said anything except showing the FUCK hat even if negative it would’ve stayed within Japanese 48 fandom (like Juri and Takamina’s comments).

                  The word FUCK is seen as extremely vulgar in Japan because there’s no true direct Japanese equivalent. Just 2 months ago a Korean youtuber live streamed himself trying to enter an izakaya, he was laughed out and a guy approached him and said “fucking Korean” in English. It was considered a national embarrassment even though casual discrimination against Koreans is not so uncommon, it was seen as embarrassing because “fuck” is seen as such a dirty, vulgar word. It’s especially worse if a woman, an actress, uses it.

                  • surfboardt

                    Yeah, I can definitely see how it’s a mess even though I personally disagree with it (Though that’s partially because I’m from a different culture obviously). That sounds more like something that would be a scandal that the general public takes seriously compared to “Former member makes ‘mean’ comments about unknown member that just revealed she’s getting married”.

                  • Guest

                    Saying Girls Channel and 2ch represent Japanese people opinions is like saying Youtube comments represent the West view toward things lmao

              • Guest

                “This is about escaping the heat of the public who thought her actions were disgusting and vulgar.”
                lol, japanese people truly don’t care. maybe advertisers do? maybe.

              • Guest

                I love the idea of Japanese people not truly caring about Rino Sashihara sending boob pictures but being scandalized by Yuko Oshima’s “fuck” comment. lmao

            • Betsuni

              Not a wota but I was turned off by her out of place ott comment on a no1curr surprise announcement because she did the same (much worst?) on Kohaku. Apparently Japanese general public still remember what she (+ akimoto + NHK) did @ kohaku and profanity is not becoming of a serious actress. Btw, it took years for her to claw out of the Sabu-chan backlash.

              I think its a good decision for her to go on hiatus but it did came at a most convenient time of her screwing up her own image.

              • surfboardt

                Regarding the Sabu-chan point: I meant more that people aren’t really bringing it up anymore (Although like you said, it took her a few years to get past it and people will still view her more negatively for it despite not thinking about it) the way Erika still has to publicly address betsu ni in interviews/press conferences seven years later because people are actively bringing it up.

                Though that said, it’s all moot in the end since it seems like the information I heard about the scandal was biased towards the perspective of a specific type of wota when it’s really much more serious in the general public for different reasons.

                • Betsuni

                  Of course media not bringing it up ala Erika’s betsuni because Sabu-chan was cool about it and Akimoto was in cahoots with NHK but the netizens – various sns platforms, 2ch, gc, yahoo, etc are consistently present about Yuko’s rude graduation announcement and always reminding others she never apologized.

                • Maopin

                  People started bringing up the Kouhaku incident only because of this current scandal.


                  The top comment in this post (there were 2 about it) says “vulgar.”


          • Tarateba was considered successful? The ratings is only 11.35% so I thought it was consider as average rather than successful.

            • PigeonPop

              Drama ratings have been quite awful these last few years though–anything that averages over 10% can be considered a very respectable number now, unless we’re talking about Asadora where the bar is much higher at around 20%.

            • gerorin

              That’s successful in today’s dorama landscape. Plus the general public, other tv shows, etc were actually talking about it/quoting it like they did NigeHaji.

              • Which NigeHaji quote that is popular? The drama is really great! Its my fave from last year.

    • Owari Konoyono

      Former Momosu member Sayashi, Ogawa and Mitsui.
      Especially What was oversea studies of former AKB48 Ono.
      “Coming back early if any exciting work opportunities.”
      What is she thinking in addition to her strange slang video?

    • Betsuni

      She’s running away from the insta-fuck backlash and dragging her for Kohaku/Sabu-chan graduation she never apologized for. How stupid of her to forget about her own graduation faux pas. Good luck living the betsu-ni life.

      • Hermione48fan

        Woow so much hate. She is not running away, she is enjoying her life to the fullest!.

        • chu

          lol whatever helps you sleep at night.

    • ppfls

      Good for her. Go experience the world.

    • lwavesurfer

      Yuko’s a smart girl, I bet she’s going to be fine.

    • LouSak

      Dang. The commenters here sure are uptight.

      • wtf

        other than one…the rest are explaining how it’s seen in japan bc most ppl don’t know wtf is going on unless it’s translated lol

        • Hermione48fan

          oh we know what happened, but is still overreaction. No one knows the reasons why she is going abroad, the rest is all speculation.

        • gerorin

          I dunno, seems a bit exaggerated. Sunday Japon only did a little segment about it, Waidonashow got Sasshi on to comment and then went on to talk about other stuff. With the Olympics drama, the behind the scene Moritomo kindergarten fallout, the full-on verbally abusive giin, etc Baiking/Vivid and their ilks seems to have their plates full so it’s not really blowing up in the general public.

    • kashiyuka

      good for her
      if i had money to spare i’d do the same ;_;

    • Hermione48fan

      As a Yuko oshi, I hope she will have an awesome time in foreign countries and improve her english, though it was funny when she didn´t know it well.
      I will miss her and I hope she can comeback soon!.
      I bet many of us would love to do the same as her if we can.

    • yamakita

      The truth is, no one really cares once they graduate from a 46/48 group. So whatever you can come up with to drum up some coverage of yourself will be worth it. Have a good time, OY.