Yonekura Ryoko Announces Marriage

Japan Today reports that actress Yonekura Ryoko (39) has announced her marriage. The actress made the announcement in a statement released by fax by her management agency to media on Friday.

Yonekura said she married a 37-year-old man who runs his own company, Sports Nippon reported. The couple met two years ago through a mutual acquaintance, the paper said.

In the statement, Yonekura said that her husband, whom she did not name, has a warm and sincere personality and that she looked forward to building a family together with him. She said it was a perfect way to end an unforgettable year and added she would continue working and growing as an actress. She also thanked her fans.

Yonekura’s management said there will be no wedding ceremony, and that the actress has not yet decided on whether to hold a news conference.

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    • neenpeen

      Been waiting for this!!! Although I just began shipping Masahiro Matsuoka and Yonekura… I’m so happy for her! She deserves happiness! Get it!!!! :))

      • Nif

        Mabo and her? Why? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just interested.

        • neenpeen

          Sorry just saw this. Ryoko confessed on Tokio Kakeru that Mabo has always been her ideal type and ask him to marry her immediately.

          • Nif

            Thank you! Didn’t know about that. She’s got good taste. I would marry Mabo immeditelety too :-)

    • AAApanda

      so nice!!

    • cece

      Yay! I really like her beauty. So regal looking. I wish her and her husband happiness.

    • Lilly

      Many congrats<33

    • Congrats to the big sister!

    • me