Yamazaki Kento admits that he appears in many live-action movies through The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo teaser

As  Shounen Jump announced earlier, Yamazaki Kento gets the lead role in the live-action adaptation of The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo (Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan).  The teaser trailer has been unleashed recently along with the visuals of the other casts. Check it out below:

The highlight of the teaser is where the actor as Saiki Kusuo tells the audience, “A lot of you are probably thinking: ‘Yamazaki Kento appears in live-action adaptations too much?’ …This is because I’m an ESP.”

Other casts include:


Ryo Yoshizawa as Kaidou Shun


Kanna Hashimoto as Teruhashi Kokomi


Hirofumi Arai as Nendou Riki


Hideyuki Kasahara as Hairo Kineshi


Kento Kaku as Kuboyasu Aren


Murotsuyoshi  as Chouno Ryoku


Jiro Sato as Kanda Hinsuke

The story involves a high school student named Saiki Kusuo who has the ESP ability including psychokinesis, teleportation, and telepathy. Because he doesn’t want to stand out after what happened to him in kindergarten, he tries to use his powers only when needed and without telling others about it. The anime series often involves breaking the fourth wall as part of comedic relief.

The movie will premiere on October 21, 2017.

Check out their official twitter for the movie for updates!

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    • Taima-kun

      A lot of you are probably thinking: ‘Yamazaki Kento appears in live-action adaptations too much?’ …This is because I’m an ESP.”

      LOL this is so lame

    • eplizo

      I’m dying lol

    • Historia Lenz

      Most of the cast are in the live action Gintama, too! Kanna and Ryo <3 <3 <3

      • vragile

        its a 2 in 1 deal, so you only need to watch one of the two films and will be the same experience

        • Dalooshe

          These two movies are directed by the same guy after all.

    • guest

      Kanna, Ryo and double Kento *0*

      • guest

        that pink hair looks dumb tho…

        • FindingSerenity

          Tell that to Jimin from BTS and the 100000000000000 over ARMY out there. In asian pop culture, good looking people can rock any colour hair. And Kento is good looking.

    • I was very sure he was self aware. lol

    • Karen Khoo

      Yamaken! Just continue appearing in live actions!
      Don’t mind the haters-

      • FindingSerenity

        Yes! Agreed 100%

    • DoSHachiko

      Random trivia:
      Shortly after when Kento was announced as Saiki, it was around the time the anime shorts was still airing…
      And the anime poked fun at him, and made him the primary ‘target’ of affection for regular girls. (The manga version, it was Sato Takeru instead.)

      And Saiki’s character is the type who DOESN’T like attention at all, haha.

    • Summersplash

      Oh man.. When will Kaku Kento gets his big break. He should be headlining movie already

      • a chicken nugget

        maybe he’s considered too old and too married for the male heartthrob role?

        • FindingSerenity

          For goodness’ sake he’s 22 and SINGLE!!! (please read up more on his bio before commenting, it’s called thinking before you act)

    • skias onar

      I’m looking forward to this. Good cast, and the teaser is like it’s right out of the manga.

    • hmm

      I’m curious but what do the Japanese think of Yamazaki Kento? Seems like Jojo and this movie isnt being received to well judging from the dislikes on youtube..Do people take him seriously as an actor? It kind of boggles my mind that people can say hes so great..but thats my opinion.

      • hizurisama

        well, if his agency continues to push his face in every movie/tv he’ll end up hated like ayame gouriki :/

        • FindingSerenity

          Kento’s acting is really good just that he hasn’t had the right movie to shine, hopefully this will be the one

      • FindingSerenity

        I hope they do, I think he’s a very talented yet down-to-earth actor.

    • anon

      Yoshizawa Ryo ♥

    • Dalooshe

      I’m bummed I have to wait till next year to see all those movies that will be coming out this summer or later this year :/ Otherwise I think the cast will do justice to those roles!!

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