Winners of the Music Jacket Award 2015 Announced

The Music Jacket Promotion Committee has awarded their prizes for the best cover art of the past year. Out of the the many nominees, the Grand Prize went to Shiina Ringo for her self-cover album “Gyakuyunyuu ~Kouwankyoku~.” Secondary awards went to Aimer for her EP “Dareka, Umi wo. EP” and to Pink Floyd for their album “Towa.” A special prize was awarded to Denki Groove for their mini album “25.” Check out the winning covers after the jump!

Grand Prize: Shiina Ringo – Gyakuyunyuu ~Kouwankyoku~

Secondary Prize: Aimer – Dareka, Umi wo. EP

Secondary Prize: Pink Floyd – Towa

Special Prize:  Denki Groove – 25

  • Comments

    • Ringo’s cover slayed… The shipyard theme really fits the whole “re-import” theme well.

    • I like Denki Groove’s The typography under 25 is retrospective of Japanese consumer electronics

    • Malini Dana

      AWWWW My suzu, oops, lol,.errm yeah, suzu didnt win this time… but i guess, for him to get nominated is good enough!

    • Taima-kun

      DG’s cover art is amusing, not only it seems so random (electricity outlet of all things? XD) but
      they’re like emojis too

      • Denki means electricity tho. The holes look like faces with different expressions. That’s so cute.

    • eplizo

      No surprise @ Queen Shiina’s cover taking it. It was really well-done. Denki Groove’s is really cute lol.

    • AAApanda

      omg aimer!

    • Sun

      Yay for Aimer!! She really deserves it :) Her artworks are always meaningful. Hopefully she’ll get more exposure this year.

    • Shuren Shimitri

      wonder if she is also the singer in one of the music for guilty crown pls reply if anyone knows