Which female entertainers have the worst luck with men?

Love affairs, shotgun marriages, divorce. The world of celebrity is never a dull one, unfortunately certain celebrities in general seem to have the worst luck when choosing their partner. Popular entertainment website goo held an online poll asking their users who they thought were the unluckiest female entertainers when it came to their love life.

Any guesses on who made the list? Check out the top 35 picks below

1. Becky


Becky brought us one of the first major scandals of the year thanks to her affair with Kawatani Enon. The scandal forced Becky into a mini hiatus, and to this day her entertainment activities still hasn’t gone back to normal. Despite the divorce Enon has continued to go on like nothing has happened, and was even recently photographed with his new 19 year old girlfriend leaving a bad taste with some of the users. With the scandal still being fresh in so many peoples minds it was without a doubt that Becky would top the list with the most votes.

2. Ai Kago 


Men have basically been the bane of Ai Kago’s existence for the past decade. In 2007 Kago was fired from Hello!Project for continuing to smoke underage and having relations with a 37 year old man. In 2009 Kago had an affair with actor Mizumoto Hidejiro, which lead his ex-wife filing a lawsuit against the two seeking monetary damages and child support for their three children.  By 2010 Kago was dating a new man, but he was arrested the following year for allegedly attempting to extort one of his co-workers. The two eventually married and had a child together.

In 2014 Kago’s husband was making headlines again due to police issuing an arrest warrant for him for loaning money at illegal interest rates. The couple divorced in 2015 after he was arrested for domestic violence. Kago has since re-married and is pregnant with her second child, hopefully he’s a good one!



Suzanne married ex professional baseball player Kazumi Saito in December 2011. The relationship played a key role in helping Suzanne evolve her public persona, Suzanne originally became famous for essentially being stupid (but qt) as one of the major participants on the popular variety show “Quiz! Hexagon”.  Last year it was revealed that Kazumi was having a long affair with professional golfer Momoko Ueda. Suzanne tearfully held a press conference apologizing that the two couldn’t be a family anymore, and didn’t want to believe that he was having an affair. They had one child together.

4. Reiko Takashima

5. Norika Fujiwara

6. Sayuri Kokushō

7. Tomomi Kahala

8. Asami Kumakiri

9. Makoto Kawamoto

10. Akiko Yada

11. Anna Umemiya

12. Akina Nakamori

13. Chihiro Onitsuka

14. Noriko Sakai

15. Ayumi Hamasaki / Mero Imai

17. Oniyakko Tsubaki

18. Akemi Darenogare

19. Megumi Okina / Ryōko Hirosue

21. Shoko Nakagawa / misono / Aoi Miyazaki

24. Noriko Aota

25. Mari Yaguchi

26. Minami Tanaka

27. Miyazawa Rie / Rino Sashihara / Motoko Obayashi

30. Ryoko Yonekura / Sakura Uehara

32. Atsuko Maeda

33. Namie Amuro

34. Erika Sawajiri / Kayoko Ohkubo

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    • Taima-kun

      i thought Ayu was gonna top this

    • i feel like aibon’s entire life story is one mess after another, but i’m sure the heaviest burden for her to bear is RUINING the GREATEST POP DUOS OF ALL TIME A MONTH BEFORE THE RELEASE OF THEIR THIRD ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bubi.

      How did they even remember Suzanne existed? I feel like she was one of those popular haafus over yesteryear, thrown to the curb when the next, younger and more “exotic” one came around. I mean, she was.

    • guest

      25. Mari Yaguchi

      Did something else happened aside from her being caught by her husband with another man? .__.

      • Babi Hong

        when it was revealed she was dating oguri shun she decided to abruptly leave morning musume T.T

      • nothingsover

        For that, that’s not her bad luck but his. Poor Masayan :(

        • guest

          That’s my point.

    • Chris

      What happened to Chihiro Onitsuka (aside her personality problem) and Shoko Nakagawa with another man? I never heard anything about that.

      • Cat

        Onitsuka met a guy in a toy shop who was supposedly homeless, and moved him into her apartment very swiftly. One night he came home drunk and hit her in the face while she was sleeping. When she tried to fight back, he attacked her again and ended up breaking her ribs and causing facial injuries. When she left to call the police, he destroyed her apartment and disappeared, but was arrested a month later. He apparently had a history of violence and had been in prison for assault previously.

        • Bubi.

          What kind of toy shop?

        • Chris

          Omg, poor her :(
          When this was happened? I supposed it’s between the release of Sugar High and Las Vegas (2002 / 2007)

          • Cat

            It was in August 2010.

    • Babi Hong

      suzanne apologized but he is the one who cheated on her???!?!????!!

    • ChaiChai

      I knew Becky was going to top this just by reading the headline lol

      So Enon is already back to dating while Becky is doing what?

    • notagotfan

      On no.. Becky :(
      She’s appointed as a model for an award winning advertising agency. The catch: ready to strip naked.
      Tbh, she looks cute.

      The length she goes to be accepted back. Kind of reminded me of that scene in Games of Thrones. I hope she could blow up enon with green fire.

    • autumn.owl070

      YOU BETTER CALL BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR!!! Lmfaooo sorry I had to. Every time I see her name (or that name in general) I always start singing SORRY by Beyonce. Well all I have to say is that I hope Becky learned her lesson and she is now SORRY (lmfaoo see what I did there? Okey let me stop XD). Does anyone have an external link to the pictures of Enon’s new 19 year old gf (what a sleazy guy). Some of these scandals were very unfortunate. Definitely, have to google some of these that I don’t know about :O. What happened with Erika Sawajiri though?!?!?

      • Juni

        definite sleazeball…

      • maguro part deux

        I think Erika married some old dude, then dumped him via text message or something.

    • Summersplash

      #1 should be aibon
      #2 nakamori akina – did anyone on the list even have a suicide scandal?!

    • yamakita

      A more interesting list would be on the women who have good luck with men in Japan.

    • lymli

      everyone has bad luck, after all they just marry cos they got pregnant by accident

    • CH

      Excuse me. What’s the story of Makoto Kawamoto. I didn’t knew before. I’m not Japanese but a big fan of her.