What Scandals have Shocked Japanese Netizens the Most?

The netizens of Girls Channel recently discussed the celebrity scandals that have shocked them the  most. The most shocking scandals involved members of Arashi and their female friends, dating scandals and a scandalous picture of popular actress Karina.

1. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:16:27

Please post pictures from weekly magazines of  the celebrity scandals that have shocked you the most!

Incidentally, for me it was the pictures that Arimura Kasumi and Hey Say Jump’s Okamoto Keito took together. She was such a pure and innocent actress…

4. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:18:39 [通報]

I guess Morita Go and Ueto Aya…

I was shocked at that catastrophe! And it even continued for eight years…

5. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:18:41 [通報]


*Note: This is the actress Karina

10. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:19:40 [通報]

I haven’t seen much Karina recently…

11. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:19:57 [通報]

Nakai-kun and Koda Kumi

14. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:20:51 [通報]

The former Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari.

Bringing her lover into her home and being seen by her husband…

In any case I was shocked

15. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:20:54 [通報]

I laughed

*Anybody know who this is?

17. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:22:04 [通報]

Miyake Ken and Shibasaki Kou

20. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:23:32 [通報]

Morita Go and Ueto Aya

23. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:25:33 [通報]

Johnny’s are wicked

31. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:27:12 [通報]


34. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:28:11 [通報]

I liked them both at the time so I was shocked!

I thought they really fit together as a couple!

Ah. I still like Nagase-kun even now. 

*Nagase Tomoya and Ayumi Hamasaki

39. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:29:59 [通報]

Lately Hamada and Kikkawa

匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:32:11 [通報]

Arashi’s picture with the girl from Shimura Doubutsuen 

65. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:36:58 [通報]

Toda Erika and Ayano Go

72. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:39:44 [通報]

Slouching Oguri Shun and Tanaka Miho

80. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 18:43:27 [通報]

Kaera and Narimiya-kun were lovey-dovey, weren’t they?

119. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 19:17:37 [通報]

Buri-chan who shaved her head hitting paparazzi with an umbrella

147. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 20:18:41 [通報]

Continuing with Arashi, Nino

216. 匿名 2014/08/30(土) 23:09:00 [通報]

The gay tendencies of One Direction

252. 匿名 2014/08/31(日) 00:59:25 [通報]

Gouto Maki and Ninomiya Kazunari

I like Nino at the time, so when I saw this I cried

Citizens of Arama, what are some scandals that shocked you? Post in the comments!

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    • yacchaitai

      isn’t 15 maeda atsuko?

      • 950619

        yup >_<

      • Nozomi

        Good girls get drunk too sometimes.

    • 950619

      Buri-chan who shaved her head hitting paparazzi with an umbrella


      • Britney Spears’ Japanese nickname.

        • 950619


    • sdffsd

      #15 is acchan

    • onemorelight

      #15 is Sato Takeru carrying a drunk Maeda Atsuko

      • ocgoodtimes

        Acchan probably only weighs about 100# and Sato Takeru can barely carry her.

      • yanderenightmares

        Beat me to it.

    • Reileen

      I loled at One Direction
      So basically, the most shocking for netizens are the dating scandals??
      I didn’t know, were Miyake Ken and Shibasaki Kou an item?

      • yacchaitai

        They want their idols to be single virgins until they retire

        • yanderenightmares

          That and who’s with who is actually pretty popular in most gossip circles anywhere anytime.

      • anonon

        Guy in the picture is not Miyake Ken it’s Matsujun, they dated back in 2010. But Miyake and Shibasaki have been rumored for the past year or so.

      • bec2224

        I’ve seen that exact same picture but captioned Kou and Matsumoto Jun…so I guess they can say whoever they want is in that picture you can’t tell at all.

    • sumomona

      15 is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in j entertainment for me

      • sumomona

        but most shocking the the past 5 years is probably yaguchi’s scandal

      • xameix

        no shit

    • jing

      they missed Nino, the sexual powerhouse one lol

    • #1: Taking cute pictures with a boy? *scandalous*

    • UnKnown

      I still cant believe in this day and age some harmless dating is considered a scandal? You’re idol is like freaking 18+, it would be more strange if they have never dated before..like I seriously dont understand the minds of idol fans..

    • Guest

      I always thought the one with with Miyake Ken x Shibasaki Kou was actually Matsumoto Jun x Shibasaki Kou the whole time….

      • Guest

        Well, she had a dating rumor with both of them, actually. So the one you’re thinking about is probably the Kou x Jun one. After that one, there was a rumor she was with Nagase, then of course, the rumor with Ken.

      • anonon

        The picture is Matsujun x Shibasaki (2010? 2011?) but Miyake Ken x Shibasaki is currently ongoing (apparently).

    • Guest
    • meeii

      Ahahahaaha Arashi are so stupid lool

      • yanderenightmares

        They are. It’s fun.

    • Memorian

      *Yawn* I was expecting to come in here and find out a bunch of crazy juicy tidbits. Not people that dated… how are these even scandals. What’s so scandalous about two people dating?? I know fans get bent out of shape when their idols date but yeesh. But…. Arama! should have a post what they think are some REAL scandals. I bet there’s a bunch I never heard of especially from the 90’s too.

      • You can go and read the Girls Channel thread. This is what THEY thought were scandals. This article is simply a translation of the comments.

        • Memorian

          Yea I know that….that’s why I said Arama should make their OWN article/post about they thought were pretty big celebrity scandals in Japan.

          • Koda Kumi’s rotten fluids comment that pretty much killed her career…
            Erika Sawajiri’s “betsu ni”…
            Utada’s mother’s suicide…

            • Memorian

              I was expecting something more like what you listed. I guess those didn’t draw the biggest reactions.

              • I think it could be the people being asked? I mean isn’t that site dedicated to teenage girls and idols and kawaii stuff?

            • Cheeza

              What was Erika Sawajiri’s “betsu ni” about ?

              • sumomona

                omg only the best thing you’ll ever see. changed her image 180

      • Yeah, this is very KPop…

      • OhSnap!

        I agree with you in theory. But in Japan dating is still considered a “scandal” especially when involving idols because they do have a dating ban.
        Sometimes it’s not so much about the news but the reactions to the news what makes it amusing to me

      • In many of these idols’/models’/actors’/actresses’ contracts it says they shouldn’t be seen with a girlfriend/boyfriend.

        A way to keep the image of the “unreachable idol”.

        • Treechicken

          It’s not in the freaking contracts, people. Stop blowing all this “contracts” talk out your rear ends.

          Sorry to single you out, Keiko.

        • twin_angels

          It’s not in the contract, but they’re warned not to get caught, thus making their relationship public. Well, that’s what I heard with Johnny’s anyway. I’m not sure about AKB family or others idols.

          • yanderenightmares

            I heard, keyword heard, that it’s not in AKB contracts either. Heard, so don’t shoot me if I’m wrong. I hope I’m right though.

          • MEGAFAN

            from what i have heard recently johnny’s give some members of groups dating ban to avoid suicide as some fans go to that extreme when they hear that a particular member has a girlfriend.

            • twin_angels

              Sorry, never heard of that. Coz the thing I mention actually being mention by Johnny’s talent himself (or some people from Johnny’s. It’s being mention not too long after Jin/Meisa fiasco). I just can’t remember who said that. He said that they all can date, just don’t get caught by fans/media, and makes their relationship public. So, there’s NO DATING ban in reality.

              • JW’s Junta said there’s no dating ban, they’re just required to not be public about it… the privilege of being public about it are reserved to some married and some single senior members of the agency

      • sumomona

        go check out choscandalous. je focus, but reading up on the matchy/nakamori akina shit will fuck you up.

        any non-dating scandals i can think of in j-ent are drugs or like… yazuka connections

        • OhSnap!

          Choscandalous was my bible! I would sell my unexistent soul to have it back

          • sumomona

            right?! idk anyone in je fandom who /doesn’t/ miss them. how dare yao & veronica go get lives.

        • onemorelight

          I miss choscandalous! Uwasako was a good read as well.

    • Most shocking is Yaguchi’s. Most wtf-ish was Ohno’s lol. Most endearing to me was Nino’s with Nozomi, though that wasn’t a scandal I guess, but as many are commenting, seems dating is a scandal and that’s weird, but idol-world. Back to Nino, his Gomaki pictures are pretty innocent. And I actually liked Acchan more after seeing her act like a normal girl her age tbh.

    • Reileen

      where is Karina nowadays tho, after that Friday pic

    • OhSnap!

      Some I remember now: Koda’s amniotic fluid’s issue, Erika’s “betsuni”, SMAP member drunk and naked on the street, Ayu and Nagase, the Arashi member smoking pot, Yaguchi Mari’s affair, AKB’s Atsuko wild night out, the girl from AKB who shaved her head, Akanishi and Meisa getting a shotgun wedding.
      ah, good times

      • lol… the amniotic fluid episode… ORZ

      • pk@fire

        Lol and one of SMAP running over a policewoman

        How’s that for gender equality? Cheat and if you’re a woman, you’re gone; do anything and you’re still OK if you have a dick

        • OhSnap!

          Gender what? This is Japan we are talking about
          Also, JE move all the Yakuza strings they need to move to save their profitable talents’ asses. Journalists and tabloids are easily silenced by them.

      • Ame

        Don’t get how the wedding is on par with the other scandals.

    • rabuberii

      Karina’s was so embarrasing!! With all the yoga explanation and all lol
      And Maeda’s too! The memes that came after the pictures were great.

      • yacchaitai
        • omg are there more….

          • Treechicken

            If I recall correctly there was a thread with a bunch of them on majide! But I can’t find it now.

          • sonatasy

            Mod you sound like you don’t know about the infamous Maeda Atsuko – Sato Takeru incident. It was a big thing cos it happened right after Maeda’s graduation from AKB and literally destroyed her image overnight. So many jokes came out of it.

            • Treechicken

              Yeah but she still gets work and Sato became more popular. I can’t stand him so I wanted him to catch more flack.

              • sonatasy

                Acchan was the one who made a fool of herself here. Sato(whilst he has many scandals in his life) was just dragged into the mud.

            • haha i knew about it but i never looked at the edits

    • mac

      this post was confusing to read due to the formatting

    • mikgoo

      except for Karina, only in Japan can these pictures be labeled as scandal.

    • delikizzz

      “I like Nino at the time, so when I saw this I cried’

      this mentality is killing me seriously why can’t fans accept the fact that idols are humans as well who need to go on dates and get laid?

      • Cheeza

        My thoughts exactly !

      • I think this is kind of diffrent, just because they cry doesn’t mean they can’t accept it. I’m more bothered by those people that start hating and are being in denial.

    • Treechicken

      I’m sorry but the most shocking by far was publicly nude Kusanagi. As evidenced here, they’ve done a great job of making people forget.

      • sumomona

        eh he recovered immediately though. ninkyo helper had good ratings / they managed to joke about the incident within weeks

        lol man idk what wins for the funnier scandal between ‘hadaka dattara nani ga warui’ and sato takeru carrying drunk sobbing acchan home

    • WhyAreFansSoCrazy

      If it’s cheating, etc. I get, but the Japanese public really needs to understand the fact that celebs are people too. They have the right to pursue romantic relationships just like everyone else. Comments like, “oh she was so pure and innocent until I saw a pic of her hanging out with a guy, now she’s a slut” or, “oh I used to like him until I found out he is dating someone, I felt so betrayed that I cried” annoy me so much.

      If you really like these celebs, why wouldn’t you want them to be happy? If you want them to hang around till old age pretending to be single just so you have better fantasizing material, you should probably step back and consider exactly when your life became so pathetic. And to be honest, even if these celebs were single they wouldn’t go for you anyway, so get over it. /rant

      • Treechicken

        Because the media endorses and propagates that way of thinking. The real cause is that the talent agencies in Japan think they own their artists and need to control everything in their lives. The entire entertainment industry operates on supposed rules that no one wrote and no one agreed to.

        • WhyAreFansSoCrazy

          Yes I know that’s the main issue. But they are do anything it takes to give the public what they want in exchange for $$$. If the public didn’t care about keeping their celebs “pure,” they’d have no leg to stand on. It doesn’t matter what the reason is though. My whole point is that it’s wrong and shouldn’t continue. It’s mentally unhealthy for both the celebs and the public that perpetuates this type of restrictive thinking.

          For the celebs, it’s really a no-brainer. They are forced to pick between their career and private life and it sucks. For the public that thinks this way, who are you to deny someone the chance to start a family and be happy? Why do you think it’s ok to have this much control over someone’s life? What’s next, slavery? It makes me sick.

          • Treechicken

            Well it’s natural if you’ve been crushing on someone for a long time to feel a little broken hearted thinking of him/her with someone else. These fans are mostly young people with crazy-strong emotions in this regard. The way the stories are reported just makes it a hundred times worse.

            • Guest

              How do you crush on someone to the extent of getting heart broken when you dont even know that person personally or have never even met them?

              • Treechicken

                It happens all the time. It’s no different from crushing on the jock/cheerleader at school who doesn’t talk to you, or a coworker you don’t know at all. This is nothing new or limited to idol fans.

                We are wired to feel attracted to people. That’s what a crush is. You can call these people losers, but the heart wants what it wants. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense to anyone, including oneself. “Well we have been best friends for a year now and like the same books and you laugh at my jokes, so I will go ahead and become attracted to you,” is not how the heart actually works. It’s easy to say it should be but it’s just not.

                I wasn’t even fighting with you though. It’s unhealthy that the agencies, media, and idols themselves exploit it to make their fans more obsessed.

                • Guest

                  Hsha i wasnt trying to fight, i just find it creepy and im totally unable to grasp the logic behind these fans

                • bec2224

                  No, there is a big difference crying over the boy in your history class and an idol that you never even met. It’s okay to joke around even with your self, “hey if he’s gonna be with someone it should be me, tha’s fine. BUT if you are that deeply in-grossed that you are physically reacting (crying) or stopping yourself from being a fan because an idol has a normal life than it’s not healthy.

      • Guest

        THIS SO MUCH.

      • udunno

        this isn’t be human, this is to do millions of shit

      • Sade

        Here, I was thinking exactly the same thing…very unreasonable fans…the celebs are normal young men and women with normal needs. Let them have a life.

      • Iagreewithyou

        Amen to that!

    • I think Erika-sama’s “Betsu ni” is one of my favorites because it’s wasn’t like a messy scene or situation, it was just her being sassy on TV because she had #hadit but it might have been too subtle and disrespectful for Japan

      • Treechicken

        Yeah that was a good one. People way overreacted to that.

    • Treechicken

      I feel like the no dating crap is a human rights issue. Because, they can lose their job over it.

      But Japanese companies and schools love controlling what people do in their free time. I was in a fast food place once and this group of boys was at the table next to me. A teacher from their school came in and noticed them and started freaking out. They just had drinks, no food, but the teacher threw their drinks away. I was like… Where I’m from, this would make the news and the teacher would be fired.

      • bec2224

        It’s not YOU CAN’T DATE…it’s keep your private life out of ALL magazines and shows. People have this misconception that business’s can take away your human rights. you were correct the with the first line.

    • Jo

      OMG HAHA I laughed so much at One erection!

      But yea I was shocked the most about Arashi. Not because I have much expectations of them but the leaked pictures are kinda gross.

      And all the time I thought Narimiya is gay lol

    • Treechicken

      The Ohno one pissed me off. I don’t care that he did it, but it was the lying afterward that made me most annoyed. He claimed he thought that maryjane was regular tobacco and that a couple drags of it is what made him do all that crazy stuff that he supposedly would never do otherwise. I don’t smoke but just from growing up in a country where it’s considered normal I know that doesn’t add up. What a lying little bitch. But with that explanation he was forgiven while females who just do something “impure” are cut out forever.

      • Guest

        Except they get you in jail in Japan for possesion or consumption. And the penalties are not lax, basically they treat you as a drug dealer with almost no possibility of avoiding prison time.
        I don’t know how much you value honesty but it’s a little unrealistic to expect that he would turn himself into the police like that.

        • Treechicken

          Oh, that’s not what I mean. Just that it wasn’t really an apology because he made up those ridiculous excuses. I can respect “I messed up and I regret it.” I can’t respect “It wasn’t my fault!” and a bunch of lies.

          • Anon

            I’m pretty sure that Ohno said nothing regarding his scandal. I don’t know what fan fiction you’re reading.

            • Treechicken

              He apologized through Johnny’s, and to fans at a Music Lover recording, and to the cast and crew of Maou…

              • Guest

                “A lying little bitch’? He barely talk about it, he apologized for troubling everyone but the excuses came from Johnny’s mouthpiece. If ohno just casually admit his error, the police will be all over him. Its not drastic but he didnt go unscathed. He became more quiet and reserved after the scandal

              • Treechicken is right, he did apologize on those recording sets but, he apologized for causing them worry and troubles, and denied doing all the things that were reported by the press. Like guest-san said, it’d be stupid to admit possession or consumption. When it comes to idols there are things they can and can’t say; for me, actions speak louder than words and Ohno has had a remarkable behavior since then.

    • xyz

      Well. I guess by overseas fans’ standards, these are pretty much meh.

      Never realised that that girl with the hsj fella was Arimua Kasumi though. And when was that Karina scandal? Never saw anything of it. I did realise and wondered where she disappeared off to though.

      Personally, the akb girl who shaved her head was pretty much the most wtf to me. And it’s refreshing seeing the Arashi boys with girls, tbh. And such pictures., even if they’re old. The boys need more such scandals! Not like anything might hurt their reputation (that badly). Look at Kusanagi Tsuyoshi. Sure, it’s been a few years, but he’s back like nothing happened. I love Arashi and what they’re doing, but I think they need more scandals to spice up their lives. It’s been so smooth sailing it’s starting to get boring. (Of course, it’s just the whimsical wish of a selfish fan.)

    • One Erection LOL

      • yanderenightmares

        Holy shit, it’s real.

      • Reileen

        lmao with 1D’s song title too

    • LOL… Acchan’s drunk night never gets old

    • pepp

      the Acchan one created some fabulous memes. But i think the most shocking was Yaguchi Mari scandal.

    • surfboardt

      15 reminded me of this one tumblr post where someone suggested that Itano Tomomi’s SWAGGALICIOUS PV should be Acchan and Tomochin getting wasted and not being able to show up to graduation #528154 due to a hangover. STILL WAITING FOR SAID PV TBH.

      • omg i need this

    • sonatasy

      Nobody mentioning Tomochin and Takahiro? I wonder why no one is reporting on the couple bracelets they are wearing these days.

      • yourcoffeesucks

        there were rumors and i think some pics but no one really cared cuz it was during when Tomochin was almost about to graduate and everyone knows the LDH people can date.

    • light

      Nino’s pics are so cute lol his face in the one with Goto Maki though XD

    • Nuke Chester

      #80 this one was called scandal ?? :v, they should have been kidding =))

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Aibon’s scandal. I was so fucking heart broken over the loss of W.

    • Guest

      I’m surprised no one mentioned that rumor about that JE guy (Johnny’s WEST member, I think) sexually assaulting that woman in a hotel room.

      • Guest

        Maybe because he’s fairly new and no one really knows about him right now?

      • It was discovered to be a hoax.

      • … a rumor started right before a certain idol is getting a starring role in something for the first time… cause that’s believable.

    • JE fan

      Keito? Really?! I thought they were so cute, I hope it’s true.
      The one direction one got a few laughs out of me.

    • jyl

      Kind of OT but have there been any news of Toda Erika and Katsuji Ryo lately? She seems to move on to another person every two years around this time of the year.

      • Jurippe

        To be fair, if they met on the set of Summer Nude, it hasn’t been two years yet. Give it another 11 months. :)

        • jyl

          There were eyewitness reports of them together the August before Summer Nude. Perhaps they weren’t romantically involved back then, but I’m counting it.

          I’m just sort of impatient here… She was introduced to his father this January too and the countdown to marriage is supposedly starting… Like is he finally the one or? I’m an anxious fan lol

    • Buri-chan



    • Crazyperson

      Myuto getting a girl pregnant then the girl getting an abortion because he apparently forced her…

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      #15 : hahaha the funniest scandal EVER. XD Gettiing drunk and carried away by a handsome guy like Sato? Not bad Maeda ahahaha Never expected that from a AKB48 member. Or maybe I should’ve excpeting that XD
      Most shocking scandal was the Mari+Oguri Shun scandal back in 2005 (wtf, time flies ..oO). Because I reeaaaly loved Oguri Shun.
      All the scandals with Arashi actually never surprised me….. XD bad boys for life! hahaha

    • Guest

      I feel like an old fart here but Okada Junichi’s FRIDAY car sex scandal. Shocked me because he was 17-18 at the time and the gravure idol he was caught with had to apologize to all her fans…

      • twin_angels

        Ummm… wasn’t the girl Yuka? I remember reading that a long time ago. THIS was definitely shocking. And wasn’t Okada also involved in a scandal with Miyazaki Aoi, who’s still someone else wife at that time? Well yeah. Both equally shocked me the most!

        • Guest

          Wow! Thanks for refreshing my memory. I am surprised someone else remembers this. It definitely was Yuka because I recall her gravure activities slowed down immensely after that scandal and she started to focus more on TV activity. I remember it being shocking because Okada Junichi was marketed as the nice, boy next door in those days as a foil to Morita Go’s bad boy character. Not only that but he got into an argument with the paparazzi! And yes there was that rumor with Miyazaki Aoi. I believe Takaoka insinuated recently that Okada was not involved but who knows…

          • twin_angels

            Eh???? Takaoka did that? Wow… I didn’t know. But I thought the whole thing started coz Aoi & Okada was caught going to onsen together or something? But I dunno anymore…

            • Guest

              Yes. You are right. Takaoka has private twitter now, but someone leaked a tweet response they got from Takaoka. They ask him how he feels about Okada and he said something along the lines of him not being a bad guy and not to believe rumors. Which is very odd because the story leaked because Takaoka “outed” them. I think this one is more doubtful but the car sex scandal had ramification of Yuka apologizing for it by saying she was only in the car with him talking and to take steps away from her idol career.

    • eplizo

      none of these truly shocked me tbh. Although Karina’s, Ohno’s, and Atsuko’s were entertaining.

    • Samantha Phiri

      The guys at Johnny’s Entertainment are no joke. . This blows the fufu lame shit that people call scandals in Kpop. Hahaha

    • Jurippe

      I don’t know why Toda Erika and Ayano Go was such a scandal. They had been going out for a while.

    • Tiff

      Love how Toda and Ayano are both just so over it

    • moistforshinhwa

      I’m sobbing at all if these. Lol

    • Hotaru Hime

      There isn’t any “no-dating rules”. i heard it was more like a warning, “don’t get caught/ no dating in public” kind of thing. but depending on the seriousness of the situation, they might get themselves into trouble (like being freezed/ demoted for a certain period of time). which reminded me of minegishi(akb).

      i believe most fans knew perfectly well that some of their fav idols are secretly attached. The “shocking” part might not actually be the fact that the celebrities were dating, but more as to some of their actions.

    • bec2224

      I think there is a huge difference between “dating” and “cheating” but it seems like the Japanese fans and industry don’t treat them much different. Plus as far as the boy bands, they were kids, babies, under 20 yrs old, given the key to Disneyland and they “rode” the rides. I don’t blame them at all. Some of these should be ignored (the dating ones), others were just people not thinking. Other’s like Mari (Morning Musume) now, thta’s a scandal.

    • guest

      that one SMAP dude causing a ruckus at a park somewhere, drunk and naked

    • duu


    • Dulce Tavira

      Goto Maki is way to much for Nino

    • M. A. E.

      These all look like a typical evening in Los Angeles. I am, in no way, shocked. =P

    • Masakinini

      THe girl who stay with Aiba-chan is not the girl from Shimura Doubutsen. She is Yamano Yuri.

    • emeelee

      The most shocking one for me was Yaguchi’s cheating scandal. I’ve been a fan of Momusu since 2008 but when the scandal happened, I was right in the midst of my K-pop obsession and wasn’t really paying attention to the J-entertainment industry. So I ended up finding out about it a year after it happened and had my mind blown.

    • Sakura Kou

      I feel sorry for the guy in 15# , he tried to do the right thing but it turn out like that :D

    • Carolina

      A mi me impacto mucho Inol con la actriz AV 😭😭😭 eso jamas lo voy a superar.