[Update] Watch full version of Utada Hikaru “Nijikan Dake no Vacance” feat. Shiina Ringo MV!

Earlier today, we reported on a teaser version for the new music video for “Nijikan Dake no Vacance” by Utada Hikaru featuring Shiina Ringo, and now we have a link to the music video in full, taken straight off MTV Japan.

Without further ado, watch the full music video after the gap and, as the song title says, enjoy watching Ringo and Hikki have a futuristic 2 Hour Vacation together!

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    • gus

      my yuri sense is tingling

      • Bubi.

        sounds like a false positive

        • Tal

          they hold hands, cuddle/embrace and utada literally rests her head on shiina’s chest and strokes her face while staring at shiina’s lips. but yeah sure let’s pretend you wouldn’t assume something romantic if you saw that happening between a man and a woman.

    • surfboardt


      • this phrase is bringing me back to 2008 but i feel like it’s appropriate

        • I’m so mad this died. I keep trying to Phoenix down it. It’s so fetch to be honest.

    • Jo

      Their voices go so well together!! Such pleasant song!

    • Gavin

      OMG!! Eargasm all over!! JPOP queen is slaying so much with this video. Love love love!!

    • Norra

      what a pleasant song to my ears! <3

    • Wasn’t a fan of Shiina in the beginning because her vocal tone isn’t for me, but they work so well together!! And the PV is so good! The song is so good!! Fantรดme is gonna put me in a casket

    • girlymatsu

      Yikes at their clothes, it’s not flattering on them but to see and hear Hikki sing again is always welcomed by all of me. Shiina Ringo’s voice is pleasant too. This combination is heavenly! ๐Ÿ˜

      I don’t think that’s how besties go to a vacation together though ๐Ÿ‘€

    • guesto

      lesbian space opera done right. 10/10 100% ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • hikki

      Shiina’s voice is not very good, but it works well in this song. Utada still the best. I didn’t have high hopes for this CD, but I really like what I’m seeing.

      • Shiina Ringo

        The second I see Hikki hold a note without warbling live is the second this statement holds weight.

        • hikki

          Not talking about technique, sis. Shiina’s voice is just really annoying/whiny, doesn’t matter how much she can hold a note.

          • Hiratsuki

            Shiina tiene buena voz solo que para diferentes gustos. A mi me encanta desde cuando la vi en Tokyo Jihen.

          • Teeg

            Comparing their two voices is apple and oranges, they both have wildly different voice training/technique and Shiina’s voice fits her pop-rock->electro-orchestral->pop-jazz music fine, I think hearing Shiina’s voice with Hikki’s is a huge contrast and could be jarring for those not used to it

        • Betch.

    • Cryptomystic

      Long live the Queens!

    • Geri

      Love this song and music video! Utada and Ringo are a perfect pair!

      By the way, โ€œNijikan Dake no Vacanceโ€ means “2 Hour Only Vacation” not “24 Hour Vacation.”

    • Sunny

      Song is just about ok. Nothing extraordinary.
      Why are both looking similar?

      • Ringo makes her female collaborators look like her.

        • Sunny

          Ohk.. didn’t knew..

      • kazu_no_ko

        I’m glad Utada is back, but none of her songs have resonated with me. She still sounds great and she has definitely matured. However, the songs that I have heard thus far lack impact imo. They’ve made no impression on me. Sakura Nagashi drew me in and kept me wanting more. These songs haven’t done it to me yet. Maybe the rest of the album is better.

    • ren

      lesbians in space ; my two favourite things ,, gotta love it ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    • WhySoLonely

      I love Utada but I’m not feeling this song.

    • my mothers

    • Brett

      I need to stop getting new wigs because Utada keeps snatching them everyday.

      • bald is beautiful babes

        • yacchaitai

          like ayus ex husband?

          • delete this comment immediately

            • surfboardt
              • WHY is this the realest comment on this site

                • surfboardt
                  • Derek Vasconi

                    Horrible that you would take this picture of Miichan and use it in this fashion. Miichan suffered a lot because of this, and I think it’s about time you and every other inter-troll lets it go. Yoshhh Ikushooo!

                    • surfboardt

                      1) I didn’t make this.
                      2) I think that the incident shows how the idol industry/community holds misogynistic expectations towards idols and how they act as though they have ownership over them as well as how the incident reflects a sexist double standard considering how Alan was basically given a “it’s his private life, boys will be boys” pass, so I’m well aware of how terrible that situation was against her.
                      3) But that said, it has been over two years now, Miichan herself joked about it multiple times, she definitely seems fine with it now (To the point of embracing the Goriki joke and running with it), so…

                      And if you really did care about hardships from scandals and/or the sexism that occurs from it, where were you during the Becky scandal or is it only when your oshii is the topic of discussion that you care about it?

                      P.S. I pray to god you’re not a fan of Mariko because she also made this joke as well both on social media and to Miichan herself.

                      • Derek Vasconi

                        1. Doesn’t matter if you made the pic or not. You’re distributing it. That makes you just as bad.
                        2. Why even remotely bring up anything to do with idols here on a post that deals with the most non-idol of all JPOP musicians there is? And don’t talk to me about the idol industry. I’m far more versed in it than you are, trust me. Or wait, don’t trust me, just realize that by you posting this picture you aren’t doing anything to cast any kind of light on misogynistic expectations in the idol industry, simply because you are distributing a picture of an idol on one of her very worst days in her life in a posting on Arama that has zero to do with idols, and it just comes off as you trying to showcase how cool you are. You’re not. This is troll behavior you’ve just demonstrated.
                        3. Miichan of course has joked about the situation, and it’s become like a running joke among AKB. Even the former Soukantoku made a kind of ultimate joke about this with her Fake-scandal-Mechaike episode. But this isn’t about whether or not she’s okay with it. The problem is that you are promoting an image about AKB that is used way too often by AKB antis or people who don’t understand the idol world in general and then try to get all political in their discussion about gender rights and equality and how we shouldn’t look at the love ban as a good thing and yada, yada, yada…I mean, you are using a very famous image used by so many people who don’t understand AKB, the idol industry, or what even happened to Miichan in this incident in the first place… and as a result, you are just causing more problems for AKB and AKB’s fans.
                        PS-I love Mariko sama, but, again, this has nothing to do with all the humor that AKB has put around what happened to Miichan in this picture. You should take this picture down immediately if you have any respect for AKB or AKB’s fans or if you are a fan of AKB yourself. I mean, if you really want to get technical, the very fact you put this picture of Miichan up like this, with the funny comment on it and you’re funny comment about it, kind of shows that you buy ALSO into the misogynistic expectations of idols, because you felt you could make fun of Miichan and ignore her feelings, her rights, and you probably would expect her if she read your comment on this post to just laugh it off and be okay with it because, you know, she’s made fun of it herself and so has her peers in AKB. Yep, that’s really contributing to a real discussion about misogyny in the idol industry.

                      • surfboardt

                        … Yeah, here’s the problem with “why are you bringing up idols in the most non-idol post”. If you want to discuss about Miichan’s struggles during that time, it is literally impossible to address that incident without acknowledging how sexism and misogyny not only influences the entertainment industry as a whole, but how the idol industry has specific nuances with the issue due to its cultural context as a subculture. If you want to address Miichan’s struggles, you’re going to also have to acknowledge how female idol culture enforces a virginal image that extends into an idol’s private life, how said image/expectation caused the distress (As opposed to saying the act of two consenting people being together is shameful because it honestly isn’t), and the discrepancy in repercussions from scandals involving a female idol versus a male idol (And entertainment industries in general). No matter how you slice it, the root of the scandal is due to her being an idol because of the cultural context of the subculture. If she wasn’t an idol, the scandal would’ve been much smaller (And I don’t mean this in a “then she shouldn’t be an idol” way, but to highlight how idol culture is a major contributor to her scandal in a way that you can not ignore). You can try to dismiss me all you want by saying that you have more knowledge about the idol culture, but the bottom line is that you have to come to terms with those (And other facets of idol culture) points if you are outraged at how Miichan was affected by the scandal.

                        This leads to the next problem. My original post in no way insinuated any idol context. It was a joke regarding INCONIQ’s shaved head in response to jokes about people having their hair scalped by Hikki’s music video. The context of idols and Miichan’s struggles was brought by you the moment you decided to take an issue with the post supposedly making fun of Miichan’s struggles (And like I said, you can not have that discussion without acknowledging idol culture).

                        And if you haven’t noticed, I have repeatedly called out misogyny and sexism in Arama posts in both idol scandal posts and non-idol scandal posts. I called out how the media focused more on Becky (And took a larger career hit) despite the fact that Enon was the one that’s married and concealed it at the start of their relationship. I pointed out how the media immediately went for “Sayuri is a homewrecker” image/message during her scandal despite the fact that it isn’t known if she is even aware that the guy she was with was married (And I pointed out similar points I have made in this comment as well). I also pointed out how there is little focus on the fact that the guy is the one cheating on his wife and made a conscious decision to do so, yet no one is shaming him (Especially since he is a confirmed homewrecker whereas it’s not even confirmed on Sayuri’s part). I pointed out at the lack of accountability held on Harada Mayu’s former teacher during her scandal and how it ties into power structures (Both gender and status/age). I’m not “taking it to Capitol Hills” ala Demi Lovato (Partially because it’s impractical seeing as I don’t live in Japan and have no political power/resources there), but I have a verifiable history of calling this shit out and creating discussions about it (And on that note, thank you for a new idea/writing piece to further address said issues).

                        And here is where I know you are more bothered by the fact that your issue is with the fact that it’s specfically Miichan as opposed to the broader issue:

                        “The problem is that you are promoting an image about AKB that is used way too often by AKB antis or people who don’t understand the idol world in general and then try to get all political in their discussion about gender rights and equality and how we shouldn’t look at the love ban as a good thing and yada, yada, yada..”

                        You are working with the assumption that I am pushing an anti-AKB/anti-love ban agenda with my original post. Am I anti-AKB? No, if anything, I am a former fan (Mostly due to less interest in the newer generation, not because of an anti-idol stance). Am I anti-love ban? Yes. However, there is no context whatsoever in my original post that even suggested it, nor did I even bring up those issues in my original post, nor was that even in my thoughts when I posted. And like I said, if Miichan is at a place where she’s comfortable/over the scandal and has no problems with others joking about the scandal, then I don’t see any problems with it.

                        This is going to be the last time I’m responding to you since I’m fairly confident that you’re going to dismiss me/my points again because I’m an “anti”, so I’m going to end it with something for you to consider (And I’m saying this as a former AKB48 stan and casual idol/idolesque follower): It is very much possible to be a fan and enjoy idol groups/idol culture while acknowledging the problematic aspects of it. Learn how to come to terms with that, especially if you take issue with idols’ struggles with ridicule from the media and society.

                      • Derek Vasconi

                        I think the person being dismissive here is you, actually. The fact you even though it was appropriate to put up an image of Miichan with her shaved head as a way to execute a joke in reference to what happened in Hikki’s video makes you a hypocrite of the highest order, since we’re talking about misogyny and all. By using the image of a young girl who reacted violently to the fear of being pushed out of a group that had, up to that point, defined her, you are saying it’s okay to make fun of the struggles of females who deal with being in situations like that. To put it to you another way, it’s like you posting a picture of a girl getting beat up by a guy because you saw something similar in an MV. You are standing up against misogyny as you proudly boast, but then you at the same time are putting an image of a girl being humiliated because of something “misogynistic” all to garner a few laughs on a blog post.
                        You don’t see the problem with that?
                        Anyways, I am acutely aware that AKB has many issues, much like any big organization that rakes in millions of dollars and has over 4,000 employees it works with, 400 plus of which are young girls and the rest mostly male staffers and female choreographers and so on. Nobody is saying AKB is perfect, and I definitely know the idol world in Japan has to make some changes for the better in regards to how the girls in the idol world are treated by both agencies and fans alike. That’s where YOU assume incorrectly about me, that I got the blinders on. I don’t. And in all honesty, it’s good to know you are a former fan of AKB, but sad to hear you still aren’t. However, I am going to not respond anymore after this post either, and I am going to leave you with some advice as well:
                        Take your picture down of Miichan. It’s offensive on several levels, but if you want just a great reason to do it that has nothing to do with anything we’ve discussed, here’s one to consider:
                        Think of this girl’s family. If you were Miichan’s father, would you really want to be reminded of one of the worst days in your daughter’s life by coming to a blog post which has nothing to do with AKB and then seeing somebody put a picture of Miichan up to get a few laughs and, supposedly, to make a point about misogyny, though the point is lost entirely due to the fact that you are portraying AS A JOKE the suffering of somebody’s daughter?
                        You’re probably not a father, but I am. Take the picture down please, and consider revising your stand on misogyny to not include silly joke posts like the one you just did where your commentary on the idol world’s double standard gets lost because all anyone is going to see is Miichan, upset, with her head shaved.
                        Think about it.

                      • Bubi.

                        The last two paragraphs…


                      • Bubi.

                        Actually, all of it


                      • Her family ain’t coming here. This English.

                        But who dat peasant lookin’ girl with her head chopped off?

                        *meant “hair”. Thinking of Namie’s mother.

                      • Derek Vasconi

                        I think you meant to say that because Miichan’s family doesn’t read English, they wouldn’t see this. You assume a lot about an entire family and an idol I’m going to correctly infer that you don’t know at all. And that’s besides the point entirely… it’s the simple principle of the matter of posting something like this. It’s as offensive as if you posted the image of a girl getting raped and made a joke out of it… think of this poor girl’s family, that’s all I’m sayin.
                        Then again, I’m more concerned now for the fact that the rest of what you posted makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I’m right now thinking about your family and how they must really be proud of you for talking like that.

                      • Namie Amuro. She’s a LESSER japanese idol whose mother got her head chopped off by her father ret๐Ÿ‘in๐Ÿ‘frony๐Ÿ‘of๐Ÿ‘her๐Ÿ‘

                        Want to see a picture?

                      • Derek Vasconi

                        Wow, now I’m just concerned you don’t know how to use Google.
                        It was Namie Amuro’s BROTHER IN LAW who killed Namie’s mother, and it wasn’t in front of her at all.
                        And even worse than you getting this wrong, you call Namie Amuro an idol. PFFTTT.
                        She’s not an idol..she’s the QUEEN of the JPOP universe!
                        You see, the hierarchy goes like this:
                        Hikki is God.
                        Namie is the Queen.
                        AKB48 are the angels of heaven descended down to perform for you.
                        Perfume are robots pretending to be human pretending to be digital (just kidding, they actually are my favorite group of all time).
                        And Kumi Koda is the x-rated version of Ayumi Hamasaki.
                        So yeah, no picture necessary. I already see things clearly. You should try to do the same.

                      • Please defibe Ayumi hamaSUCKI for me. You forgot that one and I was waiting for it.

                        Experiencing disappointment in a person like never before.

                        Namie doesn’t wrote2, produce, sing or even dance anymore.

                        She’s an old arse idol. She had a baby out of wedlock and Japan dropped her. She came back when Utada took a break. Now utada Bout to take ALLL THAT way again just like Namie’s daddy took her mother. Please understand.

                      • Derek Vasconi

                        Oh sure, I understand completely. You don’t know proper English and you insist on calling Namie an idol and incorrectly reference things in the Namie’s life that never happened, all so you can lead up to saying Hikki is somehow going to take back something that she can never take back because she never was in the running for it in the first place, i.e., the crown of the JPOP universe. I doubt Hikki cares about that at all, or ever did. She’s a true musician.
                        But yeah, I’m done now. Goodbye my new troll friend. Word of advice: Instead of trolling here on Arama (which seems to attract more trolls than Sauron did in LOTR), , please do us all a favor and take a few English lessons before you decide to comment on stuff you obviously know nothing about.

                      • Still waiting game on Ayumi hamaSUCKI definition to be honest.

                      • Bai bai๐Ÿ™‹

    • Ryusei

      [update] now with a clickbaitier header pic

    • Bubi.

      A “My Husband Won’t Let Me Collaborate With Another Man So I’m Collaborating With A Woman” Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna tea

    • i used to be punk rock

      Utada and Ringo have been friends forever and the two of them are excellent musicians, I’m glad this feat finally happened.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead


    • I was out here thinking that Hikaru Utada was not going to give us any new videos and album full of ballads. In the past 5 days she has dropped a bop and a new video.

      Hikaru Utada has no respect. This woman is playing hopscotch on my edges and got my hair line looking like Tetsuo from Akira.

    • eplizo

      Absolutely BRILLIANT. By far the best thing to come out of jpop in a long time for me. Wow…. Both the song and MV are just perfect!

    • Midna

      that PV was so cool.

    • Who is here for this!!! I personally want to see them put of a album together like kanye jayz did

      • btw i did not aprreicate that drive by dragging prepare a person first

    • honey girl

      Help me find my weave guises. My wigs are SHOOK. Hikki keeps straight delivering me. The song is catchy as fuck and that MV. *cries* Left such a somber yet mesmerizing feelings in me. I think watched like 5 times. I had to stop myself before I got to obsessed with the song. The voices mash so damn well and omg @ hikki’s vocals. Sounds so damn sexy when she sings in depth. Idk who said Shiina has a terrible voice but Shiina has like the best voice for songs like these and rock. Been one of my faves for like forever.

    • Derek Vasconi

      ….and there goes my hope for Hikki to release a 2016 version of Heart Station. Darn it!
      Just kidding though… Hikki can’t do no wrong, and I’m sure in about thirty more minutes I’ll love this song as obsessively as I love everything else she’s ever written. Yeah… sounds about right.

    • Kimkoko

      Utada can’t do no wrong, like really T_T ! I was a little worried about how their voices would fit in the song but their voices match really well. Cannot wait to listen to the full album, everything till now as been top notch for me.

      • ParadePisser

        Utada can’t do no wrong? *Cough* THIS IS THE ONE *Cough*

    • starlightshimmers

      It’s an okay song.

    • leo

      not extraordinary…a bit dissapointed

    • lace

      disappointing chorus. What’s the point having Shiina Ringo in a mediocre song. It sounds like an uninteresting anime song.