Utada Hikaru’s Husband is Unemployed and Living off her Money

“Just like expected, he’s just a gigolo,” comes a storm of sarcastic laughter! Suspicions toward Utada Hikaru’s Italian husband’s news of unemployment

The 7/23 web version of “Josei Jishin” is reporting that Francesco Calliano, who married Utada Hikaru in May of this year, had already lost his job as a bartender at the time of the wedding ceremony.

Even though Utada urged the press to refrain from releasing information about the wedding, at the private ceremony the press came out in full force. The media of her hometown attacked her for the end result, saying “Utada didn’t accept everyone.” On her side, a complete guard against the mass media was put up, but after that a surprising development was revealed.

According to the article, Francesco worked as a bartender at the hotel, but retired from the job without taking proper time off for the wedding. For now, it seems like he has a plan to open a Japanese restaurant in London.

“Just by it being reported to the media in her hometown that ‘A normal young man marries a Japanese superstar,’ the qualitative differences between them is evident. On the net, the reception of the news of his unemployment includes statements of doubt about her spouse such as “He could have coordinated his time off with the wedding ceremony” “Just as was expected, they’re living a gigolo lifestyle” “Wasn’t Utada his main source of income?” ” – Entertainment Writer

Also, in the issue of Josei Jishin sold on the 15th, it was stated that the new residence they are both living in has a monthly rent of 450,000 yen (roughly 4,400 USD or 2,600 pounds). To the songstress this is but a modest new marriage lifestyle, but with the cost of opening a restaurant, it is probably valid to think that Utada’s finances will be the main source of funding for that as well.

“Her ex-husband, Kiriya Kazuaki was not only a movie director and producer, but he is also a celebrity who inherited Pachinko business from his family. It has been stated that the reason for their divorce was “a lack of communication,” but because the status of her current spouse is “down and out,” it is being said within the entertainment world that this is a marriage being lead solely by Utada. It is also being said that just like Hamasaki Ayumi, who has experienced various trials in love that ‘She [Utada] is treating her husband like a pet.'” -Entertainment Writer (same as previous)

Without being concerned with such opinions, the couple spent last month in New York. However, surely there are worries about whether their business or lifestyle will continue as planned.


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    • Umar GAAAAHH!!!

      I wonder what it must be like to have your marriage details aired for the world to see…..Guess nothing is as Simple and Clean for a celebrity

      • Shiroi

        That’s the media for you and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it :(

      • Cosmic Unicorn

        I hate you for that

      • kazu_no_ko

        Lol, that was funny and messed up at the same time.

    • Omnirosa

      A woman providing for her man, I see nothing wrong with that! You go girl.

      • Guest

        Yup! “gender roles” don’t mean crap to her! Inspiration<3

      • OhSnap!

        Woman or man “providing” doesn’t stop to be problematic

        One adult being financially dependant of the other being kept as if he/she was another child and not having a main activity to develop as a person is not what I call advisable.

        • Omnirosa

          I’m just not here for the misogynistic tone of this article. This article intended to shame Utada’s marriage by bringing up the fact that she is currently providing for her man. He’s only unemployed because he just married her and can no longer work simple jobs like being a bartender anymore. It is completely Utada’s responsibility to help her husband out right now.

          The writer of this article expect him to compare to a movie director, producer, and celebrity. He’s a normal guy who has only earned a normal salary. Utada is more than rich enough to enjoy her life, and if he finds meaningful work that doesn’t pay much, I think he should do what he enjoys best.

          • OhSnap!

            I totally understand that. Especially coming from Japan…
            But one thing is condemming assigned gender roles and misoginy and other celebrating the same shit reversed.
            As per disparity of salaries, whether the man or woman earns more doesn’t matter. Unequal pay has to do with a lot of external factors that don’t depend on the direct action of the person involved as stop working
            just my own opinion.

          • Why can he not work a simple job because he married her?

            • Treechicken

              Crazy people. They find you and they come.

            • Omnirosa

              I don’t think any business would keep him as a bartender because Utada’s fans will disrupt everything. He’d probably be fired and a scandal would spawn.

              • I don’t think her London fans are that crazy. I have a friend in London who is a fan and he’s seen on her the train not being bothered at all.

            • Amiz4Eva

              “Why can he not work a simple job because he married her?”

              Why work when you don’t need to? If Utada and her husband are ok with him being unemployed, then good for them. It’s not like he’s sponging off the government or faking a disability. He’s just doing what we all want to do when we retire.

          • Guest

            Well Japan is pretty misogynistic so yes the article will take that tone

          • desktopchrome

            Right, everything has to be a misogynistic post. You are MUCH better served going jezebel and be comforted by the tools there suffering from victim syndrome. Yes EVERYONE is out to make you miserable.


        Yes but in today’s society, it is more ideal to be equal. Even though this guy may never earn as much money as Utada, he should at least get off his lazy ass and work his butt off.

        My mom provided for our family my whole life ‘cuz my dad’s always firing himself from jobs. tsk tsk…anyway, it’s hard on my mom ‘cuz she barely gets any sleep all these years while my dad is just a effing bum who lives off of my mom and make her do chores ‘cuz he’s a “man.” I say BS and always tells him to grow up and become responsible…but damn, now even I am working and he is just “retired.” Sh*t…

        Anyway, that’s why I always see a problem when either the woman or the man is dependent on the other person. I believe even if one person is very rich, the other should at least work and become a capable person in society. Ppl like this Italian guy disgusts me. I hope he will really work hard for this restaurant and not make Utada pay all the bills.

      • Tami Menzed

        I want a woman to pay my bills too!

    • Killakill

      Hopefully her gremlin looking husband get back on his feet and find a job. Although I love the idea of women making the main source of income, no one likes a mooch. Maybe he’ll be a stay at home dad. I’m cool with that.

    • Guest

      Yes Sis! Provide for ur man! Own him!

    • “Without being concerned with such opinions”

      Good, why should they be? Ridiculous. Sounds like a bunch of bitter people grasping at straws to stir up a controversy.

    • iGleaux

      45,000 yen is like 441 dollars so what’s up with that?

      • Raasuk

        It’s gossip, but really bad gossip

      • Woops that should be 450,000 yen

        • iGleaux

          Ah, ok.

    • OhSnap!

      WHAT A SURPISE. Said no one ever

    • Happyforhikkiandxtina

      Hikki and Francesco’s love likely goes beyond money or power trips. Christina Aguilera is engaged to and was impregnated by a guy who was originally her assistant for Burlesque, and she supposedly cheated on her wealthy businessman husband to be with this guy of more modest means. Money and power aren’t everything, especially when it comes to love. Maybe what Francesco and Aguilera’s fiance provide for them emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and in true love exceed the material crap by far.

      • Omnirosa

        I agree with this comment! People act like making money or working a job that pays well is his responsibility. His marriage comes first before the superficial aspects of how much his earnings compare to his wife. I think he should find meaningful work to do with his life but that’s it. It doesn’t have to pay much, it might even be volunteer work, and none of that should make a difference.

    • Shiroi

      I think unless the news comes with direct confirmation from Hikki herself we should just ignore it because for all we know it could be BS.

    • I’m going to need these women to take a page out of Beyonce’s book and marry a man on their level rather than Britney’s book and marrying randoms.

      • rabuberii

        I think it’s kind of wanting to ‘have the control’ in the relationship, hope things work between them and Utada’s man isn’t a potential K.Fed.

        • Or, *gasp*, maybe they just really liked each other! Damn I hate this cynical world we live in.

          • rabuberii

            There could be many possible scenarios; but well I don’t trust marriages since Ayu’s failures – hope I’m wrong, of course. Just because some non-famous people acted like leeches with their celebrity spounses, won’t imply the rest of them are like that.

        • It’s like they control everything else so they want to control their marriage too by getting with a man that they know they have power over.

    • hetalia

      Fxxk money get boyz

    • OMG she wrote her own future divorce anthem years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PGd9hssgUg

      • Cosmic Unicorn

        omg I forgot this 2009 SUMMER JAM

      • anon

        Girl, you think Francesco is “a waste of a man so fine”? If you say so.

      • anon

        This one is the real anthem:
        See I don’t need a freeloader

        No I don’t want a freeloader

        If you want a piece of this stuff

        Got to give, got to give something

    • Cat

      What a gross article. She can do what she damn well wants with her money, and they only got married in May – being unemployed for a couple of months while you spend time with your new wife is hardly the worst thing anyone’s ever done.
      Ultimately no-one on the outside has any idea of what’s going on in their relationship, as long as both of them are happy then who cares what anyone else thinks.

      • Edge

        What a sad post! It would seem you are unable to handle the realities of life

    • Nadine

      If the two of them are happy who cares?

      • Lilly

        I agree! It’s her damn money and she can do whatever she wants with it!!!

    • InfiniKey

      I don’t really see why it’s the country business who she marry, how they live and what the spouse does for a living

    • Sashiko48

      The sexism in this article… Disgusting. And they justify their sexism with assumptions. Like, do you know what F I N A N C I A L C R I S I S means ? It’s not like he lost his job ten years ago and was forever living off her money. He lost it some months ago and thanks to his wife, he can afford not finding a new job without litterally starving. It’s hard for ANYONE in Europe to find a job, and it will be even harder for this guy now that everyone knows he’s married to a japanese superstar whose fans might bother a business. The article is literally shaming Utada for having more money than the man she’s married to and basically being the breadwinner. Losing a job sometimes happens. And if you’re living with someone, yeah, you’ll depend on them. And even if he works, she’ll still have more money. Japan would probably hate it and write a sexist article anyway. And something tells me that if the roles were reversed, no article would be written. I’m really sick of that shit.
      Like wtf Japan ? Why so sexist ?

      • Edge

        I don’t see anything sexist with the article. One married the other for money. The other married the other for because he’s a white man.

    • miracleorange

      It’s not as if she’s really really really really fucking filthy rich or anything. jfc people will find anything to criticize nowadays

    • NoName

      Nothing wrong with this! There are plenty of women who rely on their husbands for being the provider! So why not this?

    • Usagi

      I wish the media leaves them alone. If her husband is milking off her money let her deal with it. However if it were me who see a better chance for my husband and support him to start something new or follow his dream, I see nothing wrong. All the best for Hikki and her choice.

      • Edge

        Not gonna happen. You need to get rid of the whole concept of celebrity first. Good luck with that.

    • rentrule12

      Well I’m pretty sure she knows what she doing if she happy with that arrangement than it is whatever to me

    • Mikocchi

      She seems to love him very much, so I don’t think it matters. Hopefully he gets back on his feet soon enough. I wish them happiness. ^^

    • eplizo

      mess tbh

    • yamakita

      Very typical of an Asian woman who would do anything to have a white man.

      • Alexdhamp

        Racial stereotyping much?

    • Tami Menzed

      anyway, being bartender doesn’t mean rich LOL asian woman marry western people to feel more western… utada’s personal life’s sad, her mother suicide, her father, her uncle…

    • Nancy Ann

      If this had been about a superstar male singer and his “normal” wife from a relatively poorer background, people would be calling this a Cinderella story and nobody would bat an eyelash. This is why feminism needs to be a thing. So everyone gets treated equally.

      • Alexdhamp

        Egalitarianism is just fine. I agree with everything else, though.

    • M. A. E.

      It’s her money. She loves him. He loves her. Why is this an issue?

      • brokedownsystem

        he is painfully ugly. that is the paramount issue here. XD

    • Anon

      Because love isn’t about race or skin color.

      • Edge

        Sure it is. They prefer white.

        • Anon

          Actually, no. If you’re talking about the stereotype of Asian women going crazy for white guys —it’s only limited to dating. It’s like the reverse of yellow fever. They find white guys “exotic” so they date them. But when it comes to actual marriage, they fall back to Asian guys because of tradition and family values (most traditional asian families would prefer their daughters to marry an asian man over a foreigner). Hikki is quite rare in marrying a white man who is neither good looking nor wealthy, so it must actually be love.

          • brokedownsystem

            Japanese women outmarry to other ethnicities (mostly white) by 3:1, according to a statistic I saw awhile back. Surely that can’t all be love…

            I don’t care really about the money aspects, but she seriously picked one ugly guy for a husband. She deserves better.

            • Anon

              That might be true only in the case of Japanese because I’ve read that a larger percentage of japanese men have begun to not want to date or have relationships (seriously google it) so I guess, who else are their women supposed to marry if their own men don’t want relationships? In Korea though, seeing an interracial couple is extremely rare. Many traditional Korean families would be pissed if their daughter wanted to marry a non-Korean. Hell, that even happens in the Korean-American circle where you would think they’d be more open minded to other ethnicities but even in America, all the koreans date other koreans. I went to school with people like them. I had Korean friends who would tell me they only date other koreans. I have a german friend whose korean girlfriend broke up with him because she said her family would never approve of him. It is what it is…

              • brokedownsystem

                I’m pretty sure that quoted figure pre-dates the current trend of Japanese men not wanting to date (e.g. the advent of the Japanese “herbivore” man term), though I”ll have to go look for it. 2008? pre-2004? Anyhow, the disproportion, if true, is kind of intriguing.

          • KP

            Same thing with Asian guys and white women. I experienced that sadly & and I am only half-Asian / half-white/hispanic. I think Utada’s new husband is okay-looking. He is like between a 7-8 to me lol :). I believe they actually do love each other too, and a big FU to the person or media that wrote this stupid, opinionated article about this couple & comparing Hikki’s marriage to Ayumi’s. Ayumi Hamasaki (even though I liked her & her music until 2009) has been an attention diva in the last 5+ years, trying to stay relevant in Japan because she just isn’t anymore and doesn’t want to retire. Utada is the complete opposite and has always been the better Japanese pop star. SO HAPPY she is coming out with a new album soon in September!!! <3

        • Can you blame them for liking white men?

    • Sabrina Q.

      Lol How mad is everyone that these girls are marrying foriengers?

      Stay salty, Japan.

      • 白森 (Bassel Kuroda)

        I could say the same for Britain, where they’re salty at minority groups like Muslims who simply want to live. Same goes for Europe. Stay salty, Europe.

        • Skai

          I know this is a late reply but as a British person, I applaud your response.
          Sadly, this ‘saltiness’ with regards to minorities exists all over the world.
          We should aim to combat this together :)

    • xCellarxDoorx

      Sad that You must BE a Celebrity to even come close in this Society of Ours to a Celebrity. Humans are Humans. Do whatever the fuck You want with Your Life and choose Your own Social Circle broken free from Societal boundaries.

    • Guyman Seven

      Wish I had a Japanese girlfriend.

    • brokedownsystem

      she settled for * that *?

    • marmite

      You people are really cruel and judgmental. How do you know anything about their relationship other than one has money and one has not. Do you think money is a basis for a relationship ? When has that ever made people happy ? They just met and fell in love as millions of people do all over the world although I expect the person that wrote this article asks to see a bank statement first.

      I do have a personal interest. I happen to know Francesco and he is one of the nicest people I have met. Very kind polite and most importantly genuine. He also does not sit around spending his wifes money but is hard at work creating a fyuture for his familiy . So lay off.

      • Skai

        I’m glad you can add some personal insight into this!
        Thanks for your support.

        So you can shed some light on the real situation here. Is he still working as a bartender?

    • KP

      Must they like Asian men because you say so??? If you knew better, Ayumi was engaged to an Japanese actor earlier in her career but went their separate ways and Hikki actually was married before to her Japanese photographer/director. But everyone has the freedom to be with whom they want, regardless of race. But no, please don’t compare these two in the same category of current events. Ayumi Hamasaki has been an attention diva since 2010, trying to stay relevant in the Jpop scene. So her short-lived marriage to an Australian model was indeed a publicity stunt gone array. Also says a lot of Ayumi’s taste in men or lack there of, in terms of intelligence/vanity standards. Utada has been the complete opposite (she has been away from the public eye for some years) & as she said on her website happened to fall in love with her new husband. Matt Damon fell in love with his wife, in which she also used to be a bartender. If you were to know any better, Utada was raised both in the US (New York/NYC represent!) and in Tokyo. Technically if Japan were to allow dual citizenship to its citizens, she would technically be half-American. So stop thinking it’s some kind of sexual matter or other stupid stereotype of Asian women. That is very offensive to me as a half-Asian woman.

    • Cobra Bubbles

      Screw the media and all their opinions. Utada can do what she wants, it’s her life, her money, and if she wants to help her hubby, then so be it. Now as a man, I personally couldn’t sit there and live off my ladies money, because I’m a team player. Now I do have faith that I can meet a woman like Utada, I mean, she did marry a bartender, which means that she isn’t the superficial type. I love you Hikki!

    • ifwg

      Asian women = loser magnet. This is why so many oriental women who are in interracial relationships are look down upon by so many people. This whole notion of “every men wants asian women” is western media hype and it is absolute full of crap. They only attract ugly, geeky, socially awkward, unemployed, uneducated, broke western males. Sad and pathetic.