Utada Hikaru Wins The 9th CD Shop Awards 2017

Today, Utada Hikaru was announced as the Grand Prize winner of The 9th CD Shop Awards 2017 for her album “Fantôme.” The album was chosen from seven final nominees that were selected by record store staff from across Japan. Aimer’s “daydream” given runner-up prize. Utada did not attend the ceremony.

Check out the full list of winners below!

Grand Prize

Utada Hikaru – Fantôme

Runner-Up Prize

Aimer – daydream

Western Music Award

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Maestro Award

Yumi Matsutoya – Uchuu Toshokan

Live Award


Classical Award

Sorita Kyohei – Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No.2 & Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Jazz Award

WONK – Sphere

Enka Award

Yamauchi Keisuke – Ruten no Hatoba

Revisited Award


Special Award


Special Achievement Award


Finalist Award

[Alexandros] – EXIST!

D.A.N. – D.A.N.

never young beach – fam fam

My Hair is Bad – woman’s

RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa.


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    • honey girl

      What type of queen! I think this award (and recent radio gigs) gave her a boost in sales since it was #8 today.

    • Hikki! 👑 Congrats to all! *Yamauchi Keisuke look like an idol* 👀

    • Ash

      Ah, nostalgia, it’s a powerful ally. In the end though, something has to be said about the value of an award if the receiver of the main one can’t even be bothered coming to pick it up.

      • honey girl

        Her sending them a pre-recorded message in the same outfit that she wore when she gave her acceptance speech (which was also pre-recorded) for her Space Shower award is what gets me. XD

    • Utada Hikaru

      Could someone tell me the full list if nominees for each category?
      It’s difficult to get to know other Japanese acts well, specially if you don’t know Japanese and love Enka music. Plus only being able to listen to full version of songs through Jpopsuki doesn’t really help…
      It would actually be great if there was a weekly (or once every two weeks) or a monthly article talking about most of the albums released – from well-known artists, idols, indie acts, …
      coolsound.jp isn’t good enough.

      The album is beautiful. It’s understandable if people think other albums/artists were better and should have won instead.
      In my opinion as someone who only got to know Utada Hikaru during her hiatus (I didn’t even know she was the one who sang the Kingdom Hearts theme songs until I listened to both songs a couple times), and I did have the opportunity to listen to all her albums and get to know the story behind some songs, I think “Fantôme” is a truly beautiful album. Even the songs I liked the least amazed me after reading the lyrics. Some may say it’s all about nostalgia, but the way she sings about such specific, somewhat dark and normally not well-received by the public topics in a very clever way with memorable instrumental (not to mention the beautifully produced music videos) are reason enough to be applauded for.
      Considering how much she criticizes the “current” music industry, it doesn’t surprise me she wasn’t there on the show.

      I can only talk about music I’ve listened to, of course, plus like I mentioned I don’t know who were the other nominees or if there were other artists’ works that should have been featured instead, but Utada Hikaru’s “Fantôme” is an excellent album. Let’s be greatful Japanese music is so diverse to the point many have such different opinions.

      • The only category with a full released list is the top prize.

      • coollestsound

        It is coollestsound.jp , if anyone is interested.

    • Abeer Qasim Hamza

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    • hasawa

      Ajikun winning an award for a re-recorded album (Sol-fa) bothers me though since i think ‘rearrangement’ (and not remix) of old songs is not that endearing to reward it with some kind of price
      Also while this album was an absolute gem i can’t help but think this ‘consecration’ may push other artist to milk their former glory with this kind of lazy ass move

      • Do you not like there there is a “Revisited Award” at all?

        • hasawa

          No i dont mind about the category itself, it’s just that i expected i would reward more relevant act like actual remix , cover or ballad album, and not just a re-edited version with few rearrangements…
          Besides, considering an actual cover album of Ajikun has recently been released i find pretty ironic this is this Sol-fa bis that gets rewarded

    • I enjoy posts like these. JASRAC clamping down on certain websites makes it harder to keep up with what’s going on, so it’s always cool when I can discover something new. Wonk’s album sounds like it most definitely deserves a listen, and I’ll probably check out Ruten no Hatoba too.

    • gerol

      Congratulations to all!