Utada Hikaru to release new single “Oozora de Dakishimete”

It has been announced that singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru will release her brand new digital single “Oozora de Dakishimete” worldwide on July 10.

The fun mid-tempo song currently serves as the CM song for Suntory Tennensui. Check out the commercial video featuring the song and additional information after the jump!

60 second version

30 second version

Some new promotional photos of Utada have also been released:








You can check out additional photos on the special website which has been set up for the commercial here.

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    • HyperMoot .

      nice and fast postin’

    • Meh, not bad but not outstanding at all. Let’s see how the full version delivers.

    • Guest

      This really sounds made to order tbh. Though does cut off right where it sounds like it’s gonna go somewhere. Fingers crossed I guess.

      • PigeonPop

        The music cut as a whole feels a lot more tease-y than it was for Michi. Whoever did the editing could have easily started from the pre-chorus/build and crammed in the remainder of the chorus.

    • Bubi.

      Suddenly we LOVE water! Let’s stay hydrated ladies!

      • Rob Whetzel


      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        OMG you are so funny! Your comments are always the best XD.

    • HyperMoot .
    • Rob Whetzel

      Kinda bland but I’ll take whatever I can get from her. Aslong as the album has some jams

      • manjowithane

        The melodies and chords sounds really interesting to me

    • PigeonPop

      Also, this is such a silly thing to comment on, but props to Hikki for having nice toes. It’s becoming more and more of rarity to see these days due to the celeb obsession with wearing heels (improperly), so I had to blurt it out…

    • HyperMoot .

      some people are really fast, someone has already posted the Japanese lyrics and an English translation though it’s just a short excerpt http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/utada-hikaru/oozora-de-dakishimete/

    • deebosco

      Why does she look so sick?

      • hasawa

        She’s really cute in motion in the CM, but i agree those close up shots do not do her any justice… (esp the last one)

        • Dayse

          right? she looks so sober and serious! D: it doesn´t do justice to the adorkable shy sweetie she is in motion.

      • Bubi.

        probably just minimal makeup

        • Well they at least need to give her some chap-stick. Her lips look crazy dry in the last photo and that’s after she drank some water!

          • Bubi.

            lmao that’s true, i’m surprised they didn’t consider that when selecting photos since it seems so obvious. maybe she didn’t actually drink the water since they have been using exact “*gulp* aah” sound since the beginning of time

          • Dayse

            I agree! I´ve noted that in omst of her recent photoshoots/appearances..c´mon, sweetie U-queen what do you have against a lil bit lipstick? or a light tinted lipbalm…

      • Water poisoning

    • Summersplash

      I love it! It’s chill and fresh.. Like water? LOL

    • honey girl
    • Yeul

      We need a collaboration between her and Iri

    • Dalooshe

      The hairdo is reminding me of TITO era :’) Such a chill song with an amazing refreshing vibe perfectly fit for the summer (but also alllllll year round ofcourse <33) The water is beautifully clear and watching this as I fast in this heat makes me want to submerge myself in everything H2O :'(

    • Michele

      I’m glad you guys like everything she does these days. This is another sub par song for me.
      I guess she found her winning formula.

      • No9

        Well that wasn’t condescending at all… :|

        • Michele

          I’m no hater. I used to like her a lot, but I just don’t feel what she’s been doing since her comeback.
          I really tried with Fantôme, but it did nothing for me.

          • M

            Great. Nothing for you. But it does for other people, so why do you feel the need to state your comment in a way that brushes off the people who generally enjoy it? Not everyone just likes it because it’s Hikki, they like it because it’s their style of music or it hits all the right spots for them.

            • Michele

              We often add a little bit of sarcasm and humor in the comment section here. I’m sorry if my comment upset you, but this isn’t her fan forum.

            • Jai

              Sakura Nagashi is still a masterpiece even if fantome was a bit average. Hikki is still queen though imo.

        • Child from the keller

          You forgot that she sings music!.

      • manjowithane

        I like most things she does. Whilst her stuff might not be as catchy and production heavy – filled with bells and whistles as more popular stuff, but from a songwriting standpoint, it really excels. The melodies, harmonies, and chords all come together to create a super interesting sound. The pre-chorus takes you in a different direction that sounds fresh, and gives off a different feeling. I love it.

    • manjowithane

      Love the melody and harmonies. It sounds very nostalgic with an upbeat tempo. Love the minor chords.

    • Dayse

      OMG! I’m in love with her vocals, so sweet and warm! I´ve lost count of how many times I replayed this snippet. LOL Can´t wait to hear the full song.

    • WorldGN18

      I need to hear the full thing to make a judgment, but I do believe she needs some makeup on, I mean she looks extra pale in those screenshots!

      • M

        So you go into the forest hiking with a full face of vibrant make-up?? It’s supposed to be natural and realistic, and go with the cold tones of the background.

        • WorldGN18

          I didn’t said vibrant, there’s all kinds of looks that you could achieve with make-up, there’s natural looking make-up if you didn’t know, she doesn’t have to look like she is ready to party just less sickly pale

    • surfboardt

      … Okay, who’s going to break it to Hikki that we already found Hillary in the woods and she’s fine?

    • Ash

      About as much flavor as water.

    • Sounds good to me. :)

    • gerol


    • Skai

      Arama staff, just a heads up that there’s going to be a Utada Hikaru interview in next week’s Vogue Japan magazine (28/06, source: http://www.utadahikaru.jp/news/detail.html?id=483008).
      It would be awesome if you could translate it when it releases, please.

    • shiryukun

      Full song sounds really good. It’s a nice throwback to her Distance and Deep River days. Really smooth.