Yuriko Yoshitaka Joins Takuya Kimura & Kazunari Ninomiya in “Kensatsugawa no Zainin”

The lead heroine has finally been announced for the highly anticipated film “Kensatsugawa no Zainin”. Back in May the films announcement dominated headlines due to the “dream collaboration” between former SMAP member Takuya Kimura and Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya. Veteran actors Yutaka Matsushige and Tsutomu Yamazaki have also been announced for the film.

Filming for “Kensatsugawa no Zainin” began in July, with further details on the cast finally coming to light. Yuriko Yoshitaka has been selected to play the leading female role. Her character “Saho Tachibana” is a prominent prosecutor who plays a major role in the court case central the films plot.

Based off of the 2013 hit novel by Shusuke Shizuki, “Kensatsugawa no Zainin” follows a young up-and-coming public public prosecutor Keiichiro Okino (Kazunari Ninomiya). He receives the opportunity to work with Takeshi Mogami (Takuya Kimura) and is thrilled at the chance, Takeshi is someone he greatly admires in his work field. The two receive a new case when an elderly money lender is violently killed.

A man named Shigeo Matsukura (Koji Ohkura) is identified as the main suspect. Takeshi knows of this man due to him testifying in court for the murder case of a female middle school student. Takeshi does everything in his power to ensure that Shigeo is rightfully charged for his crimes, even if it means overstepping his bounds. However, this causes him to clash with Keiichiro who takes issue with the biased manner he’s conducing the investigation with.

“Kensatsugawa no Zainin” cast

Yuriko commented that it’s her very first time working with the films director Masato Harada (Japan’s Longest Day, Kakekomi, Sekigahara), she’s closely listening to any input he has regarding her performance and is excited to fully take in the experience of working on a project with him. Yuriko recently has starred in the successful drama “Tokyo Tarareba Girls” and the film “Yurigokoro”.

Filming for “”Kensatsugawa no Zainin” is currently scheduled to complete in September, it will hit Japanese theaters nationwide in 2018.


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    • Toff

      Yoshitaka Yuriko is a hit and miss. I don’t know what her character’s personality or background is, but as of now “prosecutor” seems to be out of her range. Though with two big name male leads her screen time is probably small anyway. Whatever, I still love her and her friendship with Nino is cute so although I find the plot boring, kind of looking forward to this movie now.

      • sade

        Her diction is too loopy as a “prominent prosecutor” but I’ve never seen her getting a character that’s free of loopiness. It’s probably her default personality leaching out but it was mostly suitable to the characters she played. Hopefully she can pull it off. I do like her as an actress.

    • sade

      This cast is magnificent!
      Looking forward to it. Has anybody read the book yet?

    • Lol

      Will they keep the bed scene between nino and yuriko character? 😏😏

      • sade

        Oh pls tell me you’ve read the book and not just trolling

        • Lol

          It’s in the book xD

          • sade

            …At least a fully clothed make out scene? Not betting on it though.

      • light

        There is?? Maybe they’ll just hint at it though..

        • sade

          I’m still sceptical there will be any knowing how they simply touch&go with the Lady Shogun bed scene in Ooku. Nino worked hard on his abs then but it was a missed opportunity lol

          • light

            The abs were more for Gantz probably but they could have showed a bit more in Ohoku too XD
            I would like to see that xcene but i also doubt they would do it, they’ll probably just kiss.

            • sade

              I remember when he got dipped into the ice pool in HnA, he was halfway through Ooku filming. He did film those 2 movies back to back. Residual Gantz abs XD

              Ikr? I’m fine with a kiss. We’re not asking much really.

              • light

                He was hilarious and hot at the same time in that ep XD

    • It seemed like this will be boring prosecuter film. I wish Nino will act in a more interewsting movie tbh. :P

      • sade

        What kind of more interesting movie do you want him act in?
        He’s already had wide range of roles in 3 thrillers (Ao no Honou, Gantz, Platina Data), 2 popular anime related movies (tekkon kinkret, ass-class), and an Oscar nominated movie (iwo jima). Haha to Kuraseba was a bit heavy for my taste and his new cooking movie looks like he won’t be the central focus. At least with this movie, I’m looking forward to see how he’ll handle sparring words with Kimura Takuya.

        • I want to see him in psychological thriller with a big twist or movies like Confession lol. Unless if the movie is like Korean prosecutor film ‘The Client’ which revealed some really interesting twist at the end, I’m all here for it! But I do think its just a normal prosecutor film that he’s in for this movie. :(

          Or a love story! I know Nino is not a romantic lead but I would love to see him in heartbreaking love story lol

          • light

            Funny how when Nino was a junior he said he’d rather do romance than action, because he didn’t really like moving, and yet…lol

          • sade

            Have you seen Platina Data? I haven’t myself but I thought that was a psychological thriller with huge twist. Might watch it later. I do think he suits psychological thrillers roles especially if he’s the main protagonist.
            Aside from Western tv shows and a handful of Hollywood movies, I’ve never seen a normal legal/lawyer/prosecutor film from Japan. Sakai Masato’s Legal High or Matsujun 99.9 was not normal at all lol. I’m pretty curious how Kimutaku vs Nino on screen “battle” will end up, the plot is secondary :p. The summary didn’t sound like it’s going to turn out boring imo. There should be a twist.

            I don’t think he likes doing romantic roles much but he should just so i can see him suffer XD. I think Ooku was a heartbreaking love story but personally I think he didn’t nail the love aspects lol. He was so good with Yuriko in Gantz though.

            • light

              I didn’t see Ohoku as a love story though, it was more about him learning how to move in the new environment and how things would change with the new Shogun. There weren’t many love aspects for me. Plus i thought he had more chemistry with Kou Shibasaki, with whom he wasn’t in love, than with Maki, who was the real lover.

              • sade

                That’s because he & Maki failed at delivering the love lol. I’ve read the original manga. While the main thing was about the harem’s inner workings, the heart of Mizuno’s narrative was the love between him & maki’s character.

                I love his scenes with Koh. Wished there was more but the bed scene was underwhelming :P

                • light

                  Yeah zero love between them lol that scene with Kou began well, the kiss was good from what I remember, but they could have shown something more.

                  The movie was just okay to me, too much stuff maybe? A short serie would have been better. I loved the fighting scene though.

    • Partay

      Well if Yoshitaka is there, I got to watch it

    • katsura

      Former SMAP member Takuya Kimura.. ooff

    • HyperMoot .

      looks like a pretty good cast to me

    • light

      Looking forward to the promos, Nino and Yuriko are cute together!
      I like this kind of movie so i can’t wait for it =)

    • goingtojpn

      I don’t like her tbh and I wish she wasn’t in this, but aside from that, I love the cast, and if Matsushige Yutaka is there, it will be good.