Urged by Tomomi Kahara, Misono’s Boyfriend Proposes on TV

Younger sister of singer Koda Kumi misono, who appears as a regular on TOKYO MX’s “Otoboke POPS,” revealed back in March that she was in a serious relationship, living together for the first time in her life with intentions to get married.

Her boyfriend, Nosuke of rock band HighsidE, made an appearance on today’s’ episode to talk about their relationship, and Nosuke says that he has not proposed since they began dating. After hearing that singer Tomomi Kahara urged him to publicly propose to her on the spot.

I believe the point of dating is to get married, so if you’d like to, would you marry me?” casually popped Nosuke as he reached out his right hand to her.

Let’s get married!” excitedly responded misono as they embraced.

At the end, they kissed cheeks and left the studio stage together while holding hands.

The couple doesn’t plan on getting immediately. “While it’s not a shotgun wedding, we want to devote our time together to grow as a couple and concentrate on becoming parents,” shares misono.

According to reports, misono and Nosuke met in February through a common acquaintance. Since then, they’ve only posted two pictures together on SNS. When reached out for a comment in the past, misono’s agency replied, “Private matters should be left to the people they involve.

While a member of HighsidE, Nosuke also works as the support drummer for misono.

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    • yacchaitai

      i hate misonos 7 lashes look

    • Matcha

      What the hell, in the name of spiders, is on her eyes?!

    • If

      The thirst for fame is always real with Misono.

    • Skai

      Congratulations to the happy couple!!

    • Urara Kasugano

      what? am i the only one feeling that the guy was kind of forced to propose to her? i do not think he had that intention from the very beginning…

      • lmao

        i wouldn’t be surprised. misono was a guest on a show for ordinary men to find love out of an audience of ordinary women and the following week she was in the audience saying she wanted to find a man too. everyone was so creeped out LOL.

      • They probably already got engaged and wanted a better headline so they staged this tbh

        • ProllyWild

          They’d already announced intention to get married. Media found out because kahala Tomomi posted a video on her instagram singing “can you celebrate” to misono. So really kahala has been pushing their engagement into the front, but they seem to have been a solid thing for awhile.

        • surfboardt

          Oh please, she could do MUCH better than that for headlines.

          Make a special CM for the episode saying that if it doesn’t get enough viewers, misono can’t appear on the show anymore.

          • WHy aren’t you her manager

    • Sabi

      Good, maybe getting married will help her be her own person and stop trying to keep up with her sister. I’ve always liked Misono better (and I miss the shit out of Day After Tomorrow) but not when she’s trying so hard to play copycat.

    • Good for you, Misono.

    • The1

      Met in February and living together with intentions to marry in March? Can’t question love but thats way too soon to be making decisions like that with a man she knew for a month. And to planning for a wedding 4 months after meeting… Well, as long as they’re happy and comfortable.