MISIA shares her head wrapping secrets on first variety show appearance

Singer-songwriter MISIA will be making her first variety show appearance on FujiTV’s “Kinyo Premium Sanma no Manma Shoka ni Owarai Shimasho Ka SP.”

To commemorate the event, MISIA brough a basket of gifts and presented one of her trademark head wraps to host Sanma Akashiya and began the interview by wrapping it around his head.

Do I look like a pickpocket?” asked Sanma. (Editor note: As pointed out by Nah in the comments, this is in reference  to how burglars in the Edo period would tie scarves known as called a “hokkamuri” to their face.)

On the show, the two talked about MISIA’s career and even looked back at Sanma’s first variety show appearance to make MISIA comfortable.

In May 1997, MISIA passed through a BMG Japan audition to find a soulful female R&B singer from about 3,000 candidates. “Conscious” of the image of an R&B singer, she styled her hair in dreadlocks that November used the stage name “MISIA” at the beginning her music career. Since then, she has maintained the look and has incorporated head wraps into her wardrobe, similar to R&B legend Erykah Badu.

Other guests set to appear include Hikari Mitsushima, Dean Fujioka, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Atsuto Uchida, Masataka Kubota, Mackenyu and Shotaro Mamiya.

MISIA’s episode of “Kinyo Premium Sanma no Manma Shoka ni Owarai Shimasho Ka SP” is set to air Friday, June 23.

(via Natalie)

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    • nah


      the pickpocket thing is about how burlglars and such would have a scarf tied on their face like this

      • hasawa

        Thank you so much for your input! I was already seeing ppl screaming for cultural appropriation just by reading the article title….
        MISIA looks nice! It warms my heart to see ppl from such a distant background getting interested by African cultures :-*)

    • honey girl

      I love MISIA but her culture vulture ways are so hard to overlook sometimes.

      And that host is cancelled. The fact that he’s associating thievery with African/black customs is beyond gross and fucked up.

      • What exactly makes MISIA a culture vulture? This isn’t some passing fancy for her. She’s been passionate about R&B from the cradle.

        • It’s something people are upset about randomly these past couple of years.

          • Yeah. I’ve had knock down drag outs with people who’ve accused DABO, Yoko Blaqstone (!!!), and Sugar Soul of being culture vultures with no real explanations. It’s maddening.

            • We’re culture for being on this site if we’re not Japanese!

          • bailey darbii

            “these past couple of years”

            maybe because of social media?

            larger platforms for marginalized groups?

            more access to education?

            i mean the correlation is there, ppl have been talking for decades but now more are listening.

            get with the times.

            • It isn’t that it’s just now become as issue these last couple years, it’s that people have been haphazardly tossing the phrase around recently. It’s losing its meaning

            • Social media is to blame in part, but also people being more delicate now and not having their own opinions, but instead bandwagoning.

              • kimbailey

                it’s more nuance than that. when did marginalized become delicate? have you been listening to their frustration before the social media wave? there are too many facts layed out in the open but ppl focus on “bandwagon” audience, the facts are there so why aren’t you joining in. you can admit you don’t believe in some of it, but don’t call it sensitive or delicate, it undermines the issues. just say you don’t agree.

                • When people are going on about how white people getting cornrows is racist, you know people are more delicate now.

      • Ash

        Oh look, it’s a culture police officer.

        Get real.

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        I love Erykah Badu<3

    • Nino

      I only think cultural appropriation is an issue when people are using it as a trend or a fad or to look cool (aka the Kartrashians and Kylie Jenner). MISIA has been rocking this look for well over 15 years now.

    • Tia

      MISIA on a variety talk show for the first time, with Mitsushima Hikari AND Shinnosuke AND Kubota Masataka? I am dying can someone point out to me where I can watch or dload this when it airs?? Do they upload variety shows on Nyaa?

      • Bubi.

        it’ll probably be on dailymotion!

    • PigeonPop

      Sanma no Manma is such a great talk show and an excellent sample of how good Sanma is as a host. Looking forward to it.

      …quite frankly, hokkamuri = burglar is a level 1 or 2 trope at best in Japanese pop culture. To be unfamiliar with it *and* go culture-police mode is just embarrassing.

      • Bubi.

        girl some people are just in it for the music where foolishness like that isn’t explored. take your superiority elsewhere.

        • PigeonPop

          Then stay true to your word, and don’t participate in said foolishness. Also, recommending Dailymotion to watch Sanma no Manma? Good grief.

          • Bubi.

            Where did i participate in it? God forbid people not understand some minute cultural reference. I was suggesting Dailymotion because people DO upload there and it’s the easiest and simplest suggestion as a first option. Where is your suggestion? Where is your contribution to anything? Nowhere, because you’re so high up your own ass. “Good grief” You continue to be on that high horse. But I guess do you.

            • PigeonPop

              さんまのまんま 動画 should easily result in links to Bilibili, Miomio, Pandora.TV, 9TSU, Mybu and the like. Websites such as Owaraimovielink and Newskei “collects” the links to the above and updates them per program/channel daily, so it’s quite easy to locate. Almost all of these with the exception of Pandora tend to remain online longer than DM, and Bilibili in particular tend to attract subbers (not English ones, unfortunately) for this reason. This goes for not just variety / talk shows, but music programs that are more high-profile within Arama including Music Station and CDTV.

              And with that, I believe I made a far greater contribution than you have although it really wasn’t necessary because all it takes is Google and some quick typing (or copy-pasting) in Japanese.

              Again, this is not a minute cultural reference. It’s a very common trope one can encounter in Japanese literature, drama, film, anime, fine art, and even video games like the Kirby series and Animal Crossing. It seems to be lost on the “I only care for Japanese music” squad like yourself, however; it is folks like you that need to get off their high horse the most.

              • PigeonPop


                Hardly the image result, let alone the search query necessary to justify this “minute cultural reference” rubbish.