Ayumi Hamasaki Makes First Variety Appearance in 4 Years

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki made an appearance on Nippon TV talk-variety program “Shabekuri 007,” which aired on June 19.

This marks Hamasaki’s first time on a variety program in about four years since her appearance on FujiTV’s “SMAP x SMAP” broadcast on April 8, 2013. Additionally, it was her first appearance on Nippon TV in 7 years.

The main personalities on “Shabekuri 007” are comedy trio Neptune (Jun Nagura, Taizo Harada, and Ken Horiuchi), the Cream Stew duo (Shinya Ueda and Teppei Arita), and the Tutorial duo (Yoshimi Tokui and Mitsunori Fukuda), and the main topic of the episode was centered around Hamasaki and getting to know more about her private life.

The studio audience consisted exclusively of women that are fans of Hamasaki, filling the space with “kya“s as she entered the stage.

As they were focusing on her personal life, before they started talking, the hosts told her that she didn’t have to answer anything she didn’t want to answer, and they would stop if she asked.

Her Life

When Ayumi Hamsaki first starts her day, she opens her curtain and does yoga before breakfast.

When asked about how many staff help her on a day-to-day basis, Hamasaki responded, “Around 5 people.” Of those 5 people, her staff buys her food, assists her and performs other daily chores. Her yoga teacher lives with her on a different floor.

For breakfast, her maid will make her breakfast of brown rice and miso soup, and she often drinks green juice. She also says she doesn’t like tomatoes.

Her Phone

Moving on, they asked if her phone was sparkly and decorated, as that’s their image of her (having popularizing the trend back in the 2000s).

No, it’s a plain phone,” she responded. Hamasaki claims she doesn’t use apps and doesn’t like using her phone, saying she “doesn’t understand” it. On Twitter, this was met with a lot of confusion and accusations that she was lying since anyone that follows her knows her phone isn’t “plain” by any means.

Her Tour

Ayumi Hamasaki will embark on a brand new tour next year. “Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017″ will be Ayu’s largest and most ambitious tour to date, 60 dates are currently scheduled in Japan alone. The “20” in the tours title signifies the start of her mission to her 20th anniversary, which will officially begin on April 8th, 2018.

The panel asked if she likes to go out and eat local food when she goes to different prefectures while touring. She answered that she doesn’t because she doesn’t want people to recognize her while she’s out. Instead, she goes back to her hotel room and plays with her dogs.

Since she prefers spending time with her dogs, one of the hosts acted a fool and got on his hands and knees and acted like a dog to show so she could show how she interacts with her Papiko.

Uber Eats Food Ad

The next segment was a food segment, of which the panel ate salads (Hamasaki didn’t eat any).


From there, there were three segments.

First, the show unveils a naked man dressed in only a yellow sequined bow-tie and a silver plate. He performs his act which involves him involves him doing various activities, like situps and jumproping, while keeping the plate covering his genitals. Ayu was shook.

The second act was popular enka singer Takashi Hosokawa, who gave Ayu custom Hello Kitty mini towels.

The final act closed the show and included 3 Ayu impersonators, all donning her classic blonde hair and different Ayu-inspired looks, mimicking her performance style.

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    • yacchaitai

      She always makes up ridiculous lies on tv LOL

    • HoneyDew

      she seems to be showy…

    • Cosmic Unicorn

      Queen of being out of touch

    • Bubi.

      Why didn’t any of her sistren tell her that her wig was crooked

    • Brett

      I didn’t get the part where fans said her phone isn’t plain. It’s literally a plain iPhone or she has it on a case it’s not like bedazzled.

    • Wow

      Man, I dislike the burikko act she keeps doing, all the “hai” and doe eyed looks and the higher pitched voice. There’s none of that in her BTS videos and she uses a deeper voice. It was cute in 1999-2000 when she was still new to the industry, it’s not so cute now.

      • Panini

        Speaking of her acting cute, I recently watch his Nico live with Gackt and it was unbearable. I had to drop it because the way she talk and “widen her eyes” and act cute is too much. I felt like she’s trying to flirt with Gackt LOL

    • hasawa

      ” the main topic of the episode was centered around Hamasaki and getting to know more about her private life”
      …Was it necessary? She’s already doing a good job at it herself

      • hasawa

        The part where that dude faking being a dog was creepy af too

        • Jug’Crispy

          “Time to take you to the pound Papiko” <3 💜

    • Matcha

      I love Ayu so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T-T

    • hizurisama

      That blatant nose job tho. Wow her hearing is getting worse and she’ll have another coming up? Girl.. Better end your career with a bang than drag it through the mud like this. But oh well

      • yamakita

        That saying “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” is coming to mind.

    • Sue Gc

      What’s up with her eyes? Some kind of surgery or is she a perpetual eye widen-er?

      • hasawa

        Ayu got some work done early on her career

        • Sue Gc

          Really? I didn’t know that. Reminds me of Winona Ryder. They keep widening their eyes like they’re looking for defects in your rib cage.

      • Child from the keller

        She got lots of mind control programs, she probably has kind of eye seizures

    • Dayse

      She looks beautiful with her new haircut and her dress is delicate and classy but… Oh gosh, the way she sports the “huge eyed scared face” is kinda unsettling because it makes it look so fake. It seems as if she’s being threatened 6or shocked at everyone aaround her. LOL
      When her covers appeared and she glaced behinr as if to say at the guys “you’re enjoying this cr4p, really?”.

      • Child from the keller

        Haircut? Its a wig!!!!!

        • Dayse

          really? Now that you mention that…Indeed, taking a look at her Instagram photos, her hair looks lighter and shorter there, it´s cute so…why using a wig? LOL

    • asongforxx

      Surprisingly I think people might like her better if she just shows her real self, even if it means being a bitchy queen or spoiled diva.

      She is one of JPop diva legends, regardless of where she is right now. Might as well show people how strong her character is behind the camera. I think that what people like these days. Not anyone gonna like her but it’s the same either way.

      • Sabi

        I’m a huge Ayu fan and I agree. I’d rather see her being who she really is, even if it means her being catty. This very fake sweet girl act just doesn’t suit her anymore.

        • Child from the keller

          She seems to be getting electroshock, her eyes are super opened constantly she looks possesed!

        • relmy

          The cute act looked really uncomfortable, but I had a hard enough time watching the show, actually having to be there? I would have needed to ham it up to 100 too. Why did she even need to do this?

      • Child from the keller

        She can be a Jpop gay Diva, but she is sooo done. Utada Hikaru is the new Ayumi.

        • longlivethequeens

          why settle with 1 Diva, when you can get 2 Divas

    • hayemcici

      I’m writing this as a past fan but I think she has some thyreoid illness
      (I have hashimoto thyroiditis), that would explain her weight changes
      (as far as i understood on girls channel they made fun of her weight).
      And also it would explain the thing with her ears and mood swings…I
      wrote her about it once on twitter, but I think she didn’t see
      it…anyway if she wants to be healthy and not living in her reality she
      needs to see some good doctor with knowledge.

      • relmy

        She probably just ignored you because getting medical advice from randoms on Twitter is not something you pay attention to when you’ve got the money for the best doctors.

        • hayemcici

          I wonder that with the best doctors…unfortunately I can’t upload a picture here where I think it shows clearly on her neck, anyway I’m pretty sure she has it since I have Hashimoto and also had ear problems, it can affect the whole body.In any case it’s just my saying…

    • The header image of her pursing her lips makes me think she really doesn’t want to be there and that her manager is already hiding from the verbal assault that’s she’s gonna give backstage.

    • Liz “Lizzy” Colton

      Wow, you guys really don’t like Ayu, do you? Lol Gurl just can’t do anything to please y’all 😂

    • “First, the show unveils a naked man dressed in only a yellow sequined
      bow-tie and a silver plate. He performs his act which involves him
      involves him doing various activities, like situps and jumproping, while
      keeping the plate covering his genitals.” – WHY, JUST WHY?

    • kashiyuka

      she looks cute. but shabekuri is always a good time; when the “dog” started talking…lol

      not sure about the 60 date tour with declining hearing tho :/

    • Liokt

      She’s losing hearing, her vocals at lives are just getting worse, and she’ll make her largest tour ever next year? Wow. Congratulations for your fearlessness, honey. But I still like and admire you, despite this messed career.